Why the Yankees are unlikely to trade Montero

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Report: Yankees concerned about Oswalt's back
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At his press conference yesterday, Brian Cashman made it sound as though Jesus Montero‘s presence on the 2012 roster is a certainty. “He could be a catcher, he could be a DH, he could be a bat off the bench, depending on how the roster looks,” he said. Of course, that leaves out one possibility. Cashman did speak to this possibility, though not to Montero specifically: “If anybody wants to approach me on anybody on this roster, if they don’t have a full no-trade clause, worst I can tell em is no.” Yes, there is a chance that Montero opens the 2012 season in a different uniform. But just how likely is that scenario?

When speaking of the Yankees off-season plans, Cashman uttered a familiar refrain. “Pitching, pitching, pitching. That will be the main trust of this stuff.” The Yankees have a number of able candidates for the rotation, but with close competition from the Rays and the Red Sox, and with the second Wild Card adding emphasis to winning the division, the Yankees would do well to add another high-end arm to complement CC Sabathia. A few options exist on the free agent market, namely C.J. Wilson and Yu Darvish, But there is a good chance the Yankees avoid another long-term deal and instead pursue the trade market.

Should the Yankees seek another team’s pitcher, Montero would prove a valuable trade chip — perhaps the Yankees’ most valuable, though left-hander Manny Banuelos will surely garner plenty of interest. In fact, just last week FanGraphs’ Dave Cameron, writing for ESPN Insider (sub. required), suggested that Cashman “use Jesus Montero as trade bait to get the front-line starter he really covets.” For the DH slot the Yankees could sign David Ortiz, turning the tables on the rival Red Sox. Yet there are two problems with the idea of trading Montero, and neither involves prospect love.

If the Yankees stick to their payroll level from the past few seasons, they could run into a snag when trading Montero. He’s ultra-cheap, and will remain so for the next three seasons. Before factoring in arbitration figures for Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain, Boone Logan, Russell Martin, Brett Gardner, and David Robertson the Yankees already have $174 million committed to the 2012 payroll. A rough estimate puts those totals a little under $20 million, so the Yankees are already near their previous $200 million level. Adding Ortiz would cost them at least $13 million in 2012, and a frontline starter could cost just as much, if not more. That’s quite a payroll bump.

The other reason involves the Yankees matching up with other teams. Montero is not a player the Yankees should dangle for any old pitcher. He has immense value, even if he’s stuck at DH (or 1B for another team), in his bat alone. He is not, in other words, a player the Yankees should trade for someone with one or two years remaining before free agency. The only scenario in which they should consider trading him involves a 25- to 28-year-old starter who has at least three more seasons of team control. He has to be an established starter, and his current team has to either 1) have enough of a pitching surplus that they can spare such a valuable arm, and 2) have a need for offense, particularly at first base or DH.

That doesn’t sound like a large group of teams and players to make a match.

After scouring each team’s roster and removing the players who absolutely won’t move anywhere — think Tim Lincecum, Felix Hernandez, Clayton Kershaw, etc. — and teams that will surely contend in 2012, I’ve come up with only three names.

Mat Latos: This is the first and most attractive match. Latos is just 24 years old, and despite a rough start to the season — perhaps due to a big innings jump between 2009 and 2010 — he still finished with quality numbers. He strikes out plenty and has a decent walk rate. Even factoring in his HR/FB ratio, perhaps a product of Petco Park, he still grades out as a very good starter. At 24 he should only get better. The Padres might want more than just Montero, but the Yankees have a number of major league ready pitchers who could go along in the deal. For Latos it could be worthwhile. It doesn’t hurt that Cashman and new Padres GM Josh Byrnes hooked up on a relatively complex deal two years ago.

