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"Will anyone ever offer me a contract Yadi?" "Si." (Christian Petersen/Getty)

I have a feeling the entire baseball world is still recovering from the winter meetings. Friday was pretty slow compared to the rest of the week, though that’s not really surprising. Things will start to pick back up once the Yu Darvish posting period ends next Wednesday, which should kick-start the Edwin Jackson market. Prince Fielder will get serious about signing one of these days now that Albert Pujols is off the market as well.

Anyway, here is tonight’s open thread. There’s nothing going on as far as local sports guy, but after a week of rumors and trades and free agent signings, I suggest going out and living a little.

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  1. Preston says:

    D-backs rumored to be getting Trevor Cahill and Craig Breslow without giving up Parker, Bauer or Skaggs. Wish we were making that move…

    • Granderslam says:

      I think they said that Bauer would have to be a PTBNL in the deal. Olney also mentioned the possibility of a Rangers-A’s deal for Gio.

    • Ted Nelson says:

      You wish the Yankees were giving up (arguably) two of their three best prospects for Cahill and Breslow?

    • Steve (different one) says:

      What is so special about Cahill?

      • Preston says:

        He’s young, team controlled for three years and gets a lot of ground balls. I don’t know that he’s “special”, but he’s a 2-3 WAR starter, which is pretty good. The original rumor had them not including any of their top pitchers. Parker being included changes the deal for me. Banuelos is probably the only pitcher that would be comparable to Parker and I’m not willing to trade him for Cahill.

  2. Ray Fuego says:

    Any validity to the Kuroda to the Yanks rumors?

    • Urban says:

      The only rumor I’ve heard is they made an offer, which is unconfirmed. At the right price, I can certainly see it happening, but he’s certainly going to have more teams interested in him beyond the Yankees.

  3. Eirias says:

    A day late but… Tim McCarver receiving the top broadcaster award from the BBWAA for “major [media] contributions to the sport of baseball” just does not compute.

  4. Granderslam says:

    a’s expected to get parker and cowgill in deal being discussed for cahill with #dbacks. az trying to build off great 2011

  5. Eirias says:

    I read a piece recently that made a brief mention of studies that demonstrated that arm dominance (handedness) in starting pitchers doesn’t matter.

    This certainly seems wrong, but the point of metrics is to question so… do such studies exist? I can’t seem to find any through a cursory Google search, but is anyone else aware of them?

    • Preston says:

      You’d certainly think it matters less to starters. If they couldn’t pitch to both RHB’s and LHB’s they couldn’t be an effective starter. I think as Yankee fans we stress the imporance of having LHP’s because of the short porch in right and the fact that Boston’s line-up is currently pretty left-handed.

  6. Urban says:

    I see the Rays locked up Moore for five years, with three team options. Very team favorable, although always a risk with young pitchers.

    It does get me to wondering, though, if the Yankees should selectively consider a Longoria/Moore deal with a Montero is he has a good year in 2012. Even if Yankeedom, if the Yankees can save more money in the outer years of his contract then that will help with the luxury tax, and open up money for other free agents. I wouldn’t do it often, but I would just rule the idea out because the Yankees have more resources than the Rays.

  7. Granderslam says:

    trade of cahill and breslow from a’s to #dbacks for 3 prospects (incl parker) is now done, as others have reported.

    • Ted Nelson says:

      Yeah it’s interesting idea. Could even do it now for Moore money. Like that deal a lot for Tampa and even more for Yankees. Worst case out $3 mill per for 5 years, best case save a ton of money.

      If Jesus beasts this season I’d have to think the price goes up significantly.

  8. Rey22 says:

    Cahill, your Yankee beatdowns will be missed.

  9. Granderslam says:

    Now that it’s over, can the Yankees get Garza or Danks now? Thanks.
    …I wish it was that easy.

    • Dave203 says:

      The trade market is really not in full gear quite yet. I think once Darvish comes off the market next week, it will pick up the pace. That would leave only Jackson left in the #3 starter range so that should kick off some trades.

