Rangers win rights to Yu Darvish with $51.7M bid


Via Jeff Passan, the Rangers have won the negotiating rights to Yu Darvish with a $51.7M bid. As expected, the bid is a new record for the posting process, topping the $51.1M the Red Sox paid to talk to Daisuke Matsuzaka five years ago. No word on what the Yankees bid, but I suspect we’ll find out soon enough.

After all the rumors of the Blue Jays being in the lead because of a monster bid, the Yankees won’t have to worry about facing Darvish six times a year every year for the next half-decade or so. The winning bid was higher than I expected, by about $10M, but what do I know? The Rangers and Darvish now have 30 days to negotiate a contract that will sure cost another $50M or so. With any luck, the rest of free agent pitching market will pick up some steam now and the Yankees can land a decent arm on a short-term deal.

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  1. Jumpin' Jack Swisher says:

    Well, he definitely won’t find any friends there. ZING!

  2. Wow says:

    Oh well, at least it’s not the Bautistas.

  3. Mister Delaware says:

    I would have signed off on $51.7MM of not my money for Darvish.

  4. Jake H says:

    Love that Texas couldn’t give Wilson a big contract but can give 51 million in a lump sum when they sign Darvish.

  5. James A says:

    I have a feeling the Yankees really missed out here, I think Cashman and co are going to regret this in a few years (unless Cole Hamels is wearing pinstripes)

  6. your mom says:

    Makes sense. They needed to do something. Better than him going to Toronto IMO. Let’s see how much it’ll take to sign him now. I hope he asks for ridiculous money.

    • JohnnyC says:

      Reports are that Yu’s agents are asking for AA salary of around 12-14 million. This could end up costing Texas $130 million.

  7. Bronx bomber says:

    Good luck investing on a questionable pitcher that costs well over 100 million dollars. Yanks needa be more aggressive though and sign cespedes and solar..restock with youth.

  8. Avi says:

    This is a good night in Yankees history.

  9. Will says:

    He’s gonna get knocked around in Texas. The Rangers were better off re-signing CJ Wilson and maybe going after Fielder.

  10. pat says:

    Hope he likes hot air and a small ball park.

  11. Jumpin' Jack Swisher says:

    This is good news, as we can use all the Yankee gear belonging to those folks on here who said the Yanks would never win again if they didn’t sign Darvish and donate it to the homeless for Christmas.

  12. Rey22 says:

    Well, if the Yankees weren’t gonna get him, it was NL > Team out of AL East > Blue Jays so it’s the second best scenario.

  13. CMP says:

    Rangers sure have some nice young arms in that rotation now with Darvish, Ogando, Feliz, Holland and Harrison. With their offense they have to be the early favorite to make it to their 3rd WS in a row.

  14. Plank says:

    He will obviously do terribly. Remember how his compatriot Chan Ho Park did there?

    • Jumpin' Jack Swisher says:

      “What’s this moon man language this boy’s speaking?” – Nolan Ryan.

    • MannyGeee says:

      All I remember is diahrreha….. Dont take that from me

    • JohnnyC says:

      Compatriot? Park, who is Korean, never pitched in Japan. Signed as a college sophomore out of college by the Dodgers.

      • Plank says:

        Isn’t that the same country?

        (I was making a joke. Well, not really a joke cause it’s not funny. I was more waiting to see how long it would take for someone to point out that they aren’t from the same country.)

        You have won my secret contest that only I care about. 6 minutes, that’s pretty good. I award you no points.

    • Bo Knows says:

      Park is Korean, there is a huge difference

  15. JohnnyC says:

    Stifling heat in the dog days and a hitter’s paradise will accentuate whatever adjustments he’ll need to make from pitching in Japan. Pitching every 5th day, throwing 35-40 more innings per season, a larger baseball with lower stitches, and harder mounds are real challenges for Jaspanese pitchers transitioning to the Majors.

  16. BK2ATL says:

    Congrats to Texas. Glad it wasn’t Toronto.

    Now, the interesting part since money’s not an issue….will he sign with them???

  17. It'sATarp says:

    Yeesh, how much of an upgrade is Darvish over wilson? I think Darvish will be good, but i don’t think the rangers got that much better. Pujols vs Darvish will be fun though.

    • Ted Nelson says:

      That’s a good point. Darvish has arguably more potential and he’s at least younger, but it’s not even necessarily a net gain. Feliz and Yu have the potential to be studs, but might not even be as good as Wilson.

