• Greg

    Can we move the numbers around on both Darvish and Cepedes to get under the 2014 cap? Offer them a big signing bonus but $1M each for 2014?

    • RetroRob

      I’m not an expert on how these things are calculated, but I believe it’s the annual average, including signing bonuses. So, for example, in A-Rod’s case, his annual average is 27.5 million ($275 million over ten years), no matter how the money is distributed year to year. A-Rod will be paid about $20 million a year the last few years of the contract, but for luxury tax purposes it’s still $27.5 million.

      Perhaps there’s a loophole in here somewhere when it relates to an amateur who might first play in the minors (perhaps in that case the bonus is not included), but I’m not sure.

  • http://yesnet tendollarcard

    if cashman is comparing montero to pujols or vice versa, i believe he has finally lost his mind completely. ive never read such a ridiculous statement. he should know beter than to drink before breakfast. i thought he had more brains than that. just goes to show you what thought did. montero hit 2 or 3 home runs in a short period of time, so cashman thinks hes the next pujols!? give me a efin break.