Sweaty Freddy passes his physical, gets sweaty

Sherman: Yankees will watch Zumaya's showcase next week
Linkage: Yankees remain quiet at MLB Winter Meetings

Via David Waldstein, Freddy Garcia has passed his physical, so his new one-year deal worth $4M (plus incentives) could be made official any day now. The two sides are still working out some contract language, but I think that’s just code for “we don’t want to fill our last open 40-man roster spot before Thursday’s Rule 5 Draft.”

Physicals are usually routine, but they’re a little bit more than that when it comes to pitchers like Freddy, guys with major shoulder problems in the not-too-distant past.  That said, it’s not like Garcia’s going to unexpectedly lose his stuff all of a sudden — a la Javy Vazquez in the second half of 2010 — it’s pretty much all gone already.

Sherman: Yankees will watch Zumaya's showcase next week
Linkage: Yankees remain quiet at MLB Winter Meetings
  • nsalem

    I think Freddy’s “stuff” is still there and it’s his velocity thats gone and this is why he can survive in the American League while others with that loss of velocity wouldn’t have a prayer. I wish he could lend his brain to Mr, Hughes or/and Burnett.

    • Rich in NJ

      Yeah, if AJ had the pitchability that Garcia has, he would be dangerous (to other teams), but it’s scary to think that Hughes needs to rely on that given what he appeared to be capable of at Trenton.

  • Mickey S

    So once it’s official we’re left with…


    That doesn’t inspire the utmost confidence. I don’t see the Yanks making a huge splash on the trade market by gutting their AAA roster or anyone at the ML level for a pitcher that’s much better than who’s already on the books not named CC. Darvish would be an upgrade over the 2-5 spots, having 1.99 ERA, a better winning % and a better K/BB numbers (I know in a lesser league, but compared to AA/AAA that’s still damn good) Hell, that’s better than any Nippon pitcher that has ever been posted. Even if he adds an extra 1.50 ER per 9 to his average, a 3.50-3.70 ERA in the AL would slot nicely behind CC. What are the other options? Overpay for CJ in dollars and years? Overpay in prospects for Gio/Danks? If Darvish costs just money and even half of that doesn’t count towards the penalty, it’s gotta clearly be the best bet. Kuroda would be a decent stopgap for just a year at 16MM. I’m interested to see how this offseason plays out!

    • jon

      if nova keeps up where he is and hughes pitches like the first half of 2010 its really not that bad of a rotation

      • Mickey S

        That’s a big IF. I dunno if smoke and mirrors could work two years in a row. I’ll feel better when Hughes is competing for a spot and not penciled into one after last year. Nova looked great the second half, I agree but they still lack a true number two. With AJ and Hughes each at around a 5 ERA, a bonafide two would certainly easy some nerves. The free agent market seems very risky this year with Oswalt wanting three years, Burhele wanting four and Wilson wanting 120MM. Jackson for two at 15M per would be a better bet or Kuorda at 16/17M on a one year would at least give them options if Yu doesn’t happen.

  • GH

    It doesn’t, but always remember that you don’t have to be good, just better than everyone else. How many teams have really good starting pitching, plus a lineup and bullpen comparable to the Yankees’?

    • Mickey S

      I agree the line-up and bullpen are sick, on paper. Pitching typically wins championships and I’m not saying sign 2-3 more pitchers but just one number two would be great. Shit, Colon would at least be another option if all else fails. I know it’s early and Bubba Crosby prob not gonna be the center fielder and Cash and Co can work in mysterious ways and rather quickly. At the end of the day, in Cash I trust, whatever move he makes I’ll buy the jersey.

      • nsalem

        Take a look at all the other teams pitchers from 1 to 12. Everyone has their issues. We gave up the 4th least ER in the AL last year and had the best ERA+. I know that is far from telling the whole story but it leaves me with the thought that last year was not a total fluke as some insist. Yes are starting rotation has question marks but the bull pen looks great and we will have created starting depth (as we did last year). It would be nice to make a decent free agent pick up but as long as we maintain depth in our system we may be in a better position to make a deal in July are now.

        • hogsmog

          I mean, I would still insist that it was totally unexpected that our two trash heap pickups decided to kick comparative ass. And, though perhaps I wouldn’t say ‘fluke’, I would be (pleasantly) surprised if Garcia repeated his 2010 and another trash heap/AAA guy was able to do what Colon did for the same price.

          • Cris Pengiucci

            I agree with last year’s pick ups. A pleasant surprise to say the least. However, I think Hughes was a surprise in the other direction. He’s quite capable of turning it around. AJ has had 1 decent year (OK, a “not terrible” year) in ’09 and 2 crappy years since. He showed something in the playoffs. I’m expecting a return to a “not terrible” year if he remains with the team. And while I expect a regression from Nova, I don’t expect it to be large. This should allow them to at least remain in contact with the division lead through the All-Star break and put them in a good position for a mid-season trade if necessary. Things could be A LOT worse.

  • Realist

    We won the AL plus 97 games last year with that rotation. Too much panicking. And “pitching wins championships” well so does timely hitting which was our true problem against the Tigers this past postseason. Plus we’ll have Noesi, Warren and Phelps ready to start if any goes wrong with this starting 5. I personally would love to see what either of 3 can do in a starting role. Might be able to find another Nova out of the 3. We’ll never know if they never get a chance.

  • Bronx Byte

    Since when can Burnett be listed as a No. 2 starter ? Even if the Yankees make no moves at all, he’s no better than a No. 5 pitcher with your fingers crossed that he doesn’t implode anytime around the 4th inning.