Open Thread: 2/26 Camp Notes


"Spit it out." (REUTERS/Scott Audette)

In case you missed it, Chris Dickerson cleared waivers and was removed from the 40-man roster earlier today. Here’s the latest from Tampa…

  • Mariano Rivera threw his first bullpen of the year, saying afterwards “it was good.” That’s all I need to hear. [Marc Carig]
  • Per Chad Jennings, a bunch of minor leaguers and non-roster invitees threw live batting practice while everyone hit. CC Sabathia and Michael Pineda are scheduled to face hitters tomorrow. Joe Girardi is expected to announce the early spring rotation schedule on Monday as well.
  • An MRI revealed inflammation in Austin Romine‘s back, and he’s going to miss a few days. “I think it hurt a little bit more than he let on,” said Joe Girardi. Romine missed time last season with back inflammation, but the team doesn’t have any long-term concerns. [Jennings]
  • “I wish I could write it in a book and script it out,” said Nick Swisher when asked about being in his walk year. “I’d be here for the rest of my career.” He’s not going to ask the team for an extension at midseason, however. I’m going to have more on this tomorrow. [Pete Caldera]

Here’s your open thread for the night. The NBA All-Star Game is on tonight (7:30pm ET on TNT), but talk about whatever you like. Go nuts.

  • Karl Krawfid


    Andruw Jones looks really good.

    • Karl Krawfid
      • GardnergoesYardner

        There is defintely a noticable difference. Glad to see that a vet like Andruw still works hard to keep in shape, even when he’s on the backside of his career.

        Although if the out of shape Andruw is hitting homers and the in shape one is dropping balls like in the picture, I might want the first one.

        • bryan w

          Dont worry about it. Andruw will actually wear a glove on defense in games. :)

    • http://www.yankeeanalysts.com/ Steve S.

      He was working out (and I think living) with Alex this off season. A few years ago it was Cano working out w/Alex, and now Robbie is hosting guys himself in the DR for off season workouts and the younger guys say they can’t keep up with him.

      They used to say Clemens workout regimen rubbed off on other players. I think you could now say the same about Alex, yet you don’t hear much about that kind of leadership from him.

      • Rainbow Connection

        Not sure if serious.

        • Tom

          Alex gets a bad rap because of his general image, but by most accounts that I have seen, the guy is a ridiculously hard worker.

          I could totally see him having a massive impact on other players in terms of work ethic.

        • http://wwww.theyankeeanalysts.com Steve S.

          Yes, I was being serious though I see what you mean. I could have selected a better comp than Clemens, since both had PED issues.

  • Landino

    does anyone know when the individual tickets for games go onsale on ticketmaster for this year??

  • icebird753

    where would you rank the yankees’ rotation?

    • jjyank

      I’m not sure where it ranks overall, but definitely #2 in the East behind the Rays. I think you gotta take depth into consideration, since almost always teams have to use that depth at one point. The Angels might have a better rotation on paper, but give me the Yanks rotations + the depth. Its a tough call, but the rotation is probably top 5 in the league now.

      • http://www.yankeeanalysts.com Mike E

        I would say #3 behind the Rays and Angels, with the White Sox, Tigers, and Rangers rights behind them.

        • jjyank

          I agree that the current, 100% healthy Angels rotation is better than the Yanks rotation. However like I said above, I think depth plays an important role. I would argue the the Yankees’ #5-8 starters, are all better than the Angels counterparts. If we play the game on paper, yes, the Angels have a better rotation. But as far as the actual season goes, I’d take the Yankees rotation plus our depth, rather than the Angels’ top-heavy rotation with little depth.

          • Now Batting

            I think you’re overrating depth. Any team that needs to rely on their 7th or 8th starter for extended periods isn’t going anywhere. The Yankees only really used 6 starters last year, and Hughes/Colon/Nova/Garcia were all injured or sent down for periods.

            • http://www.yankeeanalysts.com/ Steve S.

              I mostly agree, but you need the top 1-2 to stay healthy and the #6 to be serviceable. The rest of the depth shouldn’t matter all that much. If it does, you’re in trouble.

          • Plank

            Phelps, Warren, Betances, Banuelos, and Mitchell should have no bearing on ranking the Yankees rotation.

