No use for an off-season plan

Yankees sign Dewayne Wise
Reports: Yankees may or may not have made offer to Kuroda

Why make plans if they’re almost guaranteed to not work? That’s the off-season approach we’ve taken at RAB. We’ve tried it in the past, and it’s just a big waste of time. There are so many variables in the off-season that it’s impossible to nail down one scenario and hope the Yankees can do just that. Even the Yankees don’t operate in that manner. They make plans, sure, but it’s all fluid. Things change every day, and the plan can change with it.

The off-season is a time of perpetual uncertainty. Despite the constant flow of whispers on MLB Trade Rumors, we can’t be sure of their nature. Did an exec actually say that, or is it the reporter’s interpretation? Was the exec in question actually a part of the discussion, or is he himself getting the information second-hand? Who, exactly, is the anonymous source? Is it sincere, or blatant misinformation? The list of questions go on. It essentially leaves us right where we started.

I hope you guys are enjoying our almost-daily scouting the market series. It’s a way to present players who might be available and who might help the Yankees. It is, essentially, an attempt to look at the market as a whole, rather than pigeonholing a few players as the only ones who can fit the Yankees needs. What fun would it be if we created an off-season plan and then just followed, say, C.J. Wilson news all winter? That would have ended in utter disappointment when he took the Angels’ offer — more disappointing still, because the Yankees didn’t even submit a serious offer.

Part of this sentiment comes out of frustration. We spent a lot of time thinking of ideas and putting together posts. To see comments that outright dismiss the ideas presented, and then repeat some preconceived off-season doctrine, makes it all seem like a waste. Yes, those comments from from probably a quarter percent of our overall readership. Maybe less. But it still hurts a bit. There’s a big world of possibilities in any given off-season. Isn’t it more fun to consider all of those options, independent of the others, than constantly going back to the same talking point?

To be sure, playing GM is fun. You can kill a few good hours doing it with a friend. We’re guilty of that sometimes on RAB. I’m also not asking anyone to stop; it’s not my business how you want to spend your time. I just hope that you read RAB with an open enough mind to understand the logic behind some of the options we discuss. They might not be the best options; they might not be second, third, or fourth. But as the off-season changes, so do plans. It might turn out that the third best option at the outset is the best option by mid-December. That’s just the way baseball works sometimes.

Things could get a little slow from here on out. Clearly the Yankees don’t plan to make a big move. Maybe they’ll win the posting on Yu Darvish. But regardless, it doesn’t seem as though anything else big is on the horizon. Even in the general scene, the biggest signings are behind us. Prince Fielder remains, and Edwin Jackson’s destination could be of interest. Other than that, there’s a lot of mid-grade talent. It’s not exciting, but it’s what we have. I just hope we can have some fun with it.

Yankees sign Dewayne Wise
Reports: Yankees may or may not have made offer to Kuroda
  • Chip

    What, does the potential signing of Dewayne Wise not excite you Joe?

    • radnom


  • Dalelama

    It looks like the Yanks are just happy to make the playoffs and get knocked out in the first round or second if we are lucky. It sure was more exciting when George was around.

    • Need Pitching

      yeah, the eighties – mid-nineties were real exciting
      didn’t have to worry about getting knocked out early in the playoffs then

    • Freddy Garcia’s 86 mph Heat

      There have been lots of “if George were still around…” posts today.

      • Mister Delaware

        By people who only remember the last decade of George.

        • Josh S.

          Yeah and not realizing that Gene Michael basically put together the 90s dynasty team while George was suspended from baseball.

    • jsbrendog

      oh when george was around and they signed everything that walked and didn’t win jack from 01-09? yeah, boy howdy how different those days were. you will never win every year. making the playoffs every year is an insane accomplishment

      • Josh S.

        I never said it wasn’t an amazing accomplishment. My point is that the Yankees can still make the playoffs without George signing every available big name free agent.

    • Ted Nelson

      That’s probably why they gave $16 million per to their set-up man and LOOGY, right? To get knocked out of the playoffs. That’s like a third of Tampa’s total payroll.

      Should they have traded two top prospects for Ubaldo? (I wasn’t totally against it at the time, but certainly looks like they made the right decision for 2011.)

  • IB6 UB9

    Cespedes and Darvish.

    Sitting in a tree.


    • Bo Knows

      First comes the contract, then comes the cash, then comes Darvish kicking some ass!

