Open Thread: Big Changes in Little Boston

Noesi to start in winter ball
Cashman, Hal to meet next week

My favorite part? The fat Josh Beckett.

Anyway, here’s your open thread for this rainy Friday night in New York. The NLDS resumes at 8pm ET on TBS (Greinke vs. Garcia), at that’s pretty much it. The NHL schedule seems to have either 15 games or two games on a given night so far. Eh, whatever. You all know what to do, so have at it.

Noesi to start in winter ball
Cashman, Hal to meet next week
  • Karl Krawfid


  • yankees=warriors

    I thought the pitcher at 0:39 was Wakefield!

    • Joel

      Same here

  • Pat D

    Now, now. I’m sure that Beckett isn’t that fat.

    I’m sure he got larger than that.

    • Xstar7

      It’s not fat.

      It’s grit.

      • Tyrone Sharpton


        Let’s face it: Theo Epstein built a solid Red Sox team from the ashes. He did not have much money, but he used it well. He was too smart for Boston that he decided to leave and spread the love. He is the best there is in the game. I hope the ChiSox trade for Epstein and that the Yankees trade Cashman for Kenny Williams. All three teams would benefit.

  • Kevin

    Beckett is one of those punks who shouldn’t have a World Series ring but does(two in fact.)

    • Tyrone Sharpton

      those educated Yale bastards. damn em

      • Tyrone Sharpton

        woops i thought you said Epstein…my b.

    • Gonzo

      If Charles Haley has Superbowl Rings, it’s got nothing to do with deserving.

  • Dino Velvet

    John Henry was blaming Theo for the Crawford signing today, saying his was against it, but he let Theo have his way.

    Boy these guys are something else.

    • Sarah

      I’ve heard this but not seen it in print. Can you link?

  • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

    Whoever wins this game wins the NLCS.

    • Sarah

      Whoa. Bold prediction from you.

      • Gonzo

        Bolder prediction. Pujols will sign a large contract this offseason. It might be a baseball related contract. It might be an endorsement contract. Don’t hold me to what type of contract because it could even be for a new house.

        • Jose M. Vazquez..

          Maybe for a Beer distributorship like Roger Maris did.

  • pat

    I’d be pretty satisfied if Manny B could replicate Jaime Garcia’s peripherals at the MLB level. Manny thus far in milb looks like he could have a little better K stuff, but that might not carry over to the majors.

  • Juke Early

    Hey! Becket’s body is just catching up with his head. As for the rest of those drunken chowdahs — instant Karma gonna get you. Gonna knock you right on the head…

  • mike c

    LOL grienke

  • Bob Stone

    A friend who is Red Sox fan, sent me this 10/04/11, long before this soap opera, shit storm, total melt-down started in Boston. It’s funny.


    • MannyGeee


      • Bavarian Yankee

        one of my favorite movies and certainly one of the best German movies in recent history. It’s weird when u understand the language and hear that Hitler says that he alone conquered Europe but the text says that they have to get some coaches who know something about baseball :D

        • GT Yankee

          What is the name of the movie BY?

          • GT Yankee

            Is it perhaps “Downfall”?

            • Bavarian Yankee

              yes, that’s the name of the movie.

            • Midland TX

              ja, Untergang,

    • Jose M. Vazquez..

      That is the most hilarious video I have ever seen. Laurel and Hardy. the Three Stooges could not do better. I just cannot stop laughing.

  • Dino Velvet
  • DERP

    Occupy Herbstreit is the greatest thing ever.

  • Supernova

    I never would have gotten Greinke. He has been prove to have anxiety problems and that just doesn’t bode well for the high intensity of the playoffs. He lost game 1 and is another couple runs away from losing this one. Garcia just needs to keep men off base. Solo home runs don’t beat you.

    • Sarah

      In fairness, his defense is failing him tonight.

      Obviously his anxiety disorder makes him a less than ideal fit for a big media team like the Yankees, but he’s a good fit in Milwaukee. And by all accounts, the disorder doesn’t affect his baseball as much as everything else.

  • Gonzo

    Jeff Passan is creaming himself.

  • GT Yankee

    Excuse the French but that’s some funny shit. Wouldn’t have been as good in English.

  • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

    So saying: “We play too many night games on getaway days…” isn’t complaining about the schedule?

    • Jimmy McNulty

      It’s complaining about time, apparently Adrian Gonzalez wants time to slow down so that he can recover.

  • Kevin…r_a4&eref=sihp

    Best article I’ve seen on Justin Verlander yet.

    • Gonzo

      Thanks for pointing this one out. It is so true. Excellent read. He wrote my favorite article on the save.

      P.S. It’s the Superhuman article just in case the link takes you to the directory.

  • Jimmy McNulty

    I saw a piece suggesting that the Yankees wait on a starting pitcher and just try to scrap together a rotation from an old Buick this year and wait for the next year’s FA crop. There’s some logic to this type of thinking, passing on Johan and waiting for Sabathia was a ballsy risk but I liked the move at the time and I definitely like the move in hindsight. The list of free agent starters next year they gave were: Cole Hamels, Matt Cain, Zack Greinke, John Danks, Brandon McCarthy, Anibal Sanchez, and James Shields.

    James Shields: That option WILL be picked up, either he’s with the Rays and traded to someone who will pick up the option or the Rays will do it.

    Cole Hamels: A legitimately interesting option, he’s a damn good pitcher and he’ll be 29 at the time of free agency. There’s not a whole lot of risk, he has the stuff, the peripherals, and track record you look for in a starter. However, there will be a bidding war. I’m not sure he’s so good to where he’s worth a CC type contract, which is likely what it will take. Besides, the Phillies might be interested in keeping him too, it’s not like CC where he WAS hitting the open market. He’s a great option, but I’m unsure he’s worth passing on Darvish or CJ Wilson.

