Report: Beltran’s name came up in team meetings

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Open Thread: World Series Game Six

Via Wally Matthews, Carlos Beltran‘s name came up as a potential right field target during this week’s organization meetings in Tampa. “He’s on our list,” said one team official. “But we have to make a decision on [Nick Swisher] first.” The Yankees are very likely to exercise Swisher’s $10.25M option for next season, even if it’s so they can trade him.

Beltran, 35 in April, just enjoyed his best season since 2008 (.389 wOBA, 4.7 fWAR), which coincidentally is the last time he stayed healthy enough to play in more than 81 games. Matthews says that Scott Boras is shopping Beltran hard even though he can’t officially negotiate with any team other than the Giants until six days after the end of the World Series. This is the time of year when the Yankees consider every player available on the market, so it’s hard to take this report seriously. It’s likely due diligence more than anything.

What Went Right: Noesi, Wade, and Ayala
Open Thread: World Series Game Six
  • AC

    With his rash of injuries is it really worthwhile to give Beltran a 3 yr deal for more per year than your paying Swish?

    • FIPster Doofus

      No. Every prominent member of the front office should be punched in the face if Swisher gets the ax in favor of Beltran. Luckily, it won’t happen.

      • I am not the droids you’re looking for…

        Don’t be too sure. Swish is under market and could easily be packaged as the center piece in a trades for a real live MLB starter. Not an ace, but a 2-3 type, especially if we throw in a Warren to boot.

        That, plus Beltran at a slight increase over Swish’s salary for say 2 years + a team option? Yes please.

  • Dave B

    Ok, now I’m getting nervous about the offseason. Beltran—-yikes. Here’s hoping the Giants come through with a big multi-year deal and Beltran is too scarred from his time in NY to come to the Yankees.

    • Bronxville Bob

      The Yankees will be “attached” in the media to nearly every free agent on the market, most of the time from the players’ agents to create interest and try and drive up the price.

      In this case, the Yankees just had an organizational meeting where every single free agent was discussed, as well as potential trade targets, so that trash story could have been written (and will be) about many players. In the case of Swisher, I can see the following discussion:

      Hal: Gentlemen, welcome. We have a lot of ground to cover today, so let’s knock out the easy ones first.

      So, Brian, what’s your recommendation on Swisher.

      Cash: Pick up his option at $10.5 million. It’s below-market value for his production. He’d get more if he was a free agent, including from us.

      Hal: What other choices exist? What about Beltran?

      Cash: He’s 35, a Boras client; has been injury prone of late, most recently coming off of micro-fracture surgery; yet will probably still cost three years at $15 million per.

      Hal: Billy, what’s your take on Swish from the scouting side.

      Eppler: Cash pretty much had it covered. Our own analysis rates Swish near the top of RFers in the game, which corresponds to other ratings, such as fWAR, which slotted him second in the league last year, and fourth overall since he joined the Yankees. He’s a solid four-win player.

      Hal: If we sign him we could still trade him if a better option came along, or Beltran’s price and years came down, yes?

      Eppler: We’d have a dozen teams knocking at our door looking to do a deal. I know the Angels would trade us Vernon Wells for Swish in a heartbeat. They’ll throw Mike Napoli, too, although they don’t have him anymore.

      Hal: Ha, that’s a good one Billy. Don’t start trying to make deals for the Angels just yet.

      Oppenheimer: Billy, what’s going on here. Did the Angels call you back. I haven’t heard anything, damnit. My phone hasn’t rung. I just know I’m gonna get stuck working for that crazy guy in Baltimore.

      Hal: Alright, guys, that’s enough. Back to business. Okay, one more person to check in on before moving along. Randy, your thoughts here.

      Levine: Swisher smiles too much and isn’t clutch in the play-offs, showing no ability to magically rise above the situation like Reggie. I recommend we sign Joe Nathan for three years at $45 million.

      Hal: Errr, uhh, right. Ummm, Randy, can you stop by my office later.

      Hal: Okay, sounds like Swish is it. Cash, who’s that loon that ESPN has insulted us, assigning him as our beat reporter? The boxing guy who knows knowing about baseball and thinks he’s writing for the NY Post in 1975 before the Internet and when fans had access to less information? Wally what’s his name?

      Cash: Matthews?

      Hal: Yeah, that’s him. When he asks you if the Yankees have an interest in Beltran, confirm that he was discussed, wait for him to write his story, and then make him look like an idiot again by then announcing Swisher’s option has been picked up a day or two later.

      Cash: Sounds good.

