Season Over: Tigers knock Yanks out of ALDS


All good things must come to end, and the 2011 season came to an end for the Yankees on Thursday night. Johnny Wholestaff did his best to keep the Yankees in the game after Ivan Nova left with forearm tightness, but at the end of the day, the team couldn’t overcome numerous squandered opportunities on offense. The Tigers won 3-2, advancing to the ALCS.

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Pitching, Pitching, And More Pitching

The interweb was up in arms over Joe Girardi‘s micromanaging following Nova’s quick exit, which involved the use of six different relievers to cover the final seven innings. The thing that no one seems to want to acknowledge is that it worked. Was it annoying? Hell yes. But it worked. After Nova allowed three hits – all for extra bases, including back-to-back homers by Don Kelly and Delmon Young – and two runs in his two innings of work, the sextet of Phil Hughes, Boone Logan, CC Sabathia, Rafael Soriano, David Robertson, and Mariano Rivera combined to allow just one run on five hits and two walks in seven innings. They struck out ten.

I saw plenty of fans and media members saying that Girardi was managing out of desperation, well guess what? It was a desperate situation. Starter went two innings (and put the team in a two-run hole before they even came to bat) before getting hurt in a win or go home game. How dare the manager express some urgency! It wasn’t a fun process to sit through, but given the circumstances, I thought Girardi (and the pitchers themselves, don’t forget those guys) did about as good a job as possible.

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Story of the ALDS: Blown Chances

The story of the Yankees ALDS defeat will focus squarely on their 4-5-6 hitters, and rightfully so. Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira, and Nick Swisher went a combined 9-for-55 (.164) with seven walks and one hit-by-pitch (.266 OBP) in the five-game series, and their inability to put the ball in play in a bases loaded, one out situation in the bottom of the seven essentially sealed the Yankees fate (in fairness, Tex did walk to force in a run). A-Rod and Swisher both struck out feebly against a struggling Joaquin Benoit to kill the rally.

Earlier in the game, the Yankees had the bases loaded with one out against Doug Fister in the fourth, but Russell Martin and Brett Gardner couldn’t hit the ball out of the infield. Martin popped up to first, Gardner to third. Fister retired seven of the first eight men he faced, but once the lineup turned over, he allowed five of eight hitters to reach base and I thought the at-bats were noticeably better and the contact noticeably harder. The Yankees scored zero runs until Robinson Cano‘s fifth inning solo homer, though.

New York outscored Detroit 28-17 in the five games, but the distribution of runs was the issue in the five-game series. The Yankees won both of their games by six runs or more, and lost the three games by four runs combined. They went 2-for-9 with men in scoring position and left eleven men on base Thursday, and the two hits didn’t even score runs. The Tigers went 1-for-9 with men in scoring position and stranded just six thanks to the stellar bullpen work, but the two first inning solo homers gave them a lead they’d never surrender.

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The bases loaded situation in the seventh was the Yankees last real gasp at a comeback, but Derek Jeter just narrowly missed a go-ahead two run homer in the bottom of the eighth. It looked like Don Kelly caught it right at the top of the wall in right from where I was sitting, but I haven’t seen the replay so don’t take my word for it. Another foot or three, and this is a very different recap.

In what was almost certainly his final game as a Yankee, Jorge Posada with 2-for-4 to raise his ALDS batting line to .329/.579/.571 in the five games. After a brutally ineffective regular season, Posada was far and away the team’s best hitter against the Tigers. Gardner went 2-for-4 on Thursday to raise his ALDS batting line to .412/.444/.471. Safe to say he was their second best hitter. Curtis Granderson went 1-for-4 with a walk, bringing his ALDS batting line to .260/.375/.550. That’s pretty damn close to his .262/.364/.552 regular season performance. Cano’s solo homer and a single later in the game raised his ALDS batting line to .318/.375/.682.

Very nice job by Soriano out of the bullpen this series. He retired 13 of the 14 batters he faced, but unfortunately the one was Young’s game-winning homer in Game Three. Boone faced eight batters in the series, allowed one ground ball single, and struck out six. David Robertson and Mariano Rivera retired all eleven men they faced in the series, and didn’t allow a single ball out of the infield. The pitching staff wasn’t the problem here, the guys combined for a 3.27 ERA with 47 strikeouts and just 36 hits allowed in 44 innings during the five-game set.

WPA Graph & Box Score

MLB.com has the box score and video, FanGraphs some other stuff.

Up Next

Unfortunately, a lot of Yankees-less nights are next. The four-and-a-half month offseason officially begins today, and the Yankees have to deal with Brian Cashman‘s expiring contract before anything else takes place.

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  1. Greg says:

    I dont know what happened to ARod between Tuesday and Thursday night. It looked like two different people.

    MIke what do you think the Yankees should do in the offseason?

  2. MieD says:

    I hope cc opts out, the Yanks dont sign him and he ends up making less elsewhere. After the game he’s saying he needs to think about whether he wants to come back. Someone should remind him of when he said he wasn’t opting out. A fat liar, not what the yankees need.

  3. JohnC says:

    Girardi did all he could to keep the game close. Mike, you couldn’t be more right. The blame for this seires loss goes to the middle of the lineup. Arod, Tex, and Swish all came up small in many big moments.

    • Rocco says:

      I agree 100 percent. Giradi did a good job !. Arod Tex and Swish were helpless.

      I hope the Yanks don’t pick up Swish’s option.

      • I am not the droids you're looking for... says:

        My issue with Girardi is that if he’d managed the earlier games with even a touch of the urgency he showed in this game, things might’ve turned out very different in the end. Maybe not, and of course we’ll never know, but that throw-in-the-towel management he showed in one game sent all the wrong kinds of messages, and produced the worst result possible.

      • thenamestsam says:

        Now this is just dumb. You can say you don’t think they should bring Swisher back, but not picking up the option? Swisher is worth about 15 mil a season and has an option for 10 million. You might as well say “I hope the Yanks put 5 million dollars in a trash can and burn it”.
        Picking up the option is a no-brainer. I might consider exploring the trade market for him, but I’m not sure of any really big name outfielders that might be available as a replacement.

  4. Nemesis says:

    Leaving Montero on the bench in ’11 is going to be like when the Yankees didn’t know they had Mariano on the bench in ’95….

