After ’12, Yanks’ radio rights could be up for grabs

Phelps has best start of winter in AzFL
The Advantages of the Trade Market

When the Yankees announced a one-year renewal of their radio deal with WCBS AM last week, it seemed clear that something was going on. The Yanks wouldn’t just renew their preexisting — and lucrative — contract for one year without a plan, but at first, the story hadn’t emerged. And then The Post got their hands on it.

In a small and easy-to-overlook item in Saturday’s paper, media reporter Phil Mushnick wrote of a brewing radio war between the Yankees and the Mets. As a few readers had speculated, the Mets’ deal with WFAN expires after the 2012 season, and the Yanks could be looking to find a more high-profile radio partner willing to pony up the big bucks. It helps that WCBS and WFAN are owned by the same company, and the end of the Mets’ contract gives the Yanks leverage to demand preferential treatment.

Mushnick offered up a few more tidbits about the ongoing radio machinations. ESPN Radio appears to be quite interested in landing the Yanks in an attempt to boost their popularity as a sports talk outlet, but their current home on 1050 AM offers up a weak signal. To placate the Yanks, they are looking for a 24-hour clear-signal station on either AM or FM. One possible target could be 101.9 FM, a station that recently flipped from rock to news with a disastrous impact on its ratings. Its owner is searching for something to anchor the network.

For Yankee fans outside of New York City, the perfect answer would likely be WFAN if the Yanks jump ship. Like WCBS, it is a clear-channel AM station with a signal that reaches from Boston to Washington if listening conditions are just right. WEPN, on the other hand, barely reaches Albany. In the immediate area, 101.9 has a strong signal, but as an FM station, its overall reach is limited. (For what it’s worth, local stations that rebroadcast games as part of the Yankees Radio Network will not be impacted by the flagship deal.)

With all of these radio happenings, though, the question of who will be behind the mics remains. John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman will be coming back for at least 2012, but the sports media world has featured some on-again, off-again rumblings of a new radio team. A new flagship may want to find a younger team or the Yanks may elect to maintain or replace Sterling and Waldman. Despite his roll as the long-time Voice of the Yankees, John Sterling is a very divisive person among Yankee fans. His home run calls may get laughs, but it’s tough to tell which game he’s watching when he broadcasts. As one columnist once wrote, the Yanks play two games — the one on the field and the one John Sterling calls.

And so like all good or bad things, 2012 could be the end of a Yankee radio era. Waldman, for the trail she has blazed for female radio personas, won’t draw too many tears if she is jettisoned. I personally won’t miss John Sterling. His repetitiveness and willingness to play fast and loose with the game on the field make for an exhausting broadcast. But I know a few people who find this personality far more charming than a rote play-by-play guy. So as the Hot Stove League begins to heat up with free agency looming, on this night in November, I leave you with a poll. What would you do with John Sterling?

What would you do with John Sterling?
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Phelps has best start of winter in AzFL
The Advantages of the Trade Market
  • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

    Keep Sterling, get rid of Waldman.

    • Doug0719

      It is so time to get rid of both Sterling & Waldman, they are probably the worst broadcast duo in pro sports today.

      John Flaherty & David Cone or Al Leiter would make the perfict radio team.

  • HyShai

    Just an idea, but maybe they could bring Sterling back as a color guy. (And if he insists on play by play, maybe they can give him play-by-play for the first and ninth innings.)

  • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher

    Make my mother-in-law happy. Keep them both.

    • SteveJ

      And just why do you think you should be given the gift of a happy mother-in-law? Join the pain many of us endure of unhappy mother-in-laws!

  • Curtis

    The obvious answer is of course, Tino. Man was born to broadcast.

    • Craig

      Tino is too nasally if that makes sense.

      • Kenny

        Well, people listen to Francesa who is too dead, if that makes sense.

    • Ed

      Really? The man can barely put together a sentence. Great Yankee – not remotely articulate.

  • whozat

    I live on the west coast and work in tech, and so most games are in the 7th inning by the time I get home, if they’re not over. So, I got the MLB iPhone app and listen to almost every game on the “radio”. Sterling and Waldman are ungodly. There are times when you can barely tell what’s happening because they don’t seem to care to talk about it. They often forego describing game action in favor of telling stories about jazz artists from the 40’s. Or the same goddamn story you’ve been hearing 3 times a week for months. If someone drills a liner with a man on third and it gets caught, Sterling will still be harping on the “failure” three innings later. Shoulda rolled it over to 2nd, Swish!

