Open Thread: World Series Game Thread


Alrighty then. (Doug Pensinger/Getty)

It’s a best-of-five World Series now, and the next three games are in Texas. Elias says that of the 53 World Series that have been tied at a game apiece, the winner of Game Three has won the title 37 times (69.8%). The Rangers are running Matt Harrison out there for the first time in ten days while the Cardinals counter with Kyle Lohse. His last start was nine days ago. I expect there to be more offense with the ballpark switch (and suckier pitchers), but I hope it’s another tight game like the first two.

Here’s your open thread for the night, which you can use to talk about the World Series or anything else on your mind. All three hockey locals are in action as well. You folks know what to do by now, so have at it.

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  1. Dino Velvet says:

    NY Post use Khadafyi downfall to make fun of ARod.

    Front page says Libyans had more “hits” than Alex.

    (NSFW) http://www.nypost.com/rw/nypos.....102111.jpg

  2. Paul VuvuZuvella says:

    Second year in a row I’m in NYC this weekend, planned weeks ago as an in case there’s a game in the Bronx …

  3. Jesse says:

    Wow. On http://espn.go.com/ they’re asking is Albert Pujols (0 for 6, one walk, and missed cutoff in game two) currently choking?

  4. Esteban says:

    The media’s self-righteous and self-important bitching and moaning over Albert Pujols not doing interviews after Game 2 was ridiculous. How many fans care what Pujols was ‘thinking’ when he made that error? I’m sure he wasn’t trying to make that error. As for that stuff about accountability, what, are the media the accountability police? The only reason younger players were ‘forced’ to do interviews instead of Pujols is because the media forced those interviews.

  5. Esteban says:

    Rangers fans must absolutely hate Allen Craig at this point.

    Did Joe Buck just say that Craig is a star? Is there any truth to that?

    • Jesse says:

      Not really at all. But he had a nice season in a small 200 AB sample, 11 Hrs, 40 RBI, .315/.362/.555/.917

      • Esteban says:

        Yeah, I was wondering about if he was a prospect at all. He’s already 27, so I can’t imagine he’s thought of THAT highly if he was a part time player this year.

  6. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    I loved hearing all that cheering in Texas after that home run…

  7. Greg says:

    Allan Craig’s 3 at bats

    RBI single, RBI single, solo home run

  8. Jesse says:

    “This game will not end 1-0.”

    Bet accepted.

  9. Esteban says:

    Ughhh boss asked me to get stuff done for Monday morning. I thought I was done with HW.

  10. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Josh Hamilton is now 0/8 this WS. What a CHOKER!!!!!!!!

  11. S says:

    Here that “The ABC’s of pitching” somebody buy a few dozen copies and give them to Hughes, Burnett, and the three B’s

  12. Jesse says:

    Woah. David Murphy does look kinda like Scott Brosius.

  13. Jesse says:

    8:56 PM Eastern Time, Joe Buck brings up the 2004 ALCS and explains EVERYTHING about it.

  14. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Oooh a 2004 reference. I was worried we wouldn’t get one after they didn’t mention it in the first 2 games…

  15. Darren says:

    It would have been nice for the country to see Cano’s defense out there. Kinsler is playing like throw up.

  16. Darren says:

    ha! let the record show that I posted that before the horrid throw on the Holliday double play ball

  17. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Man, I’m so glad MLB puts their best umpires on the field and gives them access to the correct call in the biggest game of the year…

  18. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Someone really needs to gif Nolan there.

  19. pat says:

    Jeff Mathis makes that throw.


  20. maeby says:

    Not really rooting for anyone in particular but the Card’s closer, Motte, went to my high school, which is pretty awesome. Really happy for him, so I hope he does well.

  21. Baseball Jesus says:


  22. Baseball Jesus says:

    Its like watching AJ pitch after the yanks score 5

  23. David N says:

    Well that changed in a hurry.

  24. James A says:

    I don’t think the Yankees are going to be looking for another lefty on a multi year deal, (awesome play by Holliday btw), is there any chance Mike Gonzalez, neither a type A or B, would sign a one year deal? He’s got filthy stuff, and I know he’s best friends with Soriano. When they were together with Atlanta in 2009 they were dominant, it would be nice to have a non-Boone option and maybe to see Sori smile once in a while

  25. David N says:

    Mathis would have scored.


  26. Kevin says:

    I still say the Cards have this game in the bag.

  27. James A says:

    So the Pac-12 championship game is on December 2nd, the BCS national championship game is on January 9th, and they can’t fit in an 8 team playoff? Give me a break

    • Paulies Favorite Water Cooler says:

      Was hoping for 7 or 8 undefeated teams this year so it would kind of force their hand to adapt a playoff, but those undefeated’s usually start dropping like flies. These school’s have gotten away without a playoff for how long now? It’s really going to take something radical to force a change. When Alabama, Stanford, Boise st., Clemson, and Oklahoma st all finish with 0 losses, how can you justify a computer dictating the 2 best teams from that field? A non- playoff system in college football is just about the greatest travesty going on in sports right now.

  28. Kevin says:

    Stick a fork in Texas folks…wish it was another NL team but so it goes!

