Report: Braves have interest in Eduardo Nunez


Via John Harper, the Braves let the Yankees know that they have interest in trading for Eduardo Nunez last week. “They need offense, they need a shortstop because they don’t want to bring (Alex) Gonzalez back, and they like Nunez a lot,” said Harper’s source. “They know the jury is out on him defensively, but they think his offense is strong enough that he could move to the outfield if he can’t be their long-term answer at short.”

The two sides apparently did not discuss any kind of framework for a trade, and Harper says no names were mentioned on Atlanta’s side. Feel free to come up with trade scenarios and rosterbate as much as you want, but remember, just say no to Jair Jurrjens!

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  1. Jon Targaryen says:

    Prado for Nunez straight up…

    Just kidding

    • GT Yankee says:

      Word is that Atlanta is not enamored with Jason Heyward and would like to move him.

      Nunez + Swisher for Heyward

      Larger Version Nunez + Swisher + Hughes for Heyward + Prado

      Probably overvaluing our players but if Atlanta is really looking to move Heyward that is a young outfielder that would be around for years to come and would under team control for a bit.

  2. candyforstalin says:

    Mike Minor.

  3. Kenny says:

    So who can convince me not to trade Nunez for Jurrjens straight up?

    • Curtis says:

      ’cause Nunez has more value than a #4-#5 starter.

      • Ted Nelson says:

        That’s questionable. Nunez was below replacement last season. Jurrjens always been better than that.

        • Curtis says:

          Yes, Nunez hasn’t proven a thing. I was thinking value to the yanks if Arod/Jeter get hurt. At that point, rather have Nunez than another back end starter.

          Is there a difference between Freddie Garcia/Warren/Phelps & Jurjens?

          • Ted Nelson says:

            Jurrjens health is a gamble, but Nunez is a big gamble himself. He was below replacement last season. What’s the difference between Nunez and a generic IF right now?

    • Jesse says:

      Nunez isn’t going straight up for Jurrjens. The Braves will probably drop their price, but not by that much…

      • Ted Nelson says:

        What else are they offering that would tempt the Yankees? Maybe Prado…otherwise I don’t see Atlanta offering a stud P prospect or the Yankees listening to junk for Nunez.

        • Jesse says:

          Probably Prado. He was a throw-in in that potential Jurrjens to the Royals trade. I was thinking a trade proposed like Swisher and Nunez for Jurrjens, which I’d hang the phone up on.

          • Ted Nelson says:

            I have a feeling the Braves might come around to realizing they’re not getting a top prospect for Jurrjens when he hasn’t stayed healthy for two years now. At that point a starting SS might look like a great return for one of like 8 SP they still have… The most injury prone of the 8.

            I’d have to entertain Prado for Nunez. And might do it.

  4. Cy Pettitte says:

    they got us good on the Vazquez trade, time for some revenge.

  5. Jake says:

    Let’s get Arodys back.

  6. Play Da'rel Scott Now says:

    nunez and noesi for minor

  7. Craig says:

    Who fills in for Jeter/A-Rod then? And the Braves have that Pastornicky kid in AAA. Seems like a package deal to me- Nunez as a LFer? Kinda silly proposition, but perhaps a solid reliever and utility guy is obtainable?

  8. infernoscurse says:

    unless we are getting stud starters it makes no senze to trade him, some people like him some can hate him but hes an asset to this team like it or not, so he had some bad stretches on defense, so what, he has time to improve it, trading him for jurrjens would be stupid since he would suck at yankee stadium, we already did a mistake withthe javy trade lets not do it again

  9. Plank says:

    If Jair Jurrjens stays healthy, he can be a real steal. With Swisher and Nunez (a trade proposal in the article), you are more sure of the value you will get. If Swish, Nunez, and Jurrjens plays up to their full potential the next few years, I think Jurrjens is more valuable.

    That’s a big if though.

    • Ted Nelson says:

      Swisher’s been a lot better than Jurrjens. Nunez for Jurrjens I’d call a Yankees’ steal; Swisher+Nunez for Jurrjens, the opposite.