  18. mbonzo says:

    The only way I’ll be disappointed by this is if the Yanks blame the high posting fee for not targeting him.

  19. woo woo woo says:

    Just sign huroda already n ask darvish’s Japanese team if they want Burnett ill pay for his plane tickets

  20. James A says:

    With $50 million, the Yankees can sign Kuroda, Nakajima, Andruw Jones, Mike Gonzalez, Eric Chavez, and take on salary in a trade. Or sign Kuroda and go hard after Cespedes. And $50 million was just to talk to him, I still think he’s going to be really good though

    • BK2ATL says:

      And that would be $50 million that you just signed against the luxury tax.

      Darvish’s $51.7 million posting fee doesn’t count towards the luxury tax, just whatever his annual salary (or AAV) would be.

      Not saying that we should’ve bid $51.71 million. Just clarifying what you’re suggesting.

  21. Nate says:

    Good job cash & co.

    Who is the next big thing that well lose out on?

  22. CJ says:

    It’s hard to imagine nolan Ryan getting this wrong. Especially after letting Wilson walk fir what we be less total money. Anyone read if Ryan had ever saw Yu pitch in person?

  23. pat says:

    Yu is so fucking awesome. He’s only HALF Japanese, his stats are mind bottling, he’s young, he’s 6’5″. So sick.

    Rangers win posting rights

    HAH, what a doucher. The ball is bigger, it’s hotter, he’s unproven. Soooooo glad we didn’t sign him.

    • mbonzo says:

      I’ll take the Yankees’ scouts over the Rangers’.

      • Reggie C. says:

        What’s wrong with Rangers scouts?

        Alexi Ogando performed well and nobody heard of the guy before last season. SO too did the Rangers believe in CJ Wilson. Rangers scouts are damn good.

        • mbonzo says:

          Not saying they’re bad, but the Yankees’ scouts are much more well established. Yankees just have an incredible international network of scouting. You can bring up the Rangers 2 past years of success, but the Yankees have 15 years of it, and it was mostly done through the international market. So yea, the Rangers are good, but I’ll take the Yankees over them.

      • Nolan Ryan II says:

        I’ll take the Yankees’ scouts over the Rangers’.

        Really? Based on what?

    • BK2ATL says:

      And so goes RAB hahaha!!! You nailed it.

    • Joey H. says:

      Remember the days of quality RAB comments? LOL. My consistent commenter days ended after the WS ’09. Glad to see the quality of writers didn’t go down, though.

      • Plank says:

        Get off my lawn!!!

        *shakes cane*

      • Plank says:

        I do a ton of travelling especially in Asia. Everywhere you go, expats complain that it used to be a lot better before all the tourists started showing up. Everywhere this happens.

        I was in Darjeeling and there was a travel memoir book written in the 1900′s (the 00s) and the author of that book was complaining that that region was way better in the 1870s then it was then (30 years later) now that all the tourists started showing up.

        Did you write that book?

      • Plank says:

        Really? What it sounded like was you dissing all the commenters and adding nothing to the discussion besides your tsk tsk tsk.

    • mustang says:


  24. Joey H. says:

    I get there’s a consensus of disappointment but some of these comments are ridiculous. The seams on the ball would have been the same in NY, the park here, if anything can play smaller at times , and the investment amount would have been more had the Yankees won. Now, we can just hope one of the stud SP’s of 2013 don’t extend their contracts and we can land one of those. That’s one MAJOR way this is a win for New York.

  25. FIPster Doofus says:

    Toronto’s fans thought getting Yu was a foregone conclusion. Trolled.

  26. Gonzo says:

    So much for the whole Rogers Communications endless supply of money.

  27. Burbankbogey says:

    Boy nice little war going on the AL West. Now maybe they’ll have the same wear and tear as the Yanks/Red Sox have going thru 18 games a year. Texas winning should open up some trade opportunities now for the Yanks since they were rumored to be active there as well.

  28. thumper says:

    I find myself conflicted about this. Part of me is angry that the Rangers whine about payroll, big market teams, etc. & go through bankruptcy court, only to dish out $51 million for the chance to sign a pitcher to a $50-70 million contract.

    Then again, they were so unwilling to pay CJ Wilson less money, even though he’s a much more proven commodity. Although Yu has at least the hyped potential to be more, I think a lot of people would be happy if he put up very Wilson-like numbers for the next few years.

