Sabathia, Soriano rank as Type-A free agents, Garcia a Type-B

Mailbag: Sizing up off-season trades
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Via MLBTR, the official Elias free agent rankings for the 2011-2012 offseason have been released. CC Sabathia, who is expected to opt out of his contract before tonight’s midnight deadline, is a Type-A free agent and the highest ranked player this winter. Rafael Soriano, who is not expected to opt out, also qualifies as a Type-A. Freddy Garcia is a middle-of-the-pack Type-B. None of the team’s other free agents (Jorge Posada, Bartolo Colon, Luis Ayala, etc.) qualifies as a Type-A or B.

If offered arbitration and he signs with another team, the Yankees will get that team’s first rounder and a supplemental first rounder (pulled out of the air) for Sabathia. Garcia will bring back just the supplement first rounder, and Soriano is a non-issue. The deadline for teams to offer arbitration to their free agents is midnight ET on November 23rd. The Yankees will surely offer Sabathia arbitration and I think they should offer it to Garcia. Anyway, the full list of Type-A’s and B’s is available on our 2012 Draft Order Tracker.

Mailbag: Sizing up off-season trades
Open Thread: Halloween
  • Jesse

    Ha! Darren Oliver is a Type-A Free Agent. Pass.

    • Slugger27

      ive got an idea for our next annual $4M loogy. andy pettitte.

      boom, that just happened.

      • Jesse

        Randy Johnson.

        Bigger Boom.

        • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

          El Duque.

          • Tom O

            Babe Ruth.

  • Ghost

    The Yankees always have the option of letting Garcia walk, thus collecting the supplement first rounder. This could allow them to play Russian Roulette with Colon again: He might not replicate this year again, but a serviceable one might put him in the type B type next time around. Of course that’s if he even plays that long. Still the pick alone for Garcia is enticing.

  • Brian S.

    Could Freddy get more than 1-6 on the open market? Or would he accept arbitration?

    • Jesse

      I’ve got no idea how exactly this works. But Garcia made $1M in ’10 and $1.5M in 2011, so maybe he’d only get maybe a little over $2M for 2012 if he accepted arbitration? Like I said, I have no idea, just a thought. Maybe he’ll be looking for a two year deal. Who knows.

      • Brian S.

        I think he made more money than 1.5 mil because he threw a bunch of innings.

        • Jesse

          That’s true. I just saw his salary info on baseball reference.

        • Dave203

          His base was only 1.5, but he could make up to 3.6 more on a tiered bonus system up to 30 starts. He only pitched 25 starts so he would likely be eligible for most of it. I haven’t seen the breakdown anywhere of the bonus more than that, but one could assume he made around 4.5-5 million this season.

  • AT Evans

    If Prior can improve on his mechanics.. anyone can… In addition, Strausburg’s arm action and slot is Horrific…(although improved since his surgery) and he is still the golden boy of pitching. Hughes is gonna be alright. He has the baseball instincts of a 38 yr old, and he is still only 25 yrs old.

    All the best,

    • Rainbow Connection


      • Brian S.


  • http://deleted Total Dominication

    How is CC above Pujos?

  • KeithK

    Rules question. Not that I expect it to happen, but what if Sabathia signs a deal with someone else next week, long before the arbitration deadline. Do the Yankees automatically get the picks in this case? Or do they have to formally offer arbitration to cash in the draft picks for a guy who signs early?

    • Mike Axisa

      Yes, you get the picks if the player signs before the deadline.

    • Dave203

      Per MLB CBA:
      Article XX, Section B(4):
      (c) A Type A or B Player shall be subject to compensation only
      if (i) he signs a contract with another Club prior to December 1; or
      (ii) he is offered salary arbitration by his former Club on or before December 1 pursuant to Section B(3) of this Article XX and signs a contract with another Club.

      • KeithK


  • IB6 UB9

    Garcia might accept but a 1 year deal is not awful and you can always cut him in ST for 30 or 45 day termination pay.

    The Yankees need to be more aggressive in accumulating draft picks.