      • FIPster Doofus says:


        • Plank says:

          Swisher hasn’t really been better than Jurrjens at his best. Granted the idea of getting the peak performance of Jurrjens for two straight years is a much bigger gamble than Swisher performing at his peak next year.

          Swisher never had a year as valuable as Jurrjens’ best year (2009) and he was on his way to beating that performance last year before the injury. Like I said, if he stays healthy and effective, he has the ability to be better than Swish. It’s just a gamble.

          • Ted Nelson says:

            A gamble the Yanks are really unlikely to take as it leaves them with no RFfor 2012.

            It would be really poor trade value for the Yankees in my opinion. If the Braves are so high on Nunez… Why give Nunez + a top RF for Jurejens? The Braves have to start moving SP if they want to give their prospects a shot.

            • Jesse says:

              I’m talking to a friend about this, and he said to sign Cespedes and have him and Jones platoon in right field, but I just don’t see that happening.

              • Ted Nelson says:

                It’s possible, but a huge gamble. Jones hasn’t hit RHP in at least two years. I don’t know how theYankees feel about Cespedes. Maybe they love him. Even if that’s the cas, though, I still think it’s too much for Jurrjens. Guy is a big gamble who might not ven sart for Atl next season. Why give them two starters to take a shot on Jurrjens?

          • Jesse says:

            Based on fWAR, Swisher has. Like you mentioned Jurrjens best year in terms of value was in 2009 when he had a 3.9 fWAR, Swisher had a 3.8 fWAR last year and a 4.1 fWAR the year before. And don’t forget, Swisher led the team in OBP, arguably the single most important offensive statistic in baseball.

  10. CC says:

    Only way I think this works is in a 3 team deal.

    Off of the top of my head:

    OAK-NYY-ATL makes at least moderate sense (I know, my trade proposal sucks).

    Yanks could get Gio, Braves get Nunez and Oakland gets some of the Braves massive amount of quality pitching depth (which sooner rather than later, they might have a logjam). Obviously a ton more would have to go into it especially on the Yanks end. Would need to include probably a Phelps, Warren, Noesi or a Romine, maybe even some A level guys. I would have to think about it more. Maybe though that’s the way to try and get Gio without giving OAK an ace return, instead solid return to two different teams.

    Don’t worry though, I know; My trade proposal sucks.

  11. nick says:

    Throw Cervelli in too

  12. ultimate913 says:

    Nunez, Swisher and Laird for Heyward?

  13. AJ says:

    Would they ever part with Tim Hudson to reduce salary?

  14. Craig Maduro says:

    My initial reaction is that it might be tough for teams to pry Nunez away. Even though nobody on here (not that I can remember at least) considers Nunez an untouchable asset by any stretch, he does provide the Yankees with something that’s pretty damn hard to come across on the FA market.

    Of course, everyone has a price and for the right one I’d imagine Cash would have little problem moving Nunez.

  15. mustang says:

    Nunez and Swisher for Prado and Jurrjens.

  16. Plank says:

    Okay, I think this one is workable:

    Heyward, McCann, Freeman, Teheran, Vizcaino, Minor, and Kimbrel for Nunez. If they balk, throw in Pena or Russo. Boom! That just happened.

    Source: The Internet

    • Jumpin' Jack Swisher says:

      I’m all for Nunez as trade bait. Jurrjens, for every reason stated, isn’t the guy, and the folks I’d want off the Braves (Hanson, who doesn’t want Heyward, etc?) would make this a bigger deal than I’d be comfortable with. I’d say, unless they REALLY like Nunez, and would accept him as centerpiece with other AAA tradebait (Laird, one of Phelps/Warren), there’s not a deal to be made here.

    • tomaconda says:

      My best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who’s going with the girl who saw Cashman at 31 Flavors last night

  17. Rich in NJ says:

    I’d prefer a healthier pitcher.

  18. Brian S. says:

    Nunez and Swisher for Heyward. BOOM!

  19. KenC says:

    I would want Heyward but don’t like chances. Can we get Minor or Beachy? XD

  20. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    how about: the Braves can have Nunez for free if they agree to take AJ as well.