  • Dave B

    I think the posts from the writers here are better than any other Yankee site. I think a big percentage of your readership appreciate it, but the big percentage probably don’t do consistent commentary.

    My opinion is things are going to get interesting, especially with the Burnett rumors. I find it hard to believe the Yankees are going to go north with Burnett in the rotation.

    • Thomas Cassidy

      The problem is if they trade them, who the hell will take his spot?


      Two question marks, possibly three including Garcia. God, I hope they trade for Garza. I’m not too high on Darvish, but I expect the Yankees to sign him.

      What about Warren and Nunez for Hudson? Sounds fair enough. He’s 37 so he won’t command anything, and it’s a decent package.


      A pretty solid rotation, a great one if Hughes rebounds.

      • Need Pitching

        Hudson (underpaid top of the rotation starter) for utility infielder and potential back of the rotation starter

        have them throw in Heyward too and its a deal

        • Thomas Cassidy

          They’re not going to get much for a 37 year old, especially when they need to trade some of that pitching. Warren would be another decent trade piece if they want to spin him off for another hitter.

          And they seem to love Nunez.

          • Need Pitching

            37, but only one year $9M left on his contract (+1 year $9M option) and coming off a very good year
            Hudson is a legit at least #2 starter, Nunez and Warren aren’t anywhere close to enough to get Hudson

            • Thomas Cassidy

              Then I’d throw in Murphy. That would be my limit.

              No more than Nunez, Warren, and Murphy. He can play 3B, too. That would help for when Chipper calls it quits soon.

              • Need Pitching

                and Atlanta would laugh at that proposal as well, Hudson was there best starter this year, they are not giving him up for a utility infielder and fringe prospects. Hudson would command at least one of the Yankees top 3 prospects to start the package

                • Thomas Cassidy

                  He wouldn’t command that. They’d ask for it, but no way any team does that. He’s 37, not 27.

                  • Need Pitching

                    only 1 year contract(with friendly team option), he would command probably about as much as Garza
                    On a short contract, performance means much more than age
                    If the Braves made Hudson available, just about every team in baseball would get in line

                    • Thomas Cassidy

                      They would, but no team would give up that.

                      You’re saying that Garza will cost the same as a pitcher who’s ten years older, and won’t be as good in the AL?

                    • Need Pitching

                      Garza won’t be as good in the AL either
                      Hudson is a legit #2 at least with a very team friendly contract
                      Hudson would easily get back a Top 50 prospect, which on the Yankees would likely mean either of the Killer B’s

                    • Thomas Cassidy

                      Garza has already proven he’s been able to get it done in the AL East.

                    • Need Pitching

                      Garza was never great in the AL East
                      He pitched more like a #3 starter

                      I’d take Garza over Hudson, but the gap isn’t that big, and a utility player and fringe C prospects aren’t going to come close to getting Hudson

                • Ed

                  I don’t think it’s really that far off. Think about the Vazquez trade. Vazquez was 33, coming off a year when he finished 4th in the Cy Young voting, and was making similar money. The Braves got Arodys Vizciano, Melky, and Mike Dunn.

                  Nunez is better than Melky was then and Warren is better than Dunn was. Murphy is lower upside than Arodys was, but he’s also already played in High A. Arodys only played in a short season season before the trade, so he was much higher risk.

                  Also keep in mind that the Vazquez trade was done with both sides expecting him to end up as a Type A free agent, with 2 draft picks attached. That upped his value. Hudson won’t have that.

                  It actually sounds like a really reasonable trade to me. Tweak the pieces to match preferences, but value wise it’s probably close.

      • Dave B

        That’s interesting, but I think they would envision Hudson as a question mark. I have to believe they are going to work on a trade for a guy who is a solid #2 for at least a couple of years. I don’t think they’ll get raped by the White Sox for Danks considering he’s a free agent soon.

        • Thomas Cassidy

          Borderline. His stuff is there, but the problem is the NL to AL switch. Danks or Garza would be fine with me. It’s a upgrade, but I’d rather have Garza than Danks. Never high on him. A 4.30 in that divison last year? I can’t see the Yankees offering anything more than Betances, Phelps, and Murphy for him.

          • Dave B

            I hear you, and love Garza. However, I’d be borderline pissed if they gave up Betances. I have no great reason for this — how many years would they have Garza before free agency?

            • Thomas Cassidy

              I’m not sure, but I believe two years. I’m high on Betances, but he did have some control problems, and major health problems in the past. If they give up Betances, it will obviously be a good trade.

