Cashman doesn’t have high hopes for completing a deal next week

Sabathia on same conditioning program as last offseason
Rosenthal: Darvish likely to be posted after winter meetings

Via Chad Jennings, Brian Cashman isn’t very optimistic about being able to finish off some deals at the winter meetings next week. “I just think there’s a lot of players out there that I would be interested in acquiring, but I prefer trying to do that under the radar if you can,” said the GM. “The realistic aspect of actually being able to conclude something (next week), I don’t have high hopes.”

“At the end of the day, we’re ready to move on something if it makes sense,” added Cashman. “I’ll make a recommendation to ownership and they can bless it or they can tell me no, but right now we’re going to go to Dallas, we’re going to continue to engage — I’ve stayed engaged via email, text, phone, in person, it doesn’t matter – but we’re set in a lot of places, we really are. Could it be better? It’s my job to try to find ways to make it better.”

I suspect some of this is posturing, but the offseason as a whole (for all teams) has been moving slowly. The Yankees will probably make a minor move or two next week, perhaps getting rid of one of their out-of-options outfielders, but I’m not expecting anything significant. I’m welcome to being surprised though.

Sabathia on same conditioning program as last offseason
Rosenthal: Darvish likely to be posted after winter meetings
  • http://yesnetwork stuart phillips

    cashman is a ak,looking to save steinbreeners money

  • ryan

    He doesn’t have high hopes for next week because NInja Cashman is going to pull something off tonight!

    • CJ

      Besides signing Tex, how did Cashman get this ninja reputation for stealth moves? Cash ninja should have signed vladimir Guerrero before the warlord got to Sheffield.

      • FachoinaNYY

        Ninja refers to Cashman’s ability to hide moves from the public, not from ownership.

        • CJ

          Besides Tex, which deals were hidden from public? Granderson, CC, AJ, Jaret Wright, Giambi were all leaked to public prior to deals.

          • Mike R. – Retire 21

            Swisher came out of nowhere. The Javier Vasquez move wasn’t broken until less than 24 hours before it was confirmed. I’m sure there are others.

          • Sayid J.

            Vazquez, Swisher, Cliff Lee (almost). And although Granderson was leaked to the public before the actual completion of the deal, the point is that there were no rumors about a deal being discussed AT ALL until they were in the finalizing stages.

  • Jamey

    A lot of fans might not like the approach but I think it is good for The Yankees & free agency in the long run. Agents need The Yankees as interested suitors to drive up bidding, and it seems (more so than years past) recently that using the Yankees as a means to get the team they really want to sign with to pony up has been really bad. The checkbook isn’t always enough, & since realistically he can only negotiate with so many players at once Cashman can’t afford to waste time on guys that have no intention on playing in New York. Maybe some years he can, but looking at 2012 free agency there’s no chance. This can also maybe set a precedent for free agents that DO have interest in being Yankees but play the “well we’re gonna need more money if he’s going to come to New York”. While it isn’t a huge deal, it is clear that in the “Post Boss” era of the New York Yankees they’re operating with somewhat of a budget, instead of win at any cost it might be win at a competitive but not endless cost. This isn’t going to effect how The Yankees approach players like Cliff Lee, Sabathia & Tex, but it will effect how they approach guys like Burnett, Pavano, etc. Also we have to consider the tightened rules on IFA’s & spending for late round draft picks, it puts the Yankees in a spot where they’re going to need results from free agency more than ever before.

    • Grit for Brains

      I don’t think there is much indication that in the 2 year young post-Boss era there is that much of a budget. The fact is they are locked into several big contracts taking up lineup spots, positions and roster spots which make video game like signings impossible. 3 yrs/ 30 million for an 8th inning guy suggests a hard budget is not in place. If someone fits a need they’ll do the best they can to get that player. I’d say the most likely big money signing this year would be Darvish and obviously the posting fee doesn’t count toward the annual payroll figure but it’s still money…Next offseason I don’t think they’ll be very limited either. Depending on how things shake out they may try to sign two starters.

  • CJ

    It sounds like Cashman is itching to make a deal or two. He is saying enough to hint that he has trade proposals that are least warm. For example, he may have a deal for a John danks that makes sense but he is waiting on a garza deal to take shape or not before he pulls the trigger.

    • nick blasioli

      i hope you are right…the way the pitching staff is now..really sucks in my opinion…

      • Steve (different one)

        Cashman needs to upgrade the #2 spot in the rotation. There is no question that has to happen before October, be it from fa, trade, or within. But saying the pitching staff sucks is a little over the top, IMO.

        You need ~1450 innings from your staff. About 40% of those innings come from your bullpen. The Yankee bullpen in no way “sucks”. CC will provide another 15% of those innings. CC does not suck. Same with Nova.
        Another quality starter would make this a staff that is very capable of winning a championship.

        They need another starter. That is not the same as saying the entire pitching staff sucks.

        Hopefully we land that starter soon.

  • Gonzo

    Just out of curiosity. What would Nunez fetch in terms of a prospect? Like a A- or A+ level prospect.

    Just pure curiosity, not advocating it.

    • candyforstalin

      b-, maybe b. definitely not higher than that.

      • Gonzo

        Yeah, I was wondering if a team would give up a top 100 prospect for him.

    • bobtaco

      It would be nice to get Vizcaino back from ATL for him… not happening though…

  • BigBSArteest

    There is nothing that the Yankees need that is in short supply. For example, we have plenty of Catchers. Cash is in the drivers seat, and will let the trades flow to him. A true Ninja style GM, unlike Theo who is probably already feeling the pressure. I say wait Theoout, and grab Garza at the right moment after the Winter Meetings.

  • Grit for Brains

    This is a funny piece Mike linked to at MLBTR about the last time Cash fleeced Kenny Williams…Hope he can do it again.

