Update: A-Rod leaves game after hit-by-pitch

Joba released from hospital
Report: Phillies have interest in Ramiro Pena

Update (4:48pm): A-Rod is fine, says Sweeny Murti. He’ll play in the team’s next game on Tuesday.

3:29pm: Alex Rodriguez left this afternoon’s game after taking a fastball to the ribcage. Joe Girardi and trainer Steve Donohue checked him out before he left the game. It was the seventh inning and the regulars were being replaced after their final at-bats, so chances are Alex would have exited anyway. It sure sounded like it hurt though. We’ll update with more info as it comes in.

Joba released from hospital
Report: Phillies have interest in Ramiro Pena
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    • I am not the droids you’re looking for…

      So true we should void his contract!

    • handtius

      there should be a clause in his contract forbidding him from getting hit by pitches. stupid a-rod.

  • http://thegreedypinstripes.com Bryan V

    Note that after initially going down in extreme pain, he got up fairly quickly and under his own power. If this were the regular season there’s no way I see him leaving the game.

    Not that Girardi didn’t do the right thing in taking him out, but I’m not worried about this at all.

    LOL, now watch… he’ll have a broken rib.

    • Plank

      I would think leaving a superstar player in a spring training game after an injury leading to a bigger injury would be a fire-able offense. Girardi is probably more sensitive than most after what happened in Miami (I mean Florida)

  • Robinson Tilapia

    If he came out for the next game, shirtless, but with his ribs taped, slowly and dramatically walking out towards home plate, it’d probably really turn Torrie on.

    • Rainbow Connection

      Torrie and Torre

  • DM

    I love Alex — but if you slowed down the replay to the millisecond, you’d hear him shout and see him wince before the ball actually hit him.

    • handtius

      you ever been punched in the face or in general? same idea. you wince before the hit, not after. the shout can be the same effect. when i was a kid, i was t-boned by a car running a redlight. i clearly remember shouting right before impact and it was a blind hit, didn’t see it till that look.

      • jjyank

        I think he was joking.

        • DM

          I was — but what he says is true just the same. The anticipation triggers a physical response that resembles the reaction to the actual impact.

          p.s. And yes, I have been punched in the face. I would’ve hit back but by the time I got up she was gone.

          • Plank

            You just described how I met my first 3 wives.