A brief (and flimsy) case for Johnny Damon


When the Yankees traded away their designated hitter last Friday evening, they created a hole of sorts in their lineup. Most teams would love to enter Spring Training missing only a left-handed bat who could DH against right-handed pitchers, but for the Yankees, the need to fill this slot — not quite the 25th man but close enough — became their last remaining off-season to-do.

Long before the Montero-for-Pineda deal had time to marinate, the Twittering masses were throwing names around left and right. One involved a familiar face who was last seen in pinstripes in 2009. That, of course, was the 38-year-old Johnny Damon whose bat just hasn’t been the same since he left New York. Damon, who could be had for just a few million dollars, reportedly has approached the Yanks about the job, but the club hasn’t yet jumped. They’re waiting for something — maybe a lower price, maybe another move.

At first, I didn’t love the idea of reuniting with Damon. He was certainly fine during his tenure in the Bronx even if he never really held down that center field job for which he was originally ticketed in 2006. He made his mark on Yankee history with a key play in the 2009 World Series and left, as he did from Boston, wanting more money than the Yanks were willing to pay him. As he left, he claimed he always wanted to play in Detroit and later Tampa Bay. It just rubbed me the wrong way.

But rubbing us the wrong way shouldn’t have much to do with baseball analysis, and when it comes to Damon’s DH candidacy, the analysis has been lacking. Most pieces calling for his return resemble this one from The Post’s Back Page blog. They are appeals to emotion, to Damon’s clutchiness in the playoffs (while ignoring his 4-for-17 ALDS this year), to his True Yankee-ness. Some want Damon back because he reminds us of good times and great wins.

Forget that. Let’s make a real case for Johnny Damon. On the surface, his numbers aren’t that appealing. His walk rate dropped a bit, and he’s not getting any younger. His .742 OPS is fine, but the Yanks can effectively get his production vs. right handed pitchers from Andruw Jones without paying anything more. On the season, Damon OPS’d .715 vs. righties while Jones posted a .709 mark.

If we drill down even deeper though an alluring if shaky picture emerges. Outside of Tropicana Field against right-handed hitters, Johnny Damon had 221 plate appearances and posted a .291/.357/.477 line, good for a .364 wOBA. Even factoring in a decline as he gets older, production like that while playing home games in lefty-friendly Yankee Stadium could make Damon a potential steal for the Bombers. That argument though rests on what is effectively one-third of Damon’s 2011 campaign. I wouldn’t eat breakfast off a table that flimsy.

Ultimately, Damon could be an answer for the right price. The Yanks can jettison a $2 million failure; just ask Randy Winn. Or else the team could opt to use the DH for Derek Jeter and A-Rod while Eduardo Nunez gets too many at-bats before a bat finds its way to the trade market. They probably couldn’t go wrong either way. We don’t need to resort to emotion though to make a solid case for Damon. A sample size nearly too small to be significant will just have to do instead.

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  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike Axisa

    I get the feeling that this the guy they want, but they’re going to wait him out. The $1-2M thing is probably a ploy to knock his price down more than anything.

    • http://yankeelegends.blogspot.com Kyle Litke

      I think it’s going to be Damon or Matsui. I don’t think Cashman would feel a compelling reason to bring one back if there was a much better option, but realistically, if they’re unwilling to shell out the money for someone like Pena (who may not even be interested in being a platoon DH, which is what I’d like him for), most of the options have major flaws and you may as well just bring back one of the two popular Yankees who are good clubhouse guys.

      Could totally be wrong on that, there might be someone I’m not thinking of or they may be looking to trade Hughes for someone that could fill the role, but my suspicion is one of those two is the DH to start the season, at least against right handers. But they’ll wait until the Pineda/Montero deal is complete, I’m sure.

      • FIPster Doofus

        As much as I like Matsui, I hope it’s not him. He’s pretty much shot. Damon is definitely the better option. Just gotta hope the price is right.

