Josh Norris speaks with Kevin Long

Open Thread: John Flaherty
Yanks have been in contact with Hideki Matsui

Yankees hitting coach Kevin Long was at the Princeton Charter School this afternoon as part of his series of clinics for children throughout the northeast, and Josh Norris managed to grab him for a short Q&A session beforehand. Long says he’s worked with just about everyone in the regular lineup this offseason, but he also spoke about the work his done with Austin Romine and the since-traded Jesus Montero. Romine has eliminated his leg kick (before, after), which is a point of emphasis for Long. It’s a quick read, so make sure you check it out.

Open Thread: John Flaherty
Yanks have been in contact with Hideki Matsui
  • HyShai

    hmmmm….so no offseason work with Tex :(

  • Ethan

    Just out of curiosity, when batting do you lose much power getting rid of a leg kick?

    • Mister Delaware

      Usually its more timing than torque.

      • Monterowasdinero

        Montero will be the torque of the Northwest.

  • Josh Norris

    @HyShai He didn’t definitively say he didn’t, so he may have. I cut myself off at 10 minutes so he could get to the stage and start speaking to the kids.

  • Mark L.

    Including slightly generous arbitration totals, I have our 2012 payroll (including Feliciano) at $209.5 million. Cot’s has our 2010 high-water mark at $213.4 million.

    I don’t see Cashman patch-working it. I see him spending the next three weeks, first trying to find the best dump for Burnett, then seeing who will take Garcia. Tons of possible configurations. Very interesting stuff.

    • gageagainstthemachine

      I’m not sure they can move Garcia before June. If that’s the case, they are moving either Burnett (if possible) or Hughes (more likely). But then again, I don’t know all the rules regarding such moves.

  • Total Dominication

    i live in Princeton and my brother was super pissed when he found out he had missed this, he’s a big baseball player. I’m more of a watch, analyze and obsess guy than a playing guy, but it still would have been cool to go.