    Nothing would improve my fan experience more than getting rid of them.

  • The Big City of Dreams

    Go to FAN therefore no one has to hear wall to wall coverage on how to fix the Mets.

    • SteveJ

      Man, I had the same thought. WFAN is way too Met-centric outside of Francesca. No way the main sports radio station in NY should be home of the Mets. Kick ’em off!

      • Billion$Bullpen

        I agree and would like to see that happen for my own purposes. What would scare me is if somebody there got the brilliant idea of trying Francesca in the mix somehow though. I could not deal with that, and I am not a Francesca hater but could you imagine?

        • The Big City of Dreams

          Lol that would be hard for many fans to deal with. Mike would do a back flip if WFAN became the home of the Yankees.

      • The Big City of Dreams

        I agree completely. Thats what pissed me off yrs ago the Yankees would be fighting for a playoff berth, having big moments throughout the season but Wfan would spend countless hours on a team that hasn’t been to the playoffs since 2006. Has there been any other franchise that gets more undeserving press than the team in Flushing.

  • Brian from NJ

    Ditch both of them.

  • Rich in NJ

    Waldman and Sterling are awful, but there is an equally pressing need to get rid of Kay.

    Unfortunately, from the perspective of a viewer, Yankee games are so compelling that they could get great ratings if a five year old was the broadcaster.

  • Jack

    Please, PLEASE get rid of Sterling and Waldman. It’s sad that when there is a national blackout on, that I choose the opposing team’s announcers than Sterling and Mama bear.

  • Mills

    I don’t think one year is long enough to set something up, but I would love to see the Yankees start their own radio network. I assume they’d have the financial resources to do so and finding personalities to host the programming shouldn’t be too hard. It makes sense for the organization to own their radio rights in addition to their tv rights.

    • The Big City of Dreams

      Sounds like a good idea. The organization could have a place to call their own. It makes sense but as you said a yr probably isn’t enough time to do it.

    • Monteroisdinero


  • mustang

    I admire the both them especially Waldman and what she has been through to get to where she is at is really quite amazing. However it’s definitely time to hang up the mics. The broadcast are just bad and it would probably save me from having to buy a new car steering wheel. My current one has taken a pounding from all the blown Sterling homerun calls.

  • Frigidevil

    Bring Charlie Steiner back. He made Sterling tolerable and is better in every conceivable way.

    • mustang

      So agree.

    • Billion$Bullpen

      Steiner will not come back. He said LA is exactly where he wants to be. I think the only way he could come back would be in the new owner out there would be dumb enough to get rid of him.

  • Andrew518

    I hate “polls” like the one here, I’m really given no option to choose. There are aspects to Sterling’s games that I like, I’d like to vote to keep him on but I don’t want that to be an endorsment to his homerun calls which I hate.

    Dump Waldmen Please.

    Honestly I used to like both Kay and Sterling better when they were together. Since Kay went to TV he has become full of himself. Not anywhere near as bad, but along the lines of Joe Buck syndrome, Sometimes his telecasting seems to trancende the actual game.

    Sterling has just gone way too over the top since the split with Kay. I don’t mind an over the top call when it is warented, but please spare me the “A Bomb” call in the 8th inning of a blowout. “Swishalicious” how do you even spell that? “Grandyman Can!” can just go away, I find it embarassing and I’m not even the one saying it.

    • SteveJ

      Scary, but you’re right about Kay. He was a bit of sanity when paired with Sterling, and the two of them together were actually okay. Once they broke apart, they were never as good.

    • Matt Imbrogno

      I disagree with the crux of your Kay/Buck comparison. While Buck definitely has his flaws–mostly that he just sounds bored to be calling games–he doesn’t necessarily put himself/his calls above the game. Kay, though, definitely does this. Buck knows when to be quiet and let the moment dictate; Kay doesn’t and it’s evident every time he calls a milestone hit or pitch.

      • Plank

        Joe Buck is the worst announcer in baseball. He clearly does it for the paycheck and would much rather be elsewhere. That homerun call where he copied his dad makes people say what you are saying now, but he’s still terrible.

        There’s nothing wrong with caring about the game, in fact it’s a good thing. I wish Buck would realize that. Better yet, he could learn that lesson from home while watching a real announcer. Too bad if he was home, he wouldn’t be watching the game.

