Cervelli leaves game after hit-by-pitch


In what has become a rather unfortunate rite of spring, Frankie Cervelli left today’s game with an injury after getting by a pitch in his left leg, just below his knee. Thankfully it’s nothing serious. He iced it down after the game and told Erik Boland “it’s fine. No problem.”

Cervelli suffered a broken bone after fouling a ball off his left foot last spring, shelving him until May. The year before he missed time in camp with a quad strain. Two years before that he had his wrist broken by Elliot Johnson on a collision at the plate. Thankfully this latest March ailment seems like nothing more than the typical day-to-day stuff baseball players deal with.

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  • Preston

    As long as they stay away from his head.

    • Claudell

      Don’t worry. That massive batting helmet will protect him.

  • emac2

    After disallowing all of the armor during the steriod era did they ever reverse any of those rules?

    I can see a reason to not allow padding that prevents pain and bruising but any padding that prevents breaks and fractures should be allowed.