              Unless Hank/Hal steps in.

            • Need Pitching


      • Ted Nelson

        Anyone could take Burnett’s spot and I wouldn’t expect any worse performance. The best of Noesi, Warren, and Phelps will probably be better than Burnett in 2012.

        Hudson is an option, but Yu and Kuroda are still free agent possibilities.

    • Elliot F

      You guys are the best! I certainly don’t post often, but as one of the silent majority I find the insight here second to none. You were correct on the Yank’s priority of resigning CC, the likelihood of Freddy or Bart, and the desire to resign Jones and Chavez. I think we all know about the ambiguity of all major trade proposals, but please don’t stop posting commentary or ideas per the comments of a select few. Let them start their own blog.

  • sam

    This is the official “This is the crappiest offseason of all time” post, isn’t it? Acknowledging it doesn’t make it any better.

    Sign Yu please.

    • JAG

      I don’t know about that. The only big fish the Yankees could have maybe used is Wilson, and there were enough mixed feelings about him and his likely performance, plus his likely contract, that I’m not at all upset about losing out on him, especially with Darvish still out there. I am a little surprised that he didn’t wait until Darvish’s posting was over so that teams like the Rangers or even the Yankees, who might have gone either way, would feel more pressure to pursue Wilson with the other big option off the table for them. Perhaps he wasn’t really going after the money after all and Anaheim is a good situation for him.

      In any case, I think this off-season is going just fine. The biggest disappointment for me has been missing out on Ryan Flaherty. I’d be more upset by finding out Montero was traded than by what’s happened so far.

      …unless Felix or Lincecum or Kershaw was coming back in exchange. I think I’d find a way to be ok with that.

  • john

    how about a minor leagur deal for scott kazmir?
    ..still has upside

    • Andy In Sunny Daytona

      Sure. He’s still 6 feet tall.

    • Thomas Cassidy

      And then trade him to Kenny Williams for Danks? I think you’re on to something.

  • EMags

    The “it was more exciting when George was around” is misplaced. Let’s not forget “great” moves like Jaret Wright, Kenny Lofton, Steve “I just won you the pennant” Trout, Bhuner for Phelps, Winfield for Witt and every other bone head, ill-advised, impulsive decision he made. The goal is to win the World Series not give fan boys a new toy in December. Sometimes small moves (Jose Vizcaino, Glenallen Hill) yield big results.

    • bobtaco


      Spoken like someone who remembers the late 80’s, early 90’s teams…

      • JAG

        Or who remembers George’s son trying to emulate his father by signing Alex Rodriguez to a Pujolsian contract that exemplifies all the reasons why 10-year deals to 32-year-old ballplayers are a bad idea.

    • Thomas Cassidy

      Small moves? You mean like Eric Hinske and Hariston? I loved those guys.

  • FIPster Doofus

    “Clearly the Yankees don’t plan to make a big move. Maybe they’ll win the posting on Yu Darvish.”

    IMO, that would definitely qualify as a “big move” – one of the biggest of the entire offseason. Darvish is arguably the best pitcher available this winter.

  • Chip

    You know what I think is exciting? Watching Noesi and Nova types come from nowhere and start just destroying opposing lineups. Seriously, Noesi could probably come in and win 15 games and look pretty good doing it. That’s what I wouldn’t mind seeing

    • Thomas Cassidy

      If he posts a 3.85 while doing it, then it’s a cheaper, younger Darvish.

      • Chip

        I really think the control problems will clear up if he got consistent starts rather than random mop-up innings. He was basically a 7.5K/9, 1.5 BB/9, .6 HR/9 guy in the minors that has reportedly had a significant velocity jump this year. I think those numbers would put you in the very low 3 FIP area. If he’s anywhere from 3.5-4.0 FIP next year, and throws 170 innings, we’re talking about a four win pitcher

        • Thomas Cassidy

          I like Noesi a lot, and I regard him highly. He’s still young and needs time to develop. I’d like to see what he can do in the rotation. It worked out well with Nova last year, too.

          • Chip

            And when you compare Nova and Noesi’s minor league numbers and scouting reports, Noesi has always really had more upside. He could be pitcher who sits in the 91-95 range with four average to above average major league pitches. Those aren’t exactly common

            • Thomas Cassidy

              Not at all. I love both of them.

