UPDATE: Yankees are “clear frontrunners” for Yoenis Cespedes

Open Thread: Winter Meetings Day One
Eying a 42nd Street stadium once upon a time

Monday (9pm ET): Via Frankie Piliere, the Yankees are currently seen as the “clear frontrunners” for Cespedes. Brian Cashman told Jack Curry that he’s unlikely to make a big money pickup this winter, including international players, but he’d say that even if he had $100M in the 2012 budget to play with.

Saturday (2pm ET): Via Jon Paul Morosi, the Yankees are one of three teams that have shown the most interest in Cuban outfielder Yoenis Cespedes. The Tigers and Marlins are also in the mix. Cespedes has not yet established residency in the Dominican Republic or been declared a free agent by MLB, but Ken Rosenthal says that could happen as soon as next week.

By now you’ve heard all about the 26-year-old, who had a private workout for the Yankees in front of some serious front office firepower. The new collective bargaining agreement is a non-issue; Cespedes will be a true free agent and not subject to the international free agent spending cap. In an Insider-only piece at ESPN, Dan Szymborksi and his ZiPS system projects Cespedes to be a .265/.330/.435 hitter with about 20 homers and seven steals on an annual basis at the big league level, roughly equivalent to the 2011 version of Edwin Encarnacion.

Open Thread: Winter Meetings Day One
Eying a 42nd Street stadium once upon a time
  • Andy in Sunny Daytona

    It’s time to punish MLB. Sign Cespedes, Soler and Rivero. Then sign Darvish when he gets posted.

    • Ted Nelson

      If the Yankees sign all those guys at unreasonable rates, there’s a good chance that the only people they will be punishing are themselves and Yankees’ fans.

      I feel they should proceed exactly as they would have before the CBA. Assign a value to each player based on the expected return (which incorporates risk, performance, marginal profits for the org. based on winning and popular international players, etc.)… if his market value is under, at, or close to that figure sign him… if not walk away and let another team take the risk.

      I think it’s possible they sign one or more of them. I don’t think there’s much value in signing them all at any cost out of some false sense of vengeance for rules enacted to make a monopolistic industry more competitive. I could see raising their value to the Yankees based on future difficulties acquiring IFAs maybe… but probably more marginally than anything since Darvish and Yoenis are probably going to get paid like established MLB veterans (can just as easily sign an MLB veteran… so that’s their point of comparison as much as IFAs).

      • Genghis

        Well stated. However, as always, there are additional considerations. If you believe that the new CBA, has “hurt” the Yankees’ ability to add additional talent relative to other clubs (which I’m not sure I agree with, but let’s go with that assumption), then the marginal cost to the Yankees of adding an additional win has increased. Then (and i’m skipping a few steps here in the interest of keeping this concise) that implies that the value to the Yankees of Cespedes, Darvish etc. has just increased.

        • Ted Nelson

          Yeah, but also the value of any other free agent. Darvish especially is probably going to cost about as much as some of the top proven SPs (even with luxury tax considerations).

      • Jimmy McNulty

        If the Yankees sign all those guys at unreasonable rates, there’s a good chance that the only people they will be punishing are themselves and Yankees’ fans.

        Disagree. Five years is a long time, fans will forget and I’m sure bigger issues will come up between now and then. Teams like the Mets and Cubs with big fanbases that can’t use their fat wallet’s to their advantage to rebuild through the draft and IFA market will be pissed. Teams like the Rays who use the draft and IFA will be pissed, and teams that are short on cash that (correctly) feel it best to spend what income they have on the draft will be pissed. I don’t see the next CBA impacting moves at least until the 2013 offseason.

    • Plank

      I think Soler and Rivero are subject to the 2.9 MM signing cap since they are under 23.

      But still, I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment.

      • Need Pitching

        signing cap begins in 2012-2013 signing period, which begins in July I believe

        • Plank

          So any player can sign for anything until next July? That doesn’t sound right. Nothing would surprise me about the new CBA at this point though.

