Report: Texas ready to throw a “boatload” of cash at CC

Joba Update: Throws from 60-feet start Monday
Mailbag: Montero, Oppenheimer, Sabathia, Bay

Once Brian Cashman inks a new deal at some point in the near future, priority number one for the Yankees will be to get CC Sabathia re-signed after he inevitably opts out of his contract. Once that happens, then the rest of the offseason can really start to take shape. No team will be able to offer Sabathia more money the Yankees, but according to ESPN New York, the Rangers sure are going to try…

“I hear they’re going to throw a boatload of money at him,” said the source, who requested anonymity, “But I think he’ll stay with the Yankees. He’s talked so much about how much he loves New York, and besides, the Yankees can’t afford to lose him from that pitching staff.”

Like the Yankees, the Rangers were left with Cliff Lee money in their pocket last offseason, but they gave a bunch of it to Adrian Beltre ($80M, to be exact). They also have incumbent lefty ace C.J. Wilson up for free agency, but I’m sure they’re willing to let him walk in exchange for adding Sabathia. In fact, they’d even gain a draft pick in that scenario (lose one for signing CC, gain two for losing C.J.).

In reality, there’s not much news here. Pretty much every big market team will have their eye on Sabathia when he hits free agency, and Texas showed a willingness last offseason to spend big bucks under their new Nolan Ryan-led ownership group. They’ll make an aggressive push, put a little pressure on the Yankees (as well as Wilson and his agent), but I gotta believe they’d really have to blow Sabathia out of the water for him to consider uprooting his family for the second time in three-plus years. I’m not saying the Rangers won’t be a serious bidder, but I don’t think this will be as wide open as the Lee talks were.

Joba Update: Throws from 60-feet start Monday
Mailbag: Montero, Oppenheimer, Sabathia, Bay
  • Redsox Lose=Happy me

    Never in a million years will CC go to texas

  • The Big City of Dreams

    The Rangers are annoying whether this is true or not

  • Rich in NJ

    The Yankees will likely exceed to CC’s demands (either before or after the opt-out date), but alternatively, it wouldn’t be terrible if CC decided that he didn’t need to have every last dollar to in order to remain a Yankee.

  • Skip

    Wait how its CC not two draft picks? He has to be Type A, unless him reading that wrong.

    • Gonzo

      Yanks would gain 2 but the Rangers only give up 1. The 2nd pick gained is a sandwich pick.

  • mbonzo

    They’d only do this to drive the price up on CC and prevent the Yankees from bidding too heavily on CJ.

    • David, Jr.

      This. Very smart.

    • MannyB ace2be

      After his stinkfest in the postseason why would the yanks still be interested? I don’t think he would be worth the contract it would take to bring him to NY

  • mustang

    Between what was said by the Texas owner last year of the Lee situation and this Texas is beginning to be an annoying fly buzzing around the Yankees ears. You would think they of all people would know what happens when you mess with a bull.

    • mustang

      I’m going to love when both CJ and CC are in the 2012 Yankees starting rotation.

      • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

        I hope they stay away from CJ and go after darvish, and/or try to trade for Danks

        • mustang

          Not sure about Darvish with the bid thing and all, agree on Danks. I would also add Gio Gonzalez and Matt Cain to that list.

          • mustang

            Unfortunately they would have to deal with super GM for Gio so it probably wouldn’t happen. And you would definitely have to give up “the one who name can’t be spoken in a trade”.

        • Ted Nelson

          I’m not sure Danks over Wilson is worth giving up the package it would take to get Danks. Especially when Danks is scheduled to hit free agency after next season.

  • Humbug

    Isn’t that tampering? He is still under contract.

    • pat

      Not if it’s coming from an anonymous source unaffiliated with anyone in their organization. If Nolan Ryan were to say it then it would be tampering.

  • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

    imagine Nolan Ryan and Ron washington with a true workhorse. they’d probably make him throw 130-140 pitches every outing…but, i have no doubt that CC will be back.

  • Mickey S

    CC does pitch better in the heat…

    • Redsox Lose=Happy me

      He pitches better in heat not that fire pit they call texas

      • Jimmy McNulty

        If I owned both hell and Texas, I’d rent Texas and live in hell.