    Matt Cain: Great pitcher for the Giants, however he is a DIPS buster. Dave Righetti has been a magician with his staff’s HR/FB ratio; combine that with the big ballpark and the NL West I’m unsure I’d feel just as good about signing him as I would CJ Wilson. In fact, I’d wager that CJ Wilson is a better option than he is. Better peripherals the past coulpe of years and he’s done it in the AL in a pitcher’s park. He’s great, I’m just unsure if he’s the best fit for the Yankees. At any rate this isn’t a “pass on Johan and sign CC next year” situation.

    Zack Greinke: Sigh…great pitcher, got fucked by his defense tonight and had a flukily bad year. However, the Yankee brass has made it clear that they don’t think he’d do well in New York. So this option may as well not be on the table. They wouldn’t trade Montero for him, what makes anyone think that they’d be willing to drop 100M on him?

    John Danks: Great pitcher, I get the impression that he’s under appreciated throughout baseball. I think he’s fantastic. However, I don’t think he’ll cost that much, I really don’t see him getting AJ or Lackey money. I see a contract closer to Gil Meche’s than either of theirs. I don’t see how signing a Darvish or a CJ Wilson would preclude the team from signing Danks too. Sure they’d have AJ, but he’s gone after 2013. So while the rotation may be crowded in 2012 in a hypothetical world where the Yankees get CC plus one of WIlson or Darvish and sign John Danks, I don’t see that as THAT big of a problem. Not to mention the fact that Wilson is a much better pitcher than Danks. There’s a good chance that Darvish will be too, again, I don’t see John Danks as a good enough reason to pass on Darvish/Wilson.

    Brandon McCarthy: Same thing as John Danks, except he’s right handed and doesn’t have as good of a track record.

    Anabel Sanchez: Seems to be doing pretty well with the Marlins, however there’s been injury in his past and again I don’t view him as a real two starter in the AL.

    There’s also the obvious caveat that a lot of these starters are getting extended, Verlander, Felix, and Weaver all signed below market extensions. What’s to say that Cain and Hamels won’t be resigned to similar deals or at the very least extended at a market rate before they hit the market? I don’t really see a compelling argument to wait for next offseason before signing another pitcher.

  • Tonydu

    Which would mean Belt is left out in the cold… I dont’ see it.

  • Dave203

    Two trades that could be of benefit (just making crap up at this hour)…

    Trade AJ+cash to Baltimore for Luke Scott
    – AJ would still be better than most Baltimore pitchers and honestly, the Yanks could just throw in 50% cash just to dump him off the roster. If we release him or burry him in the pen, we’re paying full salary so anything is better than nothing.
    – Scott is 1 yr from FA so we could either try and keep him or dump him and go after Kemp for 2013.

    Trade Swish to ChiSox for Danks — negotiate a long-term deal with Danks.
    – ChiSox could use Swish’s bat. Pierre leaves LF open and they could either put Quentin or Swish in RF/LF.
    – No explanation needed on Danks — just need to get him resigned though before FA.

    I wouldn’t be opposed to supplementing either trade with some prospects, but nobody huge.

    • Brian S.

      Fuck Luke Scott. We don’t need some crazy racist teatard on the team. And the White Sox won’t take Swisher back.

      • Dave203

        I could care less whether Scott tip toes the line of political correctness or not. He is free to speak his mind. If he thinks Obama isn’t a US citizen by birth, he’s free to say it. If he wants to shoot targets of Muslim terrorists, go for it — we shoot the real ones everyday. I’m sure he’d love playing in the media capital. If he plays with his 2010 numbers, I can deal the with media nonsense.

      • Dave

        I wouldn’t care if the Yankees signed one of those left-wing crazy freaks protesting Wall Street. If he could hit or pitch, then sign him!

        They can buy him deodorant to cover the dirty hippie smell.

    • mbonzo

      1. Baltimore would never take AJ, even if Yankees ate half the salary.
      2. Luke Scott is not an upgrade over Swisher.
      3. The White Sox hate Swisher’s guts, that is the last team he’ll get traded to.

      • Dave203

        1. Wouldn’t say that flat out. If the Yanks turned him into a 7 mil a year pitcher with the cash, they would certain consider it. He’s still better than all of their pitchers currently and at 7 mil a year, worth the 5-6 extra wins he could give them over the AAA team.

        2. Scott is certainly no worse than Swisher, but the logic was just a replacement for 2012 until we could pursue Kemp. Scott is as close to a replica of Swisher as you can get. Plays OF/1B with decent defense. His arm is much better than Swisher, but that’s obvious with Swisher’s noodle. Only difference is he’s LHB not switch, but we need more LH power anyway so game on.

        3. Ozzie hated Swisher — Ozzie is now gone. I realize it would take some convincing and maybe a few other propsects, but for Danks, it would be worth it from our side. They get a switch power hitter that gets on base. Better than all their OF currently other than maybe Quentin. Hate the guy or not, he’s still an improvement over what they have.

        • Kosmo

          I think it´s going to be Viciedo in RF ,Quentin in LF plus they have Rios for 3-4 more years and Juan Pierre. Pale Hose have no room for Swisher.

  • RaeGun

    Say the Yankees gave CC two contracts to choose from.

    The first contract, a 7 year, 175 Million deal.

    The other one is a 4 year 120 Million deal.

    If you are CC, which would you sign?

    If you are the Yankees, which would you hope CC signs?

    • Jesse

      If I’m CC I sign the 7 year deal. If I’m the Yankees I hope he signs the 4 year deal.