  5. blee says:

    Girardi managed the pitchers well imho..

    it was the managing w/ the lineup that was the problem.. So.. we score a billion runs this year.. second most in the league.. and then we change it a week before the end of the season.. and they dont produce??

    what was girardi’s reasoning to start Arod in the 4 hole??.. I mean even if he did the first 2 games.. why did he insist on doing it for all 5 games?? it was clear he couldnt drive the ball.. or make contact for that matter..

    a guy going through spring training in the ALDS in the 4 slot is not good.. especially when we have a 42HR hitter in Tex and a hot hitter in Posada… He needed to adapt and try something different… Same lineups all 5 games.. leyland tried small changes for different pitchers..

    • Greg says:

      WHo is he going to bat cleanup?

      • blee says:

        someone who isnt arod? go w/ Tex, or swisher, or even posada.. I’m fine w/ the lineup as it is in the first 2 games or so.. but you have to adapt.. see that someone’s struggling.. not having good at bats… its win or go home time.

    • CP says:

      we score a billion runs this year.. second most in the league.. and then we change it a week before the end of the season.. and they dont produce??

      Yankees Regular Season: 5.35 runs per game
      Yankees in the ALDS: 5.6 runs per game

      • blee says:

        if you watched the games instead of going by the numbers only.. you would see that the middle of the Yankees lineup was not producing.. ooo we outscored them 28 to 17? did we win the series?

  6. Krull says:

    I really wish they would bump the first round up to 7 games. It is such a crapshoot right now who will win. Even 7 games is still not enough for the best teams to shine through, let alone 5…

    • Mike Axisa says:

      So do I, but unfortunately it sounds like we’re getting an extra wild card team and a one-game playoff instead.

      • Greg says:

        I thought that plan was quashed for the moment.

      • Krull says:

        Geeze, hadn’t heard about that. Presumably the one-game playoff is between the two wildcards though? I guess that bothers me less than the shortened series division winners have to play.

        • Mike Axisa says:

          Yeah, that’s the plan. Two wildcards play the one game, then the winner faces the top team in the league.

          • Bill says:

            That’s bullshit. Adding another wilcard only creates a huge mess. All the crying by the small market owners and Selig’s desire for the Brewers to win the World Series has led to all these moves that hurt teams like the Yankees. First the luxury tax, now this.

            • Yes That One says:

              It’s not a great solution but at least it minimizes the wildcard spots and places more importance on winning the division.

  7. forensic says:

    The Yankees worst pitchers in the series:

    CC Sabathia: 41 batters faced
    Luis Ayala: 8 batters faced

    The Yankees best pitchers in the series (and all season):

    David Robertson: 7 batters faced
    Mariano Rivera: 4 batters faced

    Joe Girardi sure did a terrific job of marginalizing his best pitchers and over-using his worst ones. Whatever you think of CC, there’s no way he should’ve been in tonight’s game over giving Robertson and Mo more than 1 inning each.

    Terrible job of bullpen management. I typically dealt with Girardi’s issue’s because he isn’t as terrible as some manager’s can be over the course of a season. But, his terrible decisions and moves throughout this series were just too much for me and I couldn’t care less if they moved on and found someone else (though there’s zero chance of it happening). You can’t manage to a binder or constant pattern in the postseason, there’s not enough time.

    All that rest so they could face 11 batters for 10 outs combined???

    • Tom says:

      Bottom line is. our OFFENSE didn’t show up AGAIN!. its so easey and such a cop-out to blame this on Girardi.

      Maybe he could have utilized the bench better. But to me . Arod Tex and Swish are fully to blame.

      • I am not the droids you're looking for... says:

        Yes. But that doesn’t excuse the throw-in-the-towel approach Girardi used in the game he sent Ayala in to pitch. It sent all the wrong kinds of messages, and produced the worst result possible.

        The 4-5-6 hitters did terribly, but Girardi sent them up in order all 5 games, with terrible results in all 5 games.

        There is plenty of blame to go around. Just because the pitching staff did well on the whole doesn’t mean that it couldn’t have done better, particularly if better managed. And this is not hindsight being 20-20. The Ayala appearance was inexcusable. Completely

      • forensic says:

        Yes, the offense is the main culprit, but that doesn’t mean Girardi is free from blame. Leyland managed circles around him this series, be it getting hot hitters together in the top of the lineup, using his best relievers often, avoiding his lefties to keep Girardi’s hottest hitter over the past month absurdly glued to the bench, using defensive replacements to convince Girardi to keep an very struggling pitcher in the game, etc…

        • Harry says:

          Sorry. Leyland didn’t out manage Girardi. he won the series because our 4567 hitters didn’t hit.

        • Tim says:

          Anyone who thinks Leyland managed circles around Girardi in this series either:

          a: knows nothing about baseball
          b: is allowing their ridiculous, unfounded bias to cloud their judgement, or
          c: is developmentally delayed

          Leyland’s managerial decisions in this series ranged from questionable to downroght laughable at times. Really – putting in Don Kelly in the 6th with Sabathia still pitching in lieu of Ordonez? Completely eliminating your best pitcher from the do-or-die game 5 before the start of the game, without a single reliable relief arm in your bullpen? Bunting with Santiago in the 1st inning against Burnett after the lead-off walk? One more ridiculous after the next. But he won the series, so that shows that he “clearly” was the better manager, right?

          To use a blackjack analogy, Leyland hit on 17 continuously throughout this series. Unfortunately for the Yankees, he kept drawing 4′s.

          • forensic says:

            It always helps people’s arguments when they try to insult other people, but:

            He put Kelly in because he knew Sabathia was sucking that game and he knew Girardi would keep him in longer giving him a better chance than against the top relievers, which of course they then took the lead and won. He eliminated Verlander because he knew he wouldn’t be reliable on two days rest while he had many other available arms, including starters (one of which was nearly up to a 16 inning scoreless streak against the Yanks), while Girardi stupidly used CC, against allowing the winning run. He bunted Santiago because, though it may not be great at that point, if you get Burnett on the ropes he may break a bit and if you get a couple runs across (as his middle of the order guys weren’t invisible), you can knock AJ out early and plenty of chances against Girardi’s mixing and matching.

            Winning the series has nothing to do with it, he made the better decisions time and again while Girardi made a ton of mistakes and poor decisions.

