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Dickerson clears waivers, outrighted to Triple-A
Open Thread: 2/26 Camp Notes

Who do you think of first when you think of the New York Yankees, #24?

Recency, a penchant for the dramatic, a great glove and a power bat would of course lead one to what might seem like the obvious choice: Robinson Cano. And it’s a pretty good answer, too, in my opinion. Robbie’s grown up into a core member of the team and is, quite frankly, a really good baseball player. He’s expected to hit third in the lineup this year, which means that there will be many men-on dingers and RBIs this year, plus lots of stellar plays he makes look easy and, of course, thousands of giant gum bubbles.

But Cano isn’t the only answer. Here’s some hints: he played first base for the Yankees from 1996-2001 (really knew how to pick his years, didn’t he?), hitting .279 with an OPS+ of 114 and 175 home runs. The answer, to anyone who was around during those years, should be obvious: the wonderful and amazing Tino Martinez. As a kid, I loved Tino only slightly less than I loved Paul O’Neill, and even four years after Tino left, I was still a little sore over this obnoxious second-baseman taking his number, which I believed should have been retired. I was a little insensible as a kid, but the point still stands. In sports and especially on the Yankees, where there are no names on the jerseys, the numbers become associated quite strongly with the player.

(While we’re on the subject of Paul O’Neill and #21, I seem to recall LaTroy Hawkins begin given a lot of crap for taking that number and then changing it, which filled me with more joy than you can ever imagine.)

As the Spring Training pictures roll in, the one thing that keeps throwing me off is Michael Pineda wearing #35. Like every other sensible Yankees fan, I loved Moose and felt it was really depressing that he never got a ring, and while I don’t think retiring his number is in the cards, it’s really strange to see someone else wearing it. Pineda’s a good choice to carry on his legacy of really good pitchers I wouldn’t want to meet in a back alley at night, but that doesn’t change that he isn’t Mike Mussina. Of course, people taking the numbers of old players is just another part of growing up with baseball. Pretty sure no one else is ever going to wear 2, though.

Let’s switch gears a little bit. I had this argument with a friend while I was in New York last year, so I’ll ask all of you: my friend had purchased a Hideki Matsui jersey some years ago while he was still a Yankee. Like a sensible person with disposable income, he had no name of the back. These days, Russell Martin, who is a pretty valuable piece of the team in his own right, now wears #55. Does your jersey magically become a Russell Martin jersey? Is it still a Matsui jersey in your brain, and that’s all that matters? Is the jersey meaningless without the player you bought it for? If no one ever wears #55 again, do you never wear the jersey? What if the number’s retired?

And because this is an article about Yankees jersey numbers: between 6, 46 and 20, which ones get retired?

Who's next? (photo by flickr user 2Eklectik, used under Creative Commons.)
Dickerson clears waivers, outrighted to Triple-A
Open Thread: 2/26 Camp Notes
  • Yardisiak

    46 should be interesting. You can make the case Mussina was a better pitcher overall and as a Yankee. However, Andy holds a special place in the 96-2001 dynasty and unlike Paul and Tino was a Yankee for life(Houston never happened!). 6 and 20 are no brainers.

  • Tyrone Sharpton

    Get a life, Hannah. A player is defined by his play, not the number. I couldn’t give less of a damn that Pineda wears 35…everyone knows he’s not Mike Mussina. It’s just a damn numba.

    • jjyank

      Dude, chill out. Considering that the Yanks don’t have names on the back, the numbers do mean something. I personally am cool with Pineda wearing 35, but you’re telling me if they handed out #20 to some random journey man reliever, you wouldn’t care at all?

      • tyrone sharpton

        the article is pointless…it’s a uniform number. do you remember ricky henderson for his number or for his amazing play? what about david justice? john wetteland? louisiana lightning? cumon

        • IRememberCelerinoSanchez

          Both, actually.

          Oh, and I found the article fun rather than pointless. Wish I could say the same about your comments on it.

          • tyrone sharpton

            good one, here’s a cookie for that zinger. i apologize for hurting anyone’s feelings

            • CC

              There is no need to be rude about the article. If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

      • Joe T

        Didn’t Damarso Marte wear #35????

        • GardnergoesYardner

          Nope he was 43.

    • nsalem

      You’re either a white person pretending to be a black person who can’t spell or a black person who can spell pretending to be a black person who can’t spell ( I don’t know which one is more pathetic)
      and simeoultaneously telling Hannah to get a life. The humor eluldes me.

