Open Thread: This place is HUGE!

Yankees avoid arbitration with Brett Gardner
Vetting out some thoughts on 'the big trade'

I know these “Shit [insert demographic here] Says” videos are played out, but this one actually made me laugh. I guess it’s because I can actually relate to this one. Anyway, there’s your Friday night comic relief, and here’s your open thread. The Knicks are the only local team in action, but it’s Friday. Go hang out and do something you’ll regret in the morning.

Yankees avoid arbitration with Brett Gardner
Vetting out some thoughts on 'the big trade'
  • Tyrone Sharpton

    I think RAB needs someone besides Matt answering the questions with you Mike. All he does is paraphrase what you say, except for maybe 4 qs a chat

    • Jimmy

      That’s a little uncharitable considering it was his first chat, no?

      • Sayid J.

        haters gonna hate

    • Peter North

      I just think it makes no sense having 2 people answer every question. Gets annoying. It’s nothing against Matt, just have one or the other answer instead of both.

      • Tyrone Sharpton

        I agree…too repetitive to me. Matt answered similarly how how the person in the previous chat with Mike did; restated Mike’s answers most of the time. I assumed they were the same people, but I guess I was wrong

  • Rainbow Connection

    I laughed.

  • Darren

    Sorry, I found the entire video pretty innacurate. The actors seem like they’re portraying people from other states who moved to NYC 5 years ago and now think they’re real NYers. No real street talk, no real anything, just bogus superficial themes of what NY is about.

    Does not ring true. Also, what’s up with it being so white?

    This is wack.

    • Rainbow Connection

      (Lives in Jersey and feels left out)

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Are there some examples of true, New York, street talk you’d like to share with us, Darren?

      • Plank

        Street Talk is whack.

    • Mike HC

      I didn’t think it was that great, but there were definitely a couple of good lines in there I thought.

  • PinedaColada

    Anyone know anything about that Cuban LH pitcher that supposedly the yanks are trying to sign? I haven’t heard anything about him until I saw the small article on Espn bout the yanks being hot for him. I think Concepcion is the name

    • Robert

      He is 18 ,throws 89-91 , with good control.

      • PinedaColada

        Wonder if they go after him and Soler this year before the CBA kicks in. I hope so seeing as how another pitching prospect never hurts and our farm could use another bat like Soler

        • Robert

          Where also is RHP Armando Rivero.Throws 98,viewed a reliever.

    • Mike E


  • Highlander 91

    Am I the only one who is disgusted with the Knicks? It’s making me sick just watching them play. Fire D’Antoni!

    Ps- Totally expecting Pineda to rock YS3 this year!

    • boogie down

      You, sir, are definitely not the only one disgusted with them. Their play of late further confirms the idea that D’Antoni is a horrendous coach; our D has improved substantially (especially in terms of efficiency), but our O is holding us back?! With THIS coach? I understand that a PG is very important, but it’s pathetic that he can’t piece together even a semi-fluid offense while Baron Davis is out, especially because we have Melo and STAT. I understand that they are slightly incompatible, but they’re both tremendous athletes and scorers, so an offensive-minded coach should be able to utilize them effectively.

      Moreover, he needs to stop demanding that we take three after three… we’re in the top 10 in makes and attempts, but in the bottom 5 in terms of 3-pt shooting percentage. If we can’t make ’em, why are we taking ’em?!

      “Fire D’Antoni” is right!

    • Erica

      It’s getting painful to watch the Knicks. A team with this much talent shouldn’t be performing as poorly as they have been. And I have to agree with boogie down – quit making 3 point attempts! If it isn’t working – why… keep doing it?

      • Urban

        It’s been painful to watch the Knicks for a long time.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Eleven years living back in NYC now. The New York Knicks are still second to the Boston Red Sox as the sport franchise I despise the most. The only way I would have even considered rooting for them would have been if Dwayne Wade would have signed as an FA before 2010. Fuck em.

    • Craig Maduro

      The Knicks are just dumb as fuck. They shouldn’t have gut their squad for Carmelo Anthony. They could arguably be one of the worst run professional teams in sports (I don’t watch hockey so I could be leaving some terrible teams out). I mean, what did they expect when they had to rely on Chauncey Billups and his legs made of string cheese? What did they expect when they turned over the keys of a PG reliant offense to a non-PG? I’m 100% serious when I say that several of us could have run the Knicks better than they were run over the past decade. 100% serious.