            But, I must just be developmentally delayed, so it doesn’t matter…

            • Tim says:

              It was the sixth inning, the Yankees were already behind, and regardless of how much Sabathia was “sucking”, he’s still a better pitcher than whoever would have come out of the bullpen for the Yankees. I love how the MSM calls Leyland a genius for making a move that led Girardi to keep Sabathia in the game rather than removing him for Cory Wade. Assuming that his “move” actually made a difference – I’m sure Sabathia was in the game for Avila (due up third in the inning), not Kelly, anyway.

              • forensic says:

                That night, and through the series, he was not a better pitcher than whoever would’ve come out of the bullpen. It wasn’t Wade, it was Soriano who was warming and Girardi has Robertson and Mo available for multiple innings.

                And yes, the move did make a difference. It changed it from one lefty as the third batter to two lefties as the first and third batters and Girardi himself said that’s why he left him in.

    • JohnC says:

      What terrible moves did Girardi make? Is it his fault the big guns in his lineup didn’t hit at all in this series? Cmon, you make no sense

      • forensic says:

        PH’ing Chavez, pitching CC today, leaving CC in the 6th inning game 3, letting Garcia pitch to Cabrera, using Ayala in game 2, sticking with a struggling lineup, leaving Montero glued to the bench, marginalizing Robertson and Mo…

    • Doctor Jimmy says:

      Hey, Girardi can’t pitch Mo and Robertson for 9 innings a game. What is he supposed to do when nearly the entire middle of his lineup posts a bunch of ofers? You’re not going to bench Teixeira or Swisher for Nunez or Pena because they’re having a bad series. You can mix and match for the hot bat if you have marginal players, but you’re not going to sit and all-star, gold glove first baseman because he didn’t hit in the last 4 games.


    Honestly, I wouldn’t mind seeing the offensive lineup come back as-is. Just replace Posada with Montero. I really don’t see what upgrade over Swisher will be available or necessary. And really the only pitching necessities will be a starter or two, assuming neither Colon nor Garcia come back. This series sucked, but the Yanks were still a very good team, with not a whole lot of obvious places to improve.

  9. UncleArgyle says:

    The series loss really sits on CC. What a putrid performence. Since there’s no one else availible who can eat innings at an above average rate like he can, the Yankees have to bring him back, but the idea of him asking for more money and more years after he torpedo’d the Yankees season with his suckiness would make me want to vomit. Maybe he should consider adding the treadmill to his offseason workout regime. Just cutting out Captain Crunch didn’t exactly work.

    • Bartolo's Colon says:

      It did work for a while, but then he gained it all back over the course of the season, he does have to take better care of himself though

    • Doctor Jimmy says:

      You can’t blame this one all on CC. There was ZERO timely hitting, which used to be a hallmark of Yankee playoff baseball in the 90′s. How many times did we see O’Neill drive a double into left-center with men on base in the clutch. They just don’t have that anymore.

    • ItsATarp says:

      One game out of 5…

  10. China Joe says:

    How many people were really expecting this team to win the World Series back in April? They exceeded expectations in the regular season and ran out of gas in the playoffs, but I liked what I saw out of Nova, Montero looks legit…I just wished they would’ve have given Noesi a chance to start earlier (or kept him in the AAA rotation), to see what they had there. They need starting pitching, but they have the money and prospects to make a move. Cash showed again this year that he won’t bow to pressure and make a rash move (see: Jimenez, Ubaldo). It’ll be an interesting offseason.

  11. DERP says:

    Re-up Cashman. Offer Garcia arbitration and sign Darvish. Guarantee the options on Cano and give him three years on top of that.


  12. thenamestsam says:

    Personally I don’t understand the whole “The offense didn’t show up” narrative. They scored 28 runs in 5 games. Thats right at their season average, and they did it against a good pitching staff. Of course it would be better to distribute the runs differently, and of course some guys didn’t produce individually, but that’s the nature of baseball. Not every guy is hot every week, and you don’t score exactly your average number of runs in each game.
    Some guys contributed over their heads, some guys didn’t have a good week. Maybe they’d be hot next week, if there was a next week. Somehow before the playoffs everyone agrees that the small size isn’t indicative of anything, and then it actually happens and everyone loses their minds.
    One week, five games, two big wins, three tight losses. It hurts, but this team had a good year and I’m happy to have rooted for every one of these guys. We’re well set up for the future. A bit of tinkering with the pitching staff and we’ll be right back in the crapshoot with a chance to win it all next year. I won’t ask for any more than that.

    • John says:

      I think the narrative is more something like “the offense didn’t show up when it had to”. Big difference.

      • thenamestsam says:

        What are games 1 and 4. Optional?

        • forensic says:

          The series is a microcosm of the season for the offense. A few huge games skewing the overall run production greatly, thereby seemingly making the common low scoring games less noteworthy.

          That can work over the long haul, but not in a playoff series.

          • Bill says:

            Exactly. The Yankees also were one of the worst contending teams with RISP this year, yet they still were second in runs and led in run differential by a wide margin. They would blow teams like the Orioles out 18-5 but lose one run games all season.

      • Doctor Jimmy says:

        Precisely. It wasn’t that they didn’t hit, they just didn’t hit in the clutch.

    • Yes That One says:

      The ALDS was the whole season in microcosm — yes, they hit and yes, they scored more runs than anyone, but they were often stymied by repeated and frustrating RISP fail.

  13. karel capek says:

    The only way the Yankees can win next year is if they replace the entire team with clutch hitting robots.

  14. Beachbum says:

    Girardi’s bullpen management was absolutely fine. In fact, we should be praising it because it worked. One run in 7 innings against this Tigers lineup? Please. The only quibble I have is with leaving Jesus on the bench for Martin in the 7th. Kid already had his first taste of a big playoff situation in the previous game, so I doubt he would have been overwhelmed.

  15. aluis says:

    Why is Martin getting a free pass? He was just as bad as the other three stooges -Arod, Tex & Swish. I really was hoping that Girardi was going to have the stones to pinch hit Montero for him in the eighth. I also was not happy to see Jeter swinging at the first pitch when he led off the 7th only to watch Cano hit a HR with no one on base.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      Martin had a .412 OBP in the series.

      • UncleArgyle says:

        Yeah, I’m confused why people are upset at Martin as well. He’s the frickin’ catcher and was batting 8th. I thought he had a great series. Lets focus on the fact that after 6 playoff series its starting to become pretty clear that Texeria and Swisher are post-season millstones around the teams neck.

        • forensic says:

          I’m more upset at Girardi for constantly leaving Martin in there in big spots rather than using his backup/much better hitting catcher to PH for him, than I am at Martin because I know he’s terrible offensively.