        • http://yankeelegends.blogspot.com KyleLitke

          I agree, but if, say, Damon signs with Detroit and the options are essentially Matsui or Ibanez, you know what, just give me Matsui. A lot of people have been talking about Ibanez but I think he’s done. He was awful last year, worse on the road than at home (obviously YS could help there, but Philly is a hitters park too). He was better against righties than lefties but still god awful against them. The year before that wasn’t that much better, as his power took a huge hit and he was only okay against righties. He’s going to turn 40…I think it’s about time to call it a career for Ibanez. Matsui wasn’t good either but at least there are a few vague things he can fall back on as possible reasons for a terrible year (bad home ballpark, a better second half…I’m not saying they’re great reasons and he may very well be done, but they’re better excuses than Ibanez has).

      • Genghis

        It’s possible to cherry-pick Damon’s 2011 record, assume slightly different circumstances, allow for small sample sizes, and come up with a projection that shows Damon as a good alternative for the Yankees in 2012. I can’t find anything in Matsui’s 2011 performance that gives me similar hope– it’s just uniformly weak across the board.

  • RetroRob

    All I know is if I’m Jorge Posada, after Friday night’s trade, I’m not making my retirement official until the Yankees settle their DH situation. The odds are way against him, but he went from a zero percent chance of playing for the Yankees in 2012 to maybe a ten percent chance.

    • http://www.secondavenuesagas.com Benjamin Kabak

      Per Jack Curry, Posada has no plans to unretire. He’s hanging it up.

      • RetroRob

        Okay, thanks. I missed that one. Ten percent back to zero.

    • Landry

      He stated in the NY Post that the trade has no impact on him. Says its just not in him to prepare.

      • Mister Delaware

        Must be dehydrated.

  • Plank

    All Damon is is a recognizable name. Cant think of anything beyond that.

    • ryan

      .894 OPS in Yankee Stadium III

      • Plank

        You think he will hit that going forward?

        • ryan

          Obviously not, or else I would have said that.

          I simply pointed out that he has hit very well at the Newest Yankee Stadium. A return to the friendly confines of the short porch could be just what Johnny needs.

          • Plank

            You say you aren’t saying he would hit that well in Yankee stadium, then you say he could hit very well there since he has hit there very well so far.

            You can see where it is confusing.

            • ryan

              I am just pointing out that he has had success in that environment before and it would not be unlikely for him to succeed there once again, therefore, he is more than just a “recognizable name.”

              • Plank

                I think it’s more accurate to say he had success 3 years ago (when he was 35) than to say he had success at the stadium. Yes, it’s true, but it’s misleading.

    • Jim Is Bored

      Well, obviously except for everything pointed out in the post.

  • FachoinaNYY

    Hahah I can see the law school in your writing Ben. I like it.

    • MattG

      Sounds like a shot to me.

      /lawyer joked

  • Rich in NJ

    I’m still hoping that they can move Burnett, which could not only enable them to avoid misusing Hughes yet again, but also provide sufficient payroll flexibility for an impact bat.

    • jsbrendog

      no it wouldn’t because they’d have to eat basically the entire contract. maybe they save 5 mil this yr and 5 mil next yr by trading burnett…then who is there for even 6-7 mill? still not pena ballpark (esp since he will prob try to start somewhere like cleveland etc) might as well pay someone the 1-2 and see what happens. someone will be desperate around the trade deadline and then you may have to eat less of burnetts salary

  • http://yankeelegends.blogspot.com Kyle Litke

    I’m not saying they’ll sign him, or that they’ll immediately jump on anyone for DH, but they’re “waiting” because the Montero deal isn’t finished yet, nor is the Kuroda deal. They can’t sign a Johnny Damon (or whoever) now and then next week find out Montero has an injury they didn’t realize he had and the deal is off. Likewise, if the Kuroda deal were to fall apart due to a physical, that’s an extra 10 million they could theoretically spend on a hitter (since unless they just sign Oswalt instead, there’s no other pitcher really worth investing in).

    I fully expect both deals to happen without a problem, but until they do the Yankees aren’t likely to sign any DH or trade one of the three extra pitchers (if they go that route). It doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t interested in the guys who contacted them or that they’re waiting for someone else.

