Report: Bob Lorenz arrest for DUI


Via Westport Now, Bob Lorenz of the YES Network was arrested in Connecticut yesterday for driving under the influence. Police found him asleep at the wheel — with the car still in drive — while stopped at an intersection. Thankfully no one was hurt. Lorenz does mostly studio work for YES, but also handles in-game play-by-play on occasion. I’ve enjoyed his work, but DUI is pretty much the worst thing ever, and there’s a chance he’ll lose his job over it.

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  1. bonestock94 says:

    Oh no!

  2. Greg says:

    So Bob and Kim are gone. What now?

  3. Reggie C. says:

    I really hope Lorenz’s YES career isn’t over. Its a bad situation, but if there’s room for former drug addicts in baseball, then a one-time DUI shouldn’t derail the career of a likeable personality.

  4. Bob says:

    lets hope this means we will never have to hear him do play play again

  5. Craig says:

    I misread this as “He handles the worst in-game play-by-play on occasion.”

    Despite my misreading, it’s still true.

    • keith says:

      Totally disagree. He wipes the floor with Kay. Love road trips when that blabbermouth stays home and Lorenz does the play by play. I hope they don’t fire him.

  6. JerryNYG says:

    DUI is not a good thing, but there are definitely worse things. Hopefully he will take this as a wake up call and get help.

    • Mike HC says:

      I agree. And also hope that he doesn’t lose his job over this. An apology, some charity work/contributions and take steps to help fix any alcohol problems and let the man keep his job.

      • Bobby two knives says:

        Players, managers and coaches in MLB have had their substance/alcohol/legal problems and not lost their jobs; and they are more visible and reflect the organization to the public much more than an announcer or play by play person. If Lorenz loses his job, there’s a great double standard at work. This is not to take away from the seriousness or severity of the problem; just pointing out some reality.

  7. steve s says:

    I don’t agree at all Mike that Lorenz is likely to lose his job especially since no one was injured. Speros Dedes was arrested for DUI a few weeks after being named Knick announcer and he did not lose his job. I’m sure the Yanks aren’t happy with more negative press at the moment but Lorenz is very good in multiple roles for YES and should survive this.

  8. Ben says:

    Deadspin says the car was in Drive and moving.

  9. Wil Nieves Number 1 Fan says:

    Ibanez to replace Lorenz.

  10. Steve (different one) says:

    He can get a job with the Cardinals!

  11. Jamey says:

    He’s always been a great studio guy, even back in his Turner days. Disappointing news. Although if he were with ESPN this probably wouldn’t effect him at all. Don’t see YES being very tolerant though.

  12. TinoBambino24 says:

    This is a classic case of the rich enjoying life waayyy to much. I like Lorenz, but we’re all adults, and he needs to wake up and get help.

  13. RetroRob says:

    You might be right, but he should not lose his job over this. Their first reaction should be to help, not spin him further into depths of whatever caused this.

    • thenamestsam says:

      I’m curious why the assumption that he needs help or anything like that. There’s nothing here to suggest that he is an alcoholic, for all we know he’s just a guy who made a horrible, horrible decision. There’s not necessarily any sort of help to give him.

  14. Drew says:

    Hey Mike can I get credit with the source???

    • David says:

      I sent this to him last night. How many people read both Westport Now and RAB?

      • Mike Axisa says:

        We got a bunch of emails with the Westport Now link, and a zillion more with the Deadspin link.

        • David says:

          So I guess a bunch of people read both blogs…

          I like Lorenz in the studio and hope he sticks around. But if losing him is the price of being free of the eminently vapid Kim Jones, I’d pay it a hundred times out of a hundred.

  15. split-finger says:

    let’s be honest..people make mistakes, its not like most people haven’t driven drunk or made careless mistakes, the good thing is he didn’t kill anyone.

    • dc1874 says:

      Not all DWI’s are the same …Lets see what his blood level was first before making any judgement. There is a BIG difference between someone blowing a .6 then someone blowing a .22…

      • Mike HC says:

        He was asleep at the wheel with the car in drive. Assuming that was due to the alcohol, regardless of his BAC, that is pretty, pretty bad. It is not like he got pulled over and got busted, which is also bad. He was asleep at an intersection.

        • Mike HC says:

          And I’m pretty sure if you blow a .6 you are already dead, and .22 you are completely blasted. .08 is the legal level

          • dc1874 says:

            ….06 is very very low…INTOXICATED in NY used to be .10 or above then the nanny state caved into MADD and made it .08 and above…less then that is IMPAIRED big big difference…

      • TheLastClown says:

        If your BAC is 0.6 there’s a good chance you’re already dead, so you wouldn’t be blowing anything.

        If you blew .22, you’d be way too smashed to drive a car. The legal limit is 0.08.