    • CMP

      Hell yeah. Open up the check book and sign them all especially Soler and Cespedes since the Yankees have no outfield prospects in AA or above.

      • RetroRob

        True, although it will be out of character for the team. While they have spent well in the international market, they have never been the top spender, trending somewhere around 7th-9th according to Yankees SVP Mark Newman’s recent interview. Going in big on Darvish, Despedes and Soler all at once would be way off the charts, then again the game has changed. The Yankees may want to build some depth until they can figure out how the changes in the CBA will impact them and how they’re going to adapt, and that’s going to take more than one year to assess and see how it plays out. Maybe they’ll do on the international market this off-season when they did in the MLB free agent market heading into 2009. Buy up the top talent.

        Yankees international talent evaluators are going to be on the firing line this offseason.

        Last, regarding Cespedes and especially Soler, neither have played even a AA level yet. People over estimate the quality of the Cuban leagues.

        • Ted Nelson

          “The Yankees may want to build some depth”
          “Maybe they’ll do on the international market this off-season when they did in the MLB free agent market heading into 2009. Buy up the top talent.”

          Darvish and Yoenis are in their mid-to-late 20s. The reference group for them is really more MLB free agents than 16 year old IFAs. They will be paid like solid MLB free agents, and will be expected to contribute fairly quickly.

          “Yankees international talent evaluators are going to be on the firing line this offseason.”

          Newman’s interview you reference mentioned the increased importance of evaluating talent, which is the rational way to react to this new CBA in my opinion. So I don’t see much reason to believe this will be the case.

          “Last, regarding Cespedes and especially Soler, neither have played even a AA level yet. People over estimate the quality of the Cuban leagues.”

          I don’t think anyone said they had played in MLB… that doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t thrive against better competition.

  • JobaWockeeZ

    If the Yankees get him there’s going to be a massive collection of minds blown up due to the paradox here.

  • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher

    If the team wants to sign this guy, find a way to work him in this year and see what he’s got before determining if he can be Swisher’s replacement in 2013, sure. He’s probably going to cost a lot more money than a guy who fits the above the role deserves, though.

    Like one of our big three said, Willy Mo Pena could put out a hell of a YouTube video.

    • JobaWockeeZ

      I’ll pull a Ted Nelson here because it actually applies. You think the higher ups of the organization that scouted him are basing this off one YouTube video? I bet they don’t give two shits about that video.

      • Ted Nelson

        You’ll point out the obvious? What’s your problem? Why would you bring up my name in connection with pointing out something so painfully obvious?

        Yoenis has been on the international scene for years, and traveling to Cuba is not particularly difficult. I would have to imagine that the Yankees have scouted his games to some extent. If not they are incompetent.

        You get all bent out of shape that I stand up for the Yankees… but when the implication is that either they did x or they are utterly incompetent… it seems pretty easy which choice to make. I don’t think that they’re perfect by any means, but I do think that they’re a well run organization that generally sticks to sound decision making practices.

  • Dave

    Yanks need to get him and Darvish. Nothing but upside and it won’t cost the Yankees any of their young talent.

  • dean

    I have my doubts about Cespedes until we see what he can do in the states…..but any kind of statistical projection for him is beyond useless.

    • johnnybk

      Absolutely agree. What do you even have to base a projection on? Cuban stats and mlb or even minor league stats are apples and oranges.

      • duzzi23

        Yea absolutely how can they project anything when this guy hasn’t even played minor league ball.

        • I am not the droids you’re looking for…

          The exact same way we can project minor league players’ ML performance even before they’ve played a ML game. Is there a larger margin for error in said projections for Cubans due to (much) smaller sample size of players who’ve gone from the Cuban league to MLB than there are MiL players who’ve done the same? Of course. But to seem baffled at the possibility is…baffling. Dude even played outside the Cuban league on the world championship level if I’m not mistaken, making him that much easier to project.

  • Play Da’rel Scott Now

    Sign him trade swisher and sign wei-yin chen. He’s a more cost efficient alternative tl Darvish and he’s left handed

    • Ted Nelson

      So your handle is basically “fumble on every possession with a hesitant RB who can’t take advantage of his speed because he tip-toes around?”