    We’ll see what happens, but either way, Texans do strange things.

    • Preston says:

      Yes, I love when the Rangers cry poor. The team that handed out the original ARod contract and who now has given out the largest amount of money to a non MLB player cries about other teams setting market prices to high. Rich.

  29. SevenAces says:

    Fucking bloody A…
    OF ALL THE teams, it has to be the friggin claws and antlers themselves.
    Here’s to my prediction, that he won’t work out a deal and he pitches for the Fighters ANOTHER year.

  30. RetroRob says:

    I wonder how Darvish will feel about pitching in Texas. He’s a bit of a rock-star personality and may be looking for a similar market. Arlington?

    I suppose he can simply overprice himself and then try again next year, or go for unrestricted free agency in two years. 50-50 he signs.

    • MannyGeee says:

      They’ll just tell him that in America country music star is the equivilent of the traditional Japanese ‘rock star’ and hand him a 10 gallon hat…. should go over fine

  31. Holy Ghost says:

    The Rangers will regret it when Darvish is only mediocre and they can’t afford to re-sign Hamilton and Cruz

  32. John says:

    Wow … I can’t actually believe numerous people are this upset we didn’t sign up to commit what will most likely be $125mil guaranteed to someone whose thrown a grand total of 0 pitches in MLB. Perhaps their the same people who were upset when we didn’t get DiceK.

  33. Carl says:

    You know who’s livid the most about this? Jays fans.

  34. JohnnyC says:

    One factor to remember is that Yu’s dad lived in America for almost a decade, going through high school and college in Florida and Washington. I’m not sure if he wants his son to play in Texas, given the alternatives: re-posting next year or waiting 2 years to be able to sign with whatever team he chooses.

    • Plank says:

      People who study in both Florida and Washington are infamous for distrusting Texans.

      • JohnnyC says:

        People who name themselves after a piece of wood are infamous for their low reading comprehension.

        • Plank says:

          What does his father studying in Florida and Washington have to do with whether Darvish would choose to take the Texas offer? Why would his father have an influence on his multi-million dollar decision at all?

          Reposting next year will lead to the same situation, that leads me to think you believe his father has something against Texas specifically.

          I was making a joke, but ok, be like that. Enlighten me.

          Also, he’s a true free agent in 3 years, not 2 I believe.

          • JohnnyC says:

            He’s a free agent after the 2013 season. International free agency is granted after 9 seasons. He debuted in 2005.

            His father living in Florida and Washington is not directly related to where Yu will sign. I didn’t imply that. Without writing a full-fledged essay, my intent was to emphasize his father’s familiarity with American culture, specifically sports culture. He moved from Florida to Washington (Cheney to be exact)precisely because of the way Iranians were viewed by Southerners in the wake of the Iran hostage crisis.

            If you’ve read anything about Yu, you would know that his father is not only his closest confidant but advisor as well. He has spoken out vociferously against the posting system and wants his son to play where he WANTS to play, not just where it would be beneficial for the Fighters.

            Being re-posted again would both winnow out teams he doesn’t want to play for AND lower the posting bid. Darvish’s father contends that the higher the posting fee, the less money goes to the player since that is what happened to Dice-K (and he even had Boras as an agent).

            The end game (because Darvish is young enough to wait until he’s a true free agent)is to get the highest contract from the most desirable team.

            • Plank says:

              That’s all valid stuff. It’s also (to me) not really representative of what you wrote the first time.

              I know the role the media says his father has, I also don’t think anyone would just listen to their dad in potentially 9 figure negotiations. Being a FA (here at the end of the contract if he signs now) earlier could be worth more than the money he gains in his first and possibly only contract, but that’s besides the point.

              Also, my name is an allusion to one of the best LHP of all time (but why would anyone know that on a baseball blog), who also happens to be an alum of my college. It also has a double meaning for me since when I came up with the handle, I was a freshman in college and considering studying physics.

  35. John says:

    Add in the expected $75 mil contract and you get $125mil committed to a guy whose thrown a grand total of 0 pitches in MLB. Yikes.

    • mbonzo says:

      Then subtract the Japanese revenue and you’re basically paying $10m a year to a guy that projects to be a #2 or higher.

      • Need Pitching says:

        Phil Hughes and Joba Chamberlain projected to be a #2 or higher. Would you want to be paying them $10M/year right now?

