Surprise! Ticket prices going up in 2012

Open Thread: Ricky Ledee
How the new luxury tax affects the Yankees

The Yankees announced their general ticket prices for the 2012 season today, saying that 70% of the prices are unchanged or have been reduced. That does not include the bleachers though, where non-obstructed view seats will now cost you $20 a pop. They were only $12 as recently as 2010. Grandstand level seats between first and third bases will jump three bucks to $28, while seats beyond the bases at that level will remain at $20. Field level and main level seats beyond the bases are dropping as much as $50. David Waldstein and David Li have some details.

Open Thread: Ricky Ledee
How the new luxury tax affects the Yankees
  • nick

    But the owners just saved so much money on the draft!! How could this happen???

    • Neil

      The 99 percenters say greed. The 1 percenters say profit. When the owners see secondary market prices on bleacher seats for at least twice as much as face value the Yankees want that money for themselves.

      • Eric

        So drop the price on my shitty grandstand seats that I can’t resell at all.

        • Usty

          Or my Terrace OF seats I’m lucky to get 1/3 of the value for even on weekends.

  • Plank

    Too bad this wont lead to increased revenue or profits.

    • Dave203

      Sure it will. They sell out the bleachers and grandstand every game. You think these minor increases are going to prevent that from happening? Not a chance. They will continue to sell out both section and just make and extra $3-5/ticket. The field level seats did not always sell out and they are hoping the price drop will entire more people to buy. Even if it does not, the number of seats that dropped in price is far lower than the amount they increased.

      • Joe Pawlikowski

        Plank’s comment was a well-placed joke stemming from yesterday’s CBA thread.

      • Plank

        Sorry Dave. I’m actually not a fan of inside jokes. I apologize for the confusion. You are, obviously, correct.

  • Bleachertweeter

    Its getting bad when ou start to question if you can even afford bleacher seats anymore. :(

    • Dave203

      You can’t scrape up an extra $5? Heck, spending an hour pan handling outside the stadium and you could probably get close.

      • Bleachertweeter

        $5 x 81 = 405

        If you want to scrape together over 400 bucks for me outside the stadium feel free. But I’m a diehard Yankee fan and could hardly afford my tickets as it was…

        • Dave203

          Well aware, I have a pair so I’m out an extra $810. Honestly though, it’s less than $3 a day. Season tickets are not for everyone — if you can’t afford it, split the package with someone or sell 1/4 of the games. If you’re in 203 and don’t want to renew, I’ll take them.

  • Matt DiBari

    I’m really okay with this.

  • Cliff

    Boom, section 411, so mine stay the same. Looks like the Yankees realized the bleachers are awesome seats in the new stadium.

    • Dave203

      From 203 here…

      And yes, it is the best section in the stadium…

      The $400+ increase on the year sucks, but it is what it is. Still more than worth the $20/ticket.

      • Joe Pawlikowski

        If there’s any flaw in the pricing, it’s that the OF grandstands are the same price as the bleachers. There are more of those seats, and they provide a worse view. Though I think it says more about the (still low) bleacher prices than the grandstand prices.

        • Cliff

          If people in the bleachers drop out, I’d think about going there instead of 411. I do love having the rooftop deck bar by my section though. Just so damn far from the field

  • Avi

    I had a 12 game bleacher package last year, never resold a ticket above face and found demand pretty low in general, so I doubt the bleachers will sell.

    • Dave203

      Being in the military, I can only go to a mere 10 games out of my season package. I have typically sold the rest on StubHub and definately disagree with you. There is a significant secondary market and I can typically pay for the travel and everything with the $$$ I make on selling the other 70 games each year (not including playoffs). I won’t give up the seats though since I don’t intend on serving for life and want my seats when I get out.

  • Henry

    My family has had six pretty good $25 seats for the full season. The hassle of selling off most of the season was putting us on the edge of whether to get the plan again. This stupid and greedy move just about confirms that we will drop out.

    • Joe Pawlikowski

      How does adjusting your prices to more closely reflect the market turn into greed? It’s pretty clear from the secondary markets that the bleachers are worth far more than the $15 the Yankees were charging. I’m surprised they kept them this low for this long. The $3 hike to the infield grandstand seats shouldn’t be a bother, either, as they are certainly worth that much.

      If you don’t want to renew because you don’t find adequate prices or convenience on the secondary market, that’s one thing. But to label this as greed is flat wrong. The Yankees should charge whatever they can get for their seats, and something tells me that the bleacher and grandstand seats are still underpriced.

