The RAB Radio Show: February 24th, 2012

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Spring training is officially upon us. Position players have reported, so let’s get to the podcasting.

  • The Burnett trade wrap-up. The trade broke while we recorded last week, so it’s been talked to death by this point. So it’s just a short round-up.
  • Why Ibanez and Chavez? Mike and I discuss.
  • More spring optimism. Including a discussion of Michael Pineda‘s dinner plate hands, as it relates to his changeup.
  • And yeah, a bit on a guy named Mariano.

Podcast run time 34:09

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Intro music: “Die Hard” courtesy of reader Alex Kresovich. Thanks to Tyler Wilkinson for the graphic.

RAB Live Chat
FanGraphs Top 15 Yankees Prospects
  • Kentucky Bomber

    It’s funny, when they used the term “dinner plate hands” about Pineda my first reaction was not about how big they were, but how, looking at his gut, he can’t keep his hands away from the dinner plate. If he’s hauling around that much lard at 23-24 years old, what can we expect going forward?