          • Tim says:

            Given who was pitching for Detroit at those points in the game, you would be hard pressed to prove that Montero was a better offensive option than Martin. I understand the Montero love – he’s going to be great. But right now he isn’t great – he’s 21 years old and doesn’t hit RHP all that well. Martin’s at bats prior to last night’s game were all professional at bats, with him working counts, drawing his walks, and mixing in a few hits. His AB’s against Fister in the 4th and Scherzer in the 6th were horrendous, but the one against Benoit in the 8th was not nearly as bad. The guy threw a 3-2 slider (he hadn’t shown one in the series to that point I believe) and dropped it over the plate. Almost unhittable.

            • Jimmy says:

              That’s a reasonable argument. But I’ll still disagree. In that situation, you needed a spark. The kid handled himself very well in his first PS game. Give him a shot.

            • forensic says:

              Martin had a .750 OPS against righties this year. Montero was at .877 against them in the majors. Obviously there is some SSS stuff working for Montero, but saying Martin is clearly better or ‘professional’ while Montero isn’t really isn’t correct. Martin had 3 whole hits in the series, the last two of which certainly could’ve been grabbed by the SS in game 4, potentially leaving him with 1 hit in the whole series.

      • Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

        That doesn’t mean he could produce with the bases loaded.

      • forensic says:

        This says he had a .333 OBP, along with a beautiful .176 BA, leading to a stellar .569 OPS…


      • Bill says:

        Martin’s at bats were pretty awful last night. He didn’t have a good series offensively, no matter how you spin it.

  16. Skip says:

    Sad to see the season go – I love following the Yankees and how they do on a nightly basis.

    Well, it’s time to move on (unfortunately). I think Larry Rothschild did a tremendous job this year with this team but the Tigers might have taught us a lesson this Division Series with their pitching staff – throw Changeups. That one pitch neutralized our lefties in big situations with men on base because the pitchers weren’t afraid to throw it in 2-0 hitter’s counts. Heck, even Benoit’s changeups had nasty movement down and in to the righties in the 7th inning, completely locking up ARod. I think it was a very effective pitch for them to use and something that our staff could add as well.

    Hitting wise – our 4-6 hitters had a well documented, ill-timed slump. Tex was very all or nothing this year and if he has the sense to work on it (which I do), I think we’ll see him back to hitting 30 HRs with some opposite field hits as well. He just needs some work with it. ARod will be ok – remember he was absolutely dominant in that first month of the season and pre-season before his oblique injury. He was driving the ball with power to all fields and was just so locked in with pitches. Remember when we were all thinking MVP 2011 for ARod? I know he’s got the work ethic to come back strong next year. He just didn’t have an rhythm at the end of the season. Swisher was just as streaky all season as Gardner, it’s just that Brett got hot during the playoffs and Swish did not. There really aren’t any viable alternatives to Swish, but he still adds tremendous value to this team.

  17. Alibaba says:

    Twice in this game, the team did not score on a single from the second. Come on, it was not an infield single. If you get thrown out trying to score, so be it!

    • FachoinaNYY says:

      We can say that now knowing that we lost the game, but if we get throw out and lose that will be perceived as the worst/most criticized play of the season.

      I agree knowing what we know now, I would have wanted him to go. But that is just a fallacy. I have no problem with the decision given how the game looked when it was made, especially when looking at the plays themselves which would have been hard to score on.

    • Tim says:

      The second hit with RISP was in fact an infield single. By Cano, in the 7th. I would have sent Rodriguez on Posada’s single, though. He got a great jump on the ball.

  18. FachoinaNYY says:

    I am angry at a lot of things right now, but I keep coming back to two things, one directly related to the yankees, one generally.

    First, given our problems preseason, and during the season really, we certainly overachieved this season. That doesn’t mean this is not disappointing, we could have very well won the WS this year, but it does mean that this still was a positive season.

    Second, I really can’t stand the 5 game series for for the division series. I mean 162 game season should not be potentially decided in 3 games. I really wish we could expand the opening round to 7 games (ala the NBA a couple years ago). I think that a short series generally benefits the lesser teams, which makes little sense. It is just too easy in baseball to go cold for 3-5 games and have a season be blown. Shorten the regular season to 160 and add 3 playoff games or leave 162 and still make it a 7 game division season. Either way that would be a better scenario.

    And just FYI I have been saying the same thing regarding point two for the past 10 years, not just because the Yankees got knocked out in the division series this year. Moving all series to 7 games would not be that much more of an inconvenience, but would add a much greater potential for fairness.

    • Bill says:

      I think the favoring lesser teams part is by design. They’ve been doing that for awhile. Look at the luxury taxing and now they want to add another wildcard. It wouldn’t surprise me if they also add a salary cap. Unbelievable.

  19. Bartolo's Colon says:

    I was in section 305 right above jeter’s fly ball, and it didn’t seem quite as close (1-3 feet) as that picture makes it out to be. that was about as pathetic as a game can get. considering the yanks out hit and out pitched the tigers in that series handily and still lost. it was basically a perfect microcosm of the season, awesome run differential but they suck when it comes to winning 1-2 run games and risp fail in big spots. i hope arod’s lack of production was more due to his injuries than anything else, weak of most of the stadium to blame it all on him (the a-rod sucks chants while waiting for the train were really classy, sometimes nyy fans really blow). swish striking out to end the inning with the bases loaded was as predictable as the sun rising. I know he’s been productive, and i know they have to bring him back in 2012, but damn, i will just never have faith in him in a big spot

  20. Sarah says:

    My issue with the CC opt out can be summed up in 2 words: Barry Zito. I hate the idea of losing CC, but I don’t want to see huge sums of money into what will eventually be a declining player. See also: ARod. Even if CC is lights out for 2 or 3 more years, if there is then 3 or 4 years of subpar-ness… You get the idea.

    Great season by the team, crummy way to lose the last game. Should be interesting to see what happens in the off season.

    • mt says:

      Strangely enough I used to be against letting CC walk but in sports it seesm teams manage to out-perform sometimes when you least expect it (like Mariners getting wins record after ARod left.) I am starting to accept him walking:

      The reasons are

      1) AROD contract looks even worse than we might have thought – with $154 million or so left (I believe) right now at best he might get a contract for $54 million – 3 years at $18 million or so. His body is breaking down and his steroid use may be a major factor. Even ignoring impact of steroids, he has that chronic bad hip.