  • FIPster Doofus

    Damon was ruined by the Trop last season. His road wOBA was .353. The guy can still contribute offensively in the right environment, and Yankee Stadium is the right environment. Sign him.

  • ryan

    If you combine Johnny Damon’s 2011 vs. RHP and Andruw Jones 2011 vs. LHP they’d have a .344 wOBA in just over 600 PAs

    Obviously, they might not get 600 PAs over the course of the season with A-Rod and Jeter and others subbing in at DH every now and then..

    But it could be an improvement on the .326 wOBA for Yankees DHs in 2011

    • Plank

      If Jeter isnt at short, he should be on the bench. Hes old and not good enough to DH…I hope.

      • ryan

        That is just silly. Did you not watch Jeter in the second half of the season?

        While he’s not going to replicate .327/.383/.428 over the course a full season he should not and will not be relegated to the bench.

        • MattG

          If he needs a day off, he should be on the bench. How much better is a tired Jeter than a rested, effective DH?

          • Plank

            Don’t worry, I’ll take this one.

            How dare you insult Jeter?!? Didn’t you see The Flip? What about when he stopped and then dove into the stands in that game where Gary Sheffield played 3B?!? He’s the Captain! He’s classy and plays the game the right way and gives really interesting interviews. Calm eyes. Aura and Mytique. Why do you hate America?

            • jsbrendog

              ::national anthem plays in the background while veryone starts a slow clap::

            • ryan

              Why do you hate the Yankees? You’re the typical “I can say bad things about the Yankees, trust me I’m a Yankees fan,” as if pointing out their flaws (and ONLY pointing out their flaws) makes you a truer fan.

              Nobody is saying we should go out and sign Damon or that Jeter would be a good DH, we’re just saying that we can see that it wouldn’t be the worst thing that could happen.

              • Plank

                Nobody is saying we should go out and sign Damon or that Jeter would be a good DH

                Lots of people are saying the Yankees should go out and sign Damon. Lots of people are saying the rotating DH involving Jeter makes sense. Neither make much sense.

                we’re just saying that we can see that it wouldn’t be the worst thing that could happen.

                I’m glad you feel comfortable using the royal ‘we’. Do you think I’m saying Jeter being the DH is the worst thing the Yankees could do? Seems like a strawman, but just in case, that’s not what I’m saying. In fact, I’ve said several times in this thread that he’s a decent hitter for a SS. Ramiro Pena as the DH would be much worse. Jeter as the DH would be bad though.

                I won’t address your first paragraph.

        • Plank

          You just did the same thing you did above. According to you, he won’t hit like he did in the second half, but you will use that as justification to bolster your point of view.

          He won’t hit .327/.383/.428 next season. The average DH had a 771 OPS last season. Jeter won’t hit that next season. He shouldn’t DH, a real DH should DH. Jeter should sit on the bench when he’s not playing the field.

          If he does mash next season, I would be ecstatic but he won’t. He’s 38.

          • johnnybk

            Didn’t you see the .300 batting line over that small full season(minus Dl time) sample? Not saying you should over emphasise the post dl surge, but give credit where its due. He wasn’t a black hole at the plate and while he probably will be at some point going forward, don’t act like its a certainty until it is.

            • Plank

              He was a good hitter for a SS. He would be terrible as a DH.

              What .300 batting line? Also, batting average?

              He did a good job of hitting as a SS. He should either be a SS or not play. His isn’t a bat that needs to be in the lineup. The Yankees would be worse with Jeter at DH than a better hitter. A better hitter than Jeter is fairly easy to find.

              He wasn’t a black hole at the plate and while he probably will be at some point going forward, don’t act like its a certainty until it is.

              I never said he was or will be a black hole at the plate. He would be a black hole as a DH.

  • MattG

    I didn’t want Damon back in 2010, figuring ’09 was a last hurrah. Better one year too early than one year too late. I certainly don’t want him now.

    FWIW, in 426 ML at bats vs RHP, Chris Dickerson has a .341 wOBA, with an 11.2% BB rate. Justin Maxwell only has 105 ABs vs LHP, but a .335 wOBA and an 18.8% BB rate (this with a putrid .295 BABIP). There is a productive platoon in there, one that can certainly get you to July, and without Montero, there is room enough on the bench for both of them.

    • Steve (different one)

      There is room if you don’t sign a Chavez type. I think i’d rather have Chavez and Damon than both Maxwell and Dickerson.

      • MattG

        With Rodriguez’s health issues, this is a hard one with which to disagree. Still, Laird is a phone call away, and if it helps the everyday lineup, maybe Chavez is sacrificed. It’s not like Chavez is guaranteed to be of help when called upon, anyway.

  • Bronx Byte

    Given a choice Cashman would prefer a DH that can also play a position which Damon or some others cannot.
    Do a deal of Burnett for Carlos Lee or Burnett for Jason Bay and a problem is solved when Granderson gets a day off and Gardner switches over to CF.

    • Thomas Cassidy

      Pass. Bay has always been overrated and Carlos Lee can’t play a position.

  • Bavarian Yankee

    I thought about the whole DH-situation yesterday and one possibility came to my mind: do you think the Yanks would trade Hughes for a righty outfielder? The OF could be the DH this year and Swisher’s possible replacement next year. I have no idea who this OF could be because I’ve no idea who’s on the trade market.

    • steve s

      Good thought but how about a lefty. Yanks package Hughes and some mid-range minor league pitching talent for Choo (as Indians need to replace the formerly named Carmona).

      • MattG

        Good gracious. I’ll drive them to Cleveland, and I’ll stop at every in-and-out burger on the way.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    This is the distractor from not being able to face the scope of the Montero/Pineda trade head on – who’s going to take those handful of at-bats when everyone else isn’t DH’ing?!?!?!

    To recap: No, I don’t believe there’s this sudden vortex of suck occurring at DH threatening to take down the Bronx itself unless Carlos Pena is striking out 200 times a year in it (or 100 times in a part-time role….yes, he’d hit 50 home runs in the rest of his at-bats, I will say that.) I think someone with some pop will do just fine sharing the at-bats with everyone else. Damon? Sure. Branyan? Sure. Matsui? Sure.

    This isn’t much of an issue.

  • Bean Tooth

    Why not just muddle through until the trading deadline, when there’s almost always a decent option to come cheap? Seems to me they can fill the slot internally for a while with a combo of half-days off for the aging guys and AAA folks and wait for the market to develop. If there’s no good option out there right now, why force it?

    • Steve (different one)

      I think signing Damon or Matsui’s for $1-2m does kindof qualify as muddling through. Small commitment, but will likely outproduce JoVa. Keeps them relatively flexible.

  • Mister Delaware

    I vote meh, versus my no on Matsui. I can’t do the low-outside-pitch-rolled-over-to-the-2B anymore. He was awesome, but that’s past tense.

  • LarryM.,Fl.

    There is one thing that I’m sure about the eventual winner of the DH role. Cashman will not use any sentimentality. He has proven over the years its a business decision based on facts about the player, the role of the player and value for all considerations.

    I don’t have a negative to say about the time Matsui or Damon wore the Pinstripes but their eventual impact for the team in my estimation is minimal impact. It could come at the most opportune time and people will remember that one time in Yankee lure. We should get more than the one time heroics but a consistent player who has the ability to give you more than the DH role.

    • Pasqua

      Tino’s re-signing is the closest thing I can equate to a sentimental return to pinstripes, but he ended up having a gigantic role on that team (and single-handedly kept the Yankees afloat in the early part of that year) before eventually fading away. I would think that’s Damon’s best-case scenario.

  • Pasqua

    I would expect a very Matsui-2011-ish year from Damon in the Bronx, which is to say, a little bit of hot sprinkled amongst a whole lot of cold. Overall, signing Damon is living in the past.

    Russel Branyan is the guy I’m surprised more people aren’t clamoring for. There was a blurb about him here recently, but not much anywhere else. The guy destroys right-handed pitching, and would be a great DH “partner” to Andruw Jones.

    • LarryM.,Fl.

      Pasqua: I did the other day. He can mash against the Yankees. Hopefully he can do it for them. RF to him is HR derby. I hope Cashman is looking in The Boss’s seat cushions for some change.

  • kevin

    I’m curious. Why is everyone fixated on getting a DH? Just because Montero was slated to be a DH only? Montero was so slated only because they were afraid to make him a catcher. It was never an ideal situation. They just wanted his bat in the lineup. Right now — yes, they need a left handed bat. But really, isn’t it a waste to sign anyone who can’t also play a position competently? The way I see it, we want 13 position players on the 25-man roster. We currently have 2 catchers(Martin, Cervelli), 5 infielders (Tex, Cano, Jeter, ARod and Nunez), and 4 outfielders (Gardener, Granderson, Swisher and Jones). That makes 11. We know they’re looking for another infielder to be a backup for ARod at 3rd, and then there’s this search for a DH. But what about backup outfielder? Are we really going into the season with only one? Is Cashman comfortable with only Andruw Jones as a backup outfielder? I guess I’m asking why no one thinks that whomever we get should perhaps also be able to play the outfield in a serviceable way? Especially since whomever we get at DH WILL have to share the lineup spot with ARod and Jeter, at least. If we sign a pure DH, then that person is a useless bench piece when ARod or Jeter DH. Am I seriously off the mark?

    • Pasqua

      I agree to the extent that they don’t NEED a DH. If Jones can replicate 2011 to a respectable degree, and the team follows that with a bunch DH ab’s for ARod and Jeter, etc., they should be fine. Ideally, a left-handed compliment to those guys would be nice, but not necessarily essential.

      • MattG

        I’ll take Dickerson for 3 months, and let him DH vs righties (or play the OF, and Swisher DH). I’d like that 25th spot, which you’ve given to a back-up corner infielder, to have a minor league option (meaning no Chavez, eg Laird). This would allow the team to carry another bat for match-ups. Gardner gets into his funks, where he is really helpless against lefties. I could see Jones and Maxwell both in the lineup during those dry spells, but that would only work if you could swap out Laird for Maxwell in that 25th spot.

    • GardnergoesYardner

      It depends on who you are referring to when you say DH. Of course, a Vlad Guerrero is a useless piece because he has no value besides hitting, which is slowly declining for him. However, Damon is still capable of playing the field, as is someone like a Carlos Pena. Not all DH’s are immovable players who can’t do anything but hit. As to your question about why we aren’t concerned about backup players, it’s not like Granderson or Gardner is going to need a lot of days off. Sure, if an injury pops up or Grandy regresses against lefties, then there’s an issue, but as of where the market stands, the backup options aren’t much better than what we have in Jones and Nunez. However, it is definetely possible to make an upgrade at DH.

      • MattG

        Make no mistake: Granderson will regress against pitchers that use any hand. 2011 is not repeatable.

        • GardnergoesYardner

          That’s why I’m not really for resigning him because he’ll be aging, his strikeout totals will be more of an issue, and as you said, there is no way he’ll be hitting at that kind of power again. If the Yankees want to be smart, than they’ll keep him another year or two and let him walk.

      • kevin

        Thanks for the reply, GY (I like your handle!). With outfielders, yes, injuries are my main concern — not rest days. Damon comes closest in that he can be a serviceable left fielder, although I really stretch the word serviceable in this case. I suppose injuries in center or right can be dealt with by moving Gardy to the injured player’s position and using Damon in left. Pena doesn’t fit, IMO, because he’s a first baseman and we really have no use for a backup first baseman. If Tex goes down, Swisher is really a pretty good first baseman, so we again come down to a backup OF. I also want to point out that there’s been a lot of talk about using Jones for DH at bats versus left-handed pitchers. If our only backup OF is DHing, and an OF goes down, then the pitcher hits in that game. Not ideal. I do suppose (sadly) that the ultimate reason you give IS the reason — there really aren’t decent reserve OFs out there. BUT, if we’re thinking of trading one of our excess starting pitchers (please let it be AJ), then perhaps someone who can play OF is something to think about.

    • Steve (different one)

      Well, because DH is a position that has to play everyday. You want the best one you can get, since it impacts every game. Having a real DH in the AL is a lot more important than having a 5th OFer.

      I don’t get this notion that there is no room for a pure DH. Every team in the AL has one. People seem to forget that when Montero was traded, it created a need, but it ALSO created another roster spot. You still have your 4 man bench AND the DH spot.

      • kevin

        I agree, Steve, in general. The Yankees have a unique position though, in that they NEVER intended for the DH to be an everyday position, because we always envisioned DGH days for ARod, Jeter, Tex and Jones. If we really needed a true everyday DH, then I have no problem. But if the DH we sign plays only 3 or 4 days a week, then we have a useless piece on the bench the other 3 or 4 days. I guess I’m arguing against having useless or redundant pieces on the bench. Flexibility has value, especially for us, IMO. Thanks!

        • kevin

          Not DGH — just DH. My fingers erred…

          • Robinson Tilapia

            Sign Matsui. Give him some DGH. Watch the return of Godzilla.

        • Steve (different one)

          But your 5th Ofer is probably going to sit on the bench 5 days a week.

          Also, it’s not like Damon is incapable of playing the OF. He can’t play full time, but in a pinch he can. I think Damon will be the guy, but I am just guessing.

          • kevin

            I agree. Damon is most likely. It’s true the 5th OF is on the bench 5 days. The point is, we want someone on that bench who, when called upon can step into not just the batter’s box, but the field also. Damon can do it. Still, I remember how everyone grimaced every time he had to field his position those last couple of years. And I certainly don’t want a situation like we had with Posada last year, where they absolutely WON’T use him in the field (yeah, Jorge played a little first and even second once, but you kn ow what I mean). But the point is well taken. Damon would do the job. A first baseman is redundant.

      • Robinson Tilapia

        Having solid production from the DH slot in the order =/= “having a real DH.”

        It’s more important to have that slot consistently producing than to have someone on the roster who can’t play the field just because it makes some fans cozy and warm that there’s a set guy to do that.

    • http://riveraveblues.com Rich

      As someone mentioned earlier in this post Dickerson would be an excellent in house and cheap option for a lefthanded DH while also actually being able to play the outfield. And if the Yankees think that Chavez can actually stay relatively healthy sign him as your backup 3rd baseman with Laird just a phone call away when and if Chavez breaks down.You don’t have to sign the washed up big names when we can solve the problem internally.

    • DM

      You’re not off the mark. The latest buzz is that the Yankees interest in acquiring another bat to DH has been overblown. They called it a “very low priority”. Girardi will like the ability to fully rotate his DHs — as A-Rod alluded to earlier — but someone named “Ted” can’t absorb. Also, the folks who suggest Damon should realize that he’ll want 3000 hits more than a Yankee reunion. He needs a place where he can get the most ABs. Of course, if no one is interested in him at all, I’m sure he’d like to re-join the Yankees.

  • ThatstheMelkyMesaWaysa

    I’m all for a few more homers into Damon’s deck

  • The Tenth Inning Stretch

    Reggie Jackson for 2012 DH.

  • dean

    I think signing Damon and figuring out a way to buy low on Dom Brown would cap a pretty interesting offseason for Cash.


    If your going to waste the DH spot on Matsui or Damon, then why not just give Jorge Vazquez a shot!! He hits righties just as good as lefties. Yeah, he strikes out a lot, but it is just an out. For the year in AAA and winter ball in 175 games he hit .290, 52hr, and 161rbi!! Donnie Collins said the Yanks shouldnt have traded Montero, and that he carried the AAA club for two years. WRONG!!! The one who carried the AAA club more was Chato! He says Montero was the only one capable of producing in the Bronx, because in 873ab’s in AAA Montero had 53 doubles, 39hr, and 142rbi. They are great stats. But, Chato in less at bats, 748ab’s, had 50hr and 155rbi. If you gave Chato the same 873ab’s he is at 48 doubles, 59hr and 181rbi!! Dont tell me Montero was the only one producing in AAA. The Organization gave Jorge the MVP for Scranton, not Montero, and Miley said he is huge in the clutch. Theres your Montero production and then some with Jorge. Stop dissing him and give him a chance. The International league is much closer to the stats players put up in the Majors because it is a pitchers league as opposed to the PCL which is a ridiculous homer league. Every player who hits .300 with 25hr gets called up to the ML and hits .200. Look at Rizzo, Ranson, Gamel, Allen. If Vazquez was in the PCL he would have hit 50! If you are talking Matsui or Damon to come in, why not just give Jorge Vazquez a chance. After a couple of months if he isn’t producing you can bring in anyone to put up numbers like Damon and Matsui! A DH needs to be a run producer. I trust the ZIPS. With the production they are usually right on target, and if you give Damon and Vazquez both 525ab’s Damon is at 12hr, 59rbi, 51bb, and 88K’s. Vazquez would be at 30hr, 100rbi, 26bb, and 180K’s. I will take the strikeouts from a DH who can produce like he is projected to. And they have Jorge as average at first base….Just as they have Pena. I will listen to the ZIPS any day over you guys. Hip Hip…Jorge!!!!!!!

    • Robinson Tilapia

      You seem like a very excitable guy.

      • YANKZ1FAN

        Was I writing in Caps?!?

        • Robinson Tilapia

          Nah, the exclamation points after everything. Caps would have meant you like to yell at people.

          The counterpoint, as you probably already know, is that Vazquez is the classic AAAA masher, which I think is the more likely scenario. Does that mean he can’t hit a few opportune HR’s at the stadium? Hell, we still love Shelley F’ing Duncan for it. Guys in this mold get exposed, though, the more of a regular role they get.

          How WAS the blogosphere when Mitch Jones kicked around AAA?

        • YANKZ1FAN

          Oh, I did use caps… :)

      • YANKZ1FAN

        I am not excited, I am just trying to point out that Jorge Vazauez as an option is not that far fetched. Everyone always has to follow what everyone else says. The stats and projections show he would have a shot at being very productive, but people just follow what everyone else says, and jump on someone who has a different opinion than their own…..Also,I will not use exclimation point any more. Peace V

        • Robinson Tilapia

          Use em if you feel it and you, my friend, are feelin that Jorge Vazquez love. :)

  • http://riveraveblues austinmac

    Jorge Vasquez would strike out half of his at bats in the majors. He would strike out about ten times more than walk. Please no. I would rather Laird hit.

  • bpdelia

    I’m not in love with Vazquez but a 50% k rate is not gonna happen. 35% yeah maybe. 50%? That’s just ridiculous hyperbole. Twist worth laird doesn’t walk and ks too much and stinks on d. Hes basically Vazquez with half the power. I fully believe you can roll with Vazquez and get a 215/290/490 line. That stinks but in the #8 slot until July that’s wont sink a season. And its possible the babip sss. Gods smile on chato and he giclves you 245/310/525 increasing leverage for the inevitable July trade.

  • Steve (different one)

    If Vazquez hit his ZIPs, he would be a terrible, terrible player. ZIPs projects him to have a .275 OBP. It’s odd that someone would use ZIPs as an argument in favor of Vazquez.

    Now, ZIPs may be wrong on the guy. I can see that, but you are missing he fact that his ZIPs numbers are BAD, not good.


      I said before that ZIPS are usually very accurate with production. Average has many circumstances that could make them incorrect. But the projections on someones production with home runs and rbi’s are very accurate. There is no way in Hell that Jorge Chato Vazquez will hit .235, and fellow countryman Ramiro Pena would hit .240!!! Jorge is a 100 times better hitter than Pena, and Pena will agree!! Pena was hitting .260 in Trenton when Vazquez hit .330. In Winter Ball Pena hits .240 and Jorge is alwasy in the .330s-.340s. Vazquez just had a down year avg wise. He will hit around .275 in the bigs, which will bring his obp up also. He is not a Shelly Duncan who is all pull and swings out of his A. Vazquez hits to all fields, with tremendous power.

      • CC

        You just saying he is going to do this or that doesn’t make it any more true.

  • Ted Nelson

    His Trop numbers are a small sample too… Assuming they are representative of his performance going forward is as bad as assuming his road numbers and 2010 numbers are.