Open Thread: Terry Mulholland

Report: Bob Lorenz arrest for DUI
The children of the 1980s

The Yankees got 66 starts out of Jimmy Key and Jim Abbott in 1993, and the other 96 starts out of ten different pitchers. Then-GM Gene Michael spent the ’93-’94 offseason trying to shore up the starting rotation, but it wasn’t until early-February that he was able to add an arm. On this date in 1994, the Yankees acquired left-hander Terry Mulholland (and minor leaguer Jeff Patterson) from the Phillies for reliever Bobby Munoz and two Double-A guys (Kevin Jordan and Ryan Karp).

Mulholland, 30 at the time, was coming off an All-Star season in Philadelphia that saw him pitch to a 3.25 ERA in 191 IP. He’d thrown at least 180 IP in each of the previous four seasons, and there was talk about a multi-year contract immediately after the trade since he was due to become a free agent after the season. The Yankees beat Mulholland in arbitration ($3.35M vs. $4.05M) but didn’t sign him long-term. That turned out to be a very good decision.

In his first two starts, Mulholland allowed a dozen runs in just nine total innings. He allowed at least four runs in his nine first starts and in 12 of his first 13. By the All-Star break, he’d thrown 115 IP with a 6.65 ERA, a 1.57 WHIP, and a 1.8 HR/9. Batters were hitting .309/.358/.551 off him. Then-manager Buck Showalter moved him into the bullpen after the break, but five appearances later the season ended due to the strike. All told, the Yankees got 120.2 IP out of Mulholland, who posted a 6.49 ERA. None of three players they gave up toget him turned into anything great — Jordan was the bench of the bunch, spending seven years as a utility infielder — but the trade turned out to be a disaster.

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Here is your open thread for the night. All three hockey locals are in action, and later on tonight you can catch Robinson Cano on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (11:35pm ET on NBC). You folks know how these things go, so have at it.

Report: Bob Lorenz arrest for DUI
The children of the 1980s
  • Avi

    I thought the best part about Klaw’s top 100 prospects today was Will Middlebrooks at #115.

    • William

      I would like having him, though. He’s much close to the majors than Bichette, and he a plus defender. He can be an above average to all star player.

      • Avi

        “He can be an above average to all star player.”
        Same can be said for the 100 other players that were ranked ahead of him.

        • Gonzo

          The best was the guy that told Klaw that he should just say every prospect could be the best player ever to cover his bases.

  • Avi

    Klaw on Bichette Jr in his chat today:
    Mike (Westchester, NY)

    Interested that Dante Bichette Jr. is now ahead of Austin Romine of your Yankees prospect list. Is this a reassessment of Bichette since his signing, or is it more a sign that Romine is dropping?
    Klaw (1:38 PM)

    Bichette made some changes to his swing and approach after signing that have me more optimistic. He’s more balanced now, with a more solid base, and uses the whole field more, especially with two strikes. He used to be all clean-and-jerk all the time, and you can’t hit like that in pro ball. I’m still not fully sold, but he’s got a chance now that he didn’t have with his pre-draft approach.

  • Craig

    Burnett to Pirates won’t die; but the Yankees want Garret Jones and the Pirates won’t balk at that via Buster Olney.

    • CJ

      This seems like there’s something to this AJ-Jones deal. I don’t believe olneys view that yanks want jones but Pitt doesn’t want to trade him. I would bet the talk is AJ-Jones the sticking point is $, Pitt wants $25m cash offering $16. Pitt probably willing to take AJ at 8/2, send jones 8/2. Pitt comes out even, cashman saves nothing.

      •!/czm26 Craig

        Remember, Seattle originally wanted Nova. Just because there isn’t an agreement on players doesn’t mean the deal is dead forever.

        • CJ

          I’m guessing they have an agreement in players AJ-Jones, The sticking point is probably money $20-25 million is an easy sticking point.

      • RetroRob

        The reason the Yankees want to save is so they can then sign a DH. Under your scenario, however, they’re getting their DH as part of the deal at no additional cost, so they no longer need to save.

    • Sheepmeister

      Is there really any traction to this rumor. I feel as if it has all been speculation by writers who see it as a good fit and then finding out Pit isn’t on his no trade list. Have there been any sources giving truth to this. For all we know, Cash may be working on trading Burnett for Longoria with Tampa kicking in half of his contract cost.

      • Rey22

        I know it’s impossible. But words cannot describe how insane that would be. I guess maybe if the Yankees bought the Rays…

  • Peter R

    I want to be the bench of the bunch too.

  • JohnnyC

    Rob Neyer says on MLB Network that Yankees have “less than zero” chance of trading Burnett. Good to see the hate never dies.

    • bexarama

      Neyer had been okay for a while but he re-jumped the shark with his whining about Jeremy Affeldt’s tweet on SB Nation the other day. It seemed like pointless not-even-trolling.

    • JobaWockeeZ

      It’s exaggerating but I think it’s fair to say not a lot of teams want one of the worst starters in all of baseball.

    • Rainbow connection

      Poor poor Yankees! Such victims!

  • JohnnyC

    Neyer also threw in this zinger: Alex Cobb could crack the Yankees rotation.

    • STONE COLD Austin Romine

      That is true.

  • Rey22

    I know they’re kidding but damn, they actually wasted time making this:

    • bexarama

      He’s… gonna break Ripken’s streak? I know it’s BR but that’s special even for them.

    • JMK

      I’m hoping that “author” is trolling. Either way, tons of LOL on that one.

  • Jamey

    That was the weirdest summer of my life. I have almost no memory of Mulholland as a Yankee. I didn’t watch much ESPN back then & knowing the MLB strike was coming my local paper (I do miss the days of eagerly checking box scores in the morning paper) did their own protest strike & refused to cover baseball. Only time I could ever catch up on things was if my dad stopped for coffee on his way to work & grabbed a USA Today. It was the 1st time they were really a contender in my life & I was feasting on baseball coverage scraps only to have it ultimately end in a strike.

  • Preston

    If the Yankees can trade AJ for Garret Jones that would be amazing.

    • STONE COLD Austin Romine

      It would possibly be the perfect fit.

      Chavez and Hall could battle it out for the last spot

  • Robinson Tilapia

    Another example of why these are the best Open Threads ever – I had completely erased Mulholland’s Yankee stint from my memory.

    Never go back to the “This Day in History” posts, guys, er, I mean, Axisa.

  •!/czm26 Craig

    So, I’m about to get written up at work tomorrow because my boss scheduled me for a day I can’t work considering I’m in school, and have been since August.

    A) Do I have a case with higher-ups? B) What would everyone else do in this situation?

    • Chris G.

      I’d say you have a case if your boss k we you had school and it was agreed upon beforehand that you couldn’t work those days. That happened to me with National Guard duty and a former employer. I know it’s a little different but similar situation. I’d ask for a sit down with your boss and his boss and hammer it out in a calm conversation. Dont go over your bosses head without him or her knowing. Hope this helps. Good luck.

  • Plank

    I was looking at Russell Branyan’s BR page and saw this:

    July 28, 2007: Released by the San Diego Padres.
    August 7, 2007: Signed as a Free Agent with the Cleveland Indians.
    August 9, 2007: Purchased by the Philadelphia Phillies from the Cleveland Indians.
    August 31, 2007: Sent to the St. Louis Cardinals by the Philadelphia Phillies as part of a conditional deal.

    Can anyone explain that sequence of events?