      2) CC really disappointed me with gaining all the weight back and more – he had knee surgery at end of last year and I thought it was decided that losing weight would help him. Everone points to the rain delay game in Seattle and also six man rotation but did weight gain also hurt? I do not know why teams don’t bunt more (like Don Kelly did) against him.

      CC probably deserves like 5 years at $24 mm or something but can Yanks afford $50 million or so of dead weight in 2 or 3 years (no pun intended.) between CC and AROd contract. Also worried about miles on his arm.

      3) If we let CC go, maybe we could be more aggressive in letting Swish go and getting a high average right fielder.

      4) I might go for replacing CC with some combination of Yu Darvish or CJ Wilson and maybe a stop gap (like Roy Oswalt) – clearly not replacing CC but trying to hold the fort down until our young pitrchers can start (hopefully in 2013).

      • DERP says:

        The Mariners were better not because Alex left, but because they signed Ichiro and Bret Boone (who both had MVP type seasons) and various other guys improved.

        1) Decent chance that Alex isn’t healthy. He was having a great season before the injuries.

        2) CC turned in his best year this year. He was fine after the rain delay game. He just allowed a crazy high homer rate in August (over half his homers allowed came in August). His K/BB in August was 9. His FIP in Sept. was 3.18.

        3) Not sure who you would want in RF. Slim picking in the FA class. Swisher’s OBP was high, which matters more than average

        4) Replacing CC with Darvish/Wilson makes us worse. Darvish is good, but he would be a guy to bring in next to CC. Same with Wilson, who just isn’t as good. Rather give the money to CC than Wilson (if I have to choose one). Oswalt is a huge risk.

    • DERP says:

      Barry Zito was much worse when he got his contract than CC is now. Zito had a FIP over 2 runs higher in 2006 (his last year with the A’s) than CC did in 2011. He also struck out 2.5 fewer batters per 9 while walking almost 2 more batters per 9. Zito was also getting worse as his tenure with the A’s was finished while CC just finished off his best season with the Yankees.

      CC is a much safer bet.

      • Sarah says:

        All of which is meaningless if the Yankees throw 7 more years and he stinks for the last 5. A bad contract is a bad contract, whether or not it’s a safe bet at the time.

        More money for the same number of years could be ok. Maybe add a year or two, but adding 4 years seems like a bad plan.

        But we can’t say “Don’t throw a big contract of 6 or 7 years at a FA starter over 30,” and then turn around and say “But for CC, we’ll do it.” Put it this way: if his name isn’t CC and he has the same numbers for the past three years, do you want to throw $150MM at a 31 year old for 7 years? Maybe you do. I don’t know.

        • DERP says:

          What makes you think CC will just all of a sudden start sucking. You brought up Zito as an example of the horrors of giving pitchers big contracts. Zito didn’t deserve that contract. He had a decent year the year before he got it. His last year with the A’s was worse than Freddy Garcia this year. CC is totally different.

          The only thing we have to go off is prior knowledge. He might suck in two years, but what makes you think that?

          Also, the next best option on the FA market (and the only one who you could safely call an ace) is also over 30. I would rather give CC the money than CJ Wilson (if I had to choose one).

          I wouldn’t want to give him 7 years (doubt that the NYY will have to), but I can’t see letting him walk like you are suggesting.

          • Sarah says:

            I’m not sure, is what I’m saying. Maybe he’s fine, and he’s great for 5 more years. Is it unreasonable to think that someone can/will decline? I’m not thinking that one day he’s great and the next he’s terrible, more that there’s some inevitable decline with age, perhaps exacerbated by weight and injury.

            That’s all. The Zito contract is an example of a huge contract (and he was under 30 when it was signed). Replace it with whichever ridiculous contract you prefer for someone over 30, ARod or Ryan Howard or whoever.

            I don’t want to sign CJ Wilson for that length of time either. So i guess that’s what I’m saying: I don’t want to sign 30+ year old pitchers to 7 year deals for stupid sums of money.

            Fortunately for CC, I don’t make these decisions.

  21. Alibaba says:

    Sometimes, it is better to be lucky than good. One more foot from Jeter’s 8th inning flyball, and Mo comes to save the game. I don’t even want to think about Cano’s broken bat flyball.

  22. Craig says:

    Not sure how you can say CC’s performance was putrid. He certainly didn’t perform like a guy primed to ask for $160 million or whatever the price is going to be, but “putrid” is a bit harsh, right? In Game 3, he did go into the 6th inning having allowed the same number of runs as the best pitcher in baseball.

    I’m on the 4-5-6 bandwagon. I don’t even want to think about A-Rod right now. Tex needs to get his sh*t together, but I think he’s going to come back in 2012 much improved. As for Swisher…I don’t know. I’m definitely a fan, but the dude just doesn’t come through in the postseason.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      Lots of people are overlooking the ridiculous schedule he was on. Six-man rotation for two months, then the start on two days rest because of rain, then the relief appearance on two days rest. Not an excuse, but also not negligible.

      • Hughesus Christo says:

        Was that also Girardi doing as good a job as possible?

        • Mike Axisa says:

          When did I say that?

          • Mike Axisa says:

            Oh, you mean in this post about Game Five? No, the rotation stuff in September was stupid. Said that numerous times. Girardi did a very good job with the pitching staff in Game Five.

            • Dan says:

              Were you okay with him using CC last night? It seemed like he could have gone with other relievers. CC didn’t pitch well the first ttime (Game 3) on short rest so why bring him in there. Wade, Robertson, Soriano all could probably go more than one inning if needed. I know it’s easy to say in hindsight, but when he made the move I didn’t think CC would throw up zeroes. The only other move I had an issue with is I would have liked to see Montero pinch hit when the bases were loaded in the 7th, maybe for Swisher. Two outs and the Yankees hitter going through a big slump is up, it seemed like a horrible move to let him bat. The only reason I could see not making that move is he didn’t want Dickerson to come up in a potential game-deciding at-bat in the 9th, but he needs to play for the win there.

      • Bartolo's Colon says:

        not sure about the six man schedule but i really feel the turning point was the seattle double rain delay, that was the night that he seemed to go from absolutely dominant to effective. i hope he can get himself into shape next year and stay that way, not sure if that contributed

      • UncleArgyle says:

        Maybe if the Yankees gave CC and extra 3 years and 50 million dollars he would be better able to over come his rest issues and not get shelled in playoff games.

