Open Thread: Mike Myers

Yankees add Matt Daley and Gus Molina on minor league deals
Yoenis Cespedes, The Encore
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As part of their never-ending search for quality left-handed bullpen help, the Yankees signed Mike Myers to a two-year contract worth $2.4M on this date in 2005. The 36-year-old sidearmer/submariner had spent the previous season with the Red Sox, holding lefties to a miniscule .158/.198/.211 batting line in 102 plate appearances. In his first year with New York, lefties hit .257/.297/.443 off him in 74 plate appearances. Go figure.

Myers was forced into what was essentially a mop-up role in 2007, mostly because the pitching staff was torn to shreds early in the season. He was completely miscast as a multi-inning guy, and after 40.2 IP through August — his second largest workload in the last seven years — he was designated for assignment. All told, Myers gave the Yankees a 71.1 IP with a 2.90 ERA, but left-handers tagged him for a .284/.340/.439 batting line. Yay relievers on multi-year contracts.

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Here’s your open thread for this Friday evening. The Devils are the only local hockey team in action, which stinks. If you’re not out holiday shopping, you can talk about anything you like here. Enjoy.

Yankees add Matt Daley and Gus Molina on minor league deals
Yoenis Cespedes, The Encore
  • yanksrule=warriors

    He’s doiung well as an administrative guy now, so it’s all good for him!

  • CMP

    Another day passes and the Yankees still have a starting 5 of CC and a bunch of 4/5 types.

    Now we hear he cheaped out on Darvish who’s apparently going to a division rival now.

    Seems like Cashman has been sitting on his ass for 2 years now without improving the rotation. I guess he thinks he can pull a couple of rabbits out of a hat like he did last year with Garcia and Colon.

    • Brian S.

      He tried to get Cliff Lee. What was he supposed to do? And he didn’t think he would have Soriano on the payroll this winter and I bet that he would have went after Wilson or Burrrly if Soriano wasn’t making eleven million dollars to suck. Also, Kuroda and Jackson are still out there and it remains to be seen if Cashman will pick one up.

      • Grit for Brains

        I agree with CMP in some ways but also that Cash hasn’t exactly dropped the ball in any instance. Cash should pick both Edwin and Kuroda up.


        • Need Pitching

          Hal’s budget would likely prevent that from happening

          • Sweet Dick Willie

            I think he’d be okay w/ Kuroda on a 1 year deal, but Jackson is a Boras client, and you just know he will be looking at a 3-5 year deal, which would probably be a deal killer for the Yanks, as it could screw up the 2014 plan.

      • Matt DiBari

        If there’s one thing Brian Cashman doesn’t stand for, its overpaying middle relievers in years and money!

    • Bo Knows

      Just stop man, who would you want Cash to do? Give up the farm for Gio and/or Danks? Overpay for Wilson? Do you expect cash to mystically pull a young, high level starter out his ass? Seriously the market has sucked for the past 2 years there hasn’t been anyone worth paying for, or are you hoping for another superfluous expensive signing for an aging vet so two years from now you and so many others can bitch about why Cash would do such a thing?

      • Sweet Dick Willie

        All of this.

        The people bitching about Cash not making any moves are the same ones castigating him for signing AJ.

        • Dave203


        • Brian S.

          I agree. That being said, I would like him to sign Kuroda or Jackson because I’m not with entering every series against the Red Sox having Nova and Garcia matching up against Lester and Laptops.

          • MannyGeee

            I would not think twice about sending Garcia and Nova against them two..l. It’s the other two
            games in the 4 nig set with AJ going and Hughes that gives me the agita…

            Just sayin

            • MannyGeee

              Gary Sheffield just called my iPad racist, and for that I apologize…

              Try 4 NIGHT set…

      • CMP

        Over the last 3 years, Halladay, Lee 3 times, Haren, Greinke, Edwin Jackson 3 times, CJ Wilson, Buehele, Jimenez who all rank in the top 25 for WAR among starters(4 of which are in the top 8) have been moved in addition to Garza, Marcum, Fister and now Darvish.

        To say that “the market has sucked for the last 2 years and there hasn’t been anyone worth paying for” is total bullshit.

        I don’t expect Cashman to pull a front end starter out of his ass but it looks like he’s expecting one to fall from the sky.

