Former Yanks second rounder Sam Stafford to miss season


Via Aaron Fitt, Texas left-hander Sam Stafford will miss the 2012 season due to shoulder surgery. The Yankees selected Stafford with their second round pick last year, but they did not sign him after a physical revealed a small tear in his shoulder. They’ll receive the 89th overall pick in this year’s draft as compensation. The injury is really unfortunate for Stafford, who was poised to climb up the draft rankings this year as a hard-throwing lefty in a class generally considered short on college pitching.

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  • 28 this year

    it hurts even more as now you need to be a top pick to cash in during the draft. Good luck to him.

  • voIII

    Wow… Thank God for physicals…Yankees dodge a bullet by not signing him.

  • jack cury

    Yankees doctors deserve a raise. They saved us from Bittle and this guy.

  • Robert

    They sure saved them that 8 million last year.

  • Preston

    It’s to bad. I was excited when we drafted him. Can’t ever have enough hard throwing lefties in the minors.

  • Robert

    The way that mlb teams deal with injures to people that they draft is just plan dumb.I would have signed him. A top 10 talent in the second want a steal.They waste 8 million on a player that will never play for the team,and give Andrew Brackman 5 million.Give the kid a million or two to rehab.

    • steve (different one)

      I’m sure you know best. Shoulder injuries are rarely a problem for pitchers.

      • Preston

        I’m sure the Yankees still tried to sign him. They just decided the price was to high and he decided it was better to take a the chance to rehab and go back in the draft next year.

    • voIII

      This is a shoulder injury…Not a simple TJ surgery case, success rate for shoulder surgery is 50/50 at best. They were right in steering clear of this guy.

    • Voice of Reason

      Top 10 talent? Where are you getting that from?

      Not signing a guy in need of major surgery is a pretty obvious move (Brackman was TJ, which ain’t no thing, and they knew that going in and it was the only reason he was available in the first place) seeing as you can get the same pick next year and use it to take a guy who doesn’t need major surgery.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    ….but they know nothing about drafting talent, right?

  • RetroRob

    I almost never hear the term “rotator cuff” surgery anymore, whereas it used to be pretty common, yet I find it hard to believe that injury is not happening any more. Does the stigma attached to it (career basically over) mean it’s being called something else, or more generic, like “shoulder surgery?”

    Does any pitcher come back 100% after any type of shoulder surgery?