Jaime Garcia: This is unlikely, mostly because St. Louis recently inked him to a long-term extension. Garcia has just two years in the majors, but they’ve been two impressive years. He combines a decent strikeout rate with good control and ground ball tendencies, which makes for a quality starting pitcher. He ran into some problems later in 2010, likely because he was gassed — he threw 163.1 innings in 2010 after just 33.2, while rehabbing from Tommy John Surgery, in 2009. When he’s on he has stuff that dives and darts all over the strike zone, and he could absolutely be a No. 2 for the Yankees. Unfortunately, the Cardinals probably need him more than they need Montero, who wouldn’t fit with the Cardinals unless Albert Pujols signed elsewhere. Even then, it’s unlikely they’d part with a 25-year-old pitcher with a quality major league record.

Jordan Zimmermann: Chances are the Nationals envision a rotation that includes both Zimmermann and Stephen Strasburg at its head, so they’re not likely to deal him. If they did make him available, the Yankees would have to listen. He showed impeccable control in 2011, one year removed from Tommy John Surgery, and he could be even better heading into 2012, his age-26 season. As with Garcia he combines a quality strikeout rate with a low walk rate, though he doesn’t get as many ground balls. Still, if the Nationals want to add Montero as their first baseman, the Yankees should settle for no less than Zimmermann.

As you can see, the options are not only slim, but unlikely. Of the three Latos has the greatest chance of moving east in a trade, and even that’s not so likely given the state of San Diego’s farm system. With the lack of matches, combined with the payroll issue, it’s highly unlikely that the Yankees could trade Montero for something they’d consider equal value, even if they were inclined to do so. There are no guarantees, of course, but I’d bet decent money that Montero opens the 2012 season wearing pinstripes with the interlocking NY on his chest.

What Went As Expected: Mariano Rivera
Report: Yankees concerned about Oswalt's back
  • CountryClub

    Teams saw that bat in action at the end of last yr. I bet you Cash gets some interesting trade proposals.

  • .zip file

    From your mouth to Cashman’s ears.

  • Soam

    It’s going to take an ace caliber pitcher to land Montero, and I don’t think there’s anyone shopping an ace right now.

    I’m happy he’ll be in our lineup for years to come, the guy’s bat is the truth.

  • pat

    This post could have been written pretty easily.
    Why the Yankees are unlikely to trade Montero

    Because he’s f*cking awesome.


    • Slugger27

      what is “fin.” ???

      saw it on this site before, no idea the meme on it.

      • pat

        Meh,it’s not really a meme. Old films used to end with a screen that just said ‘Fin’. It means end in French.

      • CANO FAN #1

        “the end”

      • Brian S.

        A fin is something on an acquatic creature that helps them move around in the water.

        • http://bleedingyankeeblue.com Jesse

          Funny, funny.

        • David

          It’s also a slang term for a 5 dollar bill

  • UncleArgyle

    This is totally not a possibilty, but David Price would fit those requirement too. He just opted out of his contract and will get 7-8 mil in abritration which is a huge % of the Rays payrole. With Matt Moore looking like a lefty ace in the making and the Rays always desperate for offense, especially at first base…..yeah, but it’ll never happen.

    • Ted Nelson

      I agree with Joe and you that it’s very unlikely Montero is traded, but that’s a pretty interesting scenario. It’s certainly possible that needs and value match up there. Price is a name that the Yankees would have to at least seriously consider trading Montero for, and the Rays think outside the box probably as much as any org.

    • Tampa Yankee

      The idea is not too far off but probably won’t happen. They also picked up Shields option for $7.2M this year as well. That’s roughly $14M for 2 players for a team that had a $42M payroll last year. Add in Upton’s increase from $4.825M in arb plus Niemann, Joyce, Howell and Rodriquez are in their first year of arb. Longo jumps up another $2M next year. That’s a lot of $ to a team looking to cut more payroll next year as well. I don’t see how they keep both but most likely Shields gets dealt to the NL (Reds are my guess).

