Reports: Angels, Indians want Burnett too

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Via Ken Rosenthal and Jon Heyman, both the Angels and Indians have expressed interest in trading for A.J. Burnett, though the Halos are one of ten teams included in his no-trade clause and he won’t waive it. Talks with the Tribe apparently revolve around Burnett and Travis Hafner, who’d fit that left-handed DH role beautifully. Cleveland isn’t exactly thrilled about that potential swap though, plus Pronk is owed $15.75M next year (including the buyout of his 2013 option). They’d have to figure out the money.

Over the weekend we heard that four teams have interest in Burnett, one being the Pirates and one being a club on his no-trade list. That means we’re down to just one mystery team.

Join the 2012 RAB fantasy league series
The Vlad Guerrero Option
  • eric

    Hafner v RHP in 2011


    • Cris Pengiucci

      Sounds good! Let’s hope they can make a deal.

      • CJ

        Pronk has played 150 games once in his career and he’s a DH! If I had to bet on one player who used steroids it would be Hafner. He is a broken down juice head. Stay away

        • JonS

          Why is he called Pronk?

          • bkight13

            When he was a rookie they called him part-Project, part-Donkey, hence Pronk.

    • zs190

      could also say

      Hafner 2nd Half of 2011


      Love the upside, but there is so much risk health wise, not a slam dunk but I’m intrigued, depends on the money involved, most likely trading for him is better than getting a little more salary relief from Pirates.

      • Jesse

        Are those the overall second half numbers for Hafner? What were his second half numbers vs right handed pitching?

        • Plank

          An irrelevantly small sample size.

          • Jesse

            Never said it wasn’t… But I wasn’t the one who put up his 2nd half numbers that contain a whopping 181 PA sample size in the first place.

  • Cy Pineda

    Lefty, power, contract year, DO IT!

  • TheMissile

    Hafner would be a great fit, but the financial side of this isn’t looking the best for the Yankees. I’d rather dump Burnett for a few prospects and save $$$$ over the next two years, and fill the DH in-house (Vazquez) or preferably with the likes of Johnny Damon.

    • Ron

      Yanks are targeting the wrong player. I said this about a month ago, trade Swisher and AJ for Carmona and Sizemore. Carmona’s identity problem can be solved by dropping the charges. A reunion with CC will help Carmona get back to his Cy Young form. Sizemore is now two years removed from his injury and due for a comeback. The Indians have been after Swisher for awhile.

  • m1kew

    Would Burnett and $4 to $5.5 million going to the Indians get this trade done?

  • Preston

    I would do it straight up, I wouldn’t be willing to eat any money, we’d still want that 2 million they say we had for a DH to sign Eric Chavez.

  • Robinson Tilapia

    I’m sure the teams would figure out a way to make the money work, and Hafner’s under contract for a year less than AJ, unless I’m reading this wrong. At the end of the day, something could be worked out which allows for the Yanks to have a better LH DH option for not too much more cash.

    I’m a fan.

  • RetroRob

    I know AJ’s wife doesn’t like flying, but he’d be crazy not to waive that no-trade condition to the Angels. Pittsburgh, Cleveleand or Anaheim. Hmmmm????

    Seems like these stories are leaking out now by the Yankees, probably in an attempt to get the Pirates to up their package.

  • Wayne Tolleson

    While I recognize that the Angels are on his no trade list, is there any idea of what the Angels would give up in return for AJ?

    Maybe I’m just too big a fan of reclamation projects, but I’d love to see the Yanks get Kendrys Morales and see if he can get it back. Dude can hit. He doesn’t really have a spot there with Albert and Trumbo et al.

    • RetroRob

      Yeah, that’s not happening. : -)

    • Jesse

      Of course it won’t happen, but I was thinking an A.J for Abreu trade, although the money figures would have to be worked out.

  • Gerald Williams

    I want MORALES! What a beast before the freak injury. I doubt Allen will waive his no trade clause though.

    • MannyGeee

      If they are still hungry for pitching come May, make a Hughes for Morales swap.

      Dual reclaimation project swap, and I will always have more faith in the hitter getting his stroke back than the pitcher remembering how to pitch.

  • Elan

    We might be down to just one mystery team, but it’s also possible that the Angels and/or Indians were not one of the original four interested in Burnett. Personally, I hope he is traded ASAP, and I’m particularly intrigued by the possibility of having Travis Hafner as the DH instead of either Ibanez, Damon, or Matsui. I mean, Hafner’s the only one with decent numbers in terms of average, on-base percentage, and slugging percentage – the other three had pretty awful numbers in those departments last year. Yes, Hafner’s salary is huge, but this is the Yankees after all, and he might be worth the money.

  • Jesse
    • The Guns of Navarone

      Wallace Matthews continues to serve no purpose.

    • Fernando

      LOL, tomorrow he’ll report Jameson Taillon isn’t one of the players, then Sterling Marte. And ESPN is paying this guy?

  • emac2

    I think we have to get it done with Cleveland for Hafner. If the interest is there on the Indians side the Yanks need to add mid level prospects and toss in some cash until they say when.

  • JohnC

    Its more likely that a deal with the Angels would involve Bobby Abreu, not Morales. Abreu really has no role now with the return of Morales and the emergence of Trumbo. Plus, he’s owed 9 mill this year. But its moot cause AJ won’t go there

    • bkight13

      How bout a 3-way? Angels kick in $3M to the Pirates and they get the 2 prospects. Pitts get AJ, plus $3M from LA and $16M from us. We get Abreu for 1 year.

