Nostalgia Report: Yankees sign Preston Mattingly

Open Thread: Brad Halsey
Report: Yanks talking Edwin Jackson with Boras

Via Kevin Goldstein, the Yankees have signed Preston Mattingly, Don’s son. The Dodgers gave him a $1M bonus as the 31st overall selection in the 2006, and he’s since gone on to hit .232/.276/.335 with 520 strikeouts and 99 walks in 1,846 minor league plate appearances. He’s never played above Single-A and had to move from shortstop to second base to left field to first base. We’re talking a total non-prospect here, but sheesh, can you believe Donnie Baseball’s kid is already 24? Preston’s not even his oldest.

Open Thread: Brad Halsey
Report: Yanks talking Edwin Jackson with Boras
  • Plank

    I wonder what his motivation for staying in the league is. He has no shot at the majors, he has no financial worries, he’s in a league with people much younger than him. Maybe he just really likes the game? Maybe he thinks it’s a good route to getting into scouting/coaching?

    • Rick in Boston

      It could be a few things:

      1) Back in 2006, I remember a number of internet posters pissed off because the Yankees grabbed a kid whose college numbers fell off a bit (Ian Kennedy) instead of Donnie’s kid. So maybe, it’s a chance for him to come back and play in an organization where his father is still lauded.

      2) A change of scenery could help him (hopelessly optimistic).

      3) Given his experience as the son of an MLB star, and a first rounder, he could be used as a possible mentor for the Dante Bichette Jr., Slade, and Culver.

  • RkyMtnYank

    Hope the Yanks don’t have trouble making the playoffs now.

  • Chris G.

    This is the second Mattingly kid to get a shot with the Yanks. His other son Taylor was drafted by the Yankees a few years ago. Hopefully this turns out better though I doubt it.

  • J.

    Donnies wife is obviously a terrible athlete.

  • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher

    Just Breaking: Yanks sign Skippy Winfield.

    • CMP

      I’ll bet he’s no good in the postseason either.

      • Sandman42

        If they’re going to bring in the sons of former players this offseason, I hear the son of that guy Cecil who was with us in 96 may even be better than these two options…….

  • dc1874

    This is called “keep the man happy deal”….for when Girardi goes….Donnie comes”……

  • Soxhata

    Hopefully our scouts saw something.So far he hits like his mother,but low risk so any reward may be cool.I just hope we are in on Cespedes just for the fact we are thin in the outfield in AAA.

  • Evansville

    Knew Preston growing up at a rival high school in Evansville where we both grew up.

    His mom is a total nutcase–since the divorce from Don their extremely nice home is rumored to be so disgusting that she had to move out and put it up for sale.

    Preston was a freak athlete. I remember guarding him at basketball and he was a man amongst boys. His attitude was never the greatest, though. Remember watching him pick up a flag on the football field and throw it towards a ref. Was always a fierce competitor and wanted to win at everything.

    He was roommates with Kershaw after they were drafted in the same class together, each out of high school, by the Dodgers. They continue to be very close friends, though their careers have gone in opposite directions.

    As a Yankee fan, I hold out home that his athletic make up will get him though the tough start to his career. With some more work he can certainly be a performer with those kind of tools. And hopefully some additional years of maturity will help as well.

    • Billion$Bullpen

      Thanks for the info. I am assuming you are a Yanks fan because of Donnie?

      You say Preston did not have the best attitude. Was he known as a douche or he just took things too far as far as dealing with officials? I would have to assume the pressure of having your dad be a big deal in sports and be THE big deal in your little town in any respect has to be hard to deal with. Not excusing the behavior, but I have known and done work with several douche kids of famous people and they spend most of their life trying to prove they are worthy of their fathers love. Kind of sad.

      • Evansville

        I think most people from my hometown are Yankees fans beacuse of Donnie, myself included.

        However, the town isn’t that small. People knew he was Don’s son, but it wasn’t like Preston was a local celebrity. He was a terrific athlete and would have garnered equal attention in Evansville just for those abilities.

        I wouldn’t say I was ever good friends with him or particularly wanted to be, but he wasn’t really a douche when compared to some of his other friends. High school sports also puts a unique perspective on things because you always end up hating the other schools good players.

        From things going around my Facebook, looks like he’s really taking this seriously and the team is as well. Maybe this is the year he learns not to chase bad pitches.

  • Will (the other one)

    Move him to the bullpen!!1!

  • Plank

    Does anyone else kind of merge Ron Burgundy and Don Mattingly in their minds? I picture Mattingly to have that kind of old school men are men and dames are dames attitude even past when that kind of attitude was appropriate.

    • Plank
    • Billion$Bullpen

      Nope, that’s only you buddy. Donnie is a polite, respectful, bright guy. Donnie does not have perfect diction or grammar. He had a mustache and a quasi mullet at one point in his life. He likes to put ketchup on his steaks, but he is no buffoon from a weak movie.

  • Bando

    Yo CMP –
    What are you talking about? Donnie B lit it up in his only postseason appearance.
    1 HR 6 RBI .417 .440 .708

    • Soxhata

      thank you that HAD to be said.Strike the before mentioned erroneous statement from the record_JEEESH!!

    • Billion$Bullpen

      I believe he was talking about Winnie not Donnie.

  • RetroRob

    Don Mattingly was a 19th-round draft pick, not a big guy at 5’11” 180lbs., he didn’t possess great speed, didn’t profile as a hitter who could drive a ball for power, but showed up in the minor leagues and hit .350 in his first stop and never slowed down until his back gave way.

    I was a teen back in 1983, and remember being at the Stadium after Mattingly was called up, and I turned to one of my friends and said “this guy is going to win a batting title in the next few years.” We didn’t have access to all the minor league reports we have today, and I knew very little about Mattingly, and I was already known by my friends as a very tough critic of talent, but it was clear Mattingly had something, even as he was trying to get his MLB legs that first season.

    Unlike Donnie Baseball, Preston Mattingly was considered an excellent athlete, he was a #1 draft pick, 6’2″, 210lbs., faster than his father, supposedly capable of playing more challenging positions than his father, such as the middle infield. Yet he’s never made it out of A ball. The comparison between Don Mattingly and his son says everything about baseball. Someone can be an excellent athlete, someone can be bigger, someone can be stronger, someone can be faster, but someone can not be taught eye-hand coordination and bat speed, no matter how good the athlete.

    Preston Mattingly has no future as a MLB player. The Yankees know this, but Preston Mattingly can serve a purpose as an organizational player until he decides he wants to call it quits, or perhaps move on to coaching, a decision that’s coming very soon. The Yankees will give him that chance. They picked up Preston as acknowledgement to his father, Yankee royalty who was not selected to manage the Yankees, yet someone the Yankees are waiting to welcome back at some point in the future. For now, they are welcoming the son.

    I’ve been expecting Preston to join the Yankees organization for several years now once it became clear he didn’t quite have what it takes to make the Majors.

    • kenthadley

      Well done, Retro.

    • Ozzie Canseco

      I resemble that remark.

      • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher