Report: Yoenis Cespedes is now a free agent

Hughes gives the Yanks the most options
It's official: Andruw's back for another year

Via Ben Badler, MLB has informed teams that 26-year-old Cuban outfielder Yoenis Cespedes is now a free agent. He recently established residency in the Dominican Republic, which was step one of the process. By now you’ve seen the Michael Bay-esque promotional video (both of them), though I still prefer 19-year-old Jorge Soler at the point, based on the little bit we know. Cespedes went 5-for-35 with no walks and ten strikeouts in winter ball, which isn’t all that surprising given his long layoff. He did hit a homer though, which you can see right here.

Hughes gives the Yanks the most options
It's official: Andruw's back for another year
  • Tyrone Sharpton

    We gunna sign him. All out playa, even though he’s prob 36

  • CANO FAN #1

    5 year 25M. Done

    • CJ

      6/26. Then walk away.

    • BK2ATL

      I doubt Cashman even bids on him. More likely on Soler, as he fits Cashman’s direction lately.

      If they only bid $15 million on Darvish and had compiled much more info on him by that point, I can’t see them even bothering to bid on Cespedes.

  • CJ

    Pass. Miami will sign him. They even said publicly they would chase him to the brink of stupidity. (paraphrased but really close, they suprisingly used such strong language)

  • choochoo

    I don’t have an opinion on this until Ted Nelson weighs in. Then I’ll believe the opposite

    • Slugger27

      this is my favorite comment in the history of RAB

    • Ted Nelson

      Flattered I have so much influence over you. My opinion depends on the terms of the deal. Since I’ve never watched Cuban pro baseball and don’t know the Yankees budget I doubt I’ll have a strong opinion.

    • Yankonymous

      +1 to the Bizzaro Ted Nelson club

  • Frank

    Soler would be a nice offensive replacement, high end prospect anyway, for montero. Doesn’t sound like the Yankees have money to spend though so who knows.

  • Steve

    I agree with Mike. I’d rather the Yankees go after Soler. Cespedes is going to want ridiculous money, and there are too many questions that won’t get answered before he gets paid IMO.

    • Slugger27

      why do you prefer soler over cespedes? from the little we know of each, it seems cespedes is universally considered the better prospect, right?

      • Steve

        I just think I’d rather have the younger guy who likely won’t command the same money. At least not right away. I’ll take the 19 year old with a big upside over a guy who claims to be 26, but could just as easily be older than that. I know that some people really like Cespedes, I’d just rather see Cashman go after Soler.

        • Ted Nelson

          Cespedes is lying about his age and not Soler?

      • Robert

        Soler has a much higher ceiling.

  • Denver fighting tebows

    say no to yoenis!!!
    1) he’s going to be way too expensive
    2) he already seems too arrogant even though he has accomplished NOTHING. he didn’t run after hitting the HR, doing the star thing and not even walking towards first. i know that this is a flawed argument, but i don’t want a guy who already has a huge head before he has even played. plus, he hasn’t even done anything in that league either, so it’s not even like he’s better than the other people in that league.
    3) i don’t think he’s as good as the hype indicates. 5-35 with 0 walks and 10 strikeouts? i get that he’s rusty, but that’s still awful.
    4) he doesn’t fit in with the team. outfield is full and he hits right handed, so he couldn’t dh.
    5) he’s not even that young at 26, and with all these age scandals as of late, who knows if he’s actually 26

    • Slugger27

      the only argument out of the 5 that has any merit is the first one. if you think hes not worth the money, then thats valid i suppose.

      #2 – weak doesnt even do this argument justice
      #3 – youre seriously citing a 35 PA sample of winterball to make judgment?
      #4 – how does he not fit in with the team?? OF is by far and away the biggest weakness of the system. the only legitimate OF prospect we have hasnt even played full season ball yet (we have 2 if you count slade) i think its pretty much accepted hed start in the minors for a year anyway. if anything, he fits perfectly with the teams needs
      #5 – if hes 26 and signs a 6 year deal, he’ll be 32 at the end. assuming no age scandal (and yes, despite message board postings, thats a safe assumption), his age is virtually a non-issue.

      • Denver fighting tebows

        fair enough. i just always think it’s a terrible idea to give out huge money to guys who haven’t proven anything. sure, every once in a while you’ll get a star. but most of the time you’ll just get a dissapointment.

        re his age: it seems like cespedes needs some development. it will likely take 2-3 years to become a strong mlb player, if he ever does, and by that time, he will be past most of his prime already.

  • STONE COLD Austin Romine

    Let’s be honest… Yoenis has top 25 prospects tools. A 4-6 year deal for 4 million per is a deal that I’d be disturbed at if the Yankees passed on that #.

    • CJ

      He is a toolsy talent no doubt but it seems like there will be a bidding war with teams like Miami chasing him and driving the price up. I’d be shocked if cashman signed him.

  • G

    Save money, sign Surprised Look Gopher to a 10 year/$5M deal. He has more views than Cespedes, but less hype.

  • Gageagainstthemachine

    I know it’s a bit of comparing apples to oranges, but I don’t think the Yankees even bother at even thinking of making an offer to Cespedes if they were only willing to make a modest* bid for Yu Darvish.

    *”hey, we tried…but very half-heartedly, so not really…to get him”

    • Steve (different one)

      Perhaps. But like you said, apples to oranges. If Cespedes gets $50m, which seems really high to me, that’s still $62M short of Darvish. That’s a lotta quiche, a lotta cake….

      • gageagainstthemachine

        I didn’t want to go into much depth, because it would be way too much commentary and I think everyone has said just about everything there is to say on Cespedes and Darvish, respectively. However, here would be my top points:

        1) Darvish = more “proven” than “workout video” Cespedes; Yankees made no “legitimate” play at Darvish.
        2) Yes, a big money gap between the two, but both would be costly in the idea that the Yankees are trying to get to the 2014 luxury tax salary goal. Which at this point, I would say is a pretty sincere statement on their par judging this offseason by and large.
        3) Darvish = pitching we needed when he was available to bid on; Cespedes = hitting/outfielder we don’t necessarily need right now at the time he is available to “bid” on

        I think those are the big points I would’ve elaborated on. That’s just my thought process. I don’t see the Yankees taking a chance on Cespedes when they didn’t really take a chance on Darvish.

        Again, just my opinion, take it for what’s worth to you.

  • TCMiller30

    His swing in that video looks like Gary Sheffield, pulling an outside fastball over the fence.. I’d take a shot on him if his demands come down to reasonable..

    I’d also sign Soler.. It’s not my money!

    • RkyMtnYank

      If it’s not your money then what do you care if his demands come down to reasonable or not?

      • Yankonymous

        I really hate this argument.

        As Yankee fans, we are emotionally invested in this team. Though you may consider that (extreme) minority ownership, it is ownership, and as owners, we should have a right to discuss the teams resources, be it human or financial.

        $$$ is just as good as say, a blocked prospect in the farm system. e.g. Jesus Montero. Both can buy what your team needs.

        • Ted Nelson

          I would say stakeholders and not owners.

          Not knowing the financial restraints makes it very difficult to comment on how much money they spend where.

          • Yankonymous

            But we do understand the constraints the new CBA has all but enforced on the Yankees in regards to payroll, which directly affects player acquisitions.

            I don’t really see anybody talking about how much the concession guys make. In that case, I would say the argument “it’s not your money” has merit.

        • TCMiller30

          Good point.