        • Spiff

          White Sox?

          • Plank

            According to a month of RAB articles this offseason, John Danks is the greatest pitcher man has ever known.

            • Jesse

              Settle down. Just because a few people like him and you don’t doesn’t mean the people that like him claim him to be “the greatest pitcher man has ever known.”

              • Plank

                I was making a joke. I’ll be sure to put a disclaimer for you in the future so you don’t get confused again. I don’t dislike John Danks. I literally have no feelings about him. That’s why I was amazed at the sheer volume of copy devoted to him this offseason. Again, sorry to upset you with such an insensitive comment.

                Settle down. (Who says that?)

                • Jesse

                  I wasn’t upset. And sorry for me not being “hip” for saying “settle down”. I’ll be sure to pull out the Urban Dictionary when I reply to your “jokes” the next time around.

                  • Plank

                    Is that a joke?

                    I found saying “settle down” objectionable both because I wasn’t unsettled and I find that type of conversational tone where you are attempting to define my mood negatively as aggressive. It has nothing to do with the term itself. I don’t need to settle down because I wasn’t unsettled, I was just making a joke, and if I was unsettled which I wasn’t, telling me to settle is a dick move. Worry about your own mood, not mine.

                    I’m sure you don’t need the urban dictionary since you are, from what I gather from your comments, 16 years old.

                    • Jesse

                      Quit wasting your time and go to bed, Plank.

                      And no, that wasn’t a joke.

                    • Plank

                      So I have to settle down and go to bed. Interesting.

                      It’s 4:30 in the afternoon here by the way. But since you are so adamant, I’ll head to bed.

                    • Jesse

                      Uh, Ok. I didn’t realize that you aren’t in the United States where it’s past midnight, unless you’re joking, of course.

                      Either way, I’ll try to be mature about this and apologize for not getting your joke from the beginning, and responding the way I did. After all, we’re rooting for the same team, so it doesn’t make much sense to get into a pissing match over something I misunderstood.

                    • Plank

                      I would reply but I’ve already been sent to bed (while I was at work.)

                    • Jesse

                      Bummer, I was hoping you’d stay up and chat.

              • JobaWockeeZ

                The amount of wet dreams here for a 3.80-4.00 FIP pitcher was amazing. Plank’s curiosity is certainly valid….

          • http://www.yankeeanalysts.com Mike E

            Yea the White Sox are surprisingly good. They led the American League in Pitching WAR, FIP, xFIP, and BB/9, meanwhile they were second to the Yankees in K/9. Despite the idea that Danks is the only pitcher in that rotation, Floyd and Humber were excellent last year. They lost Buehrle, but I really like Chris Sale starting.

    • Jesse

      3rd best in the AL behind Rays and Angels.

    • First name only male (Retire 21)

      I think they are just outside of the top 5 in MLB. Off the top of my head I would rank San Francisco, Anaheim, Tampa Bay, Philadelphia, and possibly Miami above the Yankees right now. The Tigers are also impressive.

    • GardnergoesYardner

      Right behind Phillies, Angels, and Rays. San Fran goes right behind them.

      The depth they have is really rare for a Yankees team. Cash’s ulitmate plan for the team has finally started to reap benefits at the MLB level.

      • JobaWockeeZ

        He had even greater depth in 2009 yet in the postseason they could only rely on three starters.

    • Plank

      Phillies, Giants, Rays are clearly better to me. I’d say it’s a tossup between the Yankees and Angels after that.

      CC is really good, Pineda seems to be really good but doesn’t have the track record, Nova is similar but not as good, Kuroda is okay, Garcia is old, and Hughes is a question mark in pretty much every way a player can be a question mark.

  • Pat D

    I wonder if the NBA All-Star Game will be more competitive than the Pro Bowl?

    Oh, wait, that’s right, I don’t care.

    Also, the Oscars are on, though there’s not much suspense there.

    • GardnergoesYardner

      What are you talking about? Moneyball is going up against the big market movies and will probably lose in the category of Best Actor/Supporting Actor. But of course the movie shouldn’t be focusing on winning Oscars for their actors, it should be trying to focus on buying Oscar wins. Thus it will go on a 20 Oscar winning streak and make it to the final award presentation for best picture, where it will lose against the Descendants and George Clooney.