        The last time the Yankees had some pitch like a number 2 behind CC, they won the WS. If Cashman doesn’t get another by the trading deadline 2012, we’re all gonna be watching someone other than the Yankees represent the AL in the world series again.

        • Mick

          Yes, because the Yankee pitchers just couldn’t come through with a clutch hit in the ALDS this year.

        •!/MattMontero1 Matt Montero

          The problem is there were decent excuses for a bunch of the pitchers.

          Halladay- the Jays said they werent going to send him to the yankees unless their offer was overwhelmingly better than out of division teams

          Lee- Can’t say Cash didn’t try to get him on the trade market and FA, he couldn’t have done more (plus his back had real red flags)

          Haren- I dont think the story was ever that clear about this one, seems like he just dropped the ball tho

          Greinke- if the yankees seriously didnt think he could handle NY, no matter how little sense this makes, nothing you could do, especially if the higher-ups didnt want him because of his anxiety (again not really clear)

          Edwin Jackson- past three years have been pretty good but not a great pitcher, wouldnt be a “#2 starter”

          CJ Wilson- control and limited success, easily arguable that its too much risk for such a large contract

          Buehele- not a top of the rotation starter. I’m a huge fan but his new contract is much more than I wouldnt have been happy with the yankees paying

          Jimenez- combination of legit. red flags and such a large package to pay

        • MannyGeee

          Yeah, Halladay wasn’t getting traded intra division, Cliff Lee has avoided NY like the plague (both on his own and with some help from seattle) Jiminez fell off a cliff, and CJ/Jackson/Buehlre have been oversold as big time pitchers this winter….

          Haren and Greinke I cannot make legit excuses for, but I think you get the gist…

          You know another pitcher Cashman didn’t overpay for? Johan Santana . That worked out ok.

  • Yankee Diehard

    Damn you Cash for not going harder after Yu..,now we not only have to face tough sox and rays squads, you just allowed the jays to get significantly better…Cash’s 2010 & 2011 offseason grade = F-

    • Need Pitching

      build a 97 win division winner = F-


      • Rainbow Connection

        …for $200 million.

        • Need Pitching

          Red Sox spent a ton of money last offseason and missed the playoffs

          I’m not sure how putting together a 97 win division winner (in the toughest division) rates as an F- no matter what the payroll is. He doesn’t deserve an A, but F- is absolutely ridiculous spoiled Yankee fan syndrome.

    • Brian S.

      Yeah Russ, Bartolo, and Freddy only gave us >7 WAR for a combined nine million dollars. What a terrible offseason last year was.

    • 28 this year

      Sorry, I mean Dice-K worked out so well… Nothing about Darvish is a sure-thing and while you may think he is going to be far more successful than Darvish, Cash might disagree and say that 100 million for an unproven guy is not that smart. The commitment you give Darvish in terms of overall dollars is the type of commitment for a guy on CC’s level. The difference in money isn’t more than 30 or 40 million dollars yet for CC, you know he’s got 230 innings of 3.20 ERA ball.

  • Craig

    Who’s the Jar Jar Binks of the Yankees roster? Nunez?

  • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher

    Even my five month-old son remembers Mike Myers. Would it kill us to go further back than 1996, or is this RAB: Yankees on Deck?

  • matt in seattle

    So are wout on darvish. Anyway possible that all reports are false. I mean, everyone is saying the bluejays won the bid but no real evidence. Anyone think we still have shot.

    • RetroRob

      The main question is why hasn’t it been announced. They need four days to make a decision if they’re going to take the bid? They know already they’re taking the bid.

      • Mick

        One rumor out of Japan, was that the Fighters wanted to consider inking him to a long-term contract. But, like I said, just one of the billion rumors floating around out there.

    • Mick

      I think everyone that made a bid still has a shot. I’ve heard several reports that state Texas won. But, the Blue Jay fans have flooded twitter with the rumors that they won. Guess we won’t know until Tuesday.

  • Mickey S

    Where the F does it say that the Jays have won the bidding? I’ve seen rumor tweets, speculation but I can’t find anywhere where it says the Jays have won the bid AND agreed to a contract. Chill the fuck out people, it’s still December! The team we see now will not be the team taking the field. There are options for proven pitchers still available or Cash and Co could have won the bid, I don’t trust any of these unsubstantiated rumors. I feel like I’m at a damn AARP convention hearing old ladies bitch and moan.