  • Jimmy

    Frankly, as a guy raised on Scooter’s antics, Sterling makes my friggin’ skin crawl. I can’t stand the incessant saccharine bull**** issuing from this guy. Every statement has to have sort of schtick to it. He’s an embarrassment to the Yankee franchise. And Waldman is such a mediocrity that the listening audience wouldn’t mind if she was replaced by any other screeching shrew.

    You cannot tell me that a franchise with the resources of the New York Yankees can’t find another Red Barber out there waiting to be discovered.

    • SteveJ

      Sad, but do you ever see when the MLB Network replays the “top” calls from other baseball broadcasters? It is so painful because it shows that Michael Kay is probably better than 95% of the other broadcasters.

      The days of Red Barber and Vin Scully-type announcers are gone.

      • Jimmy

        I don’t agree that just because the other teams’ broadcasters are worse we can’t do better. Baseball is a great game to listen to on radio as you drive, work around the house or just have on in the background. The problem is that the way these two call games is just not enjoyable.

        Sadly you are probably right that the days of the great radio announcers are gone. But there has to be a good straight up and down PBP guy out there.

  • Midland TX

    Be careful what you wish for. It could be much MUCH worse than Sterling. If all you have to deal with is a set of silly home-run catchphrases, and having to listen to the crowd rather than the announcer on deep fly balls, consider yourself lucky. There’s 500 hours of regular-season baseball so don’t be surprised by repetition or divergent anecdotes–that happens everywhere.

    I’ve lived and worked in every MLB city but three; believe me when I say most radio teams aren’t as baseball-savvy or quick on their feet. Suzyn is a beat reporter who asks good questions of the players and always has an ear to the ground. It would be nice if she didn’t just parrot Sterling and kiss his ass all the time but she’s better than most #2s.

    I know it’s axiomatic that commenters here complain about everything but until Coney agrees to do 162 a year please keep a little perspective.

    • SteveJ

      I saw your note after I posted something similar right above. I haven’t lived in as many cities, but I travel quite a bit for work and the Yankee broadcasters (TV and Radio) are better than the overwhelming majority of the ones I’ve heard in other cities.

    • TomH

      BINGO! We have a winner!

      Yankee fans’ complaints about the John/Suzyn team often sound provincial, as if they’ve never heard anyone else. What the Yankees, with all their “resources,” might well do if they follow the dump-’em advice is replace them with a couple of dreary corporate androids (of the Buck variety). It’s always amazed me that the Yankees haven’t already gone that terrible route. Re their references to 1940s music: they have excellent taste. I’ll never forget the 2009 look on Sterling’s face as he had to endure, at the WS celebration, the acoustical terrorism of that clown who calls himself the Sinatra (ha ha) of his era.

      As for Kay, leave him alone. My God, does anyone ever watch games of these other teams? with, so many of them, their rube announcers, absolutely at one with their handkerchief-waving, antler-displaying crowds? Kay’s ironies (including, often, at his expense) make the conversations with the others thoroughly entertaining.

      • JohnnyC

        “My God, does anyone ever watch games of these other teams?”

        Precisely. Seriously, the norm for radio and TV broadcasts across the map is so provincial and small-minded that, in comparison, Sterling and Waldman seem cosmopolitan and sophisticated.

    • mustang

      Agree. I remember having XM radio for a while and trying to leave the Yankees broadcast only to realize that other teams broadcast team was worse. Still would like to try a change.

      • Usty

        Exactly. Listening to away games broadcast on XM actually gives some perspective on Sterling/Waldman. I remember listening to a game against the Rays where they didn’t even tell us about how outs were made in an inning.

        Also, the outright ridiculous homerism rooting of the other announcers is especially grating. You might think it’d be great to hear your announcers rooting along for your team, but having them sound like every 3rd caller on the FAN while a game is going on makes you want to stab a q-tip into your brain.

    • dee

      You’re joking about Waldman, right? She doesn’t ask good questions. She stands around listening to OTHER reporters (usually Kim Jones) ask good questions, then goes on the air and pretends she asked them. If you doubt me, listen to her “clubhouse report” after a game, and then turn on the TV post-game show. You’ll see that EVERY answer Suzyn pretends she elicited actually came in response to someone else’s question.

    • NM Yank

      Couldn’t agree more. Listening to many of the other broadcasters on radio is almost unbearable. I remember trying to listen to a Yanks game when they were playing the White Sox, and I missed an entire half-inning because the announcers wanted to talk about everything other than the game. While there may be a lot of issues, they are a lot better than other broadcasters.