      Kidding… I’ve also thought maybe they should incorporate Scott more, going to a no-huddle, shotgun offense full-time. That’s where they seem to have the most success and their O-Line just doesn’t seem to be able to run-block worth anything.
      Then he actually steps on the field he usually just looks terrible.
      Tough call, but some patience from the coaches might help him adjust.

  • vinny-b

    um, what could that ZIPS data possibly be based on? He’s spent his entire career in Cuba. garbage.

    • dean

      Did you not see his video?

      • Plank

        I would be more confident in his baseball skills if the video had a better soundtrack. Also, slow-motion flying eagles never hurt anybody.

      • vinny-b


    • Ted Nelson

      Didn’t read the article, huh?

      • vinny-b

        I believe he were joking. At least, i hope

        • Ted Nelson


    • dean

      In all seriousness I think big league breaking stuff is going to eat him up for awhile unless he shortens up a bit. Id still have interest in signing him but if any team put him in the bigs immediately I think that would be a mistake.

  • FIPster Doofus

    That’s a lot of hype for Edwin Encarnacion.

    • Plank

      Hey Edwin Encarnacion is a game stopper. He’s the kind of once in a generation talent that you sell the farm for. I believe Encarnacion is French for “The One”. He is worshipped as a minor deity in parts of Asia and New Jersey.

      • CMP


        I saw he has also been compared to Raul Mondesi.

        I love me some Raul.

    • candyforstalin

      think peter bourjos.

    • j

      Cespedes can play CF and will likely be a very good defensive COF. Encarnacion is a DH.

      • FIPster Doofus

        Meh. I’d rather just extend Swisher and keep the current outfield intact awhile longer.

        • T.O. Chris

          I am a huge Swish fan, but I’d rather not extend him. If he wanted a 3 year deal I might do it, but any longer than that and I’d rather get younger.

  • BigBSArteest

    Sounds a little bit too much like Orestes Destrade to me.

    • Plank


      Or is it the same way Yu Darvish sounds a bit too much like Matsuzaka?

  • CJ

    On mlbtraferumors he is compared to Cameron maybin with less speed more power, Adam jones? Justin upton? McCutchen?

  • TopChuckie

    Is no one concerned that PED testing may be far more lax or non-existent in Cuba and that may compound his drop off in performance in MLB? PED usage may even be encouraged, as it is in other communist countries, to gain an advantage in international competition.

    • Mark

      Did he play in the Olympics? Don’t they have testing there?

    • Captain

      except the Olympics and international competitions have stricter PED testing than MLB.

  • Dave203

    I’d rather pass on Cespedes and sign Soler unless we plan on trading Swisher. There is no reason to have Gardner/Grandy/Swish and Cespedes. Soler would make more sense since he would likely do a year at AAA before coming up, just in time for Swish to leave a spot open. Soler will likely be half the cost too and has a higher upside.

    If they can get something decent for Swish, then I’d rather them trade Swish and sign Cespedes and Soler.

    • Jimbo

      It is likely that Cespedes would require a good chunk of time in AAA before being promoted to the bigs, so I really don’t see the Swisher thing as a problem. Also I wouldn’t jump the gun and say Soler has a higher upside? We know very little about any of these players, I’m not sure what you are basing that opinion on.

      • Dave203

        Most of what I have based my assumptions on are the scouting reports — that’s all we have to work with. I am not sure where you are getting any indication that Cespedes is spending any time in AAA since all projections I’ve seen place him as an immediate starter. You don’t pay someone $10 mil/yr at age 26 to play on your AAA team.

        Soler is only 19 and is more of a prospect — exactly what we need right now since we already have a full complement on the ML roster. Again, based on the scouting reports, they all seem to indicate he will need a year in AAA first. Even if you add an extra yr on that, he’ll be 21 and starting at the ML level — I’d take that.

