Yankees sign lefty Juan Cedeno

Yanks express interest in Kyle Drabek
Open Thread: 42 for 42

Via Matt Eddy, the Yankees have signed left-hander Juan Cedeno to a minor league contract. The 28-year-old pitched for the Rio Grande Valley White Wings of the independent North American Baseball League this past season, striking out 65 and walking just ten in 43 relief innings. According to the club’s sabermetric pitching stats page, he also had a Power Fitness Ration of 1.744. I don’t know either.

Before heading to the indy leagues, Cedeno spent a bunch of time in the Red Sox’s and Royals’ farm systems. He also did a year in Korea. Cedeno had some major control problems earlier in his career (78 BB in 90.1 IP in 2006), but he did a nice job of limiting the free pass in 2011. It’s a shot in the dark signing that carries zero risk, sometimes these lefty relievers come out of nowhere to contribute decent innings at the big league level. Throw the kid in Double-A and see what happens.

Yanks express interest in Kyle Drabek
Open Thread: 42 for 42
  • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher

    By the power of Edwar Ramirez!

  • Will (the other one)

    Ah, yes, the old Power Fitness Ration! I’m always a fan of pitchers who throw more Power Pitches than Fitness Pitches.

    • Peter R

      I thought CC has demonstrated that the Power Fitness Ration is one purely of Captain Crunch.

      Yup a pseudo-fat joke.

  • dc1874

    With a last name like that he WILL be great…anyone remember Cesar Cedeno he could do EVERYTHING..one of my favorite players growing up..

  • Plank

    I’m sick and tired of the Yankees signing guys with middle of the pack Power Fitness Rations.

    R Sanchez has a PFR over 4. That’s a lot of Ration. Not like this joker Juan Cedeno and his measly 1.744.

    At least it’s taken to the thousands place so you can get a real impression of a guy’s ability.

    • Gonzo

      Exactly! Why can’t they hire real Saber guys?

      I bet every Red Sox player has a 3+ PFR. Dollars to donuts.

      • Plank

        Let’s not be hasty. Dollars to donuts is a difficult conversion to make.

        • Tom Swift

          Not at my Dunkin’ Donuts.

          • http://jukeofurl.wordpress.com Juke Early

            Wish I lived near a Dunkin Donuts…

            • http://cnnsi Bev

              come to canada there is a tim hortons on every corner

    • Play Da’rel Scott Now

      We need more lemon pledge

    • Plank

      On second reading, I think a lower Power Fitness Ration is better, although Ks clearly raise it. Hmm…

  • Always Sunny in CP

    I remember that he was in Korea 2 years ago for Doosan Bears. Their team’s fans do not have fond memory of him… he could throw into 90’s from that left arm but always had inconsistent command and control. I wished him the best of luck and kinda pleasantly surprised to see him signed by Yanks

    • Plank

      Do you live in Seoul? I’ve lived there for the last 6 years.

      • Always Sunny in CP

        I was actually born and raised in Seoul but I go to a university near DC now. I do follow Korean baseball though and Cedeno was actually on eof the most memorable foreign players in KBO. I miss Seoul, dude

  • J.R.

    Would the $100,000 retention fee apply to him if the Yankees kept him in AA or AAA?

  • Martin

    well let’s see how this plays out. if he can help nothing wrong with that.

  • http://yankeemedicrecords.com LemdaGem

    It all boils down to conditioning, stamina and the ability to throw consistently in the strike zone. If this kid throws above the mid-80 MPH range and can jack it up in the early 90’s with late breaking action and a “heavy” ball he will do fine. A bullpen never has enough lefties that can throw strikes when they’re needed and induce ground balls and pop ups.

  • Jenda

    I am a lifelong Yankee fan. What has happened to the Yankees trying to find the best pitchers for the rotation. Decide which pitchers will give us the best chances of winning (whether by free agents, farm system, or trade) and lets make the team better. We see that offense without effective pitching at every rotation spot leads to failure. World Series or bust in 2012.