Open Thread: Veterans Day


I just want to take a second to say Happy Veterans Day to all you veterans out there, it’s the brave and wonderful people like you that let wimpy saps like me talk about baseball and post videos of Jonathan Papelbon blowing games against the Yankees all day. You guys are great.

Here’s tonight’s open thread. The Devils and Rangers are both in action tonight, but talk about anything you like here. Especially Papelbon blowing games. We’ll have to watch him do that in the other league now. Some more Papelblown videos after the jump…

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  • Jesse

    Here’s another one from 2008, final Yankees/Red Sox game from the Old Stadium:;c_id=mlb

    • GT Yankee

      Here’s two of interest. Taken by an Oriole’s fan the first is Papelbon blowing the save with 2 strikes and 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th against the Orioles. You can hear Sox fans chanting, “Let’s go Red Sox”. Obviously after this they are silent and you can hear who might be the guy shooting the video yelling, “It ain’t over till the fat lady sings”.

      Second is Robert Andino getting the game winning hit eliminating the Sox from the post season. You can readily see Sox Fans pulling their hats over their heads and clasping both hands over their heads in disbelief. What is the most troubling for the Sox though is Carl Crawford totally dogging it getting the ball back in. NO sense of urgency at all! Hate to be stuck with X years left of that.

    • Roy Batty

      That first video (Coco Crisp over the wall) is Schilling pitching, not Papelbon.

  • A-Rod’s Wingman

    Ugh. I was hoping Boston would over pay him, but Philly will and I guess that’ll have to be good enough. Not cruifying the deal like everyone else, but for a team that should be looking for help at left field, shortstop, third base, and lock up guys like Hunter Pence and Cole Hamels long term, don’t they have better ways to spend 50M (and perhaps 60M) than on a closer? Maybe Philly has more money than we think.

    Anyways how about the Marlins? Making substantial offers to Pujols, Reyes, and Buehrle. Crazy.

    • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher

      If Marlin tradition holds true, and they sign, we can look forward to them being traded away by 2015.

  •!/czm93 Craig

    Awful deal by the Phillies; I really think JRoll won’t be coming back to that team, nor Hamels next year.

  • Alex S

    I always remember the one from June 1, 2007 in Boston. A-rod hit an oppo-field homer to beat pap

    • Jesse

      That was the Sunday night game in the rain, right?

      • Alex S

        not sure about the rain but it was definitely a Sunday night game. Just can’t find the video.

        • CANO FAN #1

          Yea that was in the rain I remember

      • Alex S

        NVM it was from June 3, 2007

  • Rigoleto

    Surprised to see the Phillies jump into the pool like this after the Lidge extension…it’s the xtreme version of Marte/Feliciano, slot in a comp at same price

  • U Thant

  • Jimmy

    Thanks, Mike.

  • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

    You forgot Grandy’s homer:;c_id=mlb

  • U Thant

    United States Navy 1993-1997. Was on to sea in the Sea of Japan on the U.S.S. Independence during 1996 World Series. Literally lost radio signal during Pendelton’s Game 6, 4th inning base-loaded at-bat. Those couple of hours were torture till the Captian came over the 1MC and announced the New York Yankees were 1996 World Champions.

    • Grit for Brains

      That is a pretty amazing way to find out the New York Yankees title drought, something my generation is a stranger to, was over. Thank you for your service.

    • NYinTX

      USAF 1994 – 2000

      I spent the 1998 Series watching the games in craptastic Kuwait sitting CSAR alert.

    • GT Yankee

      Much gratitude and thanks for your time served. Baseball’s hero’s are great, but there are none greater then those in our military.

    • Jimmy

      USN 1990-1995. I was out at sea when they pulled the plug on the ’94 season. We were getting just random dribs and drabs of news every week or so, there was no way to know what was going on. The best year the Yankees had for more than a decade and the season just stopped. At the time it felt like the Yankees would never win the WS again, heh.

  • Mike c

    Phillies seem to have set the price for FA closers this year, I’d think that makes soriano potentially tradeable if the Yankees feel inclined to do so

    • JobaWockeeZ

      Yeah but the return would probably suck. But this Papelbon contract can really help if and I really mean if Soriano has a great uninjured season. Then he’ll opt out and we can get two picks assuming the CBA doesn’t change.

  • Monteroisdinero

    Montero takes Pap deep in a WS game. Book it.

    • Jesse

      I’ll bookmark this comment.

  • mbonzo

    Heyman is now 0 for 2. (Yes, I’m counting this year.)

    Sabathia opting out
    Madson and Phillies reaching 4 year $44m deal

    • Jesse

      Not sure if you remember, but what did he get wrong last year?

      • mbonzo

        He connected just about every Boras agent with the Yankees. Just about guaranteed Cliff Lee to the Yankees. He had a decent year though, he broke Soriano and Crawford I think. Still, he’s quantity over quality and whores himself to any news. If you’re an agent you could tell him anything and you’ll see it on twitter.

      • bexarama

        He went on and on and on about the #mysteryteam for Lee, but very specifically said it wasn’t the Phillies. He was pretty insistent on Soriano to the Yankees though, and he got that right even when everyone was like “lolno”

  • Dino Velvet

    The Red Sox fans are soooooooooo funny.