      I could care less what the Yanks bid for Darvish as long as his actual contract isn’t psychotic and keeps us from paying another starter come 2012. I’m actually hoping we can sign him to a DiceK like contract which was 6/50. I know that’s less than what he’s making in Japan, but there is a price to pay for the opportunity to play in MLB vs NPB. He’s not a FA until after the 2014 season so he only chance for the next 3 years to play MLB is through the posting system.

  10. JohnnyC says:

    Rays’ problem is still sub-par offense (that and the fact they could just as well play their home games in a television studio). Amazing rotation, decent bullpen, and crappy offense.

  11. V says:

    So… the Diamondbacks:
    1) Overpay for Haren
    2) Don’t get enough back when trading Haren
    3) Overpay for Cahill


  12. Granderslam says:

    The D’Backs might trade Joe Saunders now.

  13. Dave203 says:

    Completely unrelated…


  14. mustang says:

    With Trevor Cahill deal done Gio not going anywhere. Go after Darvish (prayer that he is what they think) and let see what Montero can do.
    Oh well a bit disappointed.

    • Granderslam says:

      Gio could still get dealt.

      • Dave203 says:

        One of these days, Oakland will stop being the leagues farm team. They are always trading everyone away. Somehow, they still don’t have the best farm. Craziness…

      • Preston says:

        I think with Cahill gone it’s more likely that Gio get’s dealt. They can’t compete with the Angels or Rangers, they’re scrapping it and waiting for the move to San Jose.

        • Granderslam says:

          I agree. I wouldn’t mind Gio. I just would never give up Montero and Banuelos for his services. A package around Betances though is something to ponder, for sure.

          • Dave203 says:

            Agree, but I just hate pitchers who solely rely on breaking ball working to be effective (AJ, if you’re reading, that would be you!).

            • Preston says:

              Parker is a more highly regarded prospect than Betances and Cahill is considered inferior to Gio. So we’d have to include some substantial pieces to make that work.

              • Dave203 says:

                Parker is not remarkably better than Betances. Parker has already had TJ surgery and is still in AA. They are actually quite similar prospects. I would agree and give the edge to Parker, but its not like we’re talking Harper over Montero or anything like that.

                • Preston says:

                  Betances had a non TJ ligament surgery of his own, and Parker has consistently out-ranked him. I think Betances has more “potential” and Parker has a higher floor. But generally they are similar prospects. The greater point is that Gio is a better player then Cahill. They will want more than Betances, we’d probably need to add Romine and Noesi. That’s a lot. Not sure if I’d do it. But I’m higher on Romine than most.

      • mustang says:

        Maybe the price goes down on Gio now that they receive some of the parts they wanted. I hope so because going into next year with the same rotation just scares me. And the addition of an unproven Darvish doesn’t make me feel any better.

        • Dave203 says:

          I’m sure they are in no hurry to trade away another pitcher with 3 full arb years left. It’s still going to take a decent package to pry that loose.

          • mustang says:

            Your not making me feel any better. People around here are throwing around 97 wins for next season like it’s a forgone conclusion, but how many things broke right for that rotation to get 97 wins? How many Garcia/Colon acts can they keep pulling out of the hat?

            • Dave203 says:

              I don’t know where you saw posts of 97 wins for next season, but that’s hard to project without knowing who the heck we’re going to be throwing out there everyday. If we don’t improve our pitching further, we’re taking a big risk, but if they pan out, we could still be fine. I don’t think anyone can honestly think for more than a few seconds the Yanks are done this offseason, so we should probably hold off on the win total predictions until we see who’s actually on the team for next season.

            • Preston says:

              Some things broke right, somethings didn’t. Phil Hughes and AJ Burnett were supposed to b our second and third pitchers. One didn’t pitch because of injury and ineffectiveness and the other carefully straddled the line of how bad you can be and still be a ML pitcher. Yes Freddy, Bartolo and Nova all piched well. But throw in Joba’s TJ and Soriano’s terrible season I would say it all evened out.

  15. djyank says:

    nunez to braves
    danks to yanks
    braves prospects + romine to CHI

  16. Craig says:

    This kid is awesome. Whenever Montero hits a HR, I’m referring back to this video.

    • Urban says:

      I think it’s great that we now have videos of some of the RAB members.