        I know its not exactly the same, but its still a big risk.

        • mbonzo says:

          Darvish has more potential and much larger track record than Hughes or Chamberlain ever had. Not saying there isn’t risk involved, but the Rangers know that Darvish a good investment.

          • Need Pitching says:

            just like the Sox knew DiceK was a good investment
            I do think Darvish will be good though

            • mbonzo says:

              Dice K was pretty successful his first 2 seasons, mostly due to luck, but he was worth the money and the Red Sox probably ended up breaking even. Helping them win the 2007 WS might have been worth it alone.

              Darvish is such a different pitcher with numbers that are insanely better than Dice K though. You can’t compare the two.

      • BK2ATL says:

        Japanese revenue in Arlington Texas???? Explain that one please. LOL!!!

      • John says:

        And you have the numbers to back this up? Or are just making an assumption. If you have said numbers, id be very interested in seeing them. Wasn’t DiceK projected to be a #2? Spending $125 mil with nothing to point to besides projections, which have almost always proven incorrect when dealing with Japanese pitchers is absurd.

        • mbonzo says:

          Don’t compare Darvish to Dice K.

          As for revenue, there aren’t any concrete numbers but jersey sales in Japan, broadcasting games, and Japanese ads bring in millions for MLB teams. There were claims that the Yankees lost $15m a year when Matsui left NY, and that was many years after leaving Japan. I don’t think the number was that big, but I could easily, over the next 6 years, see making up the $52m posting fee in Japanese revenue alone.

          As for claiming the Rangers are blindly spending $125m, you’re absurd for thinking you know more than the AL champions. The business is to spend money and make more. Clearly Darvish can make them more money. He’s the best Japanese arm, ever, so the best you can do is scout for yourself, which I doubt you’ve done.

          • John says:

            So you criticize my rhetoric because I haven’t done any first hand scouting, yet you are somehow qualified to pass judgment on him? Hm.

            Oh and I guess I missed the memo where the rangers always made the right decisions a every personnel move they make should never e questioned. How many othe front offices get he was worth a 50 mil posting fee?

            • mbonzo says:

              You’re the one who made claims about Darvish as a player. You compared him and judged the Rangers’ decision based on assumptions. The Rangers have been pretty successful lately, they know what they’re doing, and Darvish will make them money. (Which is the point) They liked him more than other teams, which just tells me the scouts like him a lot. We won’t know how much Darvish brings to the team till he actually pitches, but they wouldn’t have signed him if they didn’t think he’d make them money. I trust the AL champions’ educated guess over your assumption.

              • John says:

                But it’s not just my guess….because my guess is shared by every other GM and front office that didn’t believe Darvish was worth a 50 mil posting fee. The Rangers are the only front office to offer up said posting fee. I’m not sure why your failing to grasp this but I’m not gonna continue to beat a dead horse.

                The Red Sox front office had been pretty successful when they thought DiceK was worth that investment. I understand your opinion differs from mine, but to sit back and say my opinion is wrong and your is right when it’s based off just as many ‘guesses’ as mine is, is just ignorant.

                • mbonzo says:

                  My opinion that professional scouts and baseball business people know more about the game than you and me is hardly ignorant.

                  • John says:


                    So 1 out of the 30 front offices felt the need to throw up a 50 mil bid. Why are the other 29 front offices all wrong, and the Rangers right?

                    • mbonzo says:

                      Is there a big difference between the potential $120m the Rangers will pay Darvish or the $115m the Blue Jays would have or the $110m the Yankees would have?

          • JohnnyC says:

            Apparel sales and broadcasting rights revenue are shared equally by all ML teams. The only revenue that the Rangers would keep to themselves is in-park advertising and if the Mariners are any indication that comes to $10 million (a number that’s pretty much steady throughout Ichiro’s Seattle career)a year. It can be argued that the posting system is far more lucrative for the Japanese team than for the American team. More immediate as well.

            • Need Pitching says:

              I would think Seattle’s higher asian population (I think) would give them more revenue from stadium signage than a team in Texas would be able to get

              I’m not basing that on any actual facts though, just a supposition

              • Plank says:

                The in stadium sign factor is hugely overblown. It’s not like that ad space wouldn’t be sold if the Japanese companies didn’t buy it. At most they increase whatever ad space they buy by whatever the incremental bidding price for that signage is. I would imagine it would be worth a few million per season at most.