        All of these options are based on scouting. Heck, Darvish is based on scouting. Scouting could be wrong, but that’s the risk you take with the international players.

  • Jose M. Vazquez..

    Most of us fans have been saying that the Cuban teams are
    A or double A clubs. Although that may be true, when they assemble a team to play world baseball it is usually a formidable club. In 03 I saw a Cuban team beataDominican team of major league All Stars including Ortiz, I believe Pujols was also on the team but cannot remember. The Cubans went on to beat Venezuela full of major leaguers and Puerto Rico who had a major league team on the field. This tells you that their best players can compete with anyone.

  • Michael Conway

    “Cespedes to be a .265/.330/.435 hitter with about 20 homers and seven steals on an annual basis at the big league level”

    Really? I’ll save $50 million and keep swish, about same batting average as Cespedes but with a little more power. Sure Cespedes might have more speed and probably better defensively but a projected 7 steals is nothing and i think people think swisher is a worse fielder than he actually is.

    • Ted Nelson

      It’s just a projection

      • Dave203

        Exactly, he may not even reach those projections… Or he could exceed them… A big gamble for $50 million…

        • Ted Nelson

          I don’t know if he’s the guy, but teams have got to take a gamble somewhere. Signing MLB FAs is a big risk too, ask Werth, Bay, Crawford, Dunn… Yoenis’ been on the scene for years, so the Yankees should have had plenty of time to form an opinion. If they really believe they are getting a great player $30-60 over 6 years is a bargain.

    • Steve (different one)

      Do you not have to pay Swisher now?

    • T.O. Chris

      The same average goes out the window when you consider the difference in OBP.

      However as Ted pointed out those are just projections, and I don’t think you can accurately project anything for a guy who hasn’t even played in the minors.

  • http://riveraveblues Michael Conway

    i know its just a projection but hes not going to put up the same numbers in mlb that he did in cuba, well its unlikely. thats a pretty fair projection and all i am saying that swisher is already proven and he puts up better equal and mostly better numbers than that projection. i dont understand all the hate for swisher this offseason, i think hes very productive and hes also one of my favorite players, id hate to see him get traded because of some unproven player from cuba.

    • Ted Nelson

      I don’t think the Yankees are going to trade Swisher just because they sign Yoenis. They could, but I don’t think that would be the immediate fall-out. I think Yoenis would have to prove himself first. I think Swisher is a very good RF. However, he’s also going to be a free agent heading into his 32 year old season (after next season). The Yankees might end up overpaying to keep him into his physical decline, depending on his market value. So having the option to let Swisher walk in free agency if he’s overvalued there would be nice.

      The projections are very rough based on the relatively small sample of guys who have jumped from Cuba to MLB. The problem with small samples is volatility. The sample might be totally representative of the underlying population… but it might not be at all representative. That Alexei’s projections were met does not mean Yoenis’ will be (could be better or worse… or could meet them). Even with a proven MLB player I’ve never seen a fully accurate projection system, let alone a Cuban. There’s a sizable margin of error. The Yankees may or may not have a totally different projection for Yoenis based on their scouting and statistical analysis (which could be worse or could be better if you believe this rumor).

      If the Yankees do decide to sign Yoenis and he does do well… that doesn’t necessarily spell the end for Swisher in 2012 or even beyond. It would give the Yankees options, though. Depending on how good Yoenis is the Yankees could keep all 4, trade any of the 4, or choose to let Swisher or Granderson walk as free agents. If they see Yoenis as a good value within their budget I don’t see why they shouldn’t go for it.

      • T.O. Chris

        This is going to shock you but… I agree. If we sign Cespedes we shouldn’t trade Swisher. Swisher still provides more value in 2012 than Yoennis will. We can always offer arbitration and take the picks after the season.

        • http://yankeesfansunite.wordpress.com/ Matt

          Great point T.O.

        • Ted Nelson

          I don’t think we were that far apart on the other issues, I just think we were talking past each other.

