Report: Yankees in touch with Oswalt, Wilson, and others


Via Marc Carig, Brian Cashman has already had preliminary talks with the agent for Roy Oswalt and C.J. Wilson. “I’m in the process of talking with everybody,” said Cash, who indicated yesterday that he would get in touch with Wilson’s people at some point. “That’s the way the routine works.” The Yankees are reportedly concerned about the two degenerative discs in Oswalt’s back, but there’s no harm in making a phone call. Oswalt and Wilson share the same agent, Bob Garber.

In other news, Cashman confirmed that he’s already talked to Freddy Garcia‘s agent about a possible return, and he plans to do the same with Eric Chavez, Andruw Jones, and Bartolo Colon. Chavez would supposedly welcome a return to New York if he doesn’t retire.

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  1. Paul from Boston says:

    Great, the one area where Cashman is terrible – finding good second tier arms on the free agent market.

  2. UYF1950 says:

    The feeling is mutual in Chavez’s case, rest assured.

  3. UYF1950 says:

    Disregarding cost for a minute. If the Yankees were fortunate enough to sign any one of the following: Wilson, Darvish or trade for Danks baring something unforeseen the Yankees shouldn’t have to worry about starting pitching for at least the next 4 or so years. The way I see it their rotation would set up in:
    2012: CC,one of the 3 I mentioned above, Nova, Hughes, AJ (unfortunately), then waiting in the wings, Noesi and possibly Garcia.
    2013: CC, again one of the above mentioned, Nova, Hughes and probably Banuelos. With Noesi and several of the prospects waiting in the wings.
    2014 and 2015 the same. If Hughes can’t cut it there are options available to the Yankees within their own farm system starting for sure in 2013.

    Just a thought on my part.

    • Soriano Is A Liar says:

      I like it. I have a feeling that regardless what happens this year the Yanks will make a splash in 2013. I can see them going all in on Hamels, even if they have 5 starters. Even if Hughes gets better you’d have to think Hamels would be an upgrade. Or, if they trade for Danks or another similar pitcher, Hamels or another FA could replace them So the 1013 rotation could be something like this:


      Obviously, thats a best case scenario, but it’s not totally unrealistic. And that’d be an amazingly exciting rotation, if nothing else.

      • Soriano Is A Liar says:

        Or, say they get Danks this year, maybe you let him go and keep Hughes in the rotation, to leave you with

        Not quite as stunning, but I’d still be pretty pumped if that was the 2013 rotation.

        • UYF1950 says:

          I can’t imagine the Phillies letting Hamels get away. If not Hamles I’d really like to see Cain in the fold.

          Like you said probably wishful thinking but I would love a 2013 rotation of:

          But really anyone of the following: Danks, Cain, Hamels, Darvish or Wilson in the rotation along with CC, Nova, Hughes and potentially Banuelos in 2013 would be awfully sweet. Maybe dreams can come true.

      • LiterallyFigurative says:

        Yeah, that rotation would have the chance to be sick.

  4. LiterallyFigurative says:

    If the price gets prohibitive on CJ or Yu, I’d have no problem signing Buerhle or Oswalt for a 1-2 year deal.

    • Tim says:

      Yeah, that sounds fine. As long as you’re OK with having far inferior and/or hurt pitchers instead of potentially good ones.

      • LiterallyFigurative says:

        Well, IF the price got crazy for CJ and Yu. No doubt they could be very good, possibly great. But at what price?

        I’m a proponent of Yu and trading for Danks. But if the price, monetarily or prospects-wise got nuts, I’d have to live with the second-tier FA starters.

        • Craig Maduro says:

          I’m slowly coming around to the Yu Darvish bandwagon also. There is a lot of unknown there, but the Yanks would only have to spend their money. However, I’d rather pass on Danks if its going to cost any of our top guys.

          • Dave203 says:

            That’s exactly why I’m a big advocate for Buehrle. It should only take a 3 yr deal, instead of CJ’s 5-6 yrs. It won’t devote $100 million into single player who hasn’t pitched in MLB. It won’t costs us any prospects.