      Hal: Okay, onward…

      • JU

        Why must people try to prove their point by engaging in hyperbole? I actually think swisher doesn’t hit in the playoffs because he’s not a good hitter and beats up on bad pitching – which isn’t as prevalent in the postseason. But referring to people being clutch as mysticism is so ignorant and naive. You’re discounting all human elements to the game of baseball. Come out of the 19th century – psychology is not magic. It’s a science. “Clutchness” may not be reliable statistically because it can’t be quantified, but that doesn’t mean it’s not relevant…

        • Mike Axisa

          I actually think swisher doesn’t hit in the playoffs because he’s not a good hitter and beats up on bad pitching

          The idea that Swisher can’t hit good pitching would sound a lot less stupid if he didn’t have great career numbers against Felix Hernandez, Jon Lester, Cliff Lee, C.J. Wilson, Mark Buehrle, David Price, CC Sabathia, Roy Halladay, Matt Garza, and many others.

          • thenamestsam

            Not only what you said Mike, but also it’s not like pitching in the playoffs is all Verlanders and Halladays. It’s definitely better because the teams are better and they use their better pitchers more, but Fister, Scherzer, Coke, Perry, and Porcello made up the vast majority of his at-bats against the tigers. Sure that’s a solid slate of pitchers, but not exactly murderer’s row, and I’m pretty confident Swisher is more than capable of hitting such pitchers.

          • 7commerce

            Thanks for interjecting w/ some sane observations on Swish.

        • Bronxville Bob

          You missed the point, which is they should resign Swisher and people should ignore much of what the media reports regaring which players the Yankees are supposedly interested in. The rest was mostly fun…mostly.

          As for Swisher’s inability to hit good pitching, that’s one of the first excuses people reach for when a player doesn’t hit in the postseason. They said the same thing about Robinson Cano after the 2009 postseason because he was coming off a few postseasons series where he underperformed. It was absurd, yet I remember Buster Olney quoting unnamed baseball insiders saying the book on Cano was he couldn’t hit good pitching. Some people believed it, just like they believe Swisher’s postseason issues are because he can’t hit good pitching.

          Swisher is not a great hitter, but he’s a good hitter with power who drives extra value from his good stike zone judgement. When he slumps, he still can contribute by getting walks. He can also be a streaky hitter. We’ve seen that every year he’s been on the Yankees, including this year when he couldn’t buy a hit through May.

          Sure, the Yankees can let him walk then watch him sign with another team and have a blistering hot postseason, perhaps against the Yankees, while Beltran might go 1-20. Because that is the human element in baseball. I don’t discount it at all.

  • Tom T

    Beltran is a fun player to dream on, but it just doesn’t make sense unless there’s a big time return to be had for Swisher who is younger, more durable and ultimately just as good.

    The value of two picks that the Yanks will get by offering Swish arbitration after ’12 also has to be factored in. Heath Bell proved that good-not-great players don’t fetch enough to merit trading them anymore as teams have wised up to the value of the compensation picks.

    • Ed

      Couldn’t the Yankees turn down the option, offer arb, and get 2 picks this year? Just saying.

      If they want Beltran it seems that picking up Swisher’s option and trading him would make the most sense. He would definitely have value on his short term deal

  • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher (formerly Jorge)

    Wallace Matthews said it. Therefore, it must have been just some bad gas.

    The Swish will be in RF for one more season in pinstripes, where he belongs. Carlos Beltran will be overpaid to be on someone else’s DL, where he belongs.

  • nsalem

    I think Beltran merits two years tops. Who do you think would give him more?

  • JohnnyC

    You know it’s a bad idea when even Michael Kay thinks it’s ludicrous.

  • well you know

    If the Yanks are considering this, I hope it is because someone has noticed that the team needs to improve its performance vs. RHP.

    Apart from a prospect-costly trade, there are really only two ways to do it. (1) Move Swisher and replace him with Beltran. Or (2) make Montero the regular C and get a big bat for DH. I could go either way but I doubt (2) is happening.

    Expecting Montero at DH alone to fix the team’s problem against RHP is unrealistic.

    • Mike Axisa

      The Yankees had the third best wOBA in baseball vs RHP.

      • BK2ATL

        Shush…that destroys the narrative. Let him keep at it. Next up will be that we don’t hit lefties well.

      • well you know

        The OPS differential was around 50 points (.770-ish RHP,.820-ish LHP). in contrast to the 2009 team, which was balanced (around .840 both ways). That’s pretty significant and it translated to the small sample ALDS: .723 vs Tigers RHP, over 1 vs their LHP.

        Yanks also had a much better winning percentage vs LHP for all of 2011.

        So the stats can be selected. I think anyone who watched the lineup in the ALDS could see the need for another productive bat in the middle of the order against the Tigers RHP. Both Swish and Tex struggled throughout the year with big platoon splits and it carried over to the postseason. Alex had a reverse split during the year as a whole but was weak against everyone after his injury.

        Tex is locked in by contract. No one really knows how Alex will come back in 2012. Expecting Montero to be the middle of the order fix against RHP is, again, expecting a lot.

  • EndlessMikeJr

    Wasn’t Johnny Damon was 34 or 35 when he came here and he was great until he’s fourth year. Carlos Beltran even as a DH would be great in this park espcially as a switch hitter.