      • Bo Knows

        he’s white, no way any black person chooses such an ignorant name and acts that fake stereotypical….I wish the s.o.b could be band for this racist b.s

        • nsalem

          Maybe it should be “Tyrone from Mom and Dad’s Basement In Upper Saddle River”.

        • Lazerri Scooter

          to be fair, the 1st thing any logical person thinks when they hear the name, “sharpton”. Ignorant is the second term I think of, just behind racist & ahead of bastard.

  • Tom Zig

    So pretty soon the Yankees will have no single digit numbers left. It’s going to be like the Blernsball episode of Futurama.

    • Jesse

      Before we know it, the Yankees will have to wear triple digit numbers on the back of their jerseys.

      • nsalem

        or fractions

      • Stratman9652

        According to Craig Robinson’s calculations, the first triple digit number will be in 2100.

        • Tom Zig

          The first regular season triple digit number, yeah. But I bet a triple digit spring training number isn’t that far out. Or there might be another knuckle head like Manny Ramirez who decides he wants #100.

  • Beamish

    Only a HoF Plaque with an NY on the cap should get #6, #46 or #20 retired.

    • Pat D

      Well that’s only gonna happen for one of those.

      • Thomas Cassidy

        All three. Posada is one of the best catchers ever. Andy is the best postseason winner of all time, and Torre was one of the best managers of all time. Maybe not all on the first ballot, but at some point.

        • IRememberCelerinoSanchez

          You’re speaking with your heart, not your head. Andy has no shot. Posada is borderline. Torre will get in as a manager.

          • Pat D


        • Anthony D.

          You are full of emotion and not common sense for reality……Posada was by far a below average catcher he was a slightly above average hitter for a catcher but nothing special he was no posada or mauer or even pudge when pudge was younger……Torre was called clueless joe for a reason before he came to the yankees its because he was one of the worst managers ever and without the yankees he is a sub .500 manager. Andy is the best post season winner of all time but thats it he did not winn 300 games and was not always the best pitcher on the team and he will always have the hgh situation that he admitted to.

          • Knoxvillain

            Posada ranks in the top 10 catchers of all time, offensively. I don’t know what you’re even talking about. Clueless Joe? Good one. He’s still one of the best managers ever. Go back to Shitty Field and root for the Mets.

          • CC

            Posada was SIGNIFICANTLY an above average hitting catcher. That is non disputable.

            • anthony D

              First off tell me the top 10 catchers that you think posada belongs with…….second Torres was call clueless Joe if you go back and look you will see……and Torres was no where near the greatest manager and I’m not a shitty Mets fan I am Yankees all the wat but I also have common sense look at the numbers jackass without the Yankees torrent is a numb plain and simple he could not manage a bullpen to save his life

    • JohnnyBGoode

      That should be the precedent for every number IMHO.
      So yeah I only see #6 getting retired.

      On another note I feel bad for LaTroy Hawkings, the man was trying to honor Clemente.

  • Justin

    It made you HAPPY that a dude who did nothing wrong got booed for wearing 21? That’s terrible.

    • John

      It did for ALOT of people. The way Hawkins acted when asked about it proved he never gave a damn. To him it was just a number, where as Yankee fans know #21 was Paul O’Neil’s. We all know Paulie as part of the Dynasty, “The Warrior”, was with the team BEFORE they started winning and making the post season in 1995.

      • handtius

        was honoring roberto clemente. the number meant something to him, just not what you wanted it to mean to him. not every player is a yankee fan from the 90s.

    • Kevin Winters

      Terrible isn’t the word the whole thing was disgusting.

  • Jamey

    I think an alternative to this issue for teams like The Yankees is to have retired numbers & semi retired numbers. Keep your all time greats like Mantle, Ruth DiMaggio etc never to be worn again. Then have another list that if a new Yankee wants to wear either for personal reasons or tribute have a group of retired players or fans vote on if they can wear the number. Maybe the requirement if you get awarded the number is a donation to a charity in the player’s name.

    • Jamey

      Also, I get the fan argument a little with the #21 thing. I suppose it is the drawback from a merchandise perspective on Yankees not putting names on them. My friend had to go thru a great ordeal to get an authentic O’Neill #21 jersey after he retired (because of course no official store will sell you one for a retired number) & he ended up having to get it customized by a 3rd party company that actually does the stitching for various teams actual on field jerseys, his annoyance during that period was he didn’t invest all that money & time into a LaTroy Hawkins jersey. He knew what he was getting into picking a number that despite being held out for so long was clearly not getting retired though, but I can see his point.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Hi Hannah,

    Have you ever heard of us?