            I’d be OK with partnering it with a trade for Danks/Cain, depending on what they’re asking for. If we could get Buehrle and Danks/Cain, I’d try and throw Hughes in the deal. He wouldn’t really be needed unless we could trade AJ (doubtful).

            AJ (Garcia if you can trade AJ)

            A little ambitious of me I think, but worth hoping for IMO.

            • Craig Maduro says:

              Eh, I’m not a necessarily against Buehrle. I just don’t like the idea of paying him $15 million a year when we know he’s not a No. 2. (BTW, I’m getting that figure from the comments we exchanged yesterday)

              In terms of Yu, the team assumes plenty of risk, but there is at least a chance of him fulfilling the No. 2 role eventually and the actual contract is probably going to be in the same $15-17 million range.

              • Dave203 says:

                Buerhle is certainly not your prototypical #2 guy, but he has consistently has a sub-4 ERA with 200 innings in the AL. He already knows the hitters he’ll be facing. He’s shown no signs of regression so there would be no reason to believe he can’t repeat the same numbers he’s put up for the past 11 seasons.

                I’m not necessary against signing Yu, but relying on him to stabilize the rotation behind CC is asking too much IMO without seeing him pitching in MLB. If you pair him with Danks/Cain, I’d be a little more optimistic.

                I’d rather have Buerhle though since I feel I know what we’re getting with a fair degree of certainty (as much certainty as you can have).

                • Craig Maduro says:

                  Hm. Maybe pairing Yu with Buehrle would actually be one of the better routes to explore. You still might end up with CC and a gang of 3/4 types, but there’s depth, some upside and no draft picks or prospects have to be lost.

                  • FIPster Doofus says:

                    Buehrle’s better than a 3/4 type. He goes out every year and throws at least 200 innings, keeps his ERA/FIP/xFIP triple slash around 4.00 and racks up three-plus WAR. That’s a No. 2 by my criteria. Being a ground ball pitcher definitely helps as well.

                    I’d take Buehrle on the Yankees at a reasonable cost (more worried about years than dollars in his case) and be content with CC and him atop the rotation.

                    • Craig Maduro says:

                      Those would be nice numbers to add, but I like my No. 2 to present a more dominating force than Buehrle does.

                    • Dave203 says:

                      We would all “like” to see dominating pitchers as our #2, but most teams do not enjoy that luxury and moreover, I don’t know if that is necessary. I’m not going to complain if they work out a deal for Lincecum or something, but honestly, the practicality of having a dominant pitcher as your #2 is a reach.

                      To me, a #2 pitcher pitches deep into games and keeps you in the game consistently. Buerhle has a quality start 71% of the time, 6th best in the AL last year, 12th in MLB. I’d take him as out #2.

            • Holy Ghost says:

              I’d be surprised if CJ gets 5 to 6 years from any team, even the Rangers. While he has been among the game’s best pitchers for the past two seasons, he hasn’t been a starter long enough or been dominant enough to demand 5 to 7 years like Lee or CC.

              I think he definitely will get offered Burnett/Lackey type money per season but I doubt any team is going to go all in on a long-term contract with Wilson…

              • Dave203 says:

                6 might be a stretch, but someone will give him 5. The Rangers already offered him 5 during the season to extend which he declined due to $$$. Like it or not, its the going trend now to hand out 5 yr deals like candy.

                Then again, 90% of the posters here want Yu for 6 years when he hasn’t pitched even 1 season in MLB. CJ has at least thrown 2 excellent seasons and he’s not worth 5? Tough to argue that to his agent…

    • bonestock94 says:

      I like Buerhle a lot, he’d be a safe bet that would bring lots of stability after CC.

    • Brian S. says:

      Edwin Jackson>>>Roy Oswalt. Look at what Eddy has done in the AL the last two seasons with Chicago.

  5. Craig Maduro says:

    Throwing this question out there: Is Edwin Jackson at more years and more money (but more innings) a more desirable target than Roy Oswalt at this point?

  6. Sam says:

    I think the yanks would be in ok shape just throwing cash at Yu. I think he’s got the skills and his age assuages my fear that he has too many innings on his arm. Getting him on a more typical workload could make him an asset for years. This years rotation would be

    I think i would be happy with that, especially if we see an improvement in Hughes

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