  • Grit for Brains

    Loved the Podcast, great stuff. If anyone can link to that scatter plot you guys were talking about where it was said Pineda wouldn’t have allowed more HR’s at teh YS!1! that would be much appreciated. Thanks!

    • Plank
      • Grit for Brains

        Thanks…that’s amazing

        • RetroRob

          Not surprising. Dave Cameron over at FanGraphs did an analysis on Pineda when the deal was announced. His FIP on the road was actually lower than at Safeco, and while Safeco overall is a large park, it is not difficult to hit HRs to RF. Concerns about his flyball rate are overstated.

  • TinoBambino

    Fire DiAntoni!

  • Frank

    “do you smell maple syrup?”

    that made me laugh… even though i didnt smell it that day it happened!

    • Rainbow Connection

      It happens at least once a year, I think. In the fall.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      While the video definitely captures a certain demographic, which I apparently seem to be part of, it nails is pretty damn well. Great stuff.

  • Plank top C prospects.

    1. Jesus Montero
    4. Gary Sanchez

    Last year:

    1. Jesus Montero
    3. Gary Sanchez
    8. Austin Romine

  • bpdelia

    So i was just reading an older FG piece about lee smiths hot case. This led me to check the fy and bref. Pages for the all time best relievers. Eck, gossage, Smith, Wilhelm, face, Wagner, fingers, Hoffman, etc. It gets old but i just wanted to post a few mo stats again.

    All of these rightly pretend 1995 didn’t exist:

    The worst era+of riveras career is 144.
    the best is 319….. i don’t know which of those is more impressive.

    Rivera has posted a sub 2 era 4 years in a row, and 8 of the last nine.
    11 seasons total with a sub 2 and 12 with a sub 2.10.

    In rivreras sole 3 plus era season his fip was 2.65.

    Rivera, of course has the best era+ in history at 206.

    Career wip now stands at 0.998.

    Rivera bb/9 has been less than 2.3 11 straight years.

    6 straight below 2.0

    Last 4 yrs: .8, 1.6, 1.7, 1.2.

    Rivera has thrown 1211.1 innings. Rivera has allowed 934 hits and 65 hrs. Rivera has unintentionally walked 239.

    Mariano Rivera has balked……..3 times. Mariano Rivera has not balked since 2002.

    Mariano rivers hasn’t balked in a decade. The last time Mariano Rivera balked Saddam Hussein ruled Iraq.

    In over 1200 ip. Riveras k/bb ratio is 4/1.

    Rivera has out performed his fip by a full half run for his career.

    If Mariano Rivera had not outperformed his fip he would still be by far the best rp. Ever.

    I think suttee shouldn’t be in. I think Smith and Wagner have compelling cases.

    I don’t think war is terribly useful in determining rp hof cases.

    But Rivera really is to the average closer what babe ruth is to the average rf.

    And remember the average closer is a pretty good pitcher.

    Anyway…….every year or so i look at riveras bref/fg. Page and every time I’m again shocked at just how good he has really been.

    And that didn’t even touch the post season stuff.

    • RetroRob

      WAR is overall a good stat, but it is not good with relief pitchers and I cringe when it’s used by knowledgeable people to rate relievers, yet it’s used because there isn’t a good replacement statistic.

      fWAR substantially under rates Rivera since it takes into account BABIP, FIP and xFIP in the calculation. Normally this is a good thing, unless dealing with an outlier like Rivera, whose cutter allows him to conistently generate weak ABs allowing him to year in and year out post lower fielding independent statistics.

      • Jaremy

        Honestly, I think WAR is also a poor statistic for DHs as well. I think Ortiz’ monster DH season provided more than 4 runs’ worth of value to BoSox, and worry that Montero’s value is being understated at te moment due to our current comkunity’s singular focus on one catch-all statistic in WAR

    • Kosmo

      I agree Sutter doesn´t belong in the HoF and I would add Eckersley doesn´t either. He got in on the strength of 5-6 great seasons as a closer. As a SP he was so-so.
      Wagner does have a case as arguably the most dominate LH closer in MLB history.

  • pat

    “Shit people who aren’t from New York think people from New York say”

    Aside from making fun of the outer boroughs, not nearly enough racial slurs.

  • bpdelia

    Not i do NOT think war is useful for rp hall of fame debates.

    • Jimmy

      Well then, what is war good for?

      • amr5026

        Absolutely nothin’! Say it again, y’all!

  • Jimmy
  • jstats914

    Sad to c montero traded but def high on pindea n campos should develop well