      • Jesse

        3-way trades are very tough to pull off because there’s so many moving parts, obviously.

        • bkight13

          Doesn’t seem that complicated. LAA wants to move Abreu for salary relief and a glut of 1b/of/dh, Pitts wants AJ at less than half price and we want a LH DH and salary relief.

  • Save a ‘Stache

    Hard to argue against this one. Hafner would be beastly in YS.

    • Elan

      Agreed – but can he stay healthy?

  • STONE COLD Austin Romine

    The Mystery team I believe that been speculated is… the Toronto Blue Jays.

    • Fernando

      If it’s Toronto forget about making a better trade than what Pittsburgh can offer. Anthoupoulos is a good negatiator, since he got rid of that ridiculous Vernon Wells contract.

  • jeremy

    royals=mystery team

  • Plank

    I can’t see the Indians giving up Hafner easily. Seems like wishful thinking on the Yankees part.

    • Save a ‘Stache

      Except his cost is higher enough, I can almost believe it.

    • Needed Pitching

      seems like extremely wishful thinking
      a team trying to be competitive with an already below average offense giving up one of their middle of the order bats for a mediocre fifth starter
      doesn’t seem at all likely from Cleveland’s standpoint

  • Kosmo

    mystery teams – KC or the Marlins.

    • MannyGeee

      funny, I thought Miami would make a great dark horse here.

      LoMo for AJ and we foot $20M of the bill. and I will drive AJ and his smokin hot wife to Miami myself.

  • Johnny O

    Sounds like this AJ trade is actually going to happen. There seem to be some unrealistic expectations on the return though. Remember the Derek Lowe deal. We will eat at least half of AJ’s salary and get non-prospects in return. And I think we’re all still ok with that.

  • Kosmo

    Indians ain´t going to take on Burnett for 2 years at 8 million per year. They got Lowe for one year 5 million.
    So to me an even swap Burnett for Hafner seems unlikely.

  • viridiana

    Hard to understand why Pirates so inflexible on giving up players. Yanks could really reduce Bucs’ cash contribution if Bucs agree to surrender one of their outfield prospects. They have several, along with McCutchen and Tabata. Yanks could also throw in offsetting prospect. Not being privy to negotiations hard to say what’s really been discussed. But the reports make it sound like the Pirates are being inflexible — like they have some policy not to surrender prospects under any circumstances — even if their overall position is improved in swapping for a Yankee prospect that better matches their own future needs.

    • Plank

      You can’t understand it?

      AJ Burnett will be an upgrade for them this year but they are in no way contending. They have money they tried to spend but didn’t so they are willing to spend it on Burnett. Their window for contention is in a few years, so they aren’t willing to sacrifice that at all for a potential few extra wins when those wins mean very little.

      • viridiana

        That’s all fine. But Pirates might also benefit from prospect exchange. The do have outfielder surplus. Yanks need outfielders. Not sure what Bucs need. But in any case, they may be better positioned to compete this year and next than you seem to think. They were in first place til the end of July. They have some pretty highly rated prospects maturing along with young roster talent and could compete again, certainly by 2013.

        • Plank

          You’re right about the Pirates prospects of contention. I was going to include something about that, but I didn’t want to write a manifesto. Even with that possibility, their young talent is a few seasons away, so they would still be aiming for maximum competitiveness a few years from now.

    • Doug

      we’re talking AJ here. maybe he’s the reason they’re inflexible.

      • viridiana

        AJ has certainly done more over the last 10 years or so than the Pittsburgh Pirates.

        • The Guns of Navarone

          They’re not getting AJ from the last 10 years.

        • Doug

          and the last 2 years? the yanks don’t have a lot of leverage with the pirates here. first, aj isn’t very good. second, the pirates are very unlikely to contend the next couple of years with aj, so there’s no need to break the bank for him.

  • Juke Early

    Yankees don’t need to do hat in hand deals w/the Pittsburgh Pirates. They do need to stop acting as if they are the Pittsburgh Pirates. Make a real @#%&*! deal.

    • Steve (different one)

      What does this nonsense mean?

      • jsbrendog


  • Azzmat

    Burnett to Pirates, prospects to Angels , Abreu and Morales to the Yankees. Win Win !

    • Plank

      Why would the Pirates mortgage the future for AJ Burnett?

      • MannyGeee

        it works… in fantasy land

        but seriously, this only works if the Yankees foot almost all the cash, the Bucs surrender shit prospects and split the cash with Anaheim. and still its a stretch

  • MrPappageorgio

    The only thing I don’t like about trading AJ to the Indians is that it sets up a game where AJ will pitch against the Yanks, and I bet he totally shuts them down.

    Then, we’ll have to listen to the players say dumb things like “he has great stuff” and “he has the ability to dominate any lineup”

  • Andy in Sunny Daytona

    Pirates get AJ, the Yankees get that lefty pitcher from India who won the, “So, You Think You Can Pitch Contest” (or something like that) a few years ago.

  • Doug

    The Hafner for Burnett deal is no longer on the table,’s Bryan Hoch tweets.

    So much for that

  • Plank

    This is the lowest stakes/risk/reward bidding war I’ve ever observed. Kudos to Cashman for getting it going though. The Indians, Pirates, and Yankees dealing not much of anything.

    Who will blink first? Who will play Cashman in the movie?

  • mike_h

    mystery team is either Orioles or KC. Baltimore’s rotation needs help.

  • Preston

    Brian Cashman is doing a very good job making a market out of nothing.

  • Tyrone Sharpton

    AJ for Tabata/Chow