The RAB Radio Show: December 16, 2011

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Yankees haven't had any talks about sign-and-trade with Nakajima

The Yu Darvish bidding ended this week, and the Yankees did make a bid. We start with that.

  • Rumor has the Jays with the winning bid. That alone won’t change the balance of power in the AL East, but they could pull off one more move that would change things for sure.
  • Where do the Yanks turn from here? Mike and I run down the remaining options.
  • Can Eduardo Nunez change the trade scene? The Yanks have kept him out of trade talks, but with Nakajima potentially in the fold they could possibly upgrade by trading Nunez.
  • Mike Cuddyer signed this morning, which, along with Josh Willingham’s contract, gives us some semblance of an idea for Nick Swisher‘s market next off season.
  • Plus, all the miscellany you can handle.

Podcast run time 45:24

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Intro music: “Die Hard” courtesy of reader Alex Kresovich. Thanks to Tyler Wilkinson for the graphic.

RAB Live Chat
Yankees haven't had any talks about sign-and-trade with Nakajima
  • jv

    my birthday is today…drinking and partying all day!

    go yankees!

    • Reg

      0 ppl care.

  • jv

    go fuck yourself reg


  • TomH

    The two most important “if’s” in the podcast: (1) what IF the Jays get Darvish? and (2) what IF the Jays get Fielder?

    On its own merits, #2 would entail a serious change in the balance of AL East power. The Jays’ pitching is good enough right now for respectability. Not great, but good enough. With an addition of Fielder, their hitting would become deadly.

    Hower, #1 comes with still another “IF”: IF Darvish turns out to be the real deal in US baseball, this could be a game-changer in the AL. At one blow, it would make the Yankees and Red Sox seem a bit … old. Passe. Yesterday’s teams.

    For the Yankees in particular, yet another IF: if there are no changes of significance in the rotation, they risk a dramatic drop in their placement in the AL east, perhaps changing places with Toronto. The notion that “this team won 97 games last year and doesn’t need to make big changes” is a lot of hooey. There was Divine Intervention last year to account for the success of Colon and Freddy. It’s entirely possible that Hughes will return to his great minor league form, but it’s not really probable. It’s entirely possible that AJ will figure out how to metamorphose into a real pitcher (AJ as Mussina), but it’s not really probable.

    In the early 1990s, when they were winning championships the Jays were consistently competitive in payroll numbers with the Yankees and Red Sox. They’re in even better position to be so now, with their current owners.

    With such dangers in front of them, it’s hard to believe the Yankees will not take some kind of major step before this season begins–a trade probably–to give that rotation some kind of respectability.