          I don’t think Cervelli is that good, I just think the league average C can’t hit. I think Romine has the potential to be a good deal better than Cervelli, I just think that after his 2nd straight league average offensive season in AA at 23 he’s most likely going to be a below average MLB hitter.

          I don’t think Gardner was necessarily as valuable as Pujols last season, I just think that great D does save runs and it’s possible for his defense to make up for his offense to that extent. Unless we have better metrics I’m leaving the possibility open (that was also a career bad year for Pujols to date).

          • T.O. Chris

            It was fun though wasn’t it? Up until the headache I got from the screen.

            We fully agree on being a below average hitter, I just think he posses enough power potential in his bat coupled with his defense to be a starter.

            I agree to a point. I just don’t think his defense can quite get to that point. Even in a down year Pujols was putting up monster numbers still as a force in the line up, playing good D for the position.

            It’s really neither here nor there at the end of the day. I do respect the fact that you went back and forth with me for that long trying to prove your point. We just got caught up on nuances.

  • jim

    Please sign this guy time for gardner to go as far as the the projection its bs so this guy projects that but pretty much every other scout in basebal is projecting him as a 30/30 guy

    • Thomas Cassidy

      Time for Gardner to go? Shut up and leave.

  • http://riveraveblues Michael Conway

    if he was signed to play left field than yeah id have no problem signing him. i love gardners speed and he helps the yankees running game compete with the rays, redsox, and angels but if cespedes can do better than a 7 stolen base projection and resemble someone like granderson on the bases than im all for it. even though gardner is an elite left fielder and his speed is well suited for the spacious yankee stadium left field, cespedes supposively has good speed and his arm is hopefully much better than gardners

    • 28 this year

      arm is a tool that isn’t worth a whole lot especially in LF where you hide arms that can’t throw. Beyond that, Gardner gets to balls so quick, and he is very accurate that he’s above average in arm score plus mind blowingly above average in range.

      • AndrewYF

        Exactly. All the strong arms go to RF. No one ever throws to first base to try and prevent a runner from advancing.

  • Plank

    That would be cool if the Yankees signed him. With the GIANT IF caveat, any guesses on what he’ll sign for and where he starts?

  • JobaWockeeZ

    Oh please make this happen. I want to see minds explode.

    • Ted Nelson

      Why would minds explode if the Yankees signed a top free agent?

      • JobaWockeeZ

        Probably the most popular train of thought on RAB is a variant of how Cashman is one of the best (or the best depending on who you ask) GM’s int he game. They rarely make mistakes. He’s a ninja and insert nay other memes I don’t know about. I agree with this however. Except for being mistake free but there’s only a few people int he world I’d rather have than Cash.

        One other common argument you’ll see is that people hug prospects too much which is why people make their 50 billion ‘players I’ll trade Montero for’ lists when you literally can do that for the hundreds of prospects in the MiLB right now. Prospects are too risky over the sure things and spending millions for them isn’t smart.

        And if he signs then minds will be blown up.

        • Ted Nelson

          I reject your premise that spending on prospects is necessarily a bad thing because of risk. In an efficient market risk and reward go hand and hand: you have to accept more risk to position yourself for greater potential reward. And price should also reflect that risk. If the Yankees are smart they will only offer Yoenis a deal that factors in what they perceive to be the risk and the potential reward. (This guy especially is 27, so it’s not like they haven’t had time to do their homework.)

          I also reject that MLB veterans aren’t risky. Their price factors in the higher level of certainty, and that higher price exposes teams to tons of risk. Werth, Crawford, Dunn, Bay, AJ, Lackey… There are probably close to as many busts as studs. Trades can go much the same way… You might give up your stud and get no return from the prospects, but also might give up prospects who deliver for a flop.

  • Rich in NJ

    It reminds me of the old aphorism: The people that know don’t talk and the people that talk don’t know.

  • BK2ATL

    I’m calling BS on this “clear frontrunner” crap. Just read this on MLBTradeRumors.com. No way in hell will we see Cashman signing this kid for $60 million.