                • Need Pitching says:

                  exactly – and if they don’t get any money from broadcast rights, and jersey sales would still go through MLB and MLBPA licensing agreements, so I don’t see where a team would get a huge revenue influx from having a Japanese player. There would definitely be some effect, but I doubt it would be very large, especially in a market without a large japanese population.

            • mbonzo says:

              Actually I think you’re half right. Broadcasting, I believe is, applied to international markets, but the CBA doesn’t include international apparel sales.

  36. Mick says:

    I think this speaks volumes to something in Wilson’s makeup that only the Rangers knew.

  37. Reggie C. says:

    Maybe its because I have very little faith in trusting Hughes to improve and become a 200 inning starter next season , but the rotation just seems like crap after CC and Nova.

  38. Rich in NJ says:

    This sucks.

  39. Freddy Garcia's 86 mph Heat says:

    There will be a total of 5 previous 25+ start seasons among the entire 2012 Texas Rangers starting staff. CC Sabathia alone has 11.

    • well you know says:

      That’s not true if minor league seasons are counted. Which I think would be appropriate if arm preparation is the issue.

      And, at a certain point, more miles on the odometer isn’t a good thing.

  40. Burbankbogey says:

    Wonder if this will open the doors more for potential trades now for the Yanks? If Texas hadn’t won they would have been very aggressive in the market I feel. Maybe Danks or Garza can be had before the Spring.

  41. mustang says:

    Wow !!!!

    Like 2 weeks ago Yu was the best thing around a better overall option then CJ, Gio, Danks or anything else. Texas gets him and the now everything is bad about him from the ball to the Texas heat.
    People are acting like the spoil Yankees fans that other fans make us out to be. You didn’t get the toy you wanted so now you’re trashing the toy and the kid who got it.

    Just WOW!!!!

    • mustang says:

      Texas gets him and now …

    • RetroRob says:

      Normal fan reaction by fans of all teams.

      • mustang says:

        I’m sorry but I always figure that people here were a bit above the normal fan by the pure statistical nature that drives this site didn’t realize that it has become LoHub.

        • RetroRob says:

          They are, but they are still fans.

          And, as noted below by John below, there wasn’t overwhelming support for Darvish here. A desire to have him based on the potential he offers, but an understanding that he’s a question mark. I’m also guessing many of the “don’t sign Darvish” crowd are being more vocal now.

    • John says:

      What? I’m pretty sure the Yankee community was pretty split on Darvish from the get-go. And I’m sure most would’ve passed on him knowing it would be take a 50 mil posting fee and 75 mil contract. I think your misinterpreting many of these comments….no one is really saying darvish suddenly sucks, just that there’s a very good chance he isn’t worth such a massive investment.

      • Plank says:

        I still think he’s worth the massive investment.

      • mustang says:

        Go back and read some of the old threads you will find, probably some the same people who are trashing it now, that many people were ok with a 125 million invest because only the contract would go against the luxury tax.

        • Plank says:

          If you’re so interested in it, why don’t you do the research?

          I’m guessing you’re right. So? Some people are front runners. It happens in every sport on every team.

          • Plank says:

            front runners= homers

            • John says:

              I’m not sure if that comment was directed at me (both comments for that matter), but I’ve been against signing Darvish all summer. I knew it would take a massive commitment, and I’ve simply seen the Yankees get burned one too many times on awful contracts (staring straight at AJ Burnett) to advocate they throw up 125mil on something which is entirely unproven. And yes, he is unproven, I don’t care if he had an ERA of 0.00 and struck every batter out he faced in Japan, there are a ton of variables that are factored into a transition from Japan to MLB.

              I’d much rather see them throw 150 mil at Hamels next year, and if he re-signs with Philly then Cain & Greinke (for less money) are also solid options. IF we committed 125 mil to Darvish, it’s very unlikely we would commit another 100+ mil to one of those guys.

              • Plank says:

                It was directed at mustang. He’s railing against the commenters for allegedly changing their tune and saying missing out on Darvish isn’t that big a deal or that he won’t be that good. I disagree on both parts, but that’s irrelevant.

        • Rainbow Connection says:


    • SevenAces says:

      I’m still cool with Darvish, just hope he doesn’t pitch for the Rangers.

  42. John says:

    I’m glad cashman showed restraint and didn’t just wildly throw money at him hoping for the best. Time to call up Kuroda and make a solid 1 year offer. He’s inexpensive, successful, and pretty consistent, which goes a long way considering the volatility of our rotation.