    • Jimmy McNulty

      I wouldn’t mind seeing that either, I also wouldn’t mind seeing Miranda Kerr leave Orlando Bloom for me or the Dodgers trading Kershaw for A-Rod. I just don’t see that happening right away if at all.

      • Chip

        Miranda Kerr…………what were we talking about again?

  • Nathan

    Seems like the last big move by the Yankees, signing or trade, was Granderson. There was a time when the Yankees would pull something off every winter.

    Old Yankee way was “win now” but now it seems like it’s “win now, but only at the right circumstance/cost”.

    • Need Pitching

      old Yankee way resulted in reactionary signings and 1 championship in the past 11 years
      Now they are trying to intelligently balance win now, with don’t shoot yourself in the foot in the process

    • Chip

      Yet if you look at the circumstances, they were a 97 win team last year with down years from their third baseman, shortstop, first baseman, left fielder and DH.

      Now when you consider that they’re basically returning the same offense with a top 5 hitting prospect replacing their weakest lineup spot and with incredible starting pitching depth in the upper minors, I think you have to consider them in a pretty good position next season

      • Thomas Cassidy

        Gardner was pretty damn good last year if you ask me. If he could do that every year, I would love for him to stay.

        • Chip

          Yeah, I just think he got a bit unlucky last year. You would expect a guy who hits 50% of the balls in play on the ground with his speed to post an above average BABIP when you combine it with a almost 20% line drive rate. If he can can cut down on his infield flies a bit, his value would be more in line to what it was in 2010

      • Captain Carlo

        This is the right frame of mind to have. If the guys on offense that had off years–think Alex and Tex–rebound to career numbers for the major categories, plus having Montero get regular AB’s and with the young guns we have on the staff and getting ready in SWB, I think we’re looking pretty good. The Sawx are in a whole lot worse straits than we are when it comes to pitching and I like what we have.

        All the sentimental memories fail to take into consideration the heartburn and angst that went along with George’s pinball personality. I really like things the way they are now.

    • Brian S.

      That’s what happens when you have as many bad contracts on the team as you do. You think Cashman would love if Soriano wasn’t on the payroll?

    • Ted Nelson

      So they should have traded two of Montero, Banuloes, and Betances for Ubaldo or what? That 5.1 ERA in Cleveland worked out really well…

      Was Soriano not a win now at all costs move? Feliciano? They paid like $16 million a year for s set-up man and LOOGY.

      They won 97 games last season and were one hit at any number of times away from the ALCS.

      The off-season isn’t even over yet.

  • well you know

    Report that Yanks have offered Kuroda $12M. Suggests they are not targeting Darvish.

    I don’t hate it hate it but 24 home runs allowed pitching in NL West isn’t reassuring.

    • bobtaco

      Maybe he replaces the AJ slot?

      • well you know

        Based on the report that Yanks were offering to eat salary, I’m sure that would be ideal from Cashman’s perspective. Whether he’s willing to eat enough to make AJ go away is questionable.

        There’s competition for Kuroda so it won’t necessarily happen. But, if it’s true, I would conclude that Yanks aren’t focusing on Darvish.

        • bobtaco

          Maybe they want a rotation pal he can talk to? Give him tips on making the adjustment? Would be a good idea, no?

          • well you know

            With all the talk about payroll, I’d be shocked if Yanks would spend for both. Pleasantly shocked but shocked nonetheless.

          • RISP FTW

            You don’t pay 12M for a rotation pal, plus if NY got both Kuroda and Darvish that would mean they would have to send Hughes to the bullpen or AAA (which is unlikely because he’s actually only a coulpe years from FA, you might as well get as much value out of him as you can) and they would have to give AJ away which is something I think their hesitant to do.

            If NY signs Kuroda I would predict their out on Darvish, unless they really believe Hughes and AJ are both destined to be 5+ ERA pitchers again next year.

            I really want Darvish so I am gonna route against a Kuroda signing even though I prefer that to a multi year deal for anyone else on the MLB FA market.

            • bobtaco

              Kuroda would probably be a short term deal, so they can clear him off the books by 2014.

              So with both him and Yu, Kuroda helps stabilize the rotation and transition Yu to the States/MLB, and I think the Yankees would be thrilled to be able to dump AJ.

              You keep the B’s down in AAA for seasoning, and give Hughes a chance to bounce back strong.


              with Noesi waiting in the wings…

              and the payroll stays flexible so they can get under the tax threshold in 2014.