    • UncleArgyle

      From a straight baseball perspective it could make sense. Say a trade of Monero, Betances, and cash for Price or something along those lines. Yankees get a nasty young lefty, Rays get a cheap middle of the order hitter, a top pitching prospect, and a cash injection for 2012. Of course since they are both in the AL East and compete directly against each other, the idea of this even being discussed is pretty far fetched.

  • Monteroisdinero


  • BK2ATL

    What about the Braves? They have Tommy Hansen and Jair Jurrjens plus a plethora of young starters ready to hit MLB.

    • pat

      They also have Freddy Freeman and Brian McCann. Freeman is only 22 and put up a pretty nice season last year .282/.346/.448 with 21 dingers.

      • pat

        Meaning they wouldn’t need Montero.

      • Ted Nelson

        Good point. Didn’t even think of that. Could use a third team (which probably makes it even less likely… but). Could also trade Freeman (who graded out horribly defensively last season himself).

      • BK2ATL

        I wasn’t suggesting that we should trade Montero for them. Just teams with the above criteria.

    • Ted Nelson

      Could be a possibility.

      I don’t think I’d trade Montero for Jurrjens. Not that Jurrjens is bad or anything, just don’t think he’s Montero valuable. Two years removed from his last really good season. Not saying Atlanta would go for this, but if I’m the Yankees I’m at least looking for a package of Jurrjens plus a pitching prospect.

      Hanson seems more intriguing to me. I have no idea what the situation is with his shoulder, though.

  • Hughesus Christo

    Anyone ever wonder why these kinds of talks always lead to NL guys?

    Let’s ponder…

    • Ed

      The NL has 16 teams, the AL has 14. We’re probably not trading with any AL East team, so there’s 9 realistic trade partners in the league. You’ve got almost 2:1 odds that we’ll target an NL player over an AL one.

      • FachoinaNYY

        Wow, you nailed that one.

        Well done, sir.

  • Jose M. Vazquez..

    I will give you the main reason why the Yankees should not trade Montero, but there are others. First, with the aging Arod, we do not have a power right handed bat anywhere in the system or trade available. Secondly, this guy is not just a prospect, he figures to be a perennial .300, 30Hr. 100+ RBI guy for many years to come. You cannot get this type of young hitter in the marketplace. I would not trade him for any of the three you mentioned except maybe Price but would have to ponder over it for a long time and probably would not do it in the end. You might say that bats are easy to find. I say not this kind.

    • Monteroisdinero


      Nobody excite$ the marketing/PR dept. like Jesus!!!

    • Ted Nelson

      I don’t think the Yankees will trade him, and I think it’s very likely that it will be the right decision not to trade him. I don’t think they should worry about what’s in their system at this moment, though. I think they should look at Montero’s value and the value of what they’d be getting back in a trade.

      They do have RH power bats on their team. They absolutely killed LHP this season. Baseball players are fairly liquid assets, and the Yankees can continue to add good bats and good prospects to make up for the loss of Montero if they trade him.

      Montero still is a prospect. A really good showing in his first taste of MLB is a whole lot better than a bad showing, but it’s somewhat like judging a prospect on his rookie-ball #s. Way too small a sample to pass judgement on. Shane Spencer and Shelley Duncan looked like HOFers through that many PAs too, and Ruben Rivera debuted very well too.

      To me what it comes down to is the production you expect from Montero vs. from whatever you would get back in the trade. There are financial and roster balance issues that complicate things beyond that, but that’s the jist of it.

      • Henry

        What an insult to even compare a hitter like Montero to players like Spencer and Duncan. They were fan favorites but Duncan was never a serious prospect. Spencer was more of an average prospect. No one ever that of them as you describe other than a few fans. Neither one ever looked like hall of fame material nor did anyone ever consider them that other than you. A very foolish post.

    • BK2ATL


      I also don’t think we should trade him. Not at this point. He’s on the cusp of a lot of things. I’d rather they happen with him in pinstripes.

