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As much as we’d like it to be, a Triple-A team is never all prospects. It’s just not realistic. Clubs use their Triple-A team basically as a taxi squad these days, keeping spare parts for the big league roster stashed down there in case of emergency. There’s a few extra bullpen arms, a sixth or seventh starter, the fifth outfielder, maybe an extra utility infielder, stuff like that. Not all of these guys have to be long-term pieces though, and in fact they shouldn’t be unless you want to clog up your 40-man roster and have little flexibility.

The Yankees signed Cody Ransom to be one of those spare pieces on this date in 2007, stashing him in Triple-A in case someone got hurt. He started the next season in Triple-A, hitting .255/.338/.482 with 22 homers in 116 games before being called up to replace Richie Sexson in mid-August. Ransom made his first appearance as a Yankee the next day, pinch-running for Jason Giambi in the seventh inning before being pinch-hit for by Wilson Betemit in the eighth. He got his first at-bat the next day, replacing Giambi in the late innings of a blowout, clubbing a two-run homer off Jeff Fulchino of the Royals. After again replacing Giambi five days later, Ransom hit a three-run homer off Fernando Cabrera of the Orioles. Two at-bats as a Yankee, two homers. The legend had been born.

Ransom saw a decent amount of playing time the rest of the way, especially once the Yankees had been eliminated from postseason contention. He hit two homers against the Red Sox in Fenway Park on the second to last day of the season, and finished the year with a .302/.400/.651 batting line in 51 big league at-bats. He also recorded the final out at the Old Yankee Stadium, an unassisted putout on a Brian Roberts ground ball to first. A faction of fans though Ransom was worthy of regular playing time that offseason, perhaps inserting him as the regular first baseman or making him him a super-utility guy that plays a different position every day or by trading the disappointing Robinson Cano (.271/.305/.410 in 2008) and making him the full-time second baseman. Those fans got their wish in the spring, when news broke of Alex Rodriguez‘s hip injury and subsequent surgery. Ransom was going to be the full-time third baseman until A-Rod came back.

In a column that has since disappeared off the face of the internet, Ian O’Connor infamously argued that the Yankees were better off with Ransom at third than Alex. “[F]acts are facts,” he wrote. “The Yankees haven’t reached the World Series in Rodriguez’s five seasons, and they reached six in the eight seasons before he arrived. Coincidence, or guilty as charged?” That sounds even sillier now than it did back then, and of course Ransom was awful in 2009. He was hitting .180/.226/.320 when he blew out his quad in late-April, then he resurfaced in late-June as the utility infielder. With his batting line sitting on .190/.256/.329 on August 8th, the Yankees sent Ransom packing and released him. He finished the season in Triple-A after re-signing to a minor league pact, then moved on to the Phillies after the season.

Ransom is the model Quad-A masher, the guy that puts up big numbers in the minors but wilts against big leaguers. He turned a solid late season showing in 2008 into a full-time job to open 2009, but his true colors eventually shined through. Ransom does have a World Series ring though, the same one as A-Rod. Coincidence? Ian O’Connor thinks not.

* * *

Here is tonight’s open thread. The afternoon football games are still being played, and the late game is the Steelers at the Chiefs (8:20pm ET on NBC). That’s all you’ve got as far as sports go, but The Walking Dead midseason finale is on tonight. I’m giving that show one last chance, I didn’t think a show about bloodthirsty zombies could move along so slowly and with so little action. Anyway, anything goes here, so talk about whatever you want. Enjoy.

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  1. Howie says:

    The Walking Dead is a good show. It’s all about the character development; the zombies are secondary. I only wish the female characters were better written.

    • ADam says:

      Agreed on Character Dev BTW. Like how Cody Ransom is involved with this thread…

    • Plank says:

      I couldn’t get in to Walking Dead. I saw the first 4 episodes then stopped. It’s too slow and too violent. The last scene I saw was one of the characters bludgeoning a dead zombie for like 90 seconds. It’s disgusting.

    • Jamey says:

      If by better written you mean “kill Andrea”, I completely agree. Now that Dale is taking over like her father or something, I have soured on him too.

      To Mike, to be fair on the “slow pace” of the show, this is the 1st time they’ve had this kind of guaranteed run. There was so much uncertainty with the 1st season insanity (all the writers being fired & the subsequent news that it was directly related to Mad Men holding a gun to AMC’s head & demanding more money) this is really the 1st time that they’ve had to hash out a full season worth of episodes. I agree they’ve spent far too long at Hershel’s farm without things coming to a head. Tonight’s episode was about 3 weeks overdue.

      • Jamey says:

        also Norman Reedus deserves an emmy nom, if they don’t wish to include him in Best Supporting Actor I’d settle for “Best TV Badass”

    • BigDavey88 says:

      I wish they’d follow the comics more. It make for a better show IMO.

      Yes I’m aware I sound like a hipster-zombie nerd. Shut up.

  2. ADam says:

    The Walking Dead is great, Besides Dale the cast is solid, Kind of hoping he gets bit tonight.

  3. Grit for Brains says:

    Please make Joba back into a starter :(

  4. Jumpin' Jack Swisher says:

    Cody Ransom: Yet another time you just wanted to believe, but knew you shouldn’t. Thanks for the memory, Cody.

  5. I feel like I’m the only one who isn’t dissatisfied w/this season of The Walking Dead.

  6. Tom Zig says:

    How do you embed a picture on here?

  7. Craig Maduro says:

    Speaking of things being slow moving, you gotta imagine some significant dominoes gotta start falling pretty soon, right?

    • Plank says:

      Players usually wait until the big dogs sign before they do. Wilson would be the big dog this offseason, but he may be waiting to figure out what Darvish is doing. Pitchers aren’t going to sign before the bigger names sign unless they are blown out of the water.

      Fielder, and ever other position player is probably waiting until Pujols signs. No team is going to sign Fielder or any other big name if they think they may be able to sign Pujols for a few million more.

      • Craig Maduro says:

        That is true. Of course, maybe Boras slips the market with a mickey. Either way I’d guess – right or wrong – that those guys you mentioned are inching closer to a decision and thus freeing up the rest of the market.

    • mbonzo says:

      I think most of the GM’s and agents were waiting for the CBA to come out. I guarantee a lot of big stuff will happen at the Winter meetings next week.

  8. Urban says:

    “In a column that has since disappeared off the face of the internet…”

    Nothing really disappears off the Internet. It just gets hidden in a large room out in the ether, like the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

  9. Nick says:

    Walking dead was so much better last season. Norman reeds does kick a lot of ass this season.

  10. Brian S. says:

    Mark Teixeira for Logan Morrisson. Marlins want to add payroll and don’t want that rabble rouser on the team anymore. Yankees need money for pitching.

  11. Urban says:

    Reviewing the Arizona league stats, I’m surprised that Phelps gave up so many runs since he pitched quite well. He really must have been battered in his first couple of times out.

    Any scouting reports on Phelps from Law or BA? I’m curious where he fits, meaning bullpen pen arm, back-end guy, or possible even mid-rotation. I just haven’t seen much on him.

  12. Soriano Is A Liar says:

    Lol, disappointing Robinson Cano.

  13. Ethan says:

    With all the talk about the walking dead we really need some spoiler alerts on here haha.

    Watching the episode whenever it finishes loading!

  14. Brian S. says:

    I thought he was good when he signed that deal.

  15. Bronx Byte says:

    Let’s hope Boston makes the right decision and hires Valentine.

  16. jack knife says:

    josh romanski has signed with the yankees thats a quality arm out of the pen

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