Entire coaching staff will return in 2012


Joe Girardi just finished talking with the media, and the only significant piece of news he shared is that the entire coaching staff will return next season. No one really had a chance to be let go, but now it’s confirmed. I’ll have a recap of the entire presser up soon … hopefully.

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  • JohnC

    Bobby Valentine just announced to the assembled media that ‘he hates the Yankees and doesn’t want to waste the time talking about them’

    • Jose M. Vazquez..

      That’s good. Let’s get ready to rumble!

    • Monteroisdinero

      Implosion central. Bobby V-the ticking time bomb.

    • Soriano Is A Liar

      Uh oh, the sox will gain 5 wins in the standings just from this announcement! We better watch out…

    • ADam

      I can’t wait for the sox first 6 game losing streak…

      • Soriano Is A Liar

        You mean opening day? ZING

        • ADam


    • Adam

      Yes, I know Bobby V…we all heard you commentating on ESPN.

  • CANO FAN #1

    Mark buehrle to miami 4 years 58M