    “The agent for soon-to-be free agent center fielder Yoenis Cespedes is telling teams he’ll require twice what fellow Cuban defector Aroldis Chapman received, tweets ESPNBoston’s Gordon Edes. That is, $60MM. The Rangers, by the way, are unlikely to pursue Cespedes, hears MLB.com’s T.R. Sullivan.”

  • Ethan

    I simply do not understand the people that are making the arguments that signing Cespedes and Darvish are good moves simply because they will not cost young prospects.

    Basically what you’re saying is that these unproven talents in MLB or even American Baseball are worth 30M and potentially 100M respectively. By not costing young talent you are now saying that the prospects that would have to be traded away for an equivalent MLB proven player are collectively worth 30 or 100M respectively.

    Sorry but I’m not sure I would say Banuelos or Montero are worth 100M (30M, maybe).

    By the way, I do hope the Yankees sign both of them, but that argument is just poor.

    • Plank

      Are people making that argument?

      I want to sign Darvish because I think he’s the best pitcher. I want to sign Centipedes if they like what they see because he would be perfect to take over for Swisher next year at a cost comparatively cheap compared to FA COFs capable of similar production.

    • Jimbo

      I think its a matter of perspective. We have young players that people want to see make an impact. The Yankees can trade these young players for talent or keep them and sign free agent talent. It’s not the fan’s money, it’s not like we have to balance a budget, so why would we not want the best of both worlds? Keep the young players and sign free agents. I don’t care if the Yankees spend 130M, it doesnt affect me negatively at all.

    • Ted Nelson

      That’s not the argument at all. It’s that all else equal (talent and $) you pay twice for someone when you trade for them: prospects and $. It’s that Darvish or Yoenis is worth $X, and that they don’t cost prospects is an advantage over guys you have to trade for. It’s that Yu’s posting fee doesn’t count against the luxury tax, so $100 mill might actually be equal to $80 mill or something. And it’s that just because someone hasn’t proven themselves yet doesn’t mean they aren’t worth a certain level of risk: you’re buying the future, not the past. Proven players offer more certainty (and get paid better because of it), but they bust all the time too.

  • Reggie C.

    Would rather see Yanks mgmt make the effort to sign Darvish over Cespedes. If there’s going to be a pullback (“austerity”) in order to get under the penalty, then the money is going to flow freely. The info on Darvish runs deeper and is more accurate.

    • Holy Ghost

      Spending over $100 million for a guy with no major league experience is unreasonable even for the Yankees.

      At that price, it’s better for the Yanks to wait a few years til Darvish becomes a free agent.

      • JAG

        …why? It’s not as though Darvish is getting any better or cheaper. If they wait for some other team to swin the posting and sign Darvsih after that, that’s probably 5+ years down the road. If Darvish is as good or better than projected (a successful move to US/MLB), he’ll likely cost considerably more than $100MM, plus draft picks that he doesn’t cost now. If he’s worse than projected, why would the Yankees want him?

        Also, the Yankees need pitching now. They can worry about 2013-2014-2015 when they get there. Planning on signing Darvish after he cuts his teeth with another team doesn’t address the team’s needs now.

        • Holy Ghost

          What if he bombs in the US? What if he gets hurt? Sure, he’s got a high upside and is more likely to succeed than fail but until he pitches a few games in the AL East, we can only guess. At a cost of $100 million or more, I think he’s too risky.

          He will still be relatively young when he becomes a free agent in a few years…

  • Urban

    It makes sense on one level since they don’t have many MLB-ready position players in the upper levels and Swish is one-year removed from free agency. That said, I sure hope they have good scouting on this guy.

    • Ted Nelson

      He’s been around forever… Hope they’ve scouted him, and really hope they like him if they sign him…

  • William

    So you sign Yoenis. Where do you put him? RF? Nope, Swishalicious has got it. CF? Granderson has got it. LF? Gardner has an awesome glove? DH ? Montero and AROD. Infield? What are you, crazy?

    • T.O. Chris

      I’d like to see Yoennis go to Scranton for a year if we signed him. He clearly has some holes in his swing to work out, and he hasn’t proven anything yet to deserve a starting spot.