    • matt in seattle

      We were asking a question fuckbag. Chill out

      • Mickey S

        Was it a response to you dick? Did you see an arrow? Read the comments above yours twit.

      • Mickey S

        Clearly you’re from Everett with your comprehension skills, it was a general remark to the whining about the lack of a bid with no proof. Get back in the assisted living line there in the Northgate mall, your chaperone is calling.

        • Mike Axisa

          Stop with the insults and grow up.

          • Mickey S

            After reading several people on this thread getting all worked up over something that hasn’t even happened yet and calling it out, without directly targeting any specific person, then getting called a “fuckbag” by a tough guy on the Internet, I get the grow up speech from the editor in chief? Really? Then drawing a correlation between the lack of education and the geographical area in which Matt is truly from, which was very Gregory House like (and brilliant I might add.) I don’t typically start shit, at the same time I don’t take kindly to personal attacks. Still, “Fuckbag” trumps “twit and dick”, I could’ve said much worse, like referencing his moms. basement. I believe you said it best before most open threads, “don’t be a dick.”

            Dear Mo, I can’t wait for the season to start.

  • RetroRob

    On MLBN, Dave Robertson wins a GIBBY award (whatever that is) for set-up man of the year.

    Then to show how pointless the voting is, Jose Valverde won closer of the year in the next category.

    Whatever, congrats to Robertson.

    • Jesse

      GIBBY = Greatness In BaseBall Yearly.

      • RetroRob

        Hmmm, I never heard of it until I saw it on tonight. Maybe this is their first year of running it. Several Yanks did win, including Robertson for set-up man of the year, Jeter for Performance of the Year (his five-hit, HR for #3000 game) and Cano for “Wow factor.”

        Fan vote.

        • Jesse

          Yeah, I didn’t know what GIBBY meant until last night when I saw the nominee videos on, but it’s nice to hear that a few Yankees won.

  • MannyGeee

    Told ya, a Dice K post would win the rights to Darvish. That would be 51M.

    On another note….$ 48M (allegedly…)!!! Just to talk!!! That’s ALOT of fckin scratch!

    You could honestly get 4 seasons of Edwin Jackson for that, not that i am positive I want 4 seasons of Edwin jackson, but still

    • RetroRob

      I was all for the Yankees going after Darvish since I don’t doubt he can pitch in MLB, but I understand why the Yankees might have been hesitant to go heavy on the posting fee. I do think Igawa and Irabu do play into this, but in a different way than what’s being said. They are a reminder that the transition from NPB to MLB is more difficult than once thought.

      I expect Darvish to succeed, but it’s a guess as to what level he’ll achieve. 190 IP and a 4.00 ERA in the AL East is solid, but is it worth a $110+ million investment? Kuroda and/or Jackson may provide similar numbers at a lower investment. Neither, however, have the potential upside Darvish offers, and that’s the hardest part to quantify.

      With Darvish, teams are buying into the

  • It’sATarp

    If we sign Kuroda short term, i’d call this off-season a quiet success. Adds depth and a safety blanket for our rotation. Can’t see any other moves besides a bench upgrade (resign jones and maybe sign Nakajima)

  • Kevin

    I didn’t realize how many people missed the 1980’s. You think we’re in trouble now, it’ll be worse if we follow the suggestions seen here.

  • Pat D

    Jeez, a lot of hostility on here tonight.

    I just watched Little Big Man the other night. The whole Custer/Sioux dispute pops into mind. Especially as Custer is half crazy on the battlefield ranting about Grant laughing at him while his command is destroyed.

  • Jesse

    At this point, the only things I’d like to see happen is Burnett getting traded (Highly unlikely, but a guy can dream, right?), sign Kuroda, sign Cespedes to replace Andruw Jones, or sign Andrew Jones while signing Jorge Soler who will be in the low minors most likely to start 2012.

  • jack knife

    hey everybody,lets cool our jetts here. getting pretty intense. Hows this. Tell me what you think Romanski,Hall and Banuelos are all
    good left handed pitchers. Stay the course with them and let them progress and they will be the next wave of either starters or relievers or LOOGY.

    Now Betances and Phelps and Warren they are also in line. Lets stay the course instead of jumping out on all these high priced guys who may or may not work out. This is a for sure. These above mentioned guys are learning the Yankee way. That is real valuable when u get to the show