  23. JohnC says:

    I think it was the right call to hold Arod up at 3rd on Posada’s base hit. I think he would have been out if they sent him. Ball was hit too hard. Austin Jackson has a very good arm and he had the ball when Arod reached 3rd. If there was 2 out, I would have taken a chance, but not with one out. Shame on Martin not being able to get him in with less than 2 outs

  24. Hughesus Christo says:

    So Scoscia benches/dumps Mike Napoli for Jeff Mathis and is an idiot, but Girardi slow-walks Montero to the Bronx and then gets him 3 ABs in the ALDS and he “did a good job”. Thanks for that info.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      Because playing Mathis over Napoli over a three year span is the same as the five games with Montero.

      • Hughesus Christo says:

        Does anyone have ANY reason to think he’s going to stop his “gritty gutty catchers” garbage next season? This is the guy who floated carrying 4 catchers–including Austin “19 career ABs” Romine–in the ALDS.

        If Girardi is too Mythic Catcher/Binder obsessed to see that Montero is a much better hitter than Martin, he needs to take that crap elsewhere. I’m sure John Henry would appreciate it.

        • Mike Axisa says:

          Jorge Posada was his starting catcher for three years. I’m pretty sure he’s fine with an offense first catcher.

          • Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

            You could say that was because Posada was a legacy player. Think about it this way: Martin and Romine are the kind of “defense first” catchers that Girardi was. Unless Jesus really impresses in ST, I can’t see him catching next year.

          • forensic says:

            Because he really had a choice of whether or not to play Posada at that point, based on contract, status, and other options?

            I still almost expect Montero to be traded this offseason so Girardi isn’t reduced to actually making the decision to catch him and so he has the DH spot for his adored half days off.

          • Hughesus Christo says:

            I’m sure Posada’s 51 million dollar contract (and Cervilli’s Cervelliness) had nothing to do with that.

          • Bartolo's Colon says:

            Is Montero really that horrible of a catcher? i know he’s no russ martin, but we won a world series with a 38 yr old posada. if montero can rake, won’t that make up for it? i’m not saying that you inferred this right now, but it seems like a lot of people are saying he has no chance at catcher

        • thenamestsam says:

          Another difference: Martin is good. Mathis is terrible. It may be true that Montero’s advantage at the bat makes up for Martin’s advantage with the glove. But it’s not 100% clear like Napoli vs. Mathis. I thought Montero should have pinch hit for Martin in the 8th, but to say that Montero should be the starting catcher right now is something that disagrees with a lot of reasonable people, not just Mike.

          • Hughesus Christo says:

            Martin isn’t “good”. In fact, he was pretty terrible outside of April. Better than Cervelli no doubt, and I like his attitude and fire, but he’s a terrible hitter. There is no argument for Montero not getting those late ABs in Games 3 and 5 (at the very least).

            I’ll also add the obvious: Montero probably comes up much earlier under most managers, and certainly gets more playing time. Amazing that Joe G can be seen as this enlightened new-age skipper while this shit continues to go on at C.

            • forensic says:

              Martin April 24-end of season: .223/.312/.361/.672

              Cervelli season: .266/.324/.395/.719

              Not so sure he’s even ‘better than Cervelli no doubt’.

              • Mike Axisa says:

                Well when you slice and dice the data to remove the part that is not relevant to your point, you can prove anything. Martin had the same OBP and a higher SLG than Cervelli this year, and unquestionably played better defense.

                • CP says:

                  Cervelli in his career: .272/.338/.354/.692
                  Martin over the last 3 seasons: .245/.341/.356/.697

                  Don’t act like his struggles after April were the outlier. It was his power surge during April that was odd.

                  He’s still better than Cervelli because of his defense, but I’m not sure you’ll be able to say that in a couple of years.

              • thenamestsam says:

                Arbitrary endpoints FTW! He had the 11th highest WOBA among catchers this year. That’s good. Not great, but good. Comparing him with Jeff Mathis is just silly.

                • forensic says:

                  How is it arbitrary endpoints or slicing and dicing? I took out the clear fluky two weeks and just showed the numbers that Hughesus Cristo was referring to. Show me where I compared him to Mathis.

                  I understand saying anything bad about Martin here is like blasphemy, but it’s amazing how overrated he’s gotten just because people were so used to the abysmal defense from Posada.

                  • Mike Axisa says:

                    You arbitrarily took out his best two weeks of the season. How come you didn’t do that to Cervelli, when he hit three homers in a week before getting hurt? That’s a clear outlier compared to the rest of his career, majors and minors.

                    • forensic says:

                      That’s fine, though it’s not really just because it’s his best two weeks. He had a week or two in August too. It’s just that they are so clearly out of the norm, possibly before AL pitchers picked out his many holes. And look at CP’s numbers above. Why is it so hard for people here to admit Martin is a terrible hitter? Even with those 2 weeks he had a 92 OPS+.

                    • Flynn says:

                      3 or 4 weeks are a blip and really only help masquerade the fact that Martin was a barely passable solution at Catcher. The failures last night were more of an expected result rather than an unfortunate failure based on May thru Sept performance.

                      Hanging your hat on April is about the same as the designer of the Hindenburg saying the maiden voyage was a smashing success save the landing.

                    • forensic says:

                      It’s almost like the crazy love-affair with Chavez and his 79 OPS+, while Nunez and his 84 OPS+ are just terrible and unusable.

  25. Paul says:

    Their 5th game flop was predictable. Considering all their talent (which could prevail over 162 games) they could not hit under pressure enough in close or extra inning games. Their talents are freed up mostly in blow-outs such as games 1 and 4 with stat-padding tack-on runs.

  26. Tipsie says:

    When you’re the NYY manager, and you have a veteran team, you are often times stuck with an inflexible lineup, because ANY move you make becomes a major headline and a blow to egos. Remember all of the crap about moving Jeter in the first half?

    The Don Kellys / Ramon Santiagos of the world can be shifted without a peep.

    Moving ARod or Tex down can’t be done without a firestorm.

    Not saying it’s right; it’s just true.

  27. Bill says:

    I want to know why no one is furious about the Delmon Young approach at the plate. Dude is a dead red first ball fastball hitter and yet Soriano and Nova threw his first pitch fastballs and they were gone. It isn’t a secret how to pitch to Young. Throw offspeed pitches no problem (He was 0-5 against the Yanks in game two). Where was the adjustment?