      • Ted Nelson

        Yeah, I would hope he breezes through in a couple of months but MiLB is a strong possibility on any team and especially the Yankees. (Got to think he has more value on other teams where he can play CF and have less offensive positional expectations… Offensive bar is set a lot lower in CF than RF.)

  • Mr.Pappageorgio

    If you always try to minimize your risk down to at or near zero, you’ll never win anything. Without risk, you’ll experience very little reward. Saying that signing Centipedes or Darvish is a bad idea because it is risky is not that great of an argument.

    If you want to be the best, the greatest of all time, you have to take some risks.

  • AaronGuielWithASmile

    Really, we’re going to drop $50 million on a guy who’s been playing against the equivalent of AA pitching his whole career?

    How many really good hitters have ever come out of the Cuban leagues? Off the top of my head, I can think of 3 (Tony Perez, Oliva, and Alexi Ramirez.)

    That’s not to says that Cespedes can’t be good, but there’s a long list of highly touted guys who couldn’t adjust to big league pitching. $50 mil is a huge commitment for a complete unknown, even for the Yankees.

    • Jimbo

      In a world where Clint Barmes is signing for 2/10.5, Cespedes getting 7/50 doesnt sound so crazy…

  • bankers hours

    Get Darvish, outfielders are a dime a dozen. The projected numbers on Cespedes are only average. Darvish is very young and talented, has swing and miss stuff, has the size and talent, and an upside to be a future no 1 or 2. We need pitching, we were fortunate last year to get out of Garcia and Colon what we did but it’s not a formula for championships. We’re the Yankees, go and get the best players and let the chips fall. Stop shopping a K Mart.

    • Avi

      Outfielders that hit for power are a dime a dz? Quality starting pitching is much more abundant than power hitting outfielders.

      • Dave203

        He’s only projected at Jeff Francour numbers… I’d call that a dime a dozen before quality SPs. The problem is SP is harder to obtain because teams try and lock up their pitching before they try and lock up their corner OF spots — its just common sense.

  • King

    The talk of Swisher being traded needs to stop because it’s not going to happen.

    The players, coaches and front office love him and he helped change the culture of the clubhouse for the better.

    That and the fact that he not going to bring back enough to replace him or the numbers that he does put up.

    The loser in all this if the Yanks sign Cespedes and that he’s a MLB ready or expected to be MLB ready come June is Jesus Montero because the Yanks would most likely put Cespedes in RF and make Swisher the DH.

    Cashman & Co. for year now have wanted to get away from the traditional DH and go with a fluid DH that is more or less a regular fielder that will DH more regularly than other but would play the field as often as he DH’s allowing other to get consistent rest.

    Swish is the ideal DH that they want as he can play 1st spelling Teixeira regular basis as well as the OF when he’s not DHing.

    • Ted Nelson

      I sort of doubt the Yankees are planning to bench Montero. If he’s not the DH I imagine he’ll be Cing fairly regularly.

      • I am not the droids you’re looking for…


        And I also reject the notion that Cash and Co *want* a fluid, rotating DH. It’s simply a necessary outcome of the high number of aging/declining position players on the roster who are overpaid. Given a choice, I am positive they would prefer younger, cheaper position players with the same overall (I.e. roster-wide) production which would then allow them a permanent DH.

  • Avi

    Anyone know how Cespedes compared to Kendry Morales when they were both in Cuba? Did they play together?

    • Avi

      I mean as a hitter ONLY. I don’t care how many hoops Cespedes can jump through or how fast he is.

      • Ted Nelson

        Since Yoenis is billed as a CF, his speed and athleticism are pretty important. He’ll be held to a much higher defensive standard and much lower offensive standard than Morales as a CF. The Yankees might intend to put him in RF, but it just takes one other team that wants him for CF to set the market (and of course the Yankees can then walk away if the price is too high for them… If they want to get him they’ll have to pay market price or above, though).