      #Moneyball plot overused

      • Pat D

        Peter Brand figured out the formula for the Oscars, too, eh?

    • Jesse

      This is why I’m excited for friggin’ Spring Training.

  • Plank

    Thought this was interesting.


    Here’s the explanation of the system:


    • jroina

      pretty interesting stuff

      but seriously that guy is not helping stat heads image of nerds living in their mothers basement

      • Plank

        Dave used to work at ESPN and STATS and I believe he went to Harvard so he has a pretty impressive resume.

        He came out with PMR around the same time as Lichtman (MGL) invented UZR. I always liked PMR better, but Dave Cameron latched on to UZR for his fangraphs site, used it for fWAR, and the rest is history, for better or worse (it’s worse).

        • Tom

          Agree with the worse part… anytime you bring up something sketchy with UZR, folks over at fangraphs get rather defensive (even though it’s MGL’s stat)

          But if you want to ruffle some feathers over there:
          Jeter’s career road UZR/150: +0.6
          Jeter’s career home UZR/150: ~-10.5

          Still haven’t figured out why home/road performance over 15+ years would matter for a SHORTSTOP (maybe there are different size infields?!?) Makes you wonder if the data being fed into the model is consistent (and folks much smarter than me have shown input biases exist)

          • Jesse

            Haha, no difference in the size of the infields, it’s just UZR is pretty flawed, I guess.

          • Plank

            His calm eyes mix perfectly with the fury in his heart when he’s on the road. At home, he is more relaxed and comfortable so the calmness in his eyes works as a detriment. It’s all in the secret UZR formula.

            (For Jesse: that was a joke)

            • Jesse

              Don’t waste your time trying to be funny, it doesn’t work.

              • Plank

                Whoa, calm down.

                • Jesse

                  Calm down? Who says that?

            • Tom

              On a semi-serious note that explanation is as good as any I’ve gotten…

              I’ve also done this with Carl Crawford:
              Career in the Trop UZR/150 +22.5
              Career away from the Trop +7.5

              The general response to this is “comfort level” (which is why the Jeter example is better as his #’s are worse at home)

              With Crawford though it’s actually worse… his arm is significantly above average in the Trop and below average away (I’ll let folks decide which might be more accurate with Carl “cannon of an arm” Crawford)

              I like UZR to an extent but I’m always stunned the amount of accuracy people give to it (especially when they quote yearly fWAR #’s)

              …. sorry just a pet peeve of mine… I’ll let you guys get back to trying to be funny now!

              • Plank

                I think the fact that there is manual logging of plays and one scorekeeper at a stadium can skew BIS’s numbers significantly to be a major flaw in UZR. An even bigger potential flawis that the equation used isn’t made available. It could be perfect, it could be a random number generator. It’s probably somewhere in between. I have no idea, and neither does anyone else as far as I’m concerned. There is simply no way to tell unless MGL shows you the formula he made up.

                The only reason UZR is as respected as it is, is because Lichtman has a huge ego and that comes across as confidence in his numbers and that he gave the formula to Dave Cameron to use in fWAR. Again, whether that respect is objectively deserved is impossible to tell. I have no problem using it as a quick and dirty superficial comparison of two players, which is what fWAR is typically used for.

                Jeter’s defense looks bad to okay when I watch baseball games. I have no idea why there is a disparity in the home/road splits. I tend to think it is a flaw in the equation and not a consistent difference in ability from one venue to the next.

                (This was a serious post)

                • Jesse

                  Phew, I thought you were joking for a second.

                  Well said, though, Plank.

                • DM

                  All these stats are flawed. One minute of serious reflection should tell you that. You can take what they might suggest and throw them in the analysis pot with the rest — but to live and die with them as the final word is silly. You need to take everything in — this includes the evidence of your senses as you watch (or should watch) a player actually playing the game you’re analyzing. Sometimes I get the feeling that certain stats are used by some here as the only reference point. There is no single reference point.

      • http://www.baseballmusings.com David Pinto

        I’ll have you know I own that basement! :-)