    Phil Niekro, John Wetteland, and Ralph Houk

  • the creator

    oh god weekend writers

    • Cris Pengiucci

      Personally, I’m all for a little light reading when I get the chance to visit this site on the weekends. This was an interesting article to read for me.

      BTW, It’ll take a few years for me to associate 55 with Martin (but it seems it will happen, as he’ll probably be in pinstripes long enough), but will also remember 55 as Matsui’s number. I still think of Tino when I see someone with a “24 jersey on, then I remember that other pretty good player currently wearing that number.

      I agree, sincet there’s no name on the jersey, the number has a special significance. That said, let’s hope Pineda lives up to Moose’s legacy, and for a few years longer as well.

    • Urban

      oh god weekend commenters

  • Pat D

    When you think about it, it’s still pretty disgraceful that the Yankees didn’t retire Joe McCarthy’s number.

    • Havok9120

      I don’t think he had one. Managers didn’t wear numbers then.

      • Pat D

        Stupid me for thinking they did. I guess I figured he must have since Stengel did.

        Still, he should have a plaque or monument and he does not. I always figured they were mad about him going on to manage the Red Sox.

  • blee

    Moose used to be my favorite pitcher.. I understand it will never be retired.. but its still weird seeing 35 on another player… hopefully i can learn to love Pineda like i loved moose…

    oh, and 20, 46, and 6 should all be retired.. along w/ 51

  • Thomas Cassidy

    2, 6, 20, 24 (yes, Cano’s one day), 42, 46, and 51 will all be retired.

  • Steve S.

    Stop the madness. We need to un-retire at least 3 or 4 of the existing retired numbers, not add new ones for good but not great players. On this team I’d do 2, 6, 13 and 42 (again). That’s it. If you want to do Bernie and/or O’Niell then I want to do Charlie Keller and Tommy Henrich. If you want Posada I want Joe Gordon. One’s a HOFer and the other most likely won’t be.

    We as Yankee fans have to learn to separate the very good from the great. This isn’t a 2011 popularity contest, its supposed to be forever. Do you think fans in 2050 will have any idea why all too many of these numbers are no longer in use? Billy Martin? He won one ring as a manager and was a middling at best player. I loved the Scooter, but he wasn’t a great player (or announcer for that matter). Elston Howard was a fine man, notable Yankee, but should they have retired his number? I’m not so sure. Even Reggie, who was a great Yankee, did only play here for 5 years. And with that being said Reggie is more qualified than #9 ever was, who had the one great year. Should one year, even if its historic, gets your number retired? I think of retired numbers as more of a lifetime achievement award.

    There seems to be no rhyme or reason, no universal standard for having one’s number retired. The process is haphazard at best, and frankly I’d like to see more than a few put back in use.

    End of rant.

    • Anthony D.

      Marris also wont he MVP prior to the ’61 season and was one of the best OF in his time so dont say he was a one year wonder because he wasnt he won back to back MVPs for the yankees

    • OldYanksFan

      Finally a sane voice in a sea of homers.
      I’d say only Jeter and Mo should get retired, as they are both historic players at their positions.

    • Pete

      The Yankees should take a page from the Dallas Cowboys and their “Ring of Honor” – the name and the number are displayed in some place of prominence, but the jersey number stays in circulation.

      I think as long as enough time goes by and the player who next receives the number is somewhat ‘worthy’ of wearing it, the fans would be fine with it…

  • Urban

    The Yankees really need to stop retiring numbers outside of a very select few.

    Jeter — Yes
    Rivera — Yes
    Torre — Yes (assuming Hall induction under the Yankees cap)
    Posada — No
    Pettitte — No
    Williams — No
    O’Neill — No times 21 (and I love O’Neill)
    Mussina — No (he will be elected to the Hall eventually, and he will be and should be wearing an Orioles cap; no disrespect to his fine Yankees career.)

    The Yankees have done a very poor job here, really driven by GMS. Stop the insanity of retiring numbers of the very good, to near greats. They need another way to recognize important and great Yankees without retiring numbers all the time.

