Nova finishes fourth in AL Rookie of the Year voting

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Jeremy Hellickson was named the AL Rookie of the Year today, receiving 17 of 28 first place votes. He is the third starting pitcher to win the AL award since 1969, joining Dave Righetti and Justin Verlander. Hellickson finished the season with a 13-10 record and a 2.95 ERA, though his 4.44 FIP is much more of an eyesore.

Ivan Nova finished fourth in the voting behind Hellickson (102 points), Mark Trumbo (63), and Eric Hosmer (38). He received one first place vote, five second place votes, and ten third place votes, which adds up to 30 points. The full voting can be found on the BBWAA’s site. Craig Kimbrel won the NL award unanimously.

The AL Cy Young Award will be announced tomorrow at 2pm ET, and I’ll be surprised if Justin Verlander doesn’t win. CC Sabathia is a pretty safe bet for a second straight top three finish in the voting.

Why the Yankees won't sign C.J. Wilson
The 2012 Bench Wishlist: A righty who can hit righties
  •!/cfrs15 Robert

    I really thought they were going to give it to Trumbo. Logic prevails!

    • Mike Axisa

      He still got FIVE first place votes.

  • Matt DiBari

    As expected

  • Jesse

    Nova should have got it. He had the most wins.


  • DERP

    Not that it matters, but I think Ackley should have finished higher and had a good case to win it.

    • Mike Axisa


    • Andy In Sunny Daytona

      His crappy September rightfully did him in.

    • Doug

      just not enough PAs. at least that’d be the voters’ reasoning

  • Grit for Brains

    Love that Nova got that first place vote…You know the writer was screamin BUT TEH WINS!!!1!!!

  • Kosmo

    I thought Hosmer would win it with Nova and Hellickson 2 and 3.

  • Doug

    Was Alexi Ogando not eligible? Because according to Fangraphs he had the highest WAR amongst AL “rookies”

    • Joe Pawlikowski

      FanGraphs’ rookie formula is flawed. It only counts IP and PA minimums, not service time. Ogando spent more than 45 days on the roster last year, so he exhausted his rookie eligibility then.

      • Doug

        Got it….thanks Joe!

      • CP

        That hasn’t stopped the writers before.

  • Plank

    I wonder what the correlation between ROY success and career success is.

    Have you ever seen a study looking at this? I’m guessing it’s not very high. The test is a measure of the best player who played nearly a full season.

    Some players like Ackley this year get ruled out because they were brought up mid-season.

    • IBelieveInAJ

      That’s schenanigans. Ryan Howard won his rookie year and he was called up in July (!!!).

      • Genghis

        Willie McCovey, 1959– 219 PAs!

  • IBelieveInAJ

    For what it’s worth, Nova didn’t lose a single game the entire second half of the year. I understand the baseball writers obsession with sabermetrics, but just look at Nova’a numbers from the middle of June on. Early in the year his ERA was hovering around 4.70 and he ended at 3.70, and had 16 wins. Furthermore, he was an absolute rock for the Yankees down the stretch but that stuff never counts for crap…

    • Nick

      Unfortunately he did lose once…game 5. womp womp lol

      • IBelieveInAJ

        Cool story, bro.

        If that’s your argument then Chris Carpenter should win NL Cy Young. Awards aren’t based off playoffs.

        • Nick

          I wasn’t basing anything any awards on the playoffs, you said he didnt lose in the 2nd half, and i said unfortunately for us (as fans) he lost in game 5. way to act like a 5 yr old though. keep it up!

          • Nick

            ignore the anything*

          • Jesse

            Why’d you bring up Game 5 in the first place when it had nothing to do with the voting? Game 5 is irrelevant in the voting process, or any playoff game for that matter. Just a simple question, not trying to “act like a 5 yr old”.

            • JobaWockeeZ

              Really? He’s saying that Nova did lose after the fucking second half. Unless they changed it the postseason is after the first half of baseball. He lost the biggest game of all.

              • Nick

                Lol, thanks. I was just stating it matter of factly. Wasn’t commenting on how it was voted on. Just saying, unfortunately he did lose. As Maurica would say… DAS IT.

    • FIPster Doofus

      If the baseball writers were so obsessed with sabermetrics, Hellickson wouldn’t have won the award and Trumbo wouldn’t have gotten any first-place votes.

    • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher

      I agree with you. I really thought that second half, and the trust the team showed in him in the playoffs, would result in the better showing. Hellickson was certainly worthy, though.

    • Russ has a last name

      “I understand the baseball writers obsession with sabermetrics…”

      This is a sentence which has never before been written.

    • William

      Of course not. Nova had lots of runs support. I guarantee you, if Hellickson played for the Yanked he’d win 20 games,

  • Mike D.

    Speaking of the AL CY Young Award to be announced tomorrow, I took a look, purely statistically, at how Sabathia lined up with the other candidates: Verlander, Weaver, Shields, and Beckett.

    And yes according to the evaluation I did, Sabathia is the best choice for #2, behind Verlander.

  • Doug

    Top rookie batter in the AL according to fWAR? Brett Lawrie in only 171 PAs

  • Jonathan

    Jesus…who voted for this? Whoever was on the BWAA in 1950 and is still alive?

    hellickson 1.4 WAR 2.95 EAR 4.44 FIP 189 IP
    trumbo 2.3 WAR .291 OBP 573 PA
    hosmer 1.6 WAR .334 OBP 563 PA
    nova 2.7 WAR 3.70 ERA 4.01 FIP 165.1 IP
    pineda 3.4 WAR 3.74 ERA 3.42 FIP 171 IP
    ackley 2.7 WAR .348 OBP 376 PA
    jennings 2.4 WAR .356 OBP 287 PA

    Two 1B who had almost an entire years worth of PAs, one a bad fielder and both with low OBP and walk rates go 2nd and 3rd while Jennings and Ackley finish like that? I dunno who I’d go with between Jennings and Ackley but it would have been one of them. And Trumbo wouldn’t have even been on my ballot. .291 OBP at a purely offensive position!

    • CountZero

      I’m with you. These guys have this all bass ackwards.

  • jay h
    • jay h

      nice tweet mike

      • Mike Axisa

        I couldn’t not share that with the world.

        • jay h

          it’s funny that they claim that every other player is only there because of hype or “east coast bias” while ignoring his OBP

    • Sayid J.

      Love that Jason Jennings tied for 7th in the voting… think they might’ve meant Desmond there.

      • jay h

        west coast bias!!!!!111

    • Pat D

      Jesus, those guys have a pretty massive inferiority complex or something.

      Calling Hosmer a “headline of hype” or whatever it was? I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that in 8-10 years Hosmer could still be starring in the league and Trumbo’s career is over.

  • Urban

    How does Trumbo have a higher WAR than Hosmer when they have a similar number of PAs, they both play first, and Hosmer has a 40 point advantage in OBP?

    It is also interesting that Nova has a much better WAR and FIP, but none of the sabermetric types came to his defense. Does that only work for non-Yankees? Pineda had a better year than both.

    My ROY, prior to the vote, were Pineda and Ackley.

  • Steve

    Why is FIP even important here? Yeah it shows us who is lucky who isn’t, gives us an idea to predict the future, etc. etc. but it is not what actually happened. ERA is what actually happened based upon the actual game played on the field. In this case aren’t they awarding the ROY based upon what actually happened?

    • Urban

      Okay, under that scenario, we should give the award to Nova since he won more games. That fits under the “it’s what actually happened” banner.

      Seriously, I don’t have either Hellickson or Nova in my top few, and I will give Hellickson points since he has more innings than Nova, but it’s really not as clear cut as the accepted narrative:

      Stats: FIP /xFIP /BABIP/GB%/K%/fWAR

      Hell Boy: 4.44/4.72/.223/ 35%/5.57/1.4


      If Yankee fans are going to be so quick to dismiss Nova for his old-school stat wins, let’s also do the same with Hellickson with his old-school ERA and look at other other stats that says Hellickson was lucky. He should NOT have been voted ROY.




      82.0 %

      35.0 %

      8.1 %





    • Matt Imbrogno

      FIP is what actually happened, too.

  • Pat D

    Tomorrow’s AL Cy Young vote will actually show whether or not Verlander has a shot at MVP. I know it will be different voters for the two awards, but if he somehow isn’t a unanimous Cy Young winner (which I think he will be), he’s got no chance for MVP.