  29. Karl Krawfid says:

    man what a horrible game.

  30. tom says:

    This is shaping up as one of those 15-14 games.

    Which, as I recall, tthe pundits kept telling the Yankees would never happen in the post-season, because the pitching is always so good.

  31. Kramerica Industries says:

    I just realized Lance Lynn bears a striking resemblance to Jobber, all the way to having the same number.

    Only difference is Lynn has longer hair.

  32. Baseball Jesus says:

    Napoli = juicer

  33. Baseball Jesus says:

    This guy sucks like joba good call

  34. David N says:

    This whole series has been one big YCPB.

  35. Karl Krawfid says:

    Holy shit

  36. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    The Cards should have bunted there because smallball wins in the playoffs.

  37. Baseball Jesus says:

    Pujols would look great out in rf for the yanks or just stick tex fat ass out there

  38. David N says:

    Albert is good at baseball. Holy crap did he get around on that one.

  39. swishers fauxhawk says:

    Tim McCarver just called Albert Pujols “El Hambre,” which is Spanish for “The Famine.”

  40. Baseball Jesus says:

    Ogando is ugly like paul oneill ugly

  41. Baseball Jesus says:

    Ogando washes his face with a brillo pad

  42. James A says:

    pujols’s was ridiculous, but still not impressive as what mark reynolds did earlier this year

  43. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    Is all this Yorvit Torrealba’s fault? Or is Russel Martin the only catcher we blame for pitchers giving up runs?

  44. Kevin says:

    Back to back World Series losses..not bad NOlan Ryan

  45. Gonzo says:

    Is this Pujols guy any good? I was born two days ago and I was under the impression he sucked.

  46. Jesse says:

    Albert Pujols earned an extra $30-$50M with his two home run performance today.


  47. Jesse says:

    John Heyman says Pujols is the greatest right handed hitter of all time.

    Agree? Disagree?

    • S says:

      One of the greatest, but not the greatest

    • Pat D says:

      Don’t think there was ever anyone better than Hornsby. DiMaggio and ARod were/are pretty good, too.

      • Mr. Sparkle says:

        I wouldn’t put Alex Rodriguez in the same class as any of the names mentioned. He’s not quite the hitter for average that those guys are. Pujols has a career average (.328) 16 points higher the Alex (.302) also strikes out A LOT LESS. For the same reasons, he doesn’t approach the others mentioned.

        Is he far behind? Probably not, but he’s not on par with any of those. And if you want to compare Alex vs. Pujols head-to-head as contemporaries, compare their postseason numbers. Albert is exactly what a superstar is supposed to be in the clutch. Oh, and yes, it’s fair to bring that into the argument.

  48. Jesse says:

    Jeter, Granderson, Cano, Teixeira, Rodriguez, Swisher, Montero, Martin, Gardner, and every other positional player on the Yankees need their own separate batting coach because they each have different swings.


  49. The Big City of Dreams says:

    Albert Pujols….that is all

  50. David N says:

    Sign this man.

  51. swishers fauxhawk says:

    Albert is so good. So good.

  52. Buster Olney says:

    This man just earned himself a $300-$400M contract.

  53. Gonzo says:

    Reggie had the sense to do it in front of a home crowd.

  54. Kevin says:

    Joel Shermen is already posting stats of Yankee players compared to Albert. You can put the stats of ANY current player next to Albert and they won’t look as good.

  55. Juke Early says:

    I had to switch away when Buck – rhymes w/Schmuck – started that crap. He and the Game 3 first base umpire need to be out of the game. That call was ridiculous— the fact it wasn’t even protested indicates either nobody knows the rule book, or it’s fixed. The clown pointed at firstbase to indicate Napoli hadn’t touched the bag — as if to say “tagging” doesn’t work. Idiots are ruling the roost and nobody is doing a thing about it. It is total bs to say it was “part of the game.”

    Death to all Yankee haters. On second thought —- add “slow painful…”

    • Mr. Sparkle says:

      Yes, but instead Selig is worried more about destroying the playoff system and the regular season in one fell swoop with his insistence on adding another wild card team. Rather than dealing with the bigger issue of sub-par umpiring and steadfastly refusing to expand the use of instant replay. That play at first base is a perfect example of where else it should be used.

  56. Monteroisdinero says:

    Didn’t watch the game-don’t care. Read the Pujols comments. Folks need to realize that we have Albert’s bat in Jesus Montero.

    Fact that time will show.

    Now what # is he going to have?

  57. Bavarian Yankee says:

    damn, just saw the postgame presser with Pujols: his forearms gotta be thicker than my upper legs. Think about that what you want but I say that can’t be achieved without some help (yeah, you know what I mean).

    Anyway, good game by Pujols and the Cards.

    • V says:

      What is the point of beating around the bush? Just outright say “I think Pujols is on steroids” so I can mock you in the open.

      • Bavarian Yankee says:

        I think Pujols is (or at least was) on steroids :D

        People can tell me whatever they want but I don’t think forearms can become THAT thick without roids.

        • ArchStanton says:

          You can get pretty ripped with just legal supplements and working your tail off if you have the genetics and know what you’re doing. Not saying that’s the case with Pujols because I have no clue.

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