    Create a Yankees Hall of Fame. The Yankees can turn it into a major fan event when a new player is inducted, which will include a special day at the Stadium, official induction into the Yankees HOF, and a plaque out in CF. No numbers need be retired. They can do cross-promotions with the real HOF, memorobilia on loan, etc., etc.

    Retired numbers should be kept for the spectacular few. Yup, Jeter and Rivera types. And if a generation goes by without a retired number, all the better. They’ll still be the YHOF inductions and plaques.

    Monuments obviously on the death of the spectacular few. Berra and Ford will one day have them. Jeter and Rivera hopefully a long, long way off in the future.

    I’m not going to go so far to say that only Yankees elected to the MLB HOF should have their numbers retired, as there can be legendary Yankees who might pop up who for some reason fall short of Hall election, but hold a special spot in Yankees lore. Think a Don Mattingly type. Okay, every 50 years someone like that will pop up. I also don’t think a player like Mike Mussina, who spent a good chunk of his career and will most likely be elected to the HOF, should have his number retired because he’s just as much, if not more so an Oriole. Yet he should be a YHOF member and he should get a day and a plaque. (And while I have guys like Posada, Williams, Pettitte etc. in the No column, if any of them were to be elected to the MLB HOF, then that would change things.)

    For a team with so much history, the Yankees have done a poor job here. Hey, if nothing else, they should embrace it as a way to drive some additional revenue. So let’s give Paul O’Neill his day, his YHOF induction, his plaque, and then put his number back in circulation.

    Anyway, just my thoughts on it, but please, stop retiring numbers!

    • Steve S.

      My man. Amen, brotha.

    • Monterowasdinero

      Back in the old days the Yankees had a “Telephonic Hall of Fame” at the Stadium. You could go there during the game, pick up a phone and hear the player talk and watch some video. A more modern version of this would be great so that 25+ years from now, players like Andy and Jorge could be learned about, remembered and not forgotten by the fan base.

      • Urban

        I think 25 years from now they’ll be doing holographs!

  • Mantle28

    Let me ask you guys this, should and do you think will Arod get #13 retired? I think he should but won’t.

    • tyrone sharpton

      he will, when he breaks barry’s record

      • Jesse

        You think he’ll break Bonds’ Home run record? Bonds had 762 HR’s, while A-Rod has 629… Which means he’s 133 away. Now, assuming he plays out the rest of his contract (Which has 6 years left) then retires, he’ll have to hit a little over 22 a season just to tie. Also accounting injuries and inevitable decline, I’m not so sure that it’s a matter of “when” than it is a matter of “if”.

        • Mike HC

          He is no lock, but considering the advancement of medicine, his dedication, and many comparable modern players who have been able to hit for power into their 30’s, he has a pretty damn good shot I would say.

    • fin

      I think it depends on the Yankees success and how well/poorly A-Rod plays over the next 3 or 4 years. If the Yankees win a WS or 2 and A-rod plays well, I would think they retire his number. If the Yankees dont win anything and he continues to be injured and a non factor, I doubt it. I dont think there will be alot of good will towards A-rod,that contract, and his steriod admission, if he continues down the road he has been on for the last few years.

    • Jamey

      He’s a “retired number” player & at this point his legacy is pretty much married to The Yankees, this year he’ll have officially spent more time as a Yankee than any other team. So as strange as it seems, I definitely think The Yankees will retire #13 for A-Rod.

      • Mike HC

        I think giving him the number 13 in the first place showed an intention to possibly retire his number if things fell into place. Now, a lot has happened in between, but he still has time to win a couple more championships, hit more homers as a Yankee and generally be more fondly thought of by the fans and media (I don’t how much this counts, but it seems like it might in this area).

  • fin

    Seems like the Yankees will have to do something soon, they cant just keep retiring every good Yankees number. I think they will eventually just hang the jerseys from the rafters, so to speak, to honor good Yankee players and keep the truly great numbers retired. Fans take this alot more serious than the Yankees organization seems to, there will just be too many numbers retire if they Yankees keep up the pace. I really dont get retiring a managers number at all. Why retire a guys number who doesnt play, give him a plaque and leave it that. I doubt most fans could even tell you what Torres number was, I certainly dont know what it was. How the hell was Joe Torre more important to the Yankees winning championships than guys like O’niel, Posada or Williams. From what I’ve read the best manager worth 2 wins and the worst is worth -2 wins. I put Torre somewehre in the middle of that.

