Oppenheimer has “most buzz” for Angels’ GM job

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Via Frankie Piliere, Yankees scouting director Damon Oppenheimer currently has the “most buzz” among candidates for the Angels’ vacant GM job. The Yankees gave both of their scouting directors, Oppenheimer (amateur) and Billy Epplier (pro), permission to interview for the position last week. I assume “most buzz” means he’s seen as the most likely candidate at the moment.

Halos’ owner Arte Moreno and president John Carpino were seen dining with Rays VP of Baseball Ops Andrew Friedman recently, and Tampa’s acting GM is reportedly the top name on their list. Friedman apparently has some kind of ownership stake in the Rays’ franchise, so leaving for the Angels might not be so simple. Anyway, I have no idea who would replace Oppenheimer should he get the job, but I suspect the Yankees would promote from within. I hope he sticks around though, for selfish reasons.

Open Thread: World Series Game Thread
Football Open Thread
  • Alibaba

    I also hope he sticks around. But seriously, I wish him the best of luck whether in NY or anywhere else.

  • THU

    I hope he gets it. He deserves it and it might be nice to have a guy who knows our system well in other places. It worked for the Sox with Hoyer in SD. Maybe we can get Haren or someone for guys DO overrates.

    • Rich in NJ

      The chances of the Yankees getting a sweetheart deal for Haren are near zero.

    • Jamey

      I’m pretty sure Hoyer went to SD specifically to make the Gonzales deal with Theo & then Theo would step into an executive role & hire Hoyer from SD as his replacement. Then the collapse happened, & its all happening in Chicago instead.

    • JobaWockeeZ

      Hoyer is an undercover agent for Theo. Gonzalez trade was cheap and rumors have out that last week they were interested in John freaking Lackey. Now he scrambles to leave to join Theo. Scumbag Hoyer. What a joke.

      • steve (different one)

        It does seem a little shady, right? Though I suppose there is a cynical argument that says the trade worked out pretty well for the Yankees. The Sox gave up 3 of their top prospects, and if they hadn’t made the trade they might be able to get him for nothing but $$ and a draft pick this winter, or worse, be able to grab Pujols…it’s not like Gonzalez helped the Sox make the playoffs this year anyway, ha!

        Of course, what likely happens is they bring back Beltre and leave Youkilis at 1B, which given Youkilis’ fragility, might also have been worse for the Yanks.

        I realize I am rambling…

  • bonestock94

    Wouldn’t mind seeing a different approach to the draft. Not that I’m in a position to judge, just saying,

    • Mister Delaware

      Same take. 2010 was great theory (upside HS who could be high 1st rounders the next year) but last year was uneven and seemed pointless.

      • S

        so you two want more big names than the hidden gems Opp seems to draft with pretty good success.

  • http://www.yankeeanalysts.com/ Steve S.

    I like Oppenhiemer and hope he stays, but outside of 06 (when I think the Yanks caught other teams off guard with a new draft strategy) have his drafts been all that great?

    I understand that the Yanks draft position is always low, but it seems like after an epic 06 his drafts have been average. Not bad, but not exceptional either. 08 was a fiasco, though I don’t blame them for Cole changing his mind after giving every indication he’d go pro. Bittle failed a physical, as did Stafford this year. That happens, though twice in 3 years is a bit too often for your top 2 picks.

  • Ghostwriter

    If he goes, it would be interesting to see if the draft philosophy changed at all. While DO’s drafts seem to have given the Yanks tremendous RP, back end of the rotation and utility infielder depth, it would be nice to see more signings of consensus high upside players that drop. Since the Yanks draft in the bottom 5 every year – when they keep their 1st rd picks – why not take a few more chances to complement the depth they’ve been successful at building up? It’s not an I know better, but I think some tweaks to the current philosophy would be beneficial.