    Swisher is a bad pitcher hitter. He can only hit bad pitching.Thats why he sucks in the postseason. Three years of Beltran won’t hurt us. He is still a dangerous hitter like Abreu or Damon when they came here. Just trade Swisher for something useful.

    • Greg C

      Johnny Damon was 32 and he had never played in as FEW games as Beltran did THIS year. Damon was also signed to play CF at that point.

  • LarryM.,Fl.

    Cashman should be sent pitures of Nick Johnson if he’s considering Beltran. The message will be clear and painful. I understand Nick Swisher can’t get it done in the post season but the play is pick up the option and see if it can be worked for a dividend if not you have a guy who can get you to the playoffs. We’ll just have to see if can do it this time. Many players perform poorly in the playoffs because they can’t build stats against stronger competition.

  • bankers hours

    Beltran is a huge upgrade from Swisher and I like Swisher. The risk is can he stay healthy and how many years and at what cost. If they get him for 2 yrs apx 25m withan option it’s a no brainer. He’s significantly a better hitter and fielder and has an excellent post season record that Swisher does not. His slash line was better than Cano’s last year with absolutely no protection in awful lineups in SF and NY. He could hit 3rd in the yankee lineup with Cano behind him. Think how much longer this lineup would be, Jeter, Grandy, Beltran, Cano, Arod, Montero, Tex, Martin , and Gardner.

    • I am not the droids you’re looking for…

      Thank you for the sanity. (and that lineup…well, IJIMP)

  • Dave203

    As long as it stops at 2 yrs, I’d be in favor of signing Beltran so something reasonable. He still has stuff left. I don’t really count the Mets days against him — who the heck wants to play for the Mets — no motivation to be “healthy”.

    If it wasn’t dumb money-wise, I’d just take Beltran and Swish. Gardy could move around the OF giving days off. Swish could relieve at 1B to give Tex a day off and still stay in the lineup. We could definitely keep them all involved and hopefully all of the old guys healthy. Its not happening, but it wouldn’t be a bad luxury to have.

  • http://none Favrest

    Beltran is a woman. We don’t need any of the vaginas that made up Mineyas loser crew. Swish had a bad October. So did a lot of guys. Like CC, Teix and Arod. We need pitching. Offense is fine.

    • aluis

      No the offense was not fine. Weren’t you watching the playoffs? Swisher, Tex, Arid, Martin were awful.

      • I am not the droids you’re looking for…


  • Mark Jacobs

    i prefer to pick up swish’s option and then trade em for a starting pitcher(maybe atlanta or brewers) and then sign michael cuddyer. cuddyer is a underrated player and his post season numbers have been good.

  • bumpyroadahead

    Has anyone looked at Maxwell numbers down in AAA? He only played a fraction of the season, but if you project his numbers to a full season, his numbers come very close to those of Granderson in every ofensive category and he is like only 28 yrs old? This guy could be another diamond in the rough similar to Granderson. He is supposed to be extremely athletic, and extremely fast with the ability to steal bases.

    Any Thoughts

    • Greg C

      Usually, if someone is in AAA at 28 he is not seen as a legit major league prospect. I’m not saying it should be that way, but that seems to be how they do things, and probably causes some “older” guys to be overlooked when it comes. Also, while he did have limited opportunities, he did get a shot in the majors before. A lot of late 20s guys who have some big league experience can put together a monster season in AAA and it doesn’t translate to the bigs.

  • Miles Davis

    swisher in 2012 Kemp in 2013!

  • OldYanksFan

    Cashman: Well George, who do we look at this winter?
    Ghost of George Steinbrenner: You know the formula: Big names, 35 and over, injury prone but coming off a big year, so we can overpay as is the Yankee tradtion.
    Cashman: Really? But what about Swisher?
    Ghost of Georeg Steinbrenner: Let’s see… a 4 WAR player, 30ish, rarely injured…. easily worth $18m. We sign wisher for under $11m? Are you crazy?!? You want to ruin my reputation?!?

  • Kosmo

    Beltran if healthy could hit 3rd in the Yankee lineup bat .285 have over 100 RBI 30-35 HRs AND hit in the clutch.
    The health issue is a red flag but what´s the risk of a 2 year deal ?
    If NY picks up Swisher´s option which I´m sure they´ll do ,he could easily frontline a trade for a quality SP.

  • Kosmo

    I see where Nelson Cruz just tied the the single season postseason HR record of 8 held by none other than Carlos Beltran and B. Bonds.

  • Doc Holliday

    Definitely an upgrade in October. What Swisher does April-September is irrelevant. He has to come through in October. He hasn’t yet so I wouldn’t be surprised if a change is made. Beltran reminds me a lot more of Paulie than Swisher does.

  • http://RiverAve.Blues Jane

    Liked it. Cool stuff.