      • Jamey says:

        He definitely fell asleep behind the wheel & was deemed to be driving under the influence. I don’t know that a guy with a wife & kids can be out in the wee hours of the morning in the middle of the week & just having your average night of kicking back either.

    • thenamestsam says:

      Really? “It’s not like most people haven’t driven drunk”? I sincerely doubt that, and even if it’s true it in no way excuses his behavior. Driving drunk is not a “careless mistake”. Being in a state where you could fall asleep at the wheel of your car and still getting in that car is not a “careless mistake”. He could easily, easily have killed someone that night, and it wasn’t through any fault or credit of his own that he didn’t. I’d treat him exactly the same as if he had hit and killed someone. Fired for sure.

      • split-finger says:

        you’ve never had a few beers and drove home? not even as a kid? what if you were in his shoes? no second chance?

      • split-finger says:

        Mister Perfect over here…I’m sorry but people do stupid things when they are intoxicated. why do you think people drive drunk anyways? bad judgement? hmmm? drank too much? hmm? haha. let’s not throw the book at him. if in fact he did kill someone i wouldn’t be defending some guy i see on the television..

  16. AC says:

    Have they said where Kim Jones in headed to? Or who will be replacing her?

    • RetroRob says:

      Bob Lorenz was just informed yesterday that he was replacing Kim Jones, and would have to leave the comfort of his studio in Stamford (btw, he’s gotta have one best jobs in the world) three miles from his house, and would be forced to travel on the road with the Yankees, appear in the stands while fans eat his porkchop on a stick doing live remotes, and have to interact more with Michael Kay. Lorenz’s reaction was major depression, and to drink heavily.

  17. Steve (different one) says:

    The Yankees hav a policy for this, he’ll be sent to the bullpen

  18. Monterowasdinero says:

    Did Girardi pull over and try to rescue him?

    And then decided…nah

  19. CJ says:

    Cashman’s ex girlfriend is in Rykers island saying that cashman and Yankee ownership lied to the Feds about steroids. Or in other news, Bob Lorenz got a DUI.

  20. chris says:

    I hope he gets fired. Driving drunk is the most dangerous CHOICE you can make. See you later you SOB!

    • Rainbow Connection says:

      Why should he be fired for something he did in his personal life?

      • chris says:

        The case will be “The people V. Lorenz”. Society has decided that drinking and driving is so dangerous to the PUBLIC that it should be prosecuted. Thats not the same as being an alcoholic or addicted to drugs. For example, Josh Hamilton should not be fired because he didn’t endanger anyone. THAT was a personal problem. What Lorenz did was endanger the public. Thats not a personal life problem.

      • split-finger says:


    • Red Stag says:

      Are you Chris Shearn of YES?

  21. thenamestsam says:

    I follow the FIP philosophy in life as in Baseball. You only get credit/punishment for what you control, just like a pitcher only gets credit for the things they control. Lorenz did everything in his power to kill someone, and I’d treat him the same as I would if he had. Sayonara, moron.

  22. nsalem says:

    Lorenz being drunk and being asleep at the wheel are allegations. They may not be true. People are assuming everything that has been reported s true and assassinating his character. It is unfair to talk like this of someone until the facts are determined.

  23. Rookie says:

    None of us are perfect. We all make mistakes. Would you believe I thought I made a mistake once (although it turned out that I was mistaken). I don’t think he should get a sentence equivalent to the death penalty (losing his job) over a single DUI.

    If the guy had a history of problems that he’d done nothing about, maybe so. But he seems like a really nice, thoughtful guy who deserves a second chance.

    I say have him apologize publicly, do some public service messages and other work about how serious what he did is and why (which would probably do more good than firing him anyway) and make it clear to him and everyone else that if it ever happens again that he’ll be gone and the reasons why.

  24. Kevin says:

    Jim Leyritz says hi to everyone. The only reason he isn’t in prison right now is because the person he hit was driving with a higher BAC then he was.

  25. YankeesIslesGiantsNets101 says:

    im dying to see his mug shot! anyone know if theres one online yet?

  26. Jason W says:

    Mike, can you explain why this merits a post but nothing about Cashman’s recent personal turmoil does? I understand that there’s a difference between being arrested and having awful marital stuff splashed all over the headlines — but, let’s face it, what happens to Lorenz affects the franchise not a whit.

    Whereas, if the Cashman saga continues to get uglier and uglier, isn’t there at least a possibility that he might get suspended or take a leave of absence? (Not to mention, don’t you think that Hal’s at least slightly PO’d that Cash wrote this woman a letter of recommendation on Yankees letterhead?) Which would obviously affect the Yankees tremendously.

    • Mike Axisa says:

      If Cashman gets arrested, we’ll have a post about it. No one really cares about him cheating on his wife, there’s nothing illegal happening. The fans seem more upset at the situation than the Steinbrenners.