  • Kevin

    Listen to Ken Harrelson..he makes any Yankee broadcaster sound like Mel Allen.

    • Foghorn Leghorn

      amazing that harrelson has had a job this long. If I were a white sox fan I would’ve found another team all b/c I can’t stand that guy. he is horrible.

      • Jesse

        I like him because he’s fun to laugh at. I always tune in into the ninth inning when they have a lead and are about to win just to hear him say…

        “And this ballgame is OVAHHHHHHH!!!”

  • Rich

    WEPN 1050 doesn’t even reach western SUFFOLK clearly and my friends from Albany can’t get it there.

    As bad as Sterling is I always listen on radio with YES on mute because I’ve tired of Kay and O’Neil spending most of their time speaking food or failing at “rank-outs”.

  • Jimmy McNulty

    All radio guys suck, all of them, radio PBP guys are the guys who couldn’t hold a talk radio audience for the whole four hours. With baseball being so easy to watch on the internet, and most teams having their own TV network the days of a good radio team are over. Sports radio is all about sports talk radio now, there (thankfully) isn’t a TV or internet equivalent of two idiots bitching about inane shit for four hours. That’s exclusive to radio, even baseball podcasts on this site and fangraphs are an hour long at the most, and they don’t take callers nor do they have the dynamic that sports radio does. Radio networks tend to put their best guys in the drivetime sports radio.

    I basically just listen to baseball radio in the car or if the game’s blacked out in my market, while I know not everybody does that I get the feeling that things are headed in that direction. If they INSIST on replacing him, they should give Max Kellerman a call and bring him back from LA. He’s got a decent voice, he’s a knowledgeable guy and he’s plenty of cred as a Yankee fan.

    • thenamestsam

      I really like the Max Kellerman idea. I always thought he was good on the radio, and he’s a very knowledgeable sports guy, Yankees in particular.
      Unfortunately, the demographic that listens to the games on the radio is probably a very old one in general, and while having a young sabrmetrically inclined guy in the booth may sound great to us, I’m guessing they would worry about alienataing the core of their audience.

  • Sal

    Hire Tommy Smyth (ESPN Soccer Announcer) and Phil Simms. They have a year and a half to learn the Yankees and MLB.

    • JohnnyC

      Phil Simms doesn’t like baseball and has no affinity for the game. There is awkward silence between him and Francesa whenever Francesa brings up a baseball topic during their Sunday morning discussions.

  • Billion$Bullpen

    I have a number of issues on radio. I am out of town so WCBS or WFAN is what I need. As far as the team in place to do the games this all day: “His repetitiveness and willingness to play fast and loose with the game on the field make for an exhausting broadcast.” I actually liked John when Steiner was there, but he has gone downhill fast.

    I will not even speak on the other thing on the Yanks radio broadcasts.

    I would like to hear somebody who actually talks about what is going on in the game, something neither the radio people or most of the TV people that do Yanks games (I like Singleton and I miss Kaat)seem to be able to handle. I just can not stand John Susan and Michael Kay. I would really like to see all of them gone.

  • SRB

    I agree w/ Bullpen- Need WCBS or WFAN to reach up here in western NYS- Singleton=Bill White and Kaat=Frank Messer- Ah, the good old days of the radio (not on the field)!

  • jason


    It is difficult to fathom that roughly 40% of voters here want to retain Sterling. I do have friends that actually enjoy his broadcasts but frankly I have always suspected that they listen to Yankee games while heavily medicated. Can anyone who voted Yes please indicate which they enjoy more and provide the rationale: is ti (a) complete disregard for game action in favor of oft-repeated boring stories and the occassional show-tune, (b) wildly distorted play-by-play, (c ) once-mildly-entertaining-now-simply-embarrassing HR calls [while you are at it, feel free to vote for your favorite between (i)the 1940s musical-inspired Granderson call or (ii) the vaguely disturbing “Andruw Jones makes his bones”]? He seems like a nice enough guy and it’s not personal but…for the love of all that is holy, it’s time for him to go.

    • TomH

      It’s true: I’m “heavily medicated” while listening to John and Suz. However, these pills are consciousness enhancers, giving me a highly acute sense of reality. Thus I never hear this “disregard for game action in favor of oft-repeated boring stories and the occassional show-tune….” Actually, now and then I’ve heard the reference to the odd show tune, and always thank the Good Lord that J and S are not referring me to acoustical terrorist “tunes” (so-called).

