Joba released from hospital


Via Anthony McCarron and Chad Jennings, Joba Chamberlain was released from the hospital in the wheelchair* this afternoon after suffering that open dislocation on Thursday. “Things are going as good as could be expected, as I understand it,” said Brian Cashman. “There’s a limit of what we can give in terms of absolutes, and there’s a spectrum of risk to optimism. We’re not in a position to give absolutes that this is going to be a definite one way or the other.”

Joba will remain in a cast for six weeks then will switch over to a weight-bearing walking boot. Infection remains a concern, but doctors feel the risk is small enough that he was released. With each day that passes, the risk of infection decreases. It’s good news that he was allowed to go home, but Joba still has a long, long way to go between this injury and his Tommy John surgery rehab. Fingers crossed.

* Doesn’t everyone get released from the hospital in a wheelchair? This isn’t unusual, right?

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  1. yeah, to the door at least.

  2. flamingo says:

    It’s an insurance thing, I think.

  3. Steve H says:

    Wheelchairs are very dangerous. I’m a little concerned Joba is spending time in one.

  4. handtius says:

    i think they need to put a clause in joba’s contact forbidding him from playing with his kid. it’s just to dangerous.

  5. Rey22 says:

    According to Archer, yes, everyone leaves in wheelchairs.

  6. wendy cruz says:

    Wish Joba a speedy recovery… Sometimes young people make mistakes and he was just trying to spent some quality time with his kid, so let’s not be so hard on him.

  7. Irrational fan says:

    If Joba can get his drinking problems behind him, he can find success in the MLB. Time for him to grow up and dump his kid off somewhere else. He has a job to do.

  8. Rainbow Connection says:

    “Doesn’t everyone get released from the hospital in a wheelchair? This isn’t unusual, right?”

    Not babies.

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