  21. gusie says:

    Nunez for lefty RP Jergens + Arodys

  22. Kevin says:

    Betances, Nunez and Swisher for Heyward

  23. gusie says:

    Do not trade for Jergens. He won’t cut it as a #2 in NY, maybe #4 or 5

  24. Craig Maduro says:

    Alright, way too many Jason Heyward suggestions on here. Mr. Heyward is not going anywhere and certainly not for any of the underwhelming packages being tossed around.

  25. Charles says:

    Nunez for Eric O’Flaherty?

  26. Swazi13 says:

    Swisher, Nunez and Hughes for Tommy Hanson

  27. Craig Maduro says:

    BTW, I really wish people (Harper in this case) would stop suggesting that mid-rotation starters would fill the No. 2 role on the Yankees. I think you could make a solid argument that Edwin Jackson is better than Jurrjens. Why in the hell would you trade key contributors for the latter when you could just sign the former and reasonably expect better production?

    • Ted Nelson says:

      Because EJax is a Boras client likely to be overpaid and Nunez (who I have long supported) is not a key contributor.

      • Curtis says:

        I don’t think you read the column. John Harper thinks Nunez + Swisher + another minor leaguer for Jurjens is a no-brainer for the yanks.

      • Craig Maduro says:

        Well, the jury may still be out on Nunez qualifying as a “key contributor” but I was referring to Swisher as well. There is absolutely no debate about Swisher’s contributions to the squad – in the regular season at least.

        I know that Jackson is a Boras client. Paying the money for him is still a better idea than trading players for a pitcher who is worse.

    • Curtis says:



  28. Ted Nelson says:

    I have long supported Nunez, but if the Braves do in fact value him as a starter this is exactly where you do trade him. Willbe interesting to hear rumors on offers and maybe see a deal. Braves are ideal trading partner b/c they have so many SP. they seem very aggressive with their SP prospects and have no spots for them.

  29. Jesse says:

    Which pitcher would you rather have?

    Last three seasons:

    Pitcher A: 97 games, 623 innings, 3.96/3.90/3.93, 7.0 K/9, 3.0 BB/9, 44% GB, 11.0 fWAR

    Pitcher B: 77 games, 483.1 innings, 3.20/3.90/4.27, 6.1 K/9, 3.0 BB/9, 41.9 % GB, 6.6 fWAR

  30. well you know says:

    Prado is very interesting to me as the classic BABIP case. He had two very good years in ’09-’10 with .330 BABIP. He was an All Star and got MVP votes. Then in 2011 his BABIP goes to .260 while everything else (moderate power, low strikeouts) stayed the same. The BABIP drop caused his OPS+ to drop from 120 to 90 (MOL).

    His ability to flex from 3B to corner outfield would fit very well to fill both the Andruw Jones role of platooning with Gardner and the Chavez role of letting Alex rest or DH. He could also DH himself when Monero catches.

    Nunez for Prado, with fillers as necessary.

    • Ted Nelson says:

      Like the idea. Not looking at the stats, but seem to remember .350-ish wOBA seasons more than twice.

      Doesn’t play short and far more expensive, which have to be counterbalanced with Nunez. I’d probably still send Numez for him, though.

  31. Jeff L. says:

    If I’m making a trade involving Nunez I’d want to get pitching in return. What about Brandon Beachy, would the Braves trade him? If you had to trade an outfielder in this potential deal would you rather it be Swisher or Gardner?

    • well you know says:

      Braves won’t want Gardner because they already have Bourn. I doubt they will want Swisher either given his salary and given he’d have to play left field in a big ballpark.

      Beachy would be a great get but he’s just the kind of guy they will be reluctant to give up (cheap, big strikeout numbers).

    • RK999 says:

      Beachy ain’t going no where. Jurrjens is the guy they are trying to trade. Jesus. Get that through yalls thick skull.

  32. Rich in NJ says:

    The more I think about it, it’s kind of tough to trade Nunez given A-Rod’s recent fragility and age and Jeter’s age. The kid does appear to have offensive upside, including pop. It’s hard to replace a player who can play the middle infield and has versatility, even if his defense is suspect. So I’d trade him, but I wouldn’t want Jurrjens.