        • FIPster Doofus


  • Miles Davis

    wow i freaking hate texas. i was rooting for them in the alcs fresh off the tiger defeat but after the “yankees suck” chants and this, i hope they lose! i pray to god we get texas in the playoffs next year and kick their butts

  • pat

    It’s going to be so f*cking annoying listening to this rumor all winter. We outbid them for Lee when we already had Sabathia and now we’ll blow them out of the water to retain him.

    • Jimmy McNulty

      All winter? I expect this shit to be quashed by Thanksgiving, at the very latest.

  • KenC

    This would all be a lot easier if CC JUST DOESN’T OPT OUT! WHAT THE HELL R U GOING TO DO WITH 25 MIL(15 mil after taxes) A YEAR!? SPEND IT ON 2 MILLION BUCKETS OF KFC?

    • Jesse

      If he wasn’t going to use the opt out, why would he want it to be included when he signed his original contract with the Yankees.

    • Dave203

      He’s not necessarily opting out for the extra 1-2 mil per year, he wants more guaranteed years tacked on to the end of the contract. That’s all this is about.

      • RaeGun


        Though I (and I guess most of us Yankee fans) would prefer giving CC more money per year than giving him more years.

    • Dave M

      I think Captain Crunch is his thing.

    • jay man

      The price of cap n crunch is going up

      • LiterallyFigurative

        It actually is, LOL.

  • Supernova

    Cashman needs to strong arm CC and make him aware that he won’t have it as good anywhere else. Nowhere else would put up with their ace pitcher opting out of a great deal just after losing 2 games in a 5 game series. And they’ll probably offer him more money and years for choking twice in the playoffs. He won’t get that anywhere else but New York.

    • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

      So the Yankees are the only team that resigns ace pitchers to big contracts after they lose a game in the playoffs?

    • Ted Nelson

      Yes, he would get that anywhere else that could afford it. Cliff Lee “choked” in the WS last season and Texas still went after him hard.

      He is fully expected to opt-out and do what is in his own self-interest. This is a multi-billion dollar business run by monopolists, he has no obligation to the Yankees.

      And what is “strong arming him” going to do besides push him away? “This isn’t tolerated by the Yankees…” “Ok… fair enough… so I’ll take Texas or Boston or Chicago or Anaheim or whoever else’s money. Or I’ll stay right here in NY and take the Mets’ money. Later.”

  • I

    Why Yankees fans should worry about this ?

    No matter Rangers bidding or not, Yankees will pay CC whatever he want, and they have a very good excuse “market value” this year, so this time absolutely won’t be the same mistake like A-Rod’s contract.

    I said, give him 10 years, 300M.

    This is really a smart move, we can keep CC until he get 300 wins, and A-rod won’t be a target anymore.

  • CMP

    Hopefully Cashman will be able to sit down with CC and extend his contract BEFORE he opts out. That clause was most likely intended to add years and money to his original deal more than it was intended for him to escape from NY so I see no reason why he will opt out if the Yankees are proactive and sweeten his deal ahead of time.

  • Kiersten

    CC will resign with the Yankees for something very close to Lee’s contract. And he deserves it.

    • Jesse

      I wouldn’t mind that at all. I’m fine with giving CC five years, really hope it doesn’t get to seven years or beyond. Gotta look big picture with these deals.

      • Dave M

        I’d like that too. But I have a feeling it’s going to be for 7 with some big time backloading.

  • Charles

    So if CC opts out and resigns with New York, would we lose a draft pick?

    • Jesse


      • JAG

        Although how funny would it be for a team to somehow lose a draft pick to themselves? Really incentivizes those pre-free agency extensions…or highly discourages extensions of any kind, depending on how the rules worked.

        • CP

          but then they’d also pick up a sandwich pick.

  • Tom

    Texas might have some money (and they will have more to spend whenever their cable deal kicks in) but….