      “he figures to be a perennial .300, 30Hr. 100+ RBI guy for many years to come. You cannot get this type of young hitter in the marketplace.”

      Ummm…”cough”…Dodgers are broke…..2012 Matt Kemp….and we’d keep Jesus.

    • william

      Oh yeah, perennial threat. Remember Ruben Rivera? Sell high on Monetero. Gary Sanchez is better.

      • Henry

        A know nothing baseball fan. Sanchez is a long way from the majors and is not as good a hitter as Montero. His catching might someday be better but we don’t really know that yet. Monty has 4 years of experienc catching. Sanchez is not better fool.

  • Yankeetim02

    You have to keep Montero!!! Especially for the reasons Jose M. Vazquez above said.

    Just sign Paul Maholm or better yet Mark Buehrle. If not then just bring back Freddy Garcia and have a rotation of CC, AJ, Nova, Garcia, and Hughes if healthy. If not add Hector Noesi, DJ Mitchell, David Phelps, or Adam Warren to the mix until Banuelos and Betances are ready mid-season!!!

  • Paul from Boston

    “He is not, in other words, a player the Yankees should trade for someone with one or two years remaining before free agency.”

    This seems extreme. No team ever trades a young pitcher with three years of team control. Even two years is very rare. For an unproven like Montero, that would be unheard of. The Yankees will make a trade to improve the 2012 team and more. You can easily replace a DH and they can easily support a $230M payroll.

    Matt Cain fits really well. The Giants can use Belt in the outfield. And Montero can help keep Posey fresh while mostly manning 1B. They also have Surkamp to go into the rotation. I’m just not sure I like Cain enough. There’s an argument there though and of course the trade is conditional on an extension.

  • gargoyle

    Please don’t trade the Jesus.

    • Rainbow Connection

      I’m hoping he’s traded just so I don’t have to read as many corny ‘Jesus’ jokes.

      • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher

        Best comment ever from you.

  • Foghorn Leghorn

    If they’ve kept him this long, I don’t see him getting traded.

    But then again, what the hell do I know? I’m just a big, fat, white chicken.

    • http://www.twitter.com/brandonholley B-Rando

      I agree. It doesn’t seem like he has substantially more value this year than this time last year. He’s still largely unproven. If we didn’t move him then, why would we move him this year?

  • pat

    You can’t trade him because I want to watch him shoot low outside fastballs into RF for the next 15 years.

  • Paul from Boston

    Who here would trade Montero and Banuelos for Kershaw?

    I sure would.

    • Slugger27

      me too.

    • pat

      It would hurt but I think you have to. Kershaw is too good and too young. Elite K/9 and BB/9 #’s and he’s only 23.

    • Brian S.

      Dodgers wouldn’t.

      • Paul from Boston

        12 years of team control for three?

        • Brian S.

          Kershaw is the left handed King Felix. It would take the entire farm for him.

    • http://www.twitter.com/brandonholley B-Rando

      Hell yeah you make that trade. No way the Dodgers would make that deal though.

  • David, Jr.

    If we sign Martin to a long term deal, it makes me start to doubt whether Montero has the kind of trade value that is portrayed here.

    If he isn’t a starting Catcher, can’t necessarily play another position, and therefore isn’t much more than a DH, he may not have extreme trade value.

    The best path could be to keep him and use him in a Victor Martinez hybrid way, as a DH and backup Catcher with a valuable bat.

    • Rainbow Connection

      They have a year to decide that.

    • Charles Hirsch

      The pitcher to go after is Matt Cain. Giants are separate for offense and have enough pitching to part with Cain. I believe he has one year left on deal so Yankees should ask for a window to get an extension.

      • Sarah

        This gets floated constantly and people do not realize the Giants aren’t trading Matt Cain and, in fact, planning to sign him to an extension this off-season. They can afford him. He’s not very likely to end up in pinstripes.