              Or, I could be completely wrong and they go another way… who knows…

              • RISP FTW

                I would love that and I do think the Yanks will make 1 SP move this offseason I just don’t see them being willing to eat enough of AJ’s salary to get rid of him and give up on Hughes having a chance of making the team out of ST, one of those will happen but not both.

                So I would think if the Yanks do acquire a pitcher that will be the end of their rotation moves.

                Some have said Garcia could go to the BP meaning one of AJ/Hughes could stay in rotation but that’s crazy talk when he was signed he was likely guaranteed a spot out of ST or he wouldn’t of came here, and the Yanks have said before he doesn’t really fit in the BP, his value comes from reliable innings not blowing people away in a BP situation, if anyone of those 3 go to the BP it’s without a doubt Hughes.

  • Chen Meng Wang

    I honestly don’t think either of the B’s are going to be ready for at least another year but with CC, Nova, Hughes, and AJ(for now) all under contract through the 2013 season and the possibility of signing a Cain or Hammels next off season where exactly do they fit in?

    • Ted Nelson

      Burnett is one of the worst starting pitchers in baseball, Hughes was even worse in 2011, Nova has one good year under his belt, and Cain/Hamels aren’t even free agents yet… If Banuelos and Betances continue to develop they shouldn’t have trouble getting their chances.

  • Sean C

    The offense is set. I don’t know how you (realistically) upgrade it. It’s a 5+ run per game offense. The rotation has question marks, but what rotation doesn’t? I’m as worried as (almost) anyone else is about our starting pitching. As a pure “we’re the Yankees, we need the best” perspective, Yu Darvish is about the best option out there right now. I hope the Yankees throw out a competitive (whatever that is, probably a Dice-K bid or something I don’t even know) bid for his services. I love the upside there. I’d rather the money be thrown at him than Edwin Jackson. And, from my limited knowledge, the trade market appears to be bloated. I’d rather “prospect hug” than trade for a year or two of an established starter that may or may not sign an extension and go in next winter on the pitchers that appear to be available. I’m good with letting the “kids” have a chance at making an impact on the team for now. As Yankee fans, we tend to get caught up in the “win now” sentiment and if there isn’t immediate success, then we tend to be fickle and want to let them go for someone that CAN win now for us. Most fans are this way.

    This post happens to be one of the reasons I visit this site several times every day. The offseason makes us go crazy with possibilities, imagine a Playstation team, etc. But realistically, given the payroll, roster, etc., how much better can it get? We don’t have to make a splash, in spite of how much MSM thinks we need to do so. We’re fans of this team, and all we can do is hope that they put the best they can do on the field. It just so happens that the best they can do (within reason and resources) is a goddamn good team.

    The offseason drives us all crazy because there is no actual baseball being played. There is no real performance to be discussed. Just past performance and projected performance. I suppose we are not used to the Yankees being patient, but I’d prefer them not something just for the sake of doing something. Of course there are areas to be upgraded, this will never stop happening. It’s true of baseball and any sport. However, given all of the logistics (trade, payroll, roster, etc.), I will gladly go to battle with this team. That’s the point of being a fan, just sitting back and watching what they put together (which is much better for Yankee fans than over half the other teams in baseball, in my opinion).

    • John Ya Ya

      I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • John Ya Ya

    Making a big move this off-season just hasn’t made sense for the Yanks so far. Free agent SPers are getting seriously overpaid and overvalued, and teams are asking way too much for starters on the trade market, so it’s impossible at this point to improve the rotation without getting fleeced one way or another. Cashman seems to be doing the right thing by waiting teams out until they get more desperate to make a move later in the offseason and bring their asking prices to more reasonable levels. With the crazy posting system, getting Darvish seems to be a crapshoot, so the best you can do is put up what you think is a competitive bid and prepare for either possibility. I don’t expect the Yankees to get him, but I’ll be pleasantly surprised if they do.

  • Brian M

    Hey guys,

    I just wanted to say thanks for all the coverage. I am sure it can be tough to keep coming up with interesting posts when Cashman isn’t giving you anything to get your teeth into. You are right though, it is a quiet winter because we already have a pretty complete team, a tighter budget than usual, and some promising young pitching they don’t want to block.

    For all the people clamoring for some ‘Boss-like’ moves – the two contracts that Hank and Hal imposed on Cashman (ARod and Soriano) are the very reasons he can’t make a move this winter.

