Yankees, Jones haven’t made much progress on new deal


Via Mark Feinsand, the Yankees and Andruw Jones haven’t made much progress towards a new contract for 2012 yet, though both sides are interested in a reunion and have stayed in touch. Some other clubs have expresses interest in the outfielder, possibly even those darned Red Sox.

Brian Cashman said during the Winter Meetings that pitching was the priority and the bench would have to wait, though it wouldn’t be a surprise if Jones was looking to sign relatively soon. He was beastly off the bench last season, especially against lefties, and it was basically a repeat of his 2010 season. I’m not at all concerned that it was a fluke. Considering that the backup option is someone like Justin Maxwell, it would behoove the Yankees to get Andruw back on board as soon as possible.

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  • Behind Enemy Lines

    Oof. I will be mighty angry if Andruw is hitting against CC. There’s exactly no reason they can’t get this done. Pay the man for two years at a nice raise. He’ll be worth between 1 and 2 WAR over that time. He’s a nice, insurance policy. If he sucks it’s not terrible to eat.

    • OldYanksFan

      I’m sure Jones is waiting to see if someone will give him a regular gig. You want Jones in our OF 140+ games instead of Gritner? I’m sure he will sign with us down the road, if he can’t find full time work.

  • Behind Enemy Lines

    Andruuuuw has been worth 3 bWAR and 3.7 fWAR over the last three years in part-time duty. Pay the man.

    • Jamey

      I’ll second that. It has been something lacking on The Yankees since the 96-01 team disbanded. Granted the everyday lineup boasted more power than their championship predecessors, but guys like Strawberry, Chili Davis, Glenallen Hill were more than helpful. They make pinch hitting & running easier to do & also just the general “shake things up” during slumps. That is a hard role to transition into, case in point 2011 Jorge Posada. So I think when you find a veteran that can adjust to the role, and in Jones’ case still give you pretty solid defense in the OF, he’s worth a reasonable raise. Having said that, Scott Boras is involved so the “reasonable” part of that may be a big sticking point.

  • CJ

    It makes sense to wait on andruw if they are going after cespedes.

    • Mike Axisa

      Not if they want someone to help in 2012.

      • Ted Nelson

        He might not, but Cespedes certainly could step in and help in 2012. Even if he starts in High A Tampa as you think, it might be a matter of weeks before he’s up… allowing the Yankees to give Maxwell a little tryout in the meantime.

        • Behind Enemy Lines

          “could certainly”???

          How could you possibly know this?

    • Jamey

      Yeah I’ll take the guy I saw playing the role well last year as opposed to Cuban Mike Mamula.

    • BUDDY

      No it doesn’t!

  • Jamey

    “Brian Cashman said during the Winter Meetings that pitching was the priority…” CLEARLY.

    • Rainbow Connection


  • Rai;

    in other news, the New York Yankees are interested in Roy Oswalt

  • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher

    It’d be great to have him back. Not losing sleep over the thought of not having him back. I agree with the gameplan of pitching first.

  • AndrewMartino

    According to SI’s John Heyman, the New York Yankees have acquired SP Jair Jurrjens for SS Eduardo Nunez, RF Brett Gardner, and SP Dellin Betances.

    • Mike Axisa
    • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher

      One wasted trip to Twitter later, I hope you get banned.

    • Dan

      i hope you get worse than banned… not funny or productive.

      • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher

        What’s worse than banned?

        • Plank

          Double secret banned.

        • FIPster Doofus

          Waterboarded while Nickelback plays on a loop in the background?

    • CJ

      Why do this? Clown.

    • Gonzo

      Is this Kevin Gray?

  • Upstate Yanks Fan


    You dont think YC would be ready after a couple months in AAA?

    • Mike Axisa

      Sure, he definitely could be. But I’d rather not count on him right out of the gate.

      • Dave203

        I agree. For what Jones will cost, it doesn’t make sense that it would need to be an either/or issue. We should be able to afford Jones’ minimal salary regardless of what we want to offer for YC.

  • Guest

    Haha, I knew that guy was a troll when I saw “RF” Brett Garnder

  • John

    Haha, I knew that guy was a troll when I saw “RF” Brett Gardner.

    • Plank

      I constantly call Swisher a LF. I know he’s not, I just type it out wrong like 40% of the time.

  • John

    Sorry about the double phone was acting up..not only did it send as guest I also managed to misspell Gardner lol

  • Ted Nelson

    Maybe not, but I would imagine that Jones is looking for a starting job or at least an official platoon situation. It might behoove him to wait out higher profile options like Carlos Beltran to see what his options are. If there are still 5 teams looking at Beltran right now, that might be four more suitors for Jones once Beltran signs. If his options are non-contenders in (whatever he considers to be) crappy cities maybe he prefers to be the Yankees’ 4th OF. If he gets a better chance at playing time, can’t fault him for taking it.

    I do not see Boras letting Jones sign a reasonable deal before Beltran signs.

  • CJ

    I like the conor Jackson to a minor league deal insurance policy for bench no risk