    Papelbon isn’t gone ten minutes, and they’re already trashing him, saying he sucked, and never liked or wanted him, anyways.

    Like clock work, they do this every time someone leaves. They’re perpetually adolescent.

  • Dino Velvet

    Boy PeteAbe has really gone over the edge since joining the Globe.

    Baghdad Pete is saying the bull pen is full of closer material and insisting bobby Jenks was a brilliant signing.

    • mbonzo

      Bobby Jenks was the Jonathon Broxton of this year. The deal seemed like the Red Sox would be getting a closer, cheap. Broxton was better when he was healthy, but I had a good feeling about Jenks.

    • Steve (different one)

      Only thing you can say about the Jenks signing, if he is healthy this year, they won’t have the clubhouse issues. All the beer will be in the bullpen.

  • Rigoleto

    Reading a lot of negative comments on the new Marlins jerseys. I think the Marlins are trying to really embrace their Latino demographic with a Latino aesthetic. A baseball team in Miami really shouldn’t be setting record lows for attendance despite the presence of Miami Beach.

    • FIPster Doofus

      I think their new unis are a huge improvement.

  • Carcillo

    Ramos found alive.

    Great news.

    • Soriano Is A Liar

      Thank Mo, that was some scary stuff.

    • GT Yankee

      Awesome….Great news to hear!

  • FrankG

    That coco crisp one was against schilling.

  • Jimmy McNulty

    Question: The Market for CJ Wilson is developing about as quickly as Kelvin De Leon’s plate discipline. IF the market doesn’t develop and offers are around 5/70 or 5/75, something like that…would you guys be game to sign him?

    • bexarama

      I want no part of CJ Wilson for five years and I’m much more gung-ho on him than most here.

      • Jimmy McNulty

        What if it’s less than 5/70? The Rangers don’t seem to want him as much as they should, which maybe that’s a red flag in that, but right now it looks like he’ll get a deal less than AJ/Lackey.

        • Steve H.

          I’d be happy with 3 years (not happening) and wouldn’t jump off a bridge at 4 years (for $60 million or so), but I don’t see it. Would rather go for the upside of Darvish or be patient for 2012.

          • Jimmy McNulty

            Yeah, I prefer Darvish too, but CJ’s market is as terrible as it looks…I wouldn’t be opposed to stepping in.

        • bexarama

          Ehhhh. With the Yankees, honestly, the length of any deal makes me think more than the dollars. I’d rather have him for 3/much more AAV than 5/less AAV.

          • Sarah


            I think Texas will resign him. At least, that seems to be the impression of the Texas fans I work with.

            • Jasphil

              The dude walks a LOT of guys. Led the league in ’10 and was 6th in ’11. He seems to be able to get guys out, but what happens when he’s notable to do that anymore? Bloated ERA, worn out bullpen, huge pitch counts and lots of 5 inning starts. Anyone want two AJ Burnett’s on this staff?

    • FIPster Doofus

      Yeah, probably. I entered the offseason thinking he’d get five years and $18 million AAV. For $14 mill AAV, I’d be OK with the Yankees pulling the trigger.

      • FIPster Doofus

        On second thought, screw it. Give me Buehrle for fewer years and dollars. I have more confidence in him staying consistently solid than I do Wilson.

  • Sarah

    Do the Phils have a decent SS option in the minors if they don’t resign Rollins?

    They really are throwing down some serious money for next year and beyond. Too bad Hamels isn’t a FA till next year…

    • bexarama

      Are you somehow implying Wilson Valdez is not a decent SS option~

      • Sarah

        All I ever think of when I hear Wilson Valdez’s name is that 19 inning game this past season where he is described as “utility infielder Wilson Valdez,” so no…

  • http://NYBronxBombers24-7 Brian

    Maybe Levine will want to sign Madsen like he wanted Soriano 3/36 million haha

  • Mattchu12

    If I’m Boston, I’d let Bard close. I know he had his struggles in the second half, but that kid is crazy talented. I know that I was always very pleased to see him come out and Papelbon come on simply because Papelbon doesn’t scare me nearly as much as Bard does.

    And in doing so, I’d take that money and get Reyes. Forget Beltran, let Reddick play RF and get a player at a premium position. I know they have Ellsbury and Crawford, and I do think that Crawford will rebound, but if you want to add to your offense, I’m getting Reyes.

    How nightmare-ish would it be to face Ellsbury-Pedroia-Reyes during the first inning?

  • Nick

    Weirdest thing happened today….was at roosevelt field with my girlfriend and ran in to jesus montero. Lol he was shocked i knew who he was. He was heading to a signing and was with a girl and his agent. Nicest guy, we took a pic and he thanked me for saying hey. It was really cool

    • FIPster Doofus

      Cool story, bro (literally). That’s awesome.

    • Jasphil

      That’s New York baseball and NY Yankee fans. We know this team. I once met Derek Jeter and Gerald Williams at the Garden State Plaza mall in Paramus, NJ. This was 1995, so neither one of them was anybody at the time. Seemed happy to have met a Yankee fan.