  33. JobaWockeeZ says:

    Swisher and Nunez for Teheran.

  34. Chip says:

    Does something like Nunez, Romine and Warren get us Beachy? I’m not sure how high his stock is after a successful year

    • Anthony D. says:

      if i were to give up romine and warren id ask for the sky like kimbrel and for him id even through in soriano and throw in like 15 million so for the braves they would get a closer on a 2 year 15 mill deal which as we have seen with pap and mo thats cheap for a proven closer and they know how good he can be. a very good young catching prospect and warren who could fill the back end or bullpen and nunez who they think can play the field……i like that deal

  35. Kosmo says:

    Medlen, Jurrjens, Prado to NY for Nunez, Laird.

    • Chip says:

      I’d so do that, not sure if the Braves would though

    • Jesse says:

      I really hope this is a joke, seriously.

      Sure Nunez is versatile and can run like the wind, but his defense is TERRIBLE. With Laird, don’t let the minor league numbers fool you. He’s not regarded as much of a top prospect at all. Even a lot of RABers believe that he should be in the minors still, but that’s not my opinion, I think he’s capable of being a big league backup.

      If you package Nunez and Laird for Jurrjens alone I’m sure ATL would hang up the phone.

      Medlen is not a slouch either. Sure he’s coming of TJS, but that doesn’t mean ATL is willing to give him away. In 2010 he had a pretty solid year as a swing man looking at the basic numbers: 31 games, 14 starts, 3.68 ERA, 1.2 WHIP, 3.95 K/BB.

      And even Nunez for Prado straight up may not be the best deal either, but the Braves do like Nunez, so who knows.

  36. Jimmy McNulty says:

    Nunez and AJ for Heyward, Teheran, Prado, and Arodys.

    Get it done Cashman, or maybe we’ll need the REAL brain of the FO to do it. Randy Levine is a man of action and the man to get this done.

    • Anthony D. says:

      levine is the detriment to the yankees…….if i was cash i would have said ill come back if levine goes or strip him of all power and keep him and hank away from cameras

  37. Karl Krawfid says:

    J-Hey may be one of those players who needs to get out of his hometown to truly be successful.

    Ship him to da Yankees.

  38. meaty balls says:

    the braves have interest…im highly doubtful theyd want to give up anything…decent for nunez jurrjens…eh scares me why wud u give up a young middle infielder, for someone who cant stay healthy….sorry for the spellin i cant spell early its just interest… if i was cashman id keep nunez…

  39. Anthony D. says:

    Nunez for sean gilmartin LHP first rd pick would be a nice swap we get rid of a guy who cant defend whatsoever for a young left handed starter who looks a lot like a young mark burhle with a little more velocity……pena can play the same role nunez did and actually play the field…..

  40. Elmgrovegnome says:

    The Braves want OFFENSE. Nunez can hit so he is of high value to them.

    They don’t want to trade offense if they need offense so I agree it has to be a starting Pitcher or minor league pitcher.

    I like what I have seen from Nunez so far so trading a young SS with a good bat for a Starting pitcher that looks to be going the wrong way, is not my favorite idea. The Yankees could be getting 3 years of decline while the Braves get a mainstay at short for 8 years.

    I don’t know the Braves roster but is there a similar starting pitcher with Nunez potential? A guy that is not proven but has great stuff?

    • Anthony D. says:

      sean gilmartin is a guy who matches up nicely with what we need……i love fsu and followed him close….he is like i said a poor man’s burhle he has great comand of his pitches but lacks top end velocity he is above 90mph so for a lefty starter it helps elevate his other pitches……i remember hearing a lot of talk that if he fell to the yankees(before levine stuck his fat nose into signing Soriano’s dumb ass) the yanks were looking to grab him cause they saw him as the next pettite

  41. Steve S. says:

    Trade Nunez+Swisher for

    Sign Cespedes to replace Swisher

    Trade Burnett plus filler for Juan Uribe and make him your supersub

    Trade Romine+Phelps for Danks and send Hughes to the bullpen


      • Preston says:

        I actually think the Braves would make that trade if we ate a lot of money (like all of both Tim and Nick’s contracts) and threw in a pitcher, maybe Warren or Noesi.