        The only pitcher on that staff available is Jonathan Sanchez, which no one around here wants.

        • mustang

          What a GM says this early and what they actually do are almost always two different things.

          • Sarah

            Except if the Giants want to contend for this year and years in the future, they need to keep Cain. So it makes no sense to trade him, there is no one to take his place in the rotation.

            They need offense, no doubt, but trading their big name pitchers is incredibly unlikely.

            Cain is just the most recent incarnation of the “let’s trade for King Felix” chant.

  • IB6 UB9

    Ozzie Guillen wants Montero. Offers Josh Johnson 1-for-1.

    Yes or no?

    • Jose M. Vazquez..

      I’d have to do an MRI on Johnson’s shoulder and elbow first. Secondly, I should like to see how he reacts in Spring training. If those tests are passed then I’d think about it for a while.

    • Brian S.

      I’d trade him for Mike Stanton!

  • mustang

    There is going to be a lot of very disappointed people here after this winter.

  • Yu aint Matsuzaka

    The best possible trade involving Montero the Yankees could’ve made was for Lee (that was actually substantiated to be true).

    I just don’t see teams trading their Young cost controlled or Aces or even the trioka of Lincecum/Hernandez/Kershaw either.

    Yankees are better off developing them.

    • Reggie C.

      Uhh … Yes. I agree with everything in the above post.

  • Lluisergi

    -Jeter ss
    -Grandy cf
    -Cano 2b
    -Arod 3b
    -Tex 1b
    -Jesus Dh
    -Swish Rf
    -Martin c
    -Gardner lf

    Bench; -Cerv, -Jones, -Chavez (or somebody, Laird maybe, but i’d prefer a LH), -Nuñez

    -Phil (running out of chances)

    -Colon (May be Freddy or somebody like that, i don’t really care)
    -Some injured lefty

    ’12 Opening day roster… and i’d be 0k with it.
    If this team, in deed, needs pitching i think i’d rather keep Montero and get Darvish (for “just” money) than the opposite. That’s just me of course, if Yu goes elsewhere sign Freddy and see how it goes into june or july.

    • Brian S.

      You forgot Joba

      • Lluisergi

        I think Joba won´t be ready for opening day… you’re right though, he could be taking that “injured lefty” spot by july or something like that.

    • Alex S

      I could live with this too. Darvish will cost money only(the greatest resource the Yankees have). Besides Betances and Banuelos are almost ready to enter the mix if not in 2012 in 2013. Trade Romine and Phelps for a lefty reliever. The only way I can put Banuelos and Montero in the same package is in a trade for Kershaw, King Felix or Tim Lincecum.

  • http://none Favrest

    Keeping our prospects after an impressive sample size of their ability has bit. If he’s going to land us an items lite arm, maybe, but the names listed above aren’t elite. They are good pitchers. Warren, Laird and Noesi for Latos. He’s simply not established yet. If we want to rely on a pitcher who can give us two strong months we’ll go with Phil Hughes.

  • mustang

    “The only scenario in which they should consider trading him involves a 25- to 28-year-old starter who has at least three more seasons of team control. He has to be an established starter, and his current team has to either 1) have enough of a pitching surplus that they can spare such a valuable arm, and 2) have a need for offense, particularly at first base or DH.”

    If your going to put these limitations yes it would be very unlike for Montero to be trade. However I truly doubt that Cashman is going to limit himself this much when he is out looking for “pitching, pitching and pitching”

  • Rich in NJ

    I’d much rather trade high on Martin.

  • mustang

    Your “The only scenario in which they should consider trading him ” describes the perfect scenario. How many times does that happen in trades?

    1- a 25- to 28-year-old starter (a must preferably left-handed)

    2-have a need for offense, particularly at first base or DH (of course filling the other teams need)

    3- have enough of a pitching surplus that they can spare such a valuable arm (depends maybe its a pitcher on a walk year… i.e. Cane, Danks. Easy boys just use them as examples)

    4- who has at least three more seasons of team control. (It would be very nice but its luxury especially with the lack of SP in MLB)

    • Kevin

      Yes, we should only trade a player with as much potential value as Montero for the perfect scenario. We aren’t trying to unload him, we’re exploring at what value returned would we trade him.

