Yankees have expressed interest in Grady Sizemore

Scouting The Free Agent Market: George Sherrill
Sabathia finishes fourth in AL Cy Young voting

Via Jerry Crasnick (Insider req’d), the Yankees are one of at least eight teams to express interest in Grady Sizemore and may have requested his medical reports. The medical stuff is pretty standard, so I wouldn’t ready much into it at all.

The 29-year-old Sizemore is reportedly looking for a one-year contract to rebuild his value, sorta like Adrian Beltre did with the Red Sox. He’s had five surgeries since 2009 (one on each knee, one on his left elbow, and two for sports hernias), which is why he’s only played 210 games over the last three seasons after playing in at least 157 games every year from 2005-2008. Sizemore has hit just .234/.314/.413 when healthy over the last three years, and frankly I’m not sure what the Yankees would do with him. He’s obviously looking to play everyday if he wants to rebuild his value on a one-year deal. I don’t really see the fit, but there’s no harm in kicking the tires.

Scouting The Free Agent Market: George Sherrill
Sabathia finishes fourth in AL Cy Young voting
  • Short Porch

    Well they fixed about everything. Why not take a flyer?

  • mustang

    “He’s obviously looking to play everyday if he wants to rebuild his value on a one-year deal. I don’t really see the fit,”

    “The fit” comes if they are thinking of trading Swisher and taking a chance on Sizemore who either works out or later can be replace by someone like Yoenis Cespedes just a theory.

    • MannyGeee

      OK I have to know…

      If everyone seems to concur that trading elite players for a player with only one year of control left is stupid (especially when its our elite talent)…

      and every Yankee fan seems to be convinced that Nick Swisher is so bad that he should be replaced by an unprovan Cuban kid and/or Grady Sizemore’s corpse…

      then someone explain to me how in the holy fcking hell is ‘Trade Swisher for Pitching’ supposed to happen?


      • Ed

        Sure, here’s a stab at it.

        First, you’re not trading Swisher for an ace, you’re looking at a deal for a #2/#3 type. Second, you’re probably not trading for a long term player. Think someone with 1-2 years of control left. Swisher for Marcum was thrown around on RAB as an example. That’s probably a pretty fair trade. Finally, to round out the package, some B prospects might be necessary if the pitcher is on the better end of this range.

      • Rainbow Connection

        People are looking at ‘an unprovan Cuban kid’ for 2013.

        • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher

          …..who they first heard of last week.

  • Zooboy

    Don’t kick the tires too hard; they might break.

    • MannyGeee


      (the sound of the tire popping & deflating from excessive kicking)

  • Lazy Bones Andruw Jones

    Might be a ploy to drive the price up on the Red Sox. With Drew’s contract up I would think they’d be all over Sizemore for a one year commitment.

    • http://bleedingyankeeblue.com Jesse

      That’s probably what they’re doing.

  • http://bleedingyankeeblue.com Jesse

    Four letters: P.A.S.S

    Re-sign Andruw. There’s your fourth outfielder.

  • Mike

    I like Sizemore , just not sure how the Yanks can utilize him ? Doesn’t seem like a fit to me

  • David Ortiz’s Dealer

    My guess would be flip Swish, and a platoon of Jones/Sizemore in RF…

    As much as I like Sizemore when health, and he seems likeable enough I dont see the fit.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/cfrs15 Robert

    Sign Sizemore, trade Swisher for pitching.

  • Gonzo

    You think Sizemore and his agent look at Kemp’s new deal and think what could have been?

  • SRB

    Thinking about “kicking the tires” on an outfielder, what about Nate McClouth- Pretty solid for the Pirates until his tailspin in Atlanta- Worth a look?

    • FIPster Doofus

      Mike Francesa would … well, he’d be really happy.

      • Gonzo

        HA! Didn’t he want to trade AJax and Hughes for McClouth?

      • Cris Pengiucci

        … Is that a pencil in you pocket Mike?? :-)

  • Ben

    Why not? We have limited OF prospects and this is worth the risk. There is a ton of upside to this deal and I can’t see Jones duplicating last year or Swish improving on his playoff history.

    • Steve (different one)

      Because he will be hurt and now you are starting Chris Dickerson in RF because you traded Swisher and passed on Jones.

      • Ben

        There is no need to trade Swish just offer Sizemore some at bats and spell him for defense late in games that he starts with Gardner. He also could get games when Swish covers for Tex when we DH him. Additionally he can act as a hedge for Swish once the calendar turns to Oct.

  • RetroRob

    A healthy Sizemore wouldn’t be a part-time player. He’d take Gardner’s spot. Unfortunately, a healthy Sizemore is something that hasn’t been seen in years.

  • Dan

    Am I the only one who thinks the chances of Swish finally continuing his above average reg season hitting into the playoffs are MUCH better than taking a flyer on “China Doll” Sizemore spending less than 6 weeks on the DL?

    Outside of a few boneheaded OF plays, Swish has been exactly what you look for in your RF. People really need to stop these grandiose plans of flipping him and Pena for Marcum. I’m just confused as MannyGeee.

    • Rainbow Connection

      Why do you need an All-Star at every position? Let the big money guys carry the team, like they’re supposed to.

    • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher

      We also need to stop reaction to people who base their opinion of a player like Nick Swisher on a five-game sample. Let them live out their PS3 fantasies by themselves.