  • Mike HC

    One of my favorite things about Moose was the value he put on pitching in the AL East his entire career, consistently pitching against the very best competition the world has to offer. A lot of pitchers like the NL because it is easier, but Moose always commented that he loved pitching against the best competition possible.

  • Tom

    Wow Hannah’s articles are awful…

    • Jesse

      Then don’t read them in the first place.

    • Tom Zig

      If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

  • Johnny

    This is why I actually buy the jerseys with the player names on the back. We all know the Yankees don’t have player names, but when I wear #25 it’s because I like Teixeira, not Giambi. Nothing against Giambi—it’s just that I bought the jersey because I want to cheer on Tex and specifically Tex.

    • Jonathan

      Sorry, but you must not have been a very big fan of his considering you forgot he played 2005 with us. And as I’ve mentioned Robbie wore 22 until Clemens came back in 2008 and he gave it up to wear the inverse of Jackie Robinson, who he’s named after.

  • Maris61

    The human brain is a funny thing. Some things ingrained in youth leave an indelible impression.

    I’m 64 and have been following the Yanks since 1958.

    When I see some one wearing 23 the first player that pops into my mind is Ralph Terry.

    • Urban

      Yes, I think that’s true.

      I was a small kid in the 1970s when I came of age baseball wise, so to this day when I see #17 I immediately think of Mickey Rivers; #14 Lou Pinella.

  • Murderers’ Row Boat

    Did anyone else get the impression that the Boss got a little number retirement happy?

    • GardnergoesYardner

      The Boss got a little everything happy. That’s why he was the Boss.

  • Anthony D.

    i dont think any of them are or should be locks……the only number i can honestly say should out of the 3 if i had to choose would be 46 Andy is the most successful pitcher in the post season ever….Joe torre and his 6 got lucky coming into a team that was built to win for the long hall……the retirement of numbers is for the all time greats he is not an all time great because if you remove his yankee years he is a sub .500 manager…..Posada and his 20 i can not say is even in the same category as bill dickey, yogi berra,ellston howard or Thurman “the Captain” Munson and those are the 4 catchers out there with there numbers retired…..he is not an all time great he was a good hitter and a below average catcher……the only number that should and will be retired is number 2…he is by far a first ballot hall of famer and arguably one of the greatest yankees ever and that is what having your number retired is about honoring the fact that you were among the greatest in the game and the greatest of yankees………

    • Anthony D.

      I forgot to mention Mo because 42 is retired already but MO is definately gonna be the 2nd duplicate number retired in the park and he should be the next person to have a monument out there too, not jeter even though many of you think he should get everything and i am in that boat but i have reality too MO is the most dominant pitcher of all time arguably (one pitch to boot)

  • Johnny

    Ricky is who comes to mind when I see 24. Even though he broke my heart with those wanting to be traded shenanigans.

  • ThatstheMelkyMesaWaysa

    He’s not Moose but will he do that lean over pop up thing from the stretch?


    (I love this subject). To answer the question, I can tell you without any doubt as all that the road Tino Jersey I bought in ’98 is absolutely my Cano jersey.

    To the other question: 6, 46 and 20 (and 51) should all be retired. 21 and 24 while beloved were not homegrown so that’s another debate.

  • miketotheg

    I liked this article a lot actually. Tino is my favorite player. Game 4 of the 2001 world series, bottom of the ninth with two outs, down by two with O’neil on, a first pitch fastball turned the bar from pin drop quiet to riotous free shots all around. The joy of a comeback was never as profound for me than at that moment. I love Robbie too. No worries. But Tino will always be my favorite player.

    The numbers mean alot. Talk to any yankee fan and start rattling off numbers and they will know who you’re talking about. They represent Yankee heroes, magic moments and championships.

    #6, #2, and #42 will definitely be retired. #20 and #46 are debatable to some, but not to me. These are OUR great Yankees. I do think Louisiana LIghting #49 should be retired, but at least they don’t give it out. I think.

    Mo will be the only other 42 in the hall other than Jackie Robinson right? whoo hoo!@!

    • Knoxvillain

      Guidry’s number is retired.

      • Pete

        A questionable decision, along with Reggie IMO.

  • David N

    Strangely enough, Tino will always be #24 for me. Whenever I see a #24 jersey with no name on it, my mind first goes to Tino, and it’s really hard to picture #24 being Cano’s number – I almost see him as numberless.

    As for the Matsui/Martin question, I think the jersey is for whoever its wearer wants to think it’s for. If they want to think of it as just a Matsui jersey, that’s cool. Same if they want to switch it to a Martin jersey.