      • mustang

        Potential “offensive” value even in this posting Joe has him as a “DH” (non in NL) and a first baseman (which he has never played).
        And you said anything about “unload him”.
        So your looking for a perfect scenario for a player that is perfect offensively, but lacks defends. On top of that the perfect scenario you want is for the number need in the entire game.

        OK, then.

        • mustang

          And who said anything about “unload him”.

        • mustang

          the number 1 need in the entire

  • Alibaba

    I would trade him for Felix or Lincecum. I would have traded him for Lee.

  • bankers hours

    Trade Montero Hughes and Betances to Seattle for King Felix. If we have to pick up Chone Figgens disasterous contract at $9m per for 2 more years so be it. Move Arod to DH so he doesn’t become a dinosaur at 3rd base and might last some of his ridiculous 6 yrs at $27m. Sign Cubs 3b Rameriz who’s now a free agent. He’s right handed hits 300 and 25hrs and 100 rbi’s and actually had a better slash line than Cano last year. Lineup and starting pitching would be awesome, Jete Grandy Arod Cano Rameriz Tex Swish Martin and Gardy. Starters woud be CC Felix Nova AJ and Freddy, awesome. Felix costs 18m, Figgins $9 and Rameriz will cost $15, total increase is $42m. We lose Posada $13m Marte $4m Igewa $4m and Hughes apx $5m, total $26m. For a $16m annual increase this team is awesome, better lineup and better atarters.

    • william

      No, it’ll take Montero, Banuelos, and hughes to get Felix, without taking Figgin’s contract.Felix will be an instant ace, and he’s one level better than CC. However, Felix isn’t going anywhere.

      • bankers hours

        If it takes Montero Banuelos and Hughes do it. No 1 aces come along very rarely. In the playoffs having two No 1’s is huge. I realize it guarantees nothing but we’re the Yankees and don’t want to try and win with what we had in the rotation this year. We need the best to have the best chance, get Felix I don’t care who it costs.

  • william

    Good idea. Latos can be a future ace, and Montero is no sure thing.

  • Matt

    Jesus in my mind should only be traded for either King Felix or Kershaw, with the dodger’s financial situation they are in trouble. Felix is most definitely leaving Seattle, so why not cash in? They got Smoak in the Cliff Lee trade, now get a even better player in Montero and maybe Slade Heathcott and Brackman. A seattle nucleus of smoak, ackley, montero, pindea, and peguero isnt all that bad.
    WHY CANT THE YANKEES TRADE BOONE LOGAN? he is actually awful at getting lefties out. everygame he pitches he walks a batter, gives up a run and doesnt do anything against lefties, we need feliciano healthy or to get someone new for lefties

  • http://fendersonandhampton.com Cuso

    Trade Swisher for a pitcher. Sign Melky 3 years/18M.

    There’s your cheaper (better) option

  • Ray R

    You forgot to mention Michael Pineda, Joe. He’s better than Latos, younger and pitched in the AL – not the NL West. Also has 5 years of team control left. And he M’s certainly need offense.

    As long as we’re talking impossible dream trades, that is.

  • cranky

    As far as anyone knows, there is no great, sure-thing, top of the line young stud pitcher available on the trade market. Thus, there is no one worth trading away Jesus Montero to get.
    Latos would qualify, but for the fact that the Padres have no reason to trade him.
    And the Nats seem to be trying to build a winner asap, not trade away their best young players.
    If the Dodgers were to make Clayton Kershaw available, I’d give ’em Banuelos, Montero, +. But that’s not going to happen.