    They spent 92mil on payroll last year
    They have 63 mil already committed next year
    Cruz and Napoli will get arb raises and probably make another 15 mil combined
    They probably have another 10 mil-12mil in lesser arbitration cases (Adams, Andrus, Harrison, Lowe, O’Day, Murphy)

    That pretty much puts them right at last years payroll level before any CC/Wilson spending. They also have an option in Lewis – which I assume they pickup? But if not then they need 2 starters. Are they really loking at possibly going an extra 25-30mil over this year’s payroll level?

    • Jose M. Vazquez..

      Hey, I thought the Rangers were on welfare. So where are they going to get the money to sign CC. This socalist scheme invented by millionaire Bud is just absurd. The other owners most rich to the gills take Yankee money and spend against us or just put it in the bank.

      • MannyGeee

        They are like those dudes on Welfare that show up to get their checks with iPhones and brand new Jordans on.

  • Guest

    I love CC, and he, like everyone else, has the right to try and maximize his earning potential. He absolutely should opt out and try to get as much guaranteed years for as many dollars as is possible (which doesn’t really worry me, since I’m 99.99999999% sure that he will get this from the Yankees).

    I just find it kind of funny that CC’s opting out is viewed as an OK even rationale and defensible choice while ARod’s decision to opt out was viewed as a malicious act of grandma killing carried out by an avowed kitten hater.

    I know that a major part of the beef arose out of his decision to announce the opt-out during the World Series — but that wasn’t the only reason it was frowned upon. People thought the opt-out itself was wrong and a sign of unbridled and indefensible greed. The timing was just icing on the Gordon Gekko cake. CC opts out and everyone is all “Good for him. Hope the Yanks do whatever it takes to re-sign him” (and rightly so).

    I wonder if he ever gets tired of the double standard he faces when compared not just to the Dallas Bradens of the world, but also other uber rich super-athletes. If he does, its probably best he doesn’t say anything about it. Anything he says will surely be the cause of death for yet another sweet little ol’ grandma.

    • Guest

      Well, I should note the obvious: CC hasn’t opted out yet. But, like everyone else, I presume it will happen.

    • Mickey S

      ARod’s decision to opt out was viewed as a malicious act of grandma killing carried out by an avowed kitten hater.
      Line of the week, maybe the month? Well said.

      • LiterallyFigurative

        Maybe the year?

    • MannyGeee

      wonder if he ever gets tired of the double standard he faces when compared not just to the Dallas Bradens of the world, but also other uber rich super-athletes.


      When you make $30M a year to play a game and bone out Hollywood starlets, I would imagine things like ‘Double Standards’ and ‘Rules Apply Differently to ME’ are merely afterthoughts.

  • Zack D

    Lets sign Cc, CJ and Darvish and leave Texas with no one

    • Mickey S

      Take that, take that, take that!

  • Monteroisdinero

    Pay the man and lock his pantries.

  • Mickey S

    I love CC but if he wants to opt out, have at it, I just hope the Yanks set a cap at years and dollars, say 5/130. I’d rather see larger AAV than a 7 year commitment, or have mutual/vesting options for the last two years based on IPs or health. Dude is 300+lbs, that typically doesn’t age well.

  • JohnC

    I agree with an earlier post. As son as Cashman gets his status resolved, the first thing he’ll do is go to CC and his reps and offer an extension. Maybe 2 years tacked on with more money. WOuld not go beyond 2 more years though

  • JobaWockeeZ

    Whatever happens this contract is gonna suck.

  • Jose M. Vazquez..

    I meant socialist scheme. Just a typing error.

  • coolerking101

    Texas already knows they can’t win in a bidding war with the Yankees over Wilson. By making these comments, they encourage CC to opt out, thereby forcing the Yankees to divert resources to CC that otherwise would have been available for Wilson.

    • Jose M. Vazquez..


  • LiterallyFigurative

    I don’t think this is big news. CC will have many suitors if he opts out, and his agents know that. You don;t have to have teams being named in ESPN reports to see the writing on the wall.

    Personally, I’d rather pay CC more per season and go shorter length of time (4-5 seasons) as opposed to a 7 year deal.

    And let’s be honest, if the Yanks want CC AND CJ, and they both want to be here (or take the best contract), then they’ll both be here.