    Also, when did Tex turn into Jason Giambi? Selling out for home runs with an uppercut swing? Just hope he doesn’t start wearing thongs and losing his ability to make basic first base plays.

    Finally, was it just me or did Martin look completely over-matched and lost at the plate? He essentially conceded the first pitch every at bat, which the Tigers caught onto and proceeded to throw balls down the middle knowing he wouldn’t swing. Where was the recognition this was being done?

    • aluis says:

      HR off Nova WAS an off-speed pitch. It’s the reason it was pulled and not hit the other way.

    • forensic says:

      I will never understand why people think calling Tex the new Giambi is an insult. Giambi was always a very productive player here, far more so than Tex. Even if their BA was close, Giambi was far and away on base more. And playoff’s wise, Giambi was far more productive than Tex.

      • Doctor Jimmy says:

        Giambi hit .253 or below in 5 of his 7 seasons with the Yankees, and he couldn’t field 1b to save his life. Teixeira has driven in no fewer than 108 runs in a season for the Yankees, and he makes the infield look good with his awesome fielding. Check the numbers.

        • Darren says:

          Giambi was very good at scooping balls in the dirt.

          I know that’s kind of like saying the fat, ugly girl has really nice hair, but still…

        • forensic says:

          And Tex is now at .256 or below in 2 of his 3 years. In those years he’s averaged about a .355 OBP. Giambi averaged about .395 in his 5 years. Giambi had a nearly .900 OPS vs. Tex’s .840ish OPS. RBI’s? Really? That’s your only offensive support for Tex? There’s no debate about the defense, but it’s sad when that’s what you have to lean on for a $20 million per year 1st Basemen.

          • Doctor Jimmy says:

            You are correct that Giambi had a better OPS than Teixeira, driven largely by his OBP, but I didn’t want to get into too much of a statistical comparison, seeing as how Giambi played for NY in the steroid era (and used them by his own admission). I just see how many hard liners and grounders Teixeira snags that Giambi never would have gotten to, and Teixeira vastly improves the overall infield defense. Certainly not worth the $20 million just for that though.

            Yeah I probably shouldn’t have brought numbers into it at all then.

    • Skip says:

      Nova’s pitch was a hanging slider to Young.

    • UncleArgyle says:

      Goodness, if Texeria was Jason Giambi at the plate the Yankees probably win the series. People forget the Giambi put up huge numbers whenver he was healthy. Plus Giambi actually could hit good playoff pitching.

  28. CountZero says:

    If I had told you four years ago that the best pitching strategy against the 2011 Yanks would be to use all RHPs, would you have believed me? :)

    They got unlucky — it happens. There were at least three moments in that game where a few feet one way or the other would have put the Yanks on top.

    The one thing I took away from it though is that the Yanks are slightly RHP vulnerable right now. Their two best LHH going into 2012 hit LHP almost as well as RHP, but the SHs (Tex and Swish) are much worse against RHP, and the RHHs aren’t as effective against RHP either. With Posada gone and Montero potentially replacing him as the DH, they need a LHH bat.

  29. Ivan says:

    It was a very good season, and while this series sucked, I got over it quick.

    What I am concern is A-Rod. For the first time, he looked old & broken down. Yes no question health played a major role but A-Rod looked just plain old. I dont know if you rely on A-Rod to be your number 4 hitter. However, with Cano, Granderson & up and coming Jesus, they Yanks have bats for the future.

    And I think Phil Hughes is going to have a big year next season.

    • CP says:

      Older players look broken down when they lose and experienced when they win.

      Younger players look inexperienced when they lose and athletic when they win.

      It’s just the way it goes.

  30. JohnC says:


    You think Cashman will approach CC before he opts out and maybe offer him a 2 year extension? He makes 23 mill as it is. How much more can he expect to get on the open market? He’s already 31 with serious weight issues

  31. Jerry says:

    Mike ,

    I’m done with Swisher. who do you see the Yanks maybe going after to replace him.

  32. Supernova says:

    This incarnation of the New York Yankees is over. It won’t win another WS, ever. CC opts out and goes to the NL. Yanks shouldn’t offer him another penny more than he’s already been offered. Guy lost Games 3 and 5 and there’s just no excuse for that. Swisher’s gotta go. Posada’s gone. We’re stuck with Jeter and Arod. We should pursue trades for another big bopper in the lineup, someone that will show up in October and protect Robbie Cano.

  33. Dennis says:

    I was against Darvish but now I say take a chance it only money. We are already eating large unmovable contracts whats 1 more, at least there is a chance he can be good.

  34. Adam says:

    I realize this is somewhat immaterial, but…the fact that the wild card can’t play a team from its own division in the ALDS is really silly and kind of punishes the best team in the regular season for no real reason.

    Otherwise, thank you for some refreshing perspective regarding Girardi. People are killing him yet the bullpen gave up one measly run. Seems like he actually pushed the right buttons yesterday with his staff in a really bad situation.

    • Sarah says:

      Yeah, knowing what we now know about Nova, it looks like he made the right moves. I did think he pulled Hughes a little early – leave him in and Boone can handle the next inning, but overall, the moves worked and the offense just couldn’t get it together.

  35. Hall and Nokes says:

    Sad that in the biggest game of the year, they had a win probability below 50% for virtually the entire game (with the exception of the first out I guess).

  36. Bartolo's Colon says:

    On a positive note, mo is still a ridiculous beast. it sucks that he only threw 8 pitches (4 outs) in the series. it is times like last night when you wonder how the hell he can’t pitch another 5 years. plus he had an above career average season at age 41! hopefully his stupid family doesn’t get in the way of him pitching past 2012

  37. mike says:

    Sign and trade Swisher. its not his fault, and we know he is literally worthless in the playoffs (and the numbers in this case paint a rosier picture than reality, if that was even possible).

    Changes need to be made to the “core” of this team’s offense – does anyone believe the resulty will be different next year in the playoffs with the same cast of players on offense?

    Montero is the answer??…I doubt he would have exceeded Posada’s production in this series.

    If the Yanks are stuck with (for good and bad) Jeter, Arod and Tex, then there are only a few places they can make improvements, or trade from a strength to get stronger elsewhere.

    Gardner or Swish….