      Great to see a video here of Monteroisdinero.

      • Jesse says:

        I read this comment before I clicked the video, and the second I clicked the video I almost died laughing.

        • Urban says:

          All in good fun. I love his support for Montero, although I never got the Golson love.

          • Jesse says:

            It had to be because of that rocket throw to nail Carl Crawford. But still, it got a little out of hand to say the least.

            • Urban says:

              Yes, probably. I wouldn’t mind having him around for depth, but he can be replaced. The Yankees now are dealing with 40-man roster issues, and I’m sure other teams are, too.

              Golson is a man who has great athletic talents, but has some major issues with his swing, and apparently a little bit between the ears. Great eye-hand coordination with a bat in hand will carry a player further than all the other althetic talent in the world.

  17. Granderslam says:

    BoSox interested in Saunders, according to MLBTR. I hope they get him, ha!
    Only Left Yankees should be interested in is Niese, Gio, and Danks.

    • Jesse says:

      I wish they would have traded for Cahill.

      • mbonzo says:

        What do you like about him. His FIPs are too high to call him much of an upgrade, his fastball is nothing special, I don’t trust anyone inside of the Athletics ballpark (whatever they call it now). Genuinely curious why you like him.

        • Jesse says:

          No, no, I meant for the Red Sox to trade for Cahill, because the Yankees own him. I should have made that clear since he brought up the Yankees second. I agree with your points on Cahill though.

        • Urban says:

          Curious, who are the equivalent Yankees prospects that the Diamonbacks traded for in this deal? I don’t mean so much where they rank in the Diamondbacks organization, which is kind of meaningless, but where do they rank talent wise?

          I’m guessing it’s not an easy comparison, but trying to figure out what Arizona gave up. They’re probably looking at AL pitchers like IPK and Hudson, who were considered fringy at the time of the deal, and hoping they strike gold again.

          • Preston says:

            Well Parker is an elite pitching prospect. I would say he’s slightly better than Betances but not as good as Banuelos (Banuelos is younger, hasn’t been injured and is a lefty). Cowgill is an older OF prospect. He’s put up solid numbers in the minors, but was old for the level. So he doesn’t project to be more than a 4th OFer. We don’t have any legit upper level OF prospects. Maybe he’s comparable to Nunez? And then the reliever is really a throw in.

    • Brian S. says:

      And he’s white so Boston will accept him.

  18. mustang says:

    “Assistant GM David Forst confirmed that all of the A’s players are available to be traded except for Jemile Weeks, tweets Jane Lee of Two players who have been mentioned prominently in rumors this offseason are lefty starter Gio Gonzalez and closer Andrew Bailey.”


    GIO! GIO! GIO! Go get him Cash!

  19. mustang says:

    “The Angels’ $331.5 million investment in free-agent first baseman Albert Pujols and left-hander C.J. Wilson on Thursday only reinforced the Athletics’ vastly inferior status in the AL West.”

    Those damn Yankees trying to buy a championship and destroying the game. Hold a minute….

  20. Tyrone Sharpton says:

    The Yankees must sine Jackson. Disrespect that he dont get paid like Whitey Wilson or Buehrle. Jackson has better stuff by far, and is a bad ass picher

  21. Kosmo says:

    A 3 way-trade proposal floated during the winter meetings-

    A´s get
    Bret Gardner
    Clint Robinson from KC

    Royals get
    Phelps from NY
    Michael Taylor from A´s

    Yanks get Gio

    • Dave203 says:

      No way Yanks get Gio by only giving up Gardner and Phelps, but can’t hurt to fantasize…

      • Kosmo says:

        This trade proposal was rumoured to be on the table. I´m just reporting what I heard.
        Compare it to what Oakland received in return for Cahill-Breslow
        Parker is maybe 1 year away. Cowgill could turnout to be an OK OF, plus a relief pitcher in Cook.

        Oakland would get 2 starting position players in Gardner and Robinson, which is what they sorely lack and if I`m not mistaken a PTBNL throwin.
        I think it´s a very reasonable trade proposal.

    • Gardner >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Gio. No thanks.

  22. Marc says:

    What is the best Knicks blog?

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