      • steve s

        It sort of axiomatic but as long as the Yanks keep winning the seats will be filled. If they have a run like the Mets have had the past few seasons attendance will drop and prices will eventually fall. “Greedy and stupid” would be if the Yanks only looked to maximize profit without spending to keep a successful product on the field.

        • Joe Pawlikowski

          Precisely. And, as in most greed-driven situations, it would come back to bite them.

      • Usty

        I don’t know if the bleachers and grandstands are still underpriced or if the other seats are still overpriced. Meaning that with the face value of the majority of the seats in the stadium, most fans are priced into requiring bleachers/grandstands more so than wanting them.

        I’d prefer to have a seat with a nice padded ass-cushion and waitress service in the Field OF sections, but my wallet tells me that I’m insane if I try to get a season ticket package for those seats. Even they routinely sell on the secondary market for 1/2 price or less.

      • dr mrs the yankee

        I think the raise in Bleacher prices is fine, and hopefully they keep them level for a while now. They were underpriced since they’re the bleachers but I looked around and most stadiums that have bleachers price them higher than the outfield upper deck. What this means, to me, is that the Yankees should be dropping the GS OF seats but I doubt that will happen.

        The issue with raising the GS IF prices is that for most games it is impossible to see anything resembling $25 back for them except for Sat/Sun and Premium games when you can’t make a game. For a huge chunk of games STH are already paying $25 (now $28) for tickets that already have a market value lower than that due to the discounted games they have all the time. So I’m not sure how they’re underpriced for STH for your regular every day games.

        There are a lot of legitimate complaints about how the Yankees have been handling ST business in the last few years.

        • Neil

          Excellent point. The Yankees consistently run promos to discount unsold seats for prices as much as 70% off regular prices. That’s not fair to season ticket holders in those seating areas who pay the going price for their tickets in January only to have somebody else get these discounted tickets a couple of days prior to the game. I’m reluctant to renew my main level partial plan in 212 as they went from $70 to $80 and this “Saturday plan” now consists of 3 additional games (mid-week) that I really don’t want. 16 game plan with no guarantee of a post season game. Appear to be pushing me to the 20 game plan where you can get a post season game. In reality they are pushing me to being a stub hub customer.

  • Mike

    Enough is Enough !

    Time to Occupy the Bleachers !!! get your tents ready !

    • Dropped third superstar

      Haha…. Im down

  • mustang

    CBA screw the Yankees and the Yankees screw the fans. Whatever!
    Just please put out a produced that could maybe get pass the first round of the playoffs.

  • Bonestock94

    It surprises me that ticket sales were good enough last year to justify the bump. The stadium rarely looked full, and I’m not sure I buy the whole “touring the stadium” excuse.

    • Joe Pawlikowski

      I totally buy it. Whenever I get stuck with a LF bleacher for games I go to solo, I’m always ambling about the stadium. It’s then that you see that there are so many people in bars and standing at railings, and not in their seats.

    • Milly

      This is way better than a brick & mortar esatlbsihemnt.

  • Yank The Frank

    HD in the a/c is good enough for me.

  • dr mrs the yankee

    I read Trost’s comments and it seems to me that they are once again using premium game SH sales to determine every day pricing (not that premium sales were good last year but they were still usually 50% over face).

    I’m dropping my Friday since they now tacked ANOTHER weekday game onto it and raised the price to $28 a game. If it were just Fridays still I’d be keeping it, but now 25% of the games are weekday for what’s supposed to be a weekend plan (Friday plan doesn’t get OD so it’s four weekday games).

    I’m keeping my other two plans, though. They dropped the 11 Game plan back to a discount plan like it was pre-move. They’re mostly $5 games and it comes out to about the same as it would with all the TM or SH fees.

  • PauleyLee

    They changed the designation of the infield/outfield in the grandstand so 2 sections that were previously called “outfield” are now infield and they see an $8 rise in a ticket price even though nothing changed.

    Like above, I have not sold many games above face at $20 so now I won’t sell them for $28.

    After 15 years as a season ticket holder, I think I’m going to pack it in. I can’t afford to lose money every year.

    • Dave203

      I can see where you are coming from entirely. I can always get rid of my seats for at least face, but that is because it is 203, a very disirable section. Unfortunately, we rarely give up our tickets so “upgrading” or finding new season ticket plans in our section is next to impossible.