  • Dropped Third Superstar

    I hope Ninja cash makes an appearance soon because this is boring.

  • nsalem

    I think Cashman is giving a clear assessment. Unless something falls into his lap nothing will be done. He can afford to deal from strength. This winter I hope we make our changes through FA rather than trade. We have a good enough team now to wait until July. If a trade needs to be made then we may be able to get more bang for our “prospect bucks” then we can now. It may be a gamble to wait and start the season without a true number two, but the trade pickings are awfully slim right now and things could be very different by summertime

    • Cris Pengiucci

      Agree. While the rotation is far from perfect, the rest of the team seems to be in pretty good shape. Bench players generally get signed later in the off-season anyway. If the right deal doesn’t fall into his lap, either through a FA or a good trade, stay with what you got and see how things play out. Plenty of possible starting pitchers await their chance in AAA.

    • David, Jr.

      I agree with this.

      He doesn’t need to necessarily do anything, because he can retain assets for the future and still have a team that has a high probability of at least making the playoffs.

      Simple, boring, but true.

  • http://NYBronxBombers24-7 Brian L

    You never know with Cashman it always seems like he pulls off some big trade or signing. Then when you thinks he’s done he gets a another big deal done

  • CMP

    Let’s hope his 18 month long quest to get a legitimate number 2 to put beside CC is going to be successful because the chances of getting over 5 WAR combined from bargain bin rejects like Colon and Garcia is unlikely.

    • Cris Pengiucci

      But the possibility still exists that Hughes and AJ can be much better than they were last year. I remain ever the optimist.

      • CJ

        I bet Hughes will definitely be better 15 wins. AJ won’t be worse 2009-2010.

  • BronxBombers98

    By reading Cashman’s last few quotes in his press releases, I get the feeling he is working on some type of big move, just the way he’s been wording everything lately.

    • CJ

      Agreed. Something is close but I bet it won’t be Nina-like (danks, garza, Gio Gonzalez) in that order of probability. The ninja stealth deal if it should materialize has probably already been posted on this site.

  • CJ

    Freddy Garcia signing was a waste. Rotation should be

    Danks, Garza or Gio if either could be had for any prospects other than montero/Banuelos.

    • nsalem

      Freddy Garcia had as many quality starts as Hughes and Burnett put together. Though he can’t throw over 90 miles he has demonstrated the ability to go 3 times around a line-up a skill that is necessary for a starting pitcher and one that both Hughes and Burnett at this point in time lack.
      Also you listed six starters, so are you proposing six man rotation. What makes you think that Danks, Garza or Gio could be had without giving up Manny or Jesus, please cite these sources. I think the waste here is your post not the Garcia signing.

  • CJ

    Any thoughts on the availability and cost for Chad Billingsley? Usefulness and cost of Wade Davis?

  • Steve (different one)

    I think twitter has ended the days of the ninja. The ninja referred to trades that absolutely came out of nowhere, that the very first we heard of them was after they already happened. Chacon for wilson, jaret wright to the orioles, etc. Had nothing to do with the quality of the trades, just his ability to keep the process completely silent. The signing of Johnny Damon was another ninja move. Completely out of nowhere. Don’t think it could happen in today’s environment, where we have out loyal RAB writers physically at the winter meetings relaying every rumor going around. Not better or worse, just different.

  • Ken

    I think Garza should be the primay target (w/o completely selling the farm). He’s a proven AL East commodity! If we can make a deal for him, u gotta believe we could send AJ Burnett to the NL (eating some salary). Why not talk to the Braves (AJ, Nunez, and cash/seconday prospects) for J-Hey? Also, would love to see them move Rafael Soriano. He’s a bum! Robertson is better and Joba will be back…………….

    • nsalem

      You’re 100% right Ken. It’s a bad idea to have too much quality in the bullpen. If we can get rid of Soriano maybe we can can Mitre back.

    • Steve (different one)

      AJ and Nunez for Heyward sounds totally reasonable. Can’t think why he Braves wouldn’t do that.

      • RetroRob

        I don’t know. I think we might be giving up too much, although I suppose if the Braves really push we can toss in a major piece, like Cervelli.

        Seriously, though, when was the last time the Yankees “threw money in” on a trade? It used to happen pretty reguarly back in Big Stein’s days, but I can’t think of a recent case. In fact, when the Yankees traded for A-Rod, it went the other direction, with the Rangers throwing in a lot of money. I think A-Rod only cost the Yankees about $16 million per during his peak seasons. One of the better deals the Yankees have made. Unfortunately, that second contract is another story.

  • Bronx Byte

    Burnett and Nunez to the Braves can be lived with as long as Prado comes to the Yankees and Atlanta eats half of Burnett’s salary.

    • RetroRob

      That’s probably what it’ll take, considering guys like Capuano just signed for $5 million.

  • http://yes jim

    Cash is done with the roster. Garcia, Nix, O’Conner from the Mets. Noesi, Laird, Dickerson, and Kontos in reserve. Anything else would interfere with climbing down the building.

  • Perry

    I’d take Joba over AJ in the starting lineup. Who do we have to add to get rid of him, even if we have to pay most (all) of AJ’s salary? Garza would be great acquisition, knows the division and won’t cost Wilson crazy money

  • RetroRob

    Part of Cashman’s goal is to talk down the market. Doesn’t serve him or the Yankees for teams to think he needs to do something. That’s why signing Garcia early in the season was important as he can maintain a straight face during negotiations for trades or free agents that he basically has intact his 97-win team from last season and doesn’t have to do anything. I don’t expect anything major during the Winter meetings, although it’s possible. I do expect another starting pitcher before Spring Training. Who knows, maybe Darvish.

  • Ken

    I think J-Hey is a great buy low player. His swing is perfect for the Bronx!