Gardner takes home second straight Fielding Bible Award

Was consistency really Brett Gardner's problem in 2011?
Update: X-rays negative after comebacker forces Garcia from game

For the second straight year, Brett Gardner has won the 2011 Fielding Bible Award as the game’s best defensive left fielder. He received nine of ten first place votes and one second place vote (behind Carlos Gonzalez). His points total (99) was the highest by any player at any position. Tony Gwynn Jr. was a distant second with 74 points. It doesn’t directly factor into the voting, but Gardner had the highest UZR (+25.2) and DRS (+22) in baseball last season, regardless of position.

Mark Teixeira (fourth), Robinson Cano (seventh), Alex Rodriguez (eighth), Russell Martin (fifth), and Hiroki Kuroda (sixth) all received votes at their respective positions.

Was consistency really Brett Gardner's problem in 2011?
Update: X-rays negative after comebacker forces Garcia from game
  • Soriano Is A Liar

    Swish got a couple votes (or one 8th place vote) at RF. Andre Ethier ranking 5th is…. amusing.

    • Preston

      Is it, people (mostly Mike) keep saying Ethier is a DH only type of guy. I know that the Gold Glove doesn’t mean anything. But this is a group of guys who rely on data, and Ethier got 5th. His UZR’s were terrible in 2009-10, but UZR is far from a perfect metric. I don’t watch a lot of Dodger games so I can’t comment. But maybe he’s better with the glove than we think and could be a legit option in RF.

  • Tom Zig

    But I was told that Alex Gordon was better because of all the assists?

  • Undertakers dong

    Wait, what about Jeter?

    • RetroRob

      There’s always one in the crowd!

      He just missed. Came in 31st out of 30.

      Seriously, the Fielding Bible did an interesting comparison between Jeter and Brendan Ryan, who rates out as the best-defensive SS in the AL. What they found was a bit surprising. Jeter and Ryan actually do just as well on getting to balls hit to their left (Yankees fans scratch collective heads) but where Ryan excels and Jeter doesn’t is on balls hit to their right in between SS and 3B (blood now coming out of scratch wounds). That of course goes against the conventional wisdom, yet it doesn’t surprise me. Several years ago, it seemed less balls were getting by Jeter up the middle, but he no longer was making his “patented” throw from the hole. Think about it. How often can you remember him making that play of late. I know the Yankees changed Jeter’s positioning a few years back. I’m guessing, based on these stats, they may have moved him more to his left. So the question is, is it better for him to get to a few more balls up the middle at the expense of balls the right, or does it make any difference at all?

      • Needed Pitching

        iirc, I think they stated something like there were about twice as many balls hit to the right of the line (up the middle) than to the other side (third base hole). If I’m remembering that correctly, it would seem covering more up the middle would be preferable.

        (or I might be remembering the article incorrectly, just read it quickly in a bookstore)

  • Needed Pitching

    There was also a somewhat interesting article in Fielding Bible III about Cano’s double play abilities. They noted the scouting report on Cano was excellent on him turning double plays, and that he led second basemen in their Great Fielding Play – Double Play category ( I may be misremembering exactly what it was called) over the past couple years. They also noted he had the most Double Play – misplays over the past couple years (somewhat surprising, imo). They basically concluded the misplays slightly outweighed the great double plays, leaving Cano slightly below average in the double play category.