Yankees in a “holding pattern” with regards to pitching

Open Thread: Steve Sax
Improving the Yankee Stadium experience

Earlier today we learned that the Yankees will reevaluate their budget in the coming weeks, and tonight the Jons (Heyman and Morosi) report that the team is in a “holding pattern” with regards to its pitching search. They are still in touch with Edwin Jackson, Hiroki Kuroda, and Roy Oswalt, but they just don’t like the asking prices. They are not interested in Ryan Madson, however. So in other words … nothing new to report.

Open Thread: Steve Sax
Improving the Yankee Stadium experience
  • JobaWockeeZ


    If Levine is with this organization then Madson is always a possibility.

  • Plank

    I’d want Jackson, Oswalt, Kuroda in that order. Does signing Jackson lose a draft pick?

    • 28 this year

      My order is the opposite only to avoid the long term commitment. I want someone from next year’s class and do not want another Soriano type contract preventing it.

      • Plank

        I think a long term commitment (4-5 years) to a 28 year old pitcher should be viewed as a good thing.

        6 years for Jackson makes me hesitate.

        Oswalt and Kuroda I would only want on a one year deal for the reasons you highlight. I trust Oswalt to give high quality innings more-so than Kuroda. I would rather have 120 IP and 120 ERA+ than 200 IP of 105 ERA+.

        • Billion$Bullpen

          “I think a long term commitment (4-5 years) to a 28 year old pitcher should be viewed as a good thing.”

          Not when it is Jackson. I would same my pennies for Hamels, Cain, etc. We have a team good enough for a playoff spot as is. We bring in Kuroda or Oswalt we have better chances to do more. I would not sign either one of them for more than one year unless they gave us a huge discount for both year one and year two, and I do not see that happening.

          I would also be ok with rocking with what we have right now and plan to open up the vaults next year to sign Cole H., and at that point dump AJ if somebody will pay half of the last year of his deal in his walk year.

    • Dave203

      Jackson does not cost us a draft pick.

    • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher

      It’s just about the opposite order for me as well.

    • CJ

      Pass on all 3

  • Chuck

    How about offering oswalt 3m guaranteed with an incentive that after his 5th win every win he acquires is 1 million dollars. And then pull him before 5 hahaha

    • Plank

      Bonuses can’t be performance based. Plus, the PA would throw a shit-storm.

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    • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher


      • Thomas Cassidy


        • Rainbow connection


  • Jumpin’ Jack Swisher

    I like the guys who’d sign for a year. I don’t like anything over two years for Jackson. Sorry.

  • Monteroisdinero

    I think the Yanks are hoping someone in the AAA group steps up in ST and maybe one of them will come North with the varsity in April. If not, there is always July. CC/Nova/AJ/Freddy and then Phil + 5 guys get a shot at #5 and none of them cost million$$$$.

  • CJ

    Madson to sign with Reds

  • Mickey S

    Sign Oswalt and call it an offseason.

    • CJ

      2 week January revaluation of budget to “sign oswalt and call it an offseason”? I don’t think so.

  • Rich in NJ

    I wonder if part of the internal budget reassessment also involves upping how much they are willing to eat to trade AJ.

  • OXXbow

    Sign Oswalt for one year as a bridge…

  • jayd808

    News out of Boston this evening is that the Sawks are closing in on Hiroki Kuroda.

    • CJ

      I saw that too but couldn’t find a reliable source to back it up

    • Rich in NJ

      Yesterday, it was the Yankees who were doing that.

      The daily churn.

  • jack knife

    im with CJ pass on all of them promote the kids

  • http://twitter.com/themanchine The Manchine

    Any chance Edwin would be interested in 3/$36ish deal? Madson/Boras just signed a 1yr deal. If Jackson lights it up, he could be due for a big deal at 31. Maybe a 5yr deal with opt out after 2??