Yankees haven’t had any talks about sign-and-trade with Nakajima

The RAB Radio Show: December 16, 2011
Yankees add Matt Daley and Gus Molina on minor league deals

Via Buster Olney, the Yankees have not yet had any conversations about a sign-and-trade scenario with Hiroyuki Nakajima, either with the player or another club interested in acquiring him. Nakajima’s agent apparently mentioned the idea at some point recently, likely because his client would rather play everyday than sit on the bench for the Yankees. The 29-year-old shortstop does want to sign and play in MLB however, and has even indicated a willingness to be a utility guy for New York.

As I mentioned yesterday, it’s tough to see Nakajima having much trade value. Only one team thought he was good enough for a $2.5M bid in the posting process, and the general consensus seems to be that he does profile best as a bench player. The two sides have roughly three weeks to hammer out a contract and a sign-and-trade scenario if they choose.

The RAB Radio Show: December 16, 2011
Yankees add Matt Daley and Gus Molina on minor league deals
  • Thomas Cassidy

    So, no Felix? Sigh.

    • ADam

      Felix is never coming to NY, ZurdinicSP (Seattle’s GM) has even said something to the fact that the Yankees or any other team could offer 10 prospects and they still wouldn’t trade King Felix

      • Thomas Cassidy

        Shit. Is Cliff Lee available?

        Did Jack Z really say that?

    • https://twitter.com/richardiurilli Richard Iurilli

      The Indians signed him to a MiLB deal. :(


  • ADam

    My guess is he goes back, I dont think the Yankees really thought they were going to win the bid. I’m fine with Eddy “wild thing’ Nunez as the UTIL guy

    • LarryM.,Fl.

      I agree. The Yankees may have won thinking their bid was a low ball, surprise. I don’t believe Cashman had a wild trade with Nunez and others going somewhere and Nakajima staying as super utility guy.

      My prospective on the CBA agreement and bolstering the team has the Yankees not giving up Nunez in a trade unless a select pitcher is coming our way then we need a super utility and maybe starter at shortstop down the road especially with middle infielders at a premium.

  • Elmgrovegnome

    Yep. Nakajima is Nunez trade protection.

  • Plank

    Is there any other stuff the Yankees didn’t do?

    • dkidd

      i love the cold stove season

    • Sweet Dick Willie

      Well, they didn’t trade Jesus, Manny or Dellin. So there’s that.

    • Thomas Cassidy

      They haven’t signed Colon yet! It’s slow, but I expect it to pick up. If they go into the 2012 season with: Sabathia, Nova, Garcia, Burnett, and Hughes, I won’t watch more than fifteen games.

      • FIPster Doofus

        Then you’ll miss 147 games of good baseball. For shame.

        • David, Jr.

          That is when this baloney will change. If interest, attendance and revenue drop, the austerity plan will vanish.

          • Sweet Dick Willie

            The thing is, they won their division in 2011 with pretty much that very rotation (with a little bit of help from Bartolo).


    • David, Jr.

      Got to be cautious!!! Remember that their revenue from all sources is only about 800M.

  • Greg c89

    There was some team this offseason that signed 2 or 3 utility infielders to multi year deals. At least one of them hit well under .200 last season and the others don’t hit at all either. Maybe they would want him. Do they have any pitching?