    • RetroRob says:

      I’ve read some of the initial stories on Cashman when they broke, but I also don’t care about them. Now if the situation was reversed, and Cashman was stalking some woman, and he was arrested and thrown into Rikers, yeah, it should be posted here on RAB.

  27. Rookie says:

    If we only hire and retain perfect people with 100% spotless records in the Yankee hierarchy, we’re going to have a mighty small population of qualifying candidates — present company excluded, of course. And obviously, we’ll have an even smaller pool as they live less than perfect lives going forward.

    Of course, we could hire that way and change the name from the Yankees to the Saints.

  28. Rookie says:

    Who thinks the Yankees should be forced to disassociate themselves from this site because Mike or one of his senior associates was arrested for DUI — or that they should be forced to leave RAB if that happened?

    Who among us thinks they should be fired from their job if they were arrested once for DUI?

    If we think that’s the standard, then we should avoid hypocrisy and a holier-than-thou attitude by saying so and living up to that standard in the future ourselves.

  29. Rookie says:

    Does anyone here really think their wife or husband or mother or father or son or daughter should be fired from THEIR job for a single DUI?

  30. ThatstheMelkyMesaWaysa says:

    why doesn’t Kay go west of the Mississippi often if ever? not enough frequent flyer miles? radio show conflict?

    • Elan says:

      Nailed it on the last try – radio show conflict. He’s on 1050 ESPN radio every afternoon during the week.

      • RetroRob says:

        Huh? He used to travel on every road trip. He reduced his travel when he negotiated his last contract and he knew he was getting married.

  31. Rookie says:

    I’m not saying it isn’t a big deal. I’m just questioning whether it should be a firing offense based on a single incident in the absence of any other bad behavior.

    And I’m raising the further question of whether those of us who are saying he should be fired think that same standard should be applied to Mike and his associates, ourselves and our families, etc.

    You can kill someone by speeding, too – or not stopping at a stop sign, going through a red light, or otherwise being at fault in an automobile accident. Should someone be fired for a single incident of doing one of those, too? How many of us shouldn’t be employed based on that standard?

  32. Rookie says:

    Studies show that using a cell phone while driving is more dangerous than driving drunk.

    Should someone arrested for using a cell phone while driving be subject to termination, too?

    I assume that none of us ever use a cell phone while driving. And I further assume that if we do that we wouldn’t be hypocrites by saying just because we weren’t caught that we deserve more lenient treatment than more than a few of us are suggesting for Lorenz.

    Because we’re not hypocrites, we would turn in friends and loved ones for using a cell phone in a car and endangering others and inform our/their employers that we/they are unfit for employment.

  33. Rookie says:

    If he abused his wife or engaged in sexual assault or robbed a liquor store or a bank, stole a car, engaged in a hit and run incident, even tried to race away from the police, or otherwise did something willful, I would feel very different. But being arrested for DUI, running a red light, not stopping at a stop sign, speeding, or using a cell phone, even though it endangers the lives of others, I would not consider a firing offense — again on the first occasion, absent aggravating circumstances or it being part of a bad pattern of behavior. On the other hand, if it happened again…

    And again, it seems to me that much more good would result by far if he did public service messages and public acknowledgment of his wrongdoing and spoke to high school kids about it than could ever result from his firing.

  34. CMP says:

    Why in the world is there a post about a YES studio announcer? What’s next, maybe a post about a beer vendor at Yankee stadium busted for J walking?

  35. Barry says:

    Give him another chance on Yes but take away his license for a year. Too many people have been killed by drunk drivers. I mean if people don’t get it by now, Don’t drive if you had drinks,,,,end of story.

  36. Elan says:

    I’m sorry, but driving drunk is INEXCUSABLE. Not only do you put your own life at risk, but you put countless others at risk as well. As harsh as it may seem, he needs to be fired for this. Also, there’s no chance in the world that YES will keep him anyways – YES is a huge company that is looked at in the public arena. They’re not going to want to be associated with something like this.

  37. Cbean says:

    A lot of media contracts have clauses for stuff like this or some kind of general morality clause that they could use

  38. Bavarian Yankee says:

    if he’s fired Josh Hamilton might hire him as his driver! … nah, Miggy Cabrera probably offers him more money to drive him to the next beerfest :D

  39. Late to the post, but not the story…but when you said he’ll prob lose his job, I dunno, Spero Dedes got a DUI and still had his job.

  40. Eric says:

    I used to work with Bob at CNN/SI. He is a nice guy. Nancy as well. Also very sweet. I did not expect this from Bob, at all. It’s amazing that year after year, so many people die from this kind of thing and it still goes on. I think at the very least he should be suspended. This is not conduct becoming of a TV personality on the nation’s most popular RCN.

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