      Nor do I hear “wildly distorted” play by play, not even when I’m watching a TV telecast and muting out the other team’s yokel announcers. Of course, when I’m only listening to the game, I’m not sure how I would even know they were “wildly” distorting the game.

      The point of this is that there is no sense citing John and Suzyn’s faults unless one realizes that one’s claims are themselves open to counter-interpretation.

      • JohnnyC

        Good point about the wildly distorted play by play. How would one know if one is only listening to the radio?

        • jason

          Fair point.

          There’s been enough thoughtfully written, though, both on blogs and in MSM outlets (I’ll cite Phil Mushnick of the NYP, for example) documenting Sterling’s game describing skills to support the proposition that his play-by-play skills are below average. Let’s put it another way, even if his calls are not “wildly distorted” (such as “IIHIIFIIG!!!” on line drives that barely make it over the wall – which you can hear and then take note of when viewing highlights at a later time), John frequently fails to perform his primary task: describe game action. I recall a specific instance (it was either during the 2010 or 2009 season) when he interupted a story to inform us that a batter had laid down a bunt. He failed, though, to tell us where the bunt went or who fielded the ball. I remember this not so much for the actual play but because my reaction – shouting at my car radio – was noted the driver in the car next to mine.

          Despite the warnings in other posts, it saddens me to think that we can’t do better.

  • FL yankee fan

    I am a Yankee fan in FL so I have the MLB extra inning package to watch my Yankee games. Unfortunately, everytime the Yankees play the RAYS the YES network broadcast is blacked out and I have to endure the whining complaining Yankee hateing Rays broadcasters. If anyone thinks the Yankee broadcasters are bad I suggest you somehow try to watch or listen to a Rays game!

    • Foghorn Leghorn

      I actually enjoy the Rays radio team…I’ve often found that they don’t hold back on their commentary. Always enjoyable when they are playing the Sox.

  • JohnC

    Keep Sterling Dumpa Waldman. Keep Kay

  • Douglas John Bowen

    I’ll stick up for Waldman if no one else will. She’s weak on play-by-play (so don’t put her there!), but I think she adds an emotional dimension that many Type-A males (I’m one of them) just don’t stop to appreciate. Folks make fun of her trying to set up Rivera’s 9th-inning entrance on the radio, but admit it: Isn’t that rush of adrenaline something we really DO feel, that transcends the stats of the game? It does for me, and Waldman taps into that successfully, and often.

    If it’s a package deal, the duo must go. But it’s interesting that so few here even ponder splitting the pair and, thus, splitting the difference (the few that do opt to keep Sterling, which to me is interesting in itself, but at least acknowledges two human individuals).

  • NEPA Yankee

    Sterling has a +5.2 WAM (Wins Above McCarver). Thats gotta be worth something.

  • Foghorn Leghorn

    IMO, I think a lot of people have read some article about how John gets distracted and just jump on the “Sterling/Waldman Sucks bandwagon”.

    For the past 4 years I’ve listened to at least 100 games a year on the radio through and I never have a problem following the game. Sure, his missed home run calls give one a heart attack, but Sterling is an exciteable guy with a personality and he makes listening to the game more enjoyable.

    There may be better analysts out there but many of them have terrible voices for radio and will put you to sleep. I will often listen to other games if the Yanks are not playing or are finished and many of them are hard to listen to.

    Walman doesn’t bother me as much as others. If she left it wouldn’t bother me, but it would be odd to hear Sterling without her.

    As much as they are villified, one thing is for certain…when I hear either John or Susan’s voice, I know the Yanks are playing….and that’s all good by me.

  • Foghorn Leghorn

    I find the negative comments about Sterling’s patented home run calls for the players very interesting. Sure they are corny, but they are unique.

    Plus, if you are ever on one of the game threads and a a homer is hit there are at least 20 posts with only Sterlings home run call in the message block. Some people must like them.

    As others have said, be careful what you wish for….it could be a whole lot worse.

  • parmesan

    “…it’s tough to tell which game he’s watching when he broadcasts.”

    I just don’t get this. I have been listening to Sterling for years, and I’ve never felt like I didn’t have a good idea of what was going on on the field. Aside from not updating the score often enough and botching calls on deep line drives, I don’t have much of a problem with his play-by-play. Dude is a total ham in the best way possible and I think he’ll be missed when he’s gone.