  38. virginia yankee says:

    girardi did right to get nova out of the game – he was stupid to pitch CC on short rest — CC since the double rain delay and 127 pitch game has not been the same – the right guy and for multiple innings was Robertson – control the game don’t hope

    as to missed opportunities look no further than GIRARDI AND THE BATTING ORDER – ARod should not have been in the lineup — his Aug Sept demonstrated he had not recovered the grove — he was a hole in the lineup — not second guessing I posted that error before the series- the Yankees mised winning in 3 by 1 timely hit a game – they lost in 5 by one timely hit — how many pop-ups – HOW many times have we watched JORGE take strike 2 and 3 with 2 out ans RISP — Swisher knows how to work a count and go OPO – so where did the brain crap come from against BENOIT living outside the right black – pitches made to punch — JETER dismal by standards swinging over pitches he normally punches to right — but for all that plus Martin and TEX — NUNYEZ IN THE LINEUP PROBABLY GETS 1 OF THE TIMELY HITS THAT HELP 1 WIN — GET RID OF CASHMAN – if GARCIA AND Colon were stop gaps and HUGHES was hurt — how come there was no alternative — those guys ate a few starts that might have provided an exciting answer
    Get rid og GIRARDI – HOPE is not a plan – you have to MANAGE the 25 guys and the game

    • Bartolo's Colon says:

      mike: we need a “sky is falling” t-shirt in the RAB shop pronto

      • Adam says:

        What makes it all the more annoying is that with all the flaws we expected at the start of the season on this team, to have finished with as many wins as they did and win the AL East probably exceeded most of our expectations. Playoffs…things happen. A hit here or there, kind of hard to freak out about when most teams don’t even sniff success or a playoff birth most seasons.

  39. mike says:

    also- while i am a big fan of advanced metrics and data….who among us wouldn’t have rather seen Damon or Matsui -even in their decrepit state – on the bench to PH for Swisher / Tex during this series?

    • Bartolo's Colon says:

      i was hoping to god he would have ph montero for swish in the bases loaded situation. it would have been a win win, better chance of getting a hit, and some c-dick in rf after that. better chance of the stadium collapsing at that moment, but if i was joe g, i would have done it

      • CountZero says:

        I had the same thought at the time, but it’s nothing more than an instinct. All the numbers were against it — LHB vs. RHP, Swisher’s recent success vs. Benoit, rookie forced to come in cold in a very high pressure situation.

        Logically speaking, it made no sense to bring in Montero. But I agree that my heart was saying the same thing because I knew Swish was going to fail and Montero is…well…he’s TEH JESUS! :)

  40. Hall and Nokes says:

    Alex after the DL stint: 5 XBH’s (2 doubles, 3 homers) in 107 plate appearances.

  41. The Dude says:

    Girardi already has his lineup sent for next Opening Day.

    Swisher’s batting sixth.

    • Dennis says:


      Girardi already has his lineup sent for next Opening Day.

      Swisher’s batting sixth for the Rays.

      • FIPster Doofus says:

        The Rays aren’t capable of paying Nick Swisher $10 million, and he’s not going anywhere anyway. A better replacement isn’t available.

  42. Eric says:

    I can’t wait to see if Betances and Banuelos come to camp more refined and ready to go.

  43. LarryM.,Fl. says:

    I believe CC is still a great pitcher. What concerns me is the weight gain. His belly was hanging over his belt. Either he has an injury which curtails him from staying in shape or he’s hitting the buffet table a bit hard with a dose of laziness. IMHO I would not go crazy stupid about renegotiating his contract. The next 4 years at the original contract price and 2 more at the same yearly figures. If its not good enough than adios. We have to learn from Arod’s contract about over paying. It will come back to hurt us in the future to continue to make the Soriano contracts.. There are many good athletes to be found with 23 million.

    Just look at the team that beat us in the ALDS. If you went position by position its not a contest except their starting pitching is younger and better as a group.

    Montero can bring us a good young pitcher. Unless the Yankess can define a position for him other than DH. He’s a one tool player.

    Hot Stove will be here soon, can’t wait.

  44. Doctor Jimmy says:

    The plain fact is the Yankees are built to dominate in the regular season and crash and burn in the playoffs. Until they get a better starting rotation, they’re going to continue to have years like this one. Unfortunately, you can’t build a rotation through free agency anymore, you have to develop pitching through your farm system. Problem is, the fan base wants to see the team win EVERY year, and doesn’t have the patience to wait for young pitchers to succeed. So the Yankees will just keep on getting to the playoffs, and losing in the ALDS or the ALCS. Sucks, bit it’s true.

    • Tim says:

      You really think they lost this series because of the starting pitching? Did you watch ANY of the games?

    • mt says:

      I agree with you but last year’s flame-out (Hughes performances + Burnett flame-out in game 4 and a retiring pettite as #2 starter) was much more of an indicator about our pitching.

      This year we basically lost a five game series to a team which we outscoired by eleven runs (28-17)? Is that luck? Pitching? hITTING? Hitting with RISP? Pitching and hitting, but only in close games.

      The thing that I say is – yes, there are pitching concerns (mitigated by fact we have some young pitchers on horizon) but the real frustrating thing to me is that elite offensive players completely disappearing in playoffs (AROD, Tex, Swish), especailly when games were close.

      (We were bad in one run games all year so probably fitting that two of our losses were one run and the other was 2 run).

      I don’t know how to describe that – “clutchness” (start the critical blow-back). Something is wrong with the offense even though we are one of the top two ofensive teams in AL. And we normally do not get completely shut down – even in Scherzer game, where we were no-hit for so long, we did get tying run to plate.
      Is it just RISPFAIL? Something always happens in these playoffs games yet I cannot exactly describe it.

      On the other hand, it was good to see Cano and Granderson ( a little less so but still good) come through offensively in this series. We do need to build around them (whatever that means.
      That is why i am also hesitant to trade Montero – chance – no guarantee – at an elite offensive performer.

      Maybe we do better than average for RISP in regular season (even though we all copmplain about it) Would love to see the same average for playoffs versus average playoff team.

  45. Hummingbird S. says:

    Why did Giradi manage in desperation mode when it came to pitching changes but not on the offense?

  46. Alibaba says:

    Pitching was less of a problem than hitting. Our pitchers allowed only 17 runs in 5 games. But, our offense was in feast-or-famine mode.

  47. Neal says:

    Posada should have been the backup catcher/DH all season. Total stupidity by Cashman and Girardi. Farewell Jorge and thanks for everything. I hope you come back to the Stadium on another team and KICK OUR ASSES!. I will be on my feet cheering for you with 54,000 other old friends.

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