  43. RetroRob says:

    So it’s going to cost the Rangers about $129 million to replace CJ Wilson (posting fee plus a contract that is expected to be what Wilson got from the Angels). Darvish can pitch in the majors, although at what level is not known.

    This strikes me as a bad deployment of resources by the Rangers. Darvish is way more expensive than Wilson, and they allowed Wilson to go to their competitor.

    • Rainbow Connection says:

      “I don’t know WHY Sally won’t date me! I mean, this guy she’s seeing now is like totally bad for her. I just don’t get it.”

  44. Avi says:

    Good news for Darvish is that the A’s and Seattle offenses will look a lot like a Japanese lineup to him. The bad news? This Pujols guy might be better than Matt Murton!

  45. Bo Knows says:

    Why did it have to be the F’n Rangers…I’m so sick of them, they have been nothing but a pain in the ass.

  46. bankers hours says:

    Sign Kudora 1 or 2 yrs 10=12m per. It saves the prospects and about 100m vs Darvish. Come on Hal you’ve got to give the fans something. Does anyone believe George would have sat on the sidelines for as long as Hal has. I’m getting the feling the Yanks are getting cheap and wthey won’t win getting cheap.

    • RetroRob says:

      GMS would have been more high-profile, but let’s not forget that he missed out on Dice-K. He was also behind the pushes to get Igawa and Irabu and Contreras, none of which were as advertised. El Duque was certainly worth the investment.

    • Nathan says:

      I was thinking the same earlier when I read that the Rangers won the bidding on Darvish.

      The last Yankee WS win was after they dropped a ton of cash on the big three free agents. Granted spending doesn’t equal championships but when you have a need and the talent is there, you need to spend.

      • Need Pitching says:

        But has anything really changed? They were able to drop big cash that offseason because they had a lot of big contracts expire (Giambi, Abreau, Mussina). Their opening day payroll was actually lower in 2009 than it was in 2008. It seems like they are being more conservative now because they are trying to keep the payroll in the same 200-210M range and haven’t had the payroll flexibility to keep adding more big contract players.

  47. Nathan says:

    While the cost of Darvish is very high ($100M plus likely), it’s tough to see other teams land such big ticket players while the Yankees sit idle.

    Yes yes yes, the Yankees offense is set. The pitching? Not so much. With the big pitchers off the board, it looks like the only play for the Yankees is Kuroda, hope he can pitch well in the AL East or EJack, and hope he can get it together. Either way, both pitchers realistically are #3 pitchers (#2 if Kuroda can duplicate last year’s NL #s in the AL).

    I miss George and his free spending ways.

    • Avi says:

      Was it George who spent over $400mm on CC, Tex and Burnett?

      • Nathan says:

        His orders? Probably not. I think George was already in poor health and not involved at that point but I’m sure the moves were George-esque…maybe to make George happy?

        I’m just having a hard time coming to grasps with the Yankees all of a sudden going the frugal route…but it seems thats the way the organizations is going to be run now so big ticket FAs are likely going to be a thing of the past.

        • Need Pitching says:

          going the frugal route …

          $275-305M for ARod (largest contract ever)
          Largest contract ever for SP (CC)
          $15M/year for closer
          $17M/year for 37 yo shortstop
          $180M first baseman
          $82.5M for AJ
          $35M setup guy
          $200M+ payroll 4 straight years (2012 will still likely make it 5 straight)

          If only the Yankees weren’t so frugal

          • Nathan says:

            Aside from Soriano, the other contracts are from 2009 (CC, Tex and AJ) or keeping existing Yankees in pinstripes (Mo & Jeter).

            Unless the Yankees plan on filling holes with their prospects, they should know they need to spend to replace/upgrade positions.

            I can live with A-Rod’s contract since there really wasn’t anyone out there that could replace his productivity at the time (though I think they overspent and probably scared themselves into the contract) but Soriano’s contract is just horrible since they didn’t need a setup man at the time (Joba & Robertson were internal candidates).

            I really hate to see the Yankees trade prospects but if they aren’t going to go after FAs, that is the other route. I’m not sure what the asking price was on Haren or Halladay (I think the Jays wanted both Joba/Hughes?) but I would trade prospects for those two before Gio/Danks.