        • Avi

          I understand all that about Cespedes. I have little doubt Cespedes will be a plus defender as he’s supposedly an elite atthlete. I’m trying to gauge his bat which is much harder to project.

  • James A

    Thank you Ahman Green, Yankees needed a better pig roaster and home-run shower offer. Can he hit a curveball? Where will he play? Is he actually 26? Who cares, not my money. We’re sailing to the playoffs, just ask Christopher Cross.

  • ADam

    Totally his agent driving up the price

  • Nickarta

    It sure sounds as if scouts love this guy and getting him makes some sense for the Yanks, who are not enamored of the free agent pitching options out there. First, both Grandy and Swisher are free agents after 2012, so he can act as replacement for one of them. Second, he might very well enable the Yanks to trade off either Swisher or Montero to bring back some kind of starting pitching of real value.

    • Ted Nelson

      They have a team option for Granderson in 2013 I believe.

      Doubt they would trade Swisher or Montero specifically to make room for Yoenis before his first US PA.

  • ChooChoo

    Great news on Cespedes. Send thst bum Gardner and his low .700 OPS to where he belongs. A role as a pinch runner and defensive replacement.
    Better yet, trade him for what he’s worth—not much.

    • http://bleedingyankeeblue.com Jesse

      “Send thst bum Gardner and his low .700 OPS to where he belongs. A role as a pinch runner and defensive replacement.
      Better yet, trade him for what he’s worth—not much.”

      So someone who is 13th in WAR the last two seasons deserves this?


      • ChooChoo

        Three people tried to explain to you the insignificance of this 13th ranking fWAR on the part of Gardner. Either your too bullheaded or stupid or both to grasp it.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

      If they’re going to dump a low-.700’s OPS hitter, then it should be Jeter. At least Gardner plays really good defense and steals bases.

      • radnom

        Not that either should be dumped, but defense aside low .700’s is a lot more acceptable from SS than corner OF. I think there are more LFs out there who will be overall better than Gardner in 2011 than there are SS that will be better than Jeter.

      • mike c

        when all else fails, bash jeter. classic axisa

      • ChooChoo

        Why don’t you recite this statement to some other baseball people in Dallas if and when you have dinner with them? If you do, they’ll pour the bowl of gravy over your head.

        • Plank

          Why do you assume they will eat gravy?

    • Ted Nelson

      You’re only embarrassing yourself by continually insisting defense and baserunning aren’t important.

  • Peter R

    I don’t believe it. Not with the “twice what Chapman got” asking price he is rumored to want. Too much money for a guy we don’t really need and who we have no idea what he is really going to do.

  • http://none Favrest

    IDK about this. We don’t need more offense. If this means we’ll be trading Swish for some bumb like Wandy Rodriguez, I’m not interested. Overpaying for unproven foreign talent never works out. Why is our memory so short?

  • IB6 UB9

    Yankee Prospects
    1. Darvish
    2. Montero
    3. Cespedes
    4. Banuelos
    5. Betances
    6. Romine
    7. R. Santana
    8. Bichette
    9. Soler
    10. Rivero

    • Tom Zig

      Darvish, Cespedes, and Soler?

      One of the three would be nice, but any more than that is a fantasy.

    • FachoinaNYY

      Where is the beat player in the organization? Aka mason williams?

      • Mickey S

        He’s the starting CF’er after they package the entire OF for King Felix, duh!

  • Holy Ghost

    I don’t know much about this guy but if the Yankees are that interested, I trust that they have done their homework and have a pretty good idea of what Yoenis’ performance potential is.

    I doubt that their interest is based mainly on that video his agent posted.

  • Damix

    I’ve seen the name Frankie Piliere crop up a lot, can anyone give me some information about him? In my memory he usually put Yankees prospects higher up then most on his prospect lists.

  • Jose M. Vazquez..

    Good to see that the Swisher basing has ceased. People have come to their senses and begun to appreciate a good talent.

  • Jose M. Vazquez..

    That is bashing not basing.

  • IB6 UB9

    Forgot about Mason Williams – he slots in at 5, everyone else down a spot.