        Cespedes isn’t ready for the big-leagues, I heard a scout compare the Cuban league to between A+ and AA, so he’d need at least a year probably.

        Burnett isn’t going anywhere.

        If we trade for Danks, Romine will be one of the key pieces, but an equally valuable piece like Betances would also be included, plus one or two lesser prospects.

    • Jumpin' Jack Swisher says:

      Check PS3 to make sure it hasn’t overheated

      Switch out disc for COD

  42. Steve S. says:

    Wouldn’t this signal a willingness to move one of those guys in that stacked bullpen of theirs? The Yanks need a lefty, so maybe they’re thinking either Venters or O’Flaherty? I’ll guess he has an arm he really likes in AAA that he thinks can take their place.

    As much as I love both guys I’d steer clear because they had about 160 appearances between the two of them. When relievers get treated like rag dolls they often suck the following year (see Torre, Joe).

  43. Jumpin' Jack Swisher says:

    (somehow this wound up as a reply to a post from eight hours ago….whoops.)

    I’m all for Nunez as trade bait. Jurrjens, for every reason stated, isn’t the guy, and the folks I’d want off the Braves (Hanson, who doesn’t want Heyward, etc?) would make this a bigger deal than I’d be comfortable with. I’d say, unless they REALLY like Nunez, and would accept him as centerpiece with other AAA tradebait (Laird, one of Phelps/Warren), there’s not a deal to be made here.

  44. Steve S. says:

    One note of Jurrjens. We all know his velocity was way down last year, check out his injury history from BP


    He had a knee problem towards the end of 2010, had surgery on the meniscus that October but had all sorts of trouble with it again last year.

    When we hear ‘velocity drop’ we all assume its arm related. But if he was pitching on a bad knee and it was either complications from the previous surgery and/or is correctable, then he may be a buy-low candidate. Knees can be tricky, we all remember how much trouble Matsui had with his. But the meniscus is about as minor as these things get. CC had the same thing last year and was fine.

  45. Mickey S says:

    Jair has more upside than Nunez, he also has a greater risk of injury. If he could get his swagger back this could look more like a heist than a trade. Nunez was below awful with the leather decent with the stick, he’s very replaceable, shit Miguel Tejada off the top could play better D and match or exceed the production with the stick, just to name one. If it was Nunez straight up for Jair I’d do it all day.

  46. Grover says:

    Nunez would make an excellent part of a package for Felix with Figgins as part of the return. I’ve been wondering if Adams making the forty man roster might be a precursor to another run at the King. The teams match up very well at this point in time.

    • bonestock94 says:

      A low level prospect that has barely played baseball in 2 years has nothing to do with one of the best pitchers in the game, it’s for rule 5 protection. There has been a 0% chance of acquiring Felix since he signed an extension.

      • Grover says:

        I think you misunderstood my words as I said “part” of a package. I was assuming Montero and several prospects as the primary headliners along with Nunez and Adams, who was one of the stumbling blocks during the Cliff Lee talks. They need help including: short,second, third, left, dh, depth in the rotation and a bullpen spot or two. Of course they may not trade Felix but the Yanks have some fits that are major league ready and could absorb their worst contract that is Figgins and even an Ichir0/Swisherswap for their lack of power if Seattle’s PR could absorb the hit.

        • Craig Maduro says:

          Forget. Felix. Hernandez. That goes for EVERYONE. The package that it would cost to get him would result in a break even for the Yankees at best.

          They don’t need help at all the positions you named either – not enough to trade the face of their franchise.

          2B – Dustin Ackley (No. 1 prospect in org. last season)
          3B – Alex Liddi (No. 13)
          LF/DH – Mike Carp

          As far as the SP/RP, everyone needs more depth and that is another reason why they aren’t going to trade Felix for anything less than a king’s ransom.