  • mister d

    Pettite, Torre and Posada mean a lot to fans, but did they mean more than Tony Lazzeri did in his day? Too many numbers have been retired for sentiment, where there are plenty from the old dynasties that never got that honor. I’d like to see them pare it back and find another way to honor our favorite players.

    As for the question that started this, I wear #14, and to me it is now and always the number worn by Sweet Lou.

  • DSFC

    For me, 55 is still El Brujo’s number. Loved Mendoza.

    As far as numbers go…..I wish the Yankees would start retiring jerseys, and not numbers. There is a difference.

  • Kiko Jones

    Anyone who enjoyed how LaTroy Hawkins was treated by the fans should be ashamed of themselves; I was ashamed to be a Yankee fan. Complain to the team but don’t boo the guy over a damn number. Ugh.

    Don’t mind numbers being retired—Bernie’s is next by the way—even if they retired 25 numbers, there are 75 more available. No big whoop. And if you buy a jersey with a number that hasn’t been retired, make sure you get the name of the player you’re paying tribute to on the back. (Also, you look stupid if you have the name on a jersey with a retired number: we all know Babe Ruth was no.3, for Pete’s sake!)

  • Andrew 518

    I feel the opposite, I think it just proved how knowledgeble the fan base can be. Most fans on other teams would have never even noticed. I look at it more as booing the use of the number not a personal attack on the player. We’re Yankee fans not Cardinal fans, we boo damn it. You can boo a performance, it doesn’t mean you’re attacking the player, or that you dislike them personally, it means you disaprove of what they are doing.

    At a hockey game you can boo a bad power play, or a bad period, it doesn’t mean you are turning your back on the team, or that you won’t chear them later in the game, it just is a fans way of voice their displeasure.

    For semi retired numbers I think that the caliber of the player has to live up to the original. I don’t think that a set-up man fit that bill in the case of 21. Tino was great, but I think that Cano is a player of enough caliber to carry on the leagacy.

  • David Brown

    There is no doubt that 2,6 & 42 will be retired, 21 will unofficially retired while O’Neill is still alive, 51 and 13, maybe will be retired as well (I don’t see 20 or 46, and 24 is too early) . As for 21, O’Neill is my all-time favorite athlete (Steelers, Islanders & Penguins included), so I am not exactly unbiased. That said, to quote Cecil B/ DeMille, “Give the audience what they want.”. If they want that number retired, so be it. When you stop caring about your audience and become elitist and self-indulgent, you get stuff like last nights “Oscar” winners, where many people get the results the next day, because like me, they have no interest in the outcome (Let alone spending their time watching them). I say thank God, we still care about who should have numbers retired, and who should be in the baseball and NFL Hall of Fame (Basketball, College Football & NHL not so much), otherwise it will be like last night’s “Oscars”, or perhaps even like this little outrage, also related to the number 3: As in Elvis Presley Grammy wins (All for Gospel), compared to Lady Gaga’s 5. Essentially what it means, is these awards have become meaningless (Except to the performers), while the sports debates never seem to die.

    • Cris Pengiucci

      Wow, Can’t beleive you can look at O’Neill and Williams objectively and believe the Paulie is more deserving of a number retirement than Bernie. During their overlapping times in pinstripes (’93 – ’01), Paulie produced 28.4 FWAR and Bernie produced 42.4.

      I loved Paulie’s attitude and style of play, but Bernie was the far better player. Add to that the fact that he was a home-grown Yankee and played his entire career with the team and I have to believe that if a choice has to be made, it’s 51 and not 21 that gets retired.

  • Beantown bosoxh8er

    I bought a #12 Soriano jersey way back , still waiting for someone worth while to get it. If I am not mistaken Chavez wore it last year.

  • JonS

    I’m one of those guys who are friendly with them retired numbers, so i got 2, 6, 13, 20, 46, and 51 will get retired and idont care what others say but i think they should. My favorite player of all times wore #24 (tino) but i new the number wasn’t going to get retired, he should get that plaque. I was sad to see Cano get it but he deserves it. #55 i was upset about, it was way too soon to see that number given out. Matsui was with us for 6 years and played a pivotal role on the team

  • Brian in NH

    I bought a #42 jersey a few years back. Never will that one be confused with anyone else.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they retire Jeter and Rivera’s numbers shortly after their retirements.

  • dmh