            • Need Pitching says:

              the big contracts from 2009 and keeping all of their high paid players means there isn’t much wiggle room to add big contracts unless they are willing to raise payroll (which Hal/Hank don’t seem to want to do). I think they are still willing to spend big, but only if its for a perceived sure thing (like Cliff Lee)

        • mbonzo says:

          The frugal thing is overblown I think. Yankees made a big splash with Cliff Lee last year, and if they’d won it wouldn’t be a topic. Regardless, there hasn’t been much out there to target. I’ve mentioned before that the Yankees could probably sustain a payroll of around $320m comfortably. They should have no problem spending money, the lack of spending has just been the market and politics over the last 2 years. The CBA affected the draft and international market, while the market has just sucked for the Yankees’ needs. Prepare for a big signing next year.

          • The Big City of Dreams says:

            Prepare for a big signing next year.


            That’s only if guys like Hamels or Cain hit the market.

            • mbonzo says:

              No love for Danks or Greinke?
              Marcum, Liriano, Anibal Sanchez are free agents too.

              My opinion, the Yankees don’t give a shit about the $189m luxury tax break, they’re playing coy to go crazy next year.

              • John says:

                Definitely agree with you on this one. I’ve always thought it was humorous to see people actually suggest the Yanks are this concerned over the 40 or so million they’d save by meeting the luxury tax break. Yankee revenue is unlike any other revenue in MLB.

                For the record, I like Hamels, Greinke, and Cain in that order. The Rangers can’t be too happy about this Darvish saga, 125 mil for him and suddenly even starting at 125 for Hamels looks to be wayyy to low.

              • The Big City of Dreams says:

                They don’t like Greinke.

                Danks is an option but will Kenny cave in an lower his demands

                Liriano is injured

                Sanchez not sure about him

                Marcum is an option.

                • John says:

                  They didn’t like Greinke when it would’ve cost Montero + more. That doesn’t mean they won’t like Greinke when he only costs money.

                  They’ve only shown a willingness to give up Montero for one pitcher, Cliff Lee, so we’ll see what happens when acquiring him doesn’t cost Montero.

                • mbonzo says:

                  Greinke: Yankees might like him with a longer track record and now that they don’t have to trade prospects.

                  Danks: He’s a free agent next year, so no need to deal with Kenny Williams.

                  Liriano: Has a lot of potential, I don’t think he’ll be the big target, but he could be a cheap replacement for Garcia with the upside to be a #2.

                  Sanchez: I like him, but 2012 will establish his market. He had a huge stat year in 2011, 9.26 K/9, 2.93 BB/9 and a 3.25 xFIP. If he repeats, thats a serious dark horse candidate for them.

                  Marcum: He’s also a potential #2.

                  It’d be sick to get Hamels, but I’d be happy with any of the other guys.

              • Avi says:

                “My opinion, the Yankees don’t give a shit about the $189m luxury tax break, they’re playing coy to go crazy next year.”

                I totally agree with you here.

          • Bill Johnston says:

            “Prepare for a big signing next year.”

            Not a chance. Have you not listened to the new Yankee mantra? “189 in 2014″. This puts $50M bucks in ownerships pockets. There will be NO big signings untill 2015.

        • John says:

          I wouldn’t say the Yanks have suddenly become frugal, just that they’ve reigned in their spending and don’t just dump a truck load of cash on anything that’s available. As Yankee fans we all would love for them to sign the best free agents every year, but that’s simply unrealistic. Most of these big free agent contracts wind up being burdens in the later years of the contracts.

          The last time the Yankees were this ‘frugal’, they went out the next off season and spent $400 mil. With next year’s FA class of pitchers being vastly superior to this years, perhaps they have that same plan in mind.

  48. mustang says:

    Well since Gio and Danks didn’t come with winning the posting bid I will tip my hat to the Rangers wish them no luck at all and wait to smoke clears before making judgment.

    “it’s not over till it’s over ….” Yogi Berra

  49. The Manchine says:

    Edwin Jackson please. I’d happily settle for Kuroda as well.

  50. John Ya Ya says:

    I am reserving judgment about this whole thing until I see the guy pitch against real MLB level talent. It’s easy to sing the praises of a guy most of us have never seen, at least to any significant level.

  51. pat says:

    Isn’t this the same team that thew a sh*t ton of money at Soriano last year? Now they’re getting cheap because they didn’t sign Pujols and CJ Wilson? For realz?