    The best trade chips which make sense to trade are: Romine, Phelps, Hughes, Noesi, and, if the right deal were to come along, Dellin Betances.
    But Montero? Banuelos? Nyet.

  • Doug

    Why isn’t Gallardo mentioned as a trade possibility? The Brewers will almost certainly be looking for a 1B to replace Fielder

  • http://google Jim Legg

    Keep Montero because Jesus saves. The kid pitchers are almost ready at Triple A, so you could have CC, AJ, Nova, Garcia and one of the kids … maybe Noesi. Montero can DH and maybe spell Tex at first or Swisher in right.

    • bankers hours

      A 21 yr old dh is a waste. I don’t think Montero will ever catch at the major league level. If he’s the lynchpin for Felix or Kershaw then he has to go, period. No 1 pitches are far more important than 21 year dh’s.

      • Henry

        Another idiot. Do you know anything about baseball. Monty is a decent DH/Catcher and that makes him very valuable. Romine is expendable if you want to make a trade.

  • Kosmo

    If the Yanks land Darvish and resign Garcia then it becomes:

    I can live with that.

  • Another Bronx Dynasty

    I think by sticking him to the DH role it slows his development as a ML player. Remember this is a kid who platued in AAA because he got bored. What do you think will hapen at the DH position. Also need to save that for A-Rod.

    I would really like to see them work on putting him in RF & have Bernie Williams and or Paul O’Neil work with him in spring trining to learn & master the position.

  • Tom

    What about Gio Gonzalez??? He’s a young stud with #1 stuff. I’d trade Montero, AJ, Swisher, Logan, and a prospect for Kershaw and Kemp.

    • Captain

      everyone pack up and go home. this trade proposal wins.

  • Bobby Rush

    Well it seems the Indians are inquiring about Montero(WGAR 1100 Sports Radio) i dont know but Jimenez be in the Mix?………….I HOPE NOT

  • Jonathan

    3 NL guys with a history of recent arm injuries….absolutely not. Latos is the most attractive but it’d be hard to trade Jesus for any of those 3 in my book. Especially when you could wait a year and have Jesus and just use money to sign one top flight pitcher. I know some guys will get hurt, some will sign extensions etc but out of all those studs that could be free agents after 2012 I’m betting at least one ends up available. It’s the Johan situation all over again.

    Who would you rather have: Mat Latos starting this year, or Jesus for this year and one or more of Hamels/Cain/Danks/Marcum/Greinke/Liriano if he’s healthy etc after this year?

    • Alex S

      I agree with you,lets wait for the free agent market in 2012 but at least bring Darvish this year. Nova could regress plus Hughes and AJ are big question marks…

  • http://riveraveblues sandy g

    latos is not the most attractive ,gio gonzalez of oakland can be had. how about a 3 team deal where the yankees get gio gonzalez from oakland and mat latos from san diego. the yankees give oakland montero and noesi and give san diego romine and betances plus warren.

    • Bobby Rush

      5 of there best Prospects for 2 starters lol come on man

  • http://riveraveblues sandy g

    you said it. prospects.i would trade a propect for a top young starter any time.

  • Tom

    Get Big Time Timmy Jim from the Giants and send them Montero

  • Robert Mackenzie

    As long as the Yanks get Darvish I will be happy. He is going to be the best pitcher to ever come out of Japan. I hope the Yanks don’t miss out on that.

    • Bobby Rush

      The last time the Yankees went after the Best Pitcher in Japan WELL ENOUGH SAID…………………Hideki Irabu

  • Henry

    Not many good baseball people here. Montero is going to be the dh because he has the bat for that spot and we need a dh. He is also going to be the backup catcher. Like it or not Montero can catch in the majors and is already better defensively than some catchers in the bigs. Can’t understate his value with his ability to catch partime in his first season.

  • Henry

    I also should add that we are getting desperate for younger players and he is without question the best we have. Best hitting prospect in baseball, “BaseballAmerica.”