        • bonestock94 says:

          I think you misunderstood me. The notion that anything that has been done with David Adams recently has ANYTHING to do with Felix Hernandez is hilariously ridiculous.

  47. Andrew Brotherton says:

    I think Gilmartin is the one we should target. I think he would be a very high probability back end starter.

  48. Grit for Brains says:

    Nunez & Swisher for Heyward

  49. john says:

    Get a vizcanio back. The guy from the navy vasquez trade. I destroyed the spelling

  50. bonestock94 says:


    • bonestock94 says:

      Whoops, I was thinking of Minor. Looking at both of their numbers though, I bet it would take a good bit more than Nunez.

  51. pat says:

    Nunez and Betances for Tommy Hanson and Martin Prado?

  52. cranky says:

    I don’t know about Cespedes. Maybe, maybe. The more I read about him, the more I think “Rob Deer.” And the more I think that Jorge Soler is the better prospect.
    But the Braves’ interest in Nunez is real, and they’ve got pitching.
    Jurjjens’ value is down a little because of his injury history. But most scouts would tell you that, at 25, folks shouldn’t be too concerned, and that there’s a good chance he’ll be just fine going forward.
    I like Nick Swisher a lot, but he seems a reasonable trade candidate, too. I could see the Yanks swooping in and signing Michael Cuddyer (if not Cespedes) and then trading Swisher away.
    Nunez+Swisher would be a strong trade package for a team looking for offense at a moderate cost. And here’s a reasonable trade proposal which would work for the Yanks and the Braves:
    Swisher+Nunez+Phelps for Jurjjens+O’Flaherty.
    Both teams would be better with such a deal. The Yanks could then turn around and sign Mark Buehrle or even trade for John Danks (Romine+Betances would get that done).
    CC/Jurjjens/Danks/Hughes/Nova would be KILLER. A bullpen of Wade/Kontos/Logan/D-Rob/O’Flaherty/Soriano/Rivera would be KILLER.
    Substitute Cuddyer for Swisher, get a healthy A-Rod back and add Montero into the mix and the offense would be KILLER.
    Find a +defensive IF to back-up Jeter, re-sign Chavez…..Hell, the 2012 Yanks could be pretty good!

    • Craig Maduro says:

      Eh, I’ll pass.

      Even when healthy, Jurrjens is less of a No. 2 starter than John Danks. We know that from April through September Swisher is going to be a rock. He’s going to get on base, hit for power and do what he needs to do in the OF. Not really interested in replacing an established Yankee with a FA of Cuddyer’s caliber.

      As far as trading for Danks, I’m probably prospect hugging too much, but I’m keeping Betances out of a deal for him. If the White Sox don’t want to make a deal with someone else then I move on.

    • Jesse says:

      Funny how you bring up Rob Deer. I recall someone comparing Rob Deer to Mark Teixeira in Friday’s chat…Not sure if it was you or not…

  53. Dave says:

    Nunez has to much value to trade for anything short of a Danks type return. He can play SS,3b,2b and should be worked out in RF as well. Nunez has 4 of the 5 tools right now. He can hit field throw and run if he ever develops power than he will have it all.

  54. Rainbow Connection says:

    Good riddance. The Yanks can find someone else to be a defensive-replacement-who-can’t-play-defense.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      He wasn’t a defensive replacement.

    • Jesse says:

      Not sure if you follow the Yankees or not, but Nunez was not a defensive replacement. I hardly recall him coming into a game to be a defensive replacement in a close game. He’s a speedster off the bench and he also started a lot of games at short and third when Jeter and A-Rod missed time.

  55. godfather says:

    wra has its place but if it has value in guessing what players, at different career stages, will do, it’s dubious; i’d want minor or venters

  56. mikey says:

    Well everyone hold on…..your #2 could be Coming …only and only if the Angels sign local boy Wilson…also hate to say a new SS
    Now go ahead and flame…but you have a new dh…lol

  57. Tyrone Sharpton says:

    I say do a Nunez + Betances for Heyward…Braves are really down on this kid, but he got mad powah and ability. Like a Griffey, in a way

  58. Rigoleto says:

    Nunez + ManBam for Hanson

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