  52. Ryan says:

    Just wait until all those Texans find out he’s half-Iranian. LOL

  53. sfly6844 says:

    The adjustment to American baseball (already huge) along with the BRUTAL TEXAS HEAT (twice a week) and I’d guess that Mr.Darvish will not be coming over for less than 15 mil a year. IT’S reported he already makes 12 million in japan. He passes unless blown away with a deal…I would if not and hope for a better landing spot next year.

    • MannyGeee says:

      he made @ $6.5M last season. point still stands though, hes not signing for $7M. I am banking that he will need a contract a little higher than what Dice-K made, I am guessing $12M AAV plus incentives?

      Not CC money, but still if he lives up to the hype…

  54. sfly6844 says:

    pitching twice a week…

  55. Januz says:

    People are forgetting one thing…. Unless Darvish turns out to be Pedro Martinez in his prime, the Yankees may have lucked out, because a guy who could have really hurt them (Prince Fielder) will not end up in Texas. Beyond that, what we are seeing in sports (Not just MLB) is anything but a buyers market (Not just Darvish) look what guys like Latos brought in trades, look what Pujols got, look at the TV contracts that teams like Texas are getting from Fox Sports, and leagues like the NFL & Pac-12 got as well (MLB should do very well with their new contract as well). What does it all mean? More $$$$ so that certain teams will spend like drunken sailors and drive the prices up. However, keep in mind, that increased spending does not necessarily bring you titles (Look at Lee and Gonzalex last year they performed as expected, but I did NOT see any ticker tape parades in Philadelphia or Boston). Believe it or not, the Yankees are actually in a good position going forward: They have their full compliment of draft picks (Plus a Supplemental for Stafford) so they can add to a deep farm system (Which is more than Banuelos, Bentances, and Williams (Don’t forget Brett Marshall, JR Murphy, Bryan Murphy or Gary Sanchez (I could see Romine traded)), they got CC re-signed for an amount that looks like a bargain, and expiring contracts that either come off the books (Burnett & Soriano), or go down sharply in value (Jeter) before 2014. Time to take a chill pill, and see what happens bwtween now and July 31st 2012.

  56. Bavarian Yankee says:

    well, I’m a bit disappointed that the Yanks didn’t win the bidding but at least the Blue Jays didn’t get him. I fully expect Darvish to sign with the Rangers and I hope he proves all the haters wrong and pitches like a real ace.

  57. Bronx Byte says:

    A good Christmas gift from Cashman to Yankee fans : Sign Kuroda and Beltran.

    • MannyGeee says:

      Beltran, huh… thats a whole lotta time and money for bum knees and lowered expectations…

      feels more like something the Easter Bunny would bring, not Santa

      • Jumpin' Jack Swisher says:

        The Yankees didn’t win the posting fee for Darvish and, I don’t know about the rest of you, but the wife and I are alive and breathing this morning. Someone was off on their “the world will end” prediction. Damn Japanese. That shit won’t fly in Texas.

        Also, the Yankee gear collection box I set up for fans who chose not to be Yankee fans anymore: still empty.

  58. David, Jr. says:

    No problem. As long as we have Soriano and a 40 yr old shortstop, we are good.

  59. theyankeewarrior says:

    This Xmas, I have Yu my heart, but the very next day Yu gave it away. Nxt year, 2 save me from tears, ill give it 2 Cole Hamels.


  60. Gonzo says:

    Kevin Gray of @graymatter11 and his blog is getting roasted because he called the Jays winning it.

    I feel bad for the guy. He said his sources burned him.

  61. Paul VuvuZuvella says:

    Yu will bow to Kuroda when they meet in da Bronx next year.

  62. Dan says:

    You guys are missing the point. The rangers believe Darvish can be a top of the league pitcher, something CJ Wilson will never be.

  63. Doc Holliday says:

    Inexcusable. Nolan Ryan has less money, less resources and he’s still beating the Yankees to these guys. Cashman cost us a trip to the 2010 WS when Nolan beat him out for Cliff Lee and now the Rangers outspend us for the best pitcher on the market. George must be rolling over in his grave.

  64. Elan says:

    Hal Steinbrenner is the polar opposite of George – George would have made sure that the Yankees were the highest bidder for Darvish. I really wish that somebody that was interested in the Yankees’ success, instead of how much money they could personally pocket, would be running the team. We need another George Steinbrenner!

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