    Anyway, you guys are doing a great job of covering the pitching depth they are adding with minor league deals, looking at possible signings and explaining why the big names the tabloids might be demanding really don’t make much sense.

    Level headed coverage, not desperate ‘we need to sell some copies’ headlines. For fans who take the time to try to really understand what is going on with the team and why they make the decisions they do, this sort of reporting is far more fulfilling and is really appreciated.

    Keep up the good work

    Anyway – when we trade Burnett for Ellsbury, Buchholz, Lester and Bard you’ll finally have something major to write about ;)

  • Jose M. Vazquez..

    I may be one of those that digress with your opinions from time to time but it does not mean that I don’t respect your opinions. What makes this fun is that we do not always have to agree. You cannot please all of the people all of the time….Hey, no matter what we appreciate your blogging very much, so please continue your great writing.

  • Monteroisdinero

    “Comments hurt a bit?” It passes. I have been there many times.

    Now on with the ARod/Montero workout schedule.

  • Juke Early

    I’m sure it means nothing to anybody here. I was born in the Bronx, and though I now live elsewhere, I’ve been a NYY fan since then — 1956. I know they can’t win the WS every year. If anybody else here had to live through that @#%&*! Mazeroski homerun, the CBS ownership AND 2004, you’d grasp the source of my sarcasm & frustration with the current state of MLB.

    I was in the media(radio/), though not sports, because it wasn’t my main focus, which is music. Though I am also a writer — 99% of my comments are in reaction to the Yankees NOT the messengers i.e. RAB writers. Commentary in this format is a one off for me most times. What I think is what I think — as others thoughts are. I learned early on the net, a dialogue in commentary rarely goes well if there’s conflict.

    I stand by my POV that Selig now has a silent anti-Yankee cabal, as part of his lame legacy to make MLB a bunch of 81-81 teams who all have a chance to win it all. Just like they started handing out trophies to kids in youth leagues for just showing up. I rather have the Black Sox than Vanilla Pap.

  • jsbrendog

    i don’t really post very much here anymore because of imo the degradation of the comments section but i still read everyday and just wanted to say i love the offseason you guys are running out there so far. I used to not really follow the site as much during the offseason, especially since al seasons but 09 ended in heartbreak, i needed time to lick my wounds, but this offseason I have enjoyed the comparisons and theoreticals much more than CLIFF LEE WATCH!!!!! This site has come so far since I stumbled upon it sometime in 07 or 08 and big up to the three of you guys and the new writers as well. keep churning out awesome content.

  • Captain Carlo

    I really appreciate your work and have thoroughly enjoyed the ‘what if’ possibilities you’ve tossed out there. Your insights are well thought out, reasonable and interesting. Your blog is my main line to serious Yankee fan discussions and news. Please keep up the good work, don’t let a few naggers get you down…hey man, they’re everywhere and they’ll drag you down if you let them, but don’t let them.

    Lot of comments here are right on and I especially appreciate the Selig comment just above, as I have had this same thought for at least a couple of years. It seems like he wants to cut the legs out from under THE cash cow of the industry just so his perennial wannabe Brewers have some sort of chance at something, somehow, somewhere. Gimme a break, Bud. How about policing some of these worthless front offices that take the money and run? If you want to try and make the playing field level, try doing something with the Pirates, Royals, Mariners, Orioles, D’backs, Padres, etc. which are the second tier front offices.

    Oh, and where’s the outcry against the Angels trying to buy a pennant? If that was the Yankees there’d be a congressional investigation. Instead it’s ‘bold’ and ‘aggressive’ and ‘thoughtful for the fan base.’ LoL, just wait till Moreno has to pay AP those last 5-6 worthless years.

  • Mike HC

    Fishing for compliments, eh?

  • Ted Nelson

    Good points. I guess it’s tough for some to appreciate all the complexities the Yankees FO faces…

    Fans can throw out a “trade x for y” scenario… but Cashman actually has to make that offer and see if the other GM is interested. If not… the scenario is fairly worthless.

    We can also say “spend whatever it takes to get free agent X, it’s not my money…” But it is their money. It is their job on the line.

    And there’s the whole winning now while building for the future thing that the Yankees have done as well as any team for the past almost 20 years.

  • The209

    “To see comments that outright dismiss the ideas presented… Yes, those comments from from probably a quarter percent of our overall readership.”

    Boo hoo. 1 out of 400 commenters don’t like me…