    • Foghorn Leghorn only thought is people making those types of comments know absolutely nothing about baseball – I’ve listened to close to 500 games in the last few years and I always know what’s going on.

      some journalist probably wrote an article about this and everyone just agreed and jumped on the bandwagon b/c they don’t like john or susan.

      for all of those making the comments about how bad he…well, they should spend some time listenting to a few other broadcasters. it won’t be long before they realize that sterling and waldman are very adequate.

      • Esteban

        Sterling is mildly entertaining for his HR calls, but not really great other than that. Waldman is the worst color commentator I’ve ever heard. She not only brings nothing to the table, she takes things away from the table. I’d rather have the “Boom Goes the Dynamite” guy than her.

    • dee

      The last time I listened to John Sterling call a game, he and Suzyn were doing their normal schtick, and Sterling had the count on the batter COMPLETELY wrong. After fumbling for quite some time to get it right, he said this (I’ll never forget it): “Well, they had the count wrong on the scoreboard. How do you expect me to get it right when it’s wrong on the scoreboard?” That was when I stopped listening to him. I listen to the opponent’s broadcasters on MLB audio if I have to. Or I don’t listen to the game. I can’t even tune in to get the score if I’m in the car, because of course Sterling never GIVES the score. I’ll tune in to 20/20 sports on WFAN for score updates in those cases.

  • Mills

    That’s baseball Suzyn.

  • Section8

    Sterling and Waldman are an embarrassment and must go. Look no further than crosstown; Don’t love Wayne Hagin, but he’s better than our guys and Howie Rose is excellent. They call the game with enthusiasm, but are straight-forward and accurate. They call the game, a novel strategy to those of us stuck with the clownish, meandering Sterling and whiny Waldman. (Mets TV team is superior as well, but YES is acceptable, and not the topic for now).

    Mets are a second-rate team, with first-class broadcasts; Our team is the reverse (and second-rate is being kind for our radio team). I cannot believe the Yankees or Yankee fans find that acceptable

  • Matt :: Sec110

    While I don’t think Sterling is good at what he does (the missed calls, lack of inning/score updates) his voice and HR calls are great. Who doesn’t look forward to what his call will be for a newly acquired player? (Nick Green homers…it’s not easy being Green!)

    So, the solution would be to pair him with someone who’s a voice of reason. Ken Singleton, Flaherty, or Cone would be fine by me…although I’d like to see a regular TV booth of Kay/Singleton/Leiter is solid, IMO.

    So final results:

    TV: Kay, Singleton, Leiter*
    Radio: Sterling, Flaherty/Cone

    *mix in whoever doesn’t pair w/ sterling and obviously O’Neill whenever he wants.

    (that being said, 95% of the season I watch it on tv)

  • YanksFan

    How’s this for an idea: Go back to the 70’s and have TV & Radio switch every 3 innings. Or keep Sterling on radio/Kay on TV and switch the other announcers.

    I was 9 in 1978 when I got into the NYY. Growing up w/ Scooter it wasn’t always about the games. Whose birthday was it or how were those cannoli’s. I loved him, others did not. I can’t really say that Sterling is that dissimilar. Only difference is that Scooter was a NYY for 50 years, a great SS on championship teams who then became an announcer. Because of that he got some leeway on his homerism.

  • Plank

    I don’t understand why baseball teams only rely on one announcing crew.

    Teams could have a dinosaur announcing team and a stats announcing team. Every team tries to uncomfortably split the difference when they don’t need to. Just have two teams and let the people decide.

  • umbrelladoc

    I think it is time to move on from Sterling and Waldman. It is true that a lot of the other teams broadcasters are worse, but the Yankees play in the media capital of the world, so that’s no excuse.

    The Scooter is not a fair comparison. Rizzuto was actually decent in her younger days. He didn’t pull all those antics that we all know and love when he was doing radio. As he got older and went to television was when he started doing the birthdays and the cannolis – which was more appropriate for the medium.

    Which is what the point is about Sterling. I don’t mind the antics, the home run calls, and “the Yankees win!” but the radio requires a greater degree of focus – because WE CAN’T SEE THE GAME. So move Sterling to TV, and don’t have him do play-by-play for the whole game either. Let him sit back and rap with Kay and the ex-players.

    Steiner was great, as was Greenwald and Hutton. They’re plenty of guys out there who could do the job. Can Gus Johnson do baseball?

  • Hamburger

    I’m fine if Sterling stays, just please no more of that god awful manwoman Waldman.