      • Ben

        this is no five-game sample…For his career Swish has played in 9 series – with 124 at bats translating to a .169 BA. He is a terrific clubhouse presence and regular season player we need post-season performers. I say keep Swish and bring in Sizemore (there is a lot more upside for a possible healthy Grady who is eager to prove himself again). Of course I would prefer Jones but he will be getting starting gig offers soon enough.

        • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

          You should look at Robinson Cano’s first ~124 at-bats in the playoffs before deciding they have any predictive value.

  • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher

    The only way this fits is Grady as a fourth-outfielder option if they don’t bring back Jones. He is not a better option than anyone currently in their outfield, and there’s no reason to rock the boat just to rock the boat.

    That being said, as a fourth-outfielder option not in the Marcus Thames role, he’d be an option. Sure.

  • Tim

    Mr Cashman,

    I would strongly recommend vetting Sizemore and considering him for a spot of the roster. I would not, however, recommend drinking out of any tea cups if he invites you to his house.


  • well you know

    It’s Opening Day 2012 and there’s a RHP on the mound. Who is the Yankee DH? Are the Yankees going to plan their offseason on the presumption that Montero can fill that role?

    If not, a lefty bat is going to be signed. And perhaps the Yanks want one who can also play the field. Sizemore isn’t a great solution, from his perpsective or the team’s, but could be why the Yanks are rummaging around.

    • keith

      oh, good to see that Montero is now a platoon player.

      • well you know

        That wouldn’t be my call. But the point is, if the Yanks want options, now is the time they would have to sign someone. They couldn’t wait until the end of spring training and make a judgment based on Montero’s performance.

  • Greg

    Might as well just bring Jorge back if you’re going to do this. At least he’ll stay healthy and hits in the playoffs.

  • camilo

    grady over gardy?! yup!

  • Stevie K

    The Yankees should sign him and take a gamble by making him a slightly above reasonable offer. I wouldn’t go crazy as I’m sure a team like the Nationals could do where you’re giving an injury risk elite outfielder money then you casn have him. He’s a low risk high reward guy and should stay that way…it defeats the purpose if the bidding war puts him into elite free agent money status. The upside and what this guy has the potential of is worth it. Don’t count him out. Didn’t Lance Berkman seem done before this year and look where the Cardinals went with taking a chance on him this year. It’s not like Sizemore’s a Nick Johnson signing bust because of the upside in many offensive and defensive categories. Sign Andrew Jones and platoon Sizemore with him and trade Gardner or just platoon Sizemore and Gardner and see if Sizemore stays healthy to play it safe. He’s only 29–same age as Gardner with tremendous upside. Gardner doesn’t have that upside I think what you’ve seen out of him is what you’ll get. Swisher is a fixture…I like the sound of that :) People like to knock him for his recent playoff failures but Yankees fans should remember that Tino Martinez sucked in the playoffs for a while then became a clutch World Series home run hitter. There’s a reason why Swisher’s option was exercised immediately by the Yankees even though Beltran seems like a more attractive option. Don’t think Beltran’s personality would bring the same energy…quite an understatement. Swisher brings the most intangibles to the team and will give you close to 30 hrs 100 rbis and might surprise you with his average and go on two to three week tears that will carry the team. Gardner’s the one you should consider trading instead. If the Yankees gamble with Sizemore pays off you have another speed/power/Gold Gove caliber outfielder along with Granderson getting the most out of two players. Dangle Gerdner in a trade for pitching I’m sure there’s a lot of teams with pitching the Yankees covet in need of speed and a guaranteed 40 stolen bases a year. The Yankees have speed already with Granderson and Nunez, who I’m sure will get considerable playing time..and then Sizemore who definitely does not have the same speed as Gardner but still can move around the bases better than most. Should Sizemore go down to injury and Gardner is traded I’m sure the Yankees have a few internal options to play around with and can cut their losses for a better bet then some of their other gambles in recent years like Kei Igawa, Pedro Feliciano, Carl Pavano, Damaso Marte, or Nick Johnson who never really had the same upside as Sizemore (with the exception of Igawa who never really reached that upside..another understatement :) but like I said don’t break the bank for him..let the Nationals or Red Sox do that to keep their overpaid free agent bust signing streak alive! Sizemore’s worth the risk–there’s a reason why so many teams are interested in him. SIGN HIM!!

  • Stevie K

    …one other thing..if the Yankees get Sizemore at a “low risk” deal and trade Gardner, sign Jones and then should Sizemore go down to injury they can move Nunez to the outfield and they don’t lose much–just a few dollars that they gambled away. Nunez will steal almost as many if not more bases than Gerdner and has more upside with the bat and will definitely give you more power then Gerdner so signing Grady and trading Gerdner seems like a good move with low risk and you could potentially net another decent starting pitcher, gain more power in left field either way you look at it but only lose the extra stolen bases and get slightly (but not by much) less defense out there in left field depending on a healthy Sizemore or Nunez in left field.

    • Kevin

      No. Nunez learning to play the outfield != Gardner’s awesome defensive ability.

  • Manimal

    I know its not going to happen but just think of how awesome it would be to have Gardner, Grandy, and Grady all in the same outfield. Im pretty sure the UZR data collector would just explode.

    • Ben

      Love it….but Sterling would have a stroke…