Yankees, Garcia have mutual interest in 2012 reunion


Via Mark Hale and George King, the Yankees have interest in bringing Freddy Garcia back in 2012. “There’s definitely interest on their part and there’s interest on Freddy’s part in coming back,” said Garcia’s agent Peter Greenberg. The NY Post duo also reports that the Yankees are likely to offer Garcia arbitration, a Type-B free agent.

It’s very unlikely that Sweaty Freddy will repeat his 3.62 ERA, but his 4.12 FIP was almost exactly league average this past summer. Starters that can give a team 150 league average innings have definite value at the back of the rotation (Garcia threw 146.2 IP in 2011), which I assume is where the Yankees hope to use him next season. Now, if they’re counting on him to be their number three starter…

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  • Matt :: Sec110

    glad we won’t have to sweat this one out……

  • Nick

    what would they do with him? Long relief until somebody gets hurt?

    • Dave203

      At this point, there are no guarantees the Yanks can sign anyone else so at a minimum, he is insurance. If they are able to sign others, he’d be in the same situation as last year. There was no intention he would start the whole year when he was signed in 2011 and he will likely be placed in a similar role again. Between Nova/Hughes/AJ — someone is going to get hurt. Optimally, if we can find someone to take AJ off our hands, he can compete for the #5 spot.

      • Ro

        I’m convinced that AJ will be traded this offseason. Yeah I know, he sucks, he has no value. I think we’re all wrong about that how little value the guy has. I firmly believe that the Yankees could move him and half his contract to several teams. They open about $8mm-$9mm for the two years. Sign Garcia. Sign Darvish


        Remember for all you Joba haters out there. He’ll be back and I absolutely feel they should give the guy another shot (especially with Rothchild now handling pitching matters) at the rotation. With the repaired arm and getting him stretched out, this is his best chance to start again. Worst case, we’re back with him for an inning in the bullpen.

        That would be the story of the year for Joba to come back and dominate and go something like 14-4 with a 2.6 ERA and 185KO’s in 150 innings. I’m gonna ride off on my unicorn now.

        • Dave203

          I don’t think anyone is undervaluing AJ. We will officially get jack back for him just like the Braves got for Lowe. However, the true value is freeing up $$$ for players actually worth roster spots.

          I also don’t think people have forgotten about Joba. However, until he can pitch an entire season as a SP, I don’t know how anyone could reasonably rely on him to do so. Would love to give it a whirl, but we need a backup option in place in case he can’t.

        • The Big City of Dreams

          Joba will be back as a reliever. Cashman said as much in his interview with Francesa.

          • Dave203

            It wouldn’t be the first time they have flip flopped on Joba’s role…

        • mustang

          ” the story of the year” would be if people finally stop bring up Joba as a SP.

          That horse has been beaten, shot, stabbed, hung, set on fire, and made into mustard.

        • Alibaba

          I am pretty sure that the Yankees will not return Joba to the rotation. His story should be called “How not to destroy starting pitching prospects.”

    • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher (formerly Jorge)

      Is there someone you’re penciling into this rotation right now no one else knows about?

      Hughes (will probably have to earn it)

      That’s one, maybe two, spots. Once the PS3-style trade proposals and poster guarantees that Yu Darvish will be a Yankee AND rotatio-ready go away, Garcia may be as good as any other option out there until the kids are ready and better FAs hit the market.

      • Sarah

        Don’t forget the big plan to trade AJ.

      • Rainbow Connection

        Don’t forget EVERYONE said Cliff Lee would be a Yankee 2011. LOL.

        • Jim Is Bored

          HAHA you typed LOL in caps because you hate everything!

  • DZ

    Hope he comes back, teaching some of the younger guys how it pitch instead of just throw, that by itself could be worth the 3 million he would probably get. It would be great if Hughes could get that message. Also, Garcia just fits in pretty well, if he puts up a 4 era, the 2012 staff should be better than the 2011 staff.


    • Dave203

      If that is our staff for 2012, its going to be a rough season. Nova had great year, but as out #2 for the whole season, that’s a bit of leap. Garcia also had a great 2011, but expecting the same again anchoring your #3 spot is also a bit ambitious. Hughes can be great, but loves the DL so who the hell knows. AJ needs not comment — he is just painful to watch.

      Hopefully we can get someone like Yu on top of that plus a solid Vet. I would love Buerhle, but don’t see it happening. Even a flyer on Oswalt wouldn’t be terrible (salary terms dependent).

      • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher (formerly Jorge)

        2011 Garcia = Solid vet.

        That’s actually, if I had to guess, your most likely 2012 rotation right now, so I’d start getting used to the idea.

        • Dave203

          That’s a pretty questionable rotation IMO after CC, so hopefully not. While there have been some crazy trade proposals of late, I don’t think trading for someone like Danks or Cain is out of the question with what we have available to trade. There are only a few off-limits players and a lot of decent prospects that could get deals done.

  • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat


    I think they will now trade AJ and eat a big chunk of his contract just as the Braves did with Derek Lowe. Most likely to an NL team, but I truly believe they will move AJ.

    • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher (formerly Jorge)

      You assume that:

      1) The Yankees would bite and overpay Wilson
      2) Darvish has the current capability of being a #2 starter in the majors.

      Also, remember that the true belief that they move AJ you’re experiencing is more likely to turn out to be gas.

      • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

        I never ever ever ever thought the Braves would move Derek Lowe.

  • Benjamin Kabak

    I wonder what sort of money Chien-Ming Wang wants and I wonder what state his shoulder is in. If he’s healthy, I’d say he has better upside than Freddy for what is likely to be a deal worth similar dollars, if not less.

    • Dave203

      It’s been too long for me since Wang has actually proven to be decent. Just like Webb, there is a life expectancy of a pitcher who relies on his sinker the way they both did. I can’t see taking Wang over Garcia especially after last season when Garcia actually proved he could still pitch. Not saying Garcia will repeat 2011, but he has a better chance of doing that than Wang does of repeating his 2006-2007 stats IMO.

    • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher (formerly Jorge)

      Minor league contract? Why not? I’d love to see him regain form in pinstripes, however unlikely that may be.

    • JohnnyC

      David P. at YankeesSource throws out the name Wei-Ying Chen, a Taiwanese lefthander pitching in Japan who is probably going FA this Fall/Winter. He’s 26, throws low-90s (touches 95)with a slider and forkball for secondary pitches. No posting fee is necessary since he is not a Japanese national.

  • bg90027

    I don’t know what to make of this. I think he’s going to cost too much to bring him back as “insurance” or to compete for a back-end starter role. He’s not good enough to want to count on him as a #3 starter but if you assume he’s coming back as a #4-5 then if they acquire a #2 either:

    (1) they plan to trade AJ or Hughes;
    (2) Hughes to the bullpen; or
    (3) they’ll sign Freddy as insurance that they don’t get a #2-3 but trade him, AJ, or Hughes if they are able to get one of them.

    I appreciate the year Garcia had last year but at a higher guarantee, I’d probably be inclined to let him walk and look to acquire a #2 and take a couple of low risk flyers on guys to compete with Hughes/Burnett/Noesi/Warren for the 4-5 spots. If they failed to get a #2 and Freddy was still out there in February/March he might look like a decent consolation prize as someone that won’t require a multi year deal but is a good bet for 150+ IP. I don’t think there’s an obvious role for him now as things stand though.