JoVa growing tired of Triple-A

Yanks place 13th in Baseball America's organization rankings
At long last, Rafael DePaula gets his visa

Life as a 30-year-old Triple-A slugger can be tough, especially when you’re with the Yankees and there’s no clear path to the big leagues. That’s the life of Jorge Vazquez, who hit .262/.314/.516 with 32 homers in Triple-A last year but has received close to zero consideration for the DH spot or even a bench job in the Bronx. Unsurprisingly, he’s getting kinda fed up and looking for a change.

“If they don’t give him an opportunity this year, he wants them to trade him, or to go to [play] baseball in the East,” said the president of JoVa’s former Mexican League team recently (via MLBTR). “He doesn’t want to continue on in Triple-A anymore, not just with the Yankees, but with any other organization as well.”

We’ve heard rumors of Vazquez pursuing opportunities in Japan before, and yet he’s in camp with the Yankees right now. The guy has serious power but he’s a total hacker, striking out 314 times (28.6%) and unintentionally walking just 47 times (4.3%) since signing with New York midway through the 2009 season. He gets himself out too much and that power won’t show up consistently against big league hurlers because of it. I understand being frustrated, but if he wants to go, the Yankees shouldn’t stand in his way.

Yanks place 13th in Baseball America's organization rankings
At long last, Rafael DePaula gets his visa
  • CJ

    Adios Jorge el feo

    • Plank

      He had to choose between a career in baseball or a career in international male modeling.

  • http://yes jim

    JoVa, Justin Maxwell…or Garner…Curtis would’ve been a cheaper and better choice than Ibanez(I’ll eat my words if he does do better in the regular season)Chavez, or Jones…who came to camp in better shape, saying he wants more playing time, but, still can’t hit his weight.

    • Havok9120

      You are incorrect on Jones if nothing else. The fact that none of the guys you mentioned can replace Chavez on the roster is also an issue. For Ibanez…Maxwell couldn’t long term, though I would’ve been fine giving him and/or Dickerson a shot. Garner and Curtis I don’t know enough about.

      None of them can replace Jones against LHB, and certainly don’t play D well enough to make up the difference in offense. Especially considering Jones still plays a mean OF.

      • Havok9120

        Oh, and JoVa? No. No, no, no, a BILLION times no. I’d rather pay Ibanez 1 mil than pay him 500K.

        I’d make that K backwards if I could.

        Buh dum pishhhh

      • Ted Nelson

        Yeah, Jones is particularly perplexing. .371 wOBA last season…

        JoVa could theoretically play 3B to replace Chavez. Not saying I’m in favor of it… just saying. And while I’m not bullish on JoVa as a big leaguer… Chavez hasn’t hit even passably for a season in forever, so the comparison bar is low.

        Ibanez I can’t really disagree with since I’m low on him. Could see Maxwell or Dickerson outperforming him even if they’re not good (and Maxwell isn’t LH), because I expect below replacement from Ibanez. Hope I’m wrong, of course.

  • vin

    Yankee fans growing tired over minor leaguer’s inability to have good at bats, and play acceptable defense.

    Sayanora, El Chato.

  • Bryan V

    I imagine Brian Cashman reading this and then falling backwards out of his chair laughing. I understand a guy wanting a shot, but if he really thinks he’s earned it then I’d be more than happy to volunteer my right foot for kicking his ass out the door.

    • Ted Nelson

      Sort of doubt Cashman is laughing. I imagine he understand the sentiment 100%. JoVa didn’t say he wants to start for the Yankees… he said he’d like to try to find a spot in MLB and if not go to Japan. That’s a really, really reasonable thing to say. Totally what I expected he’d say.

    • Sayid J.

      Don’t know what else he would do to earn it. He’s a pretty damn good bat, playing up to his ability level and unlikely to improve. If they aren’t going to ever give him a shot, why hate on the guy for looking elsewhere? Not like we’ve heard anything about character issues or anything and it’s not like he’s some prospect who thinks he’s way better than he is. He’s a veteran and he just wants to play at the highest level he can succeed at, which I doubt is AAA.

    • DM

      Cashman might be laughing. I think JoVa and/or his agent already started moving on the idea a few months ago. Back then he said he was going to Japan. Newman or Cashman replied “That’s news to me. He’s under contract.” or something like that.

  • Fernando

    They should try to move him to another ML team that will give him a chance and get a marginal prospect for him. Hwo about the Astros, where he can serve as a DH when the team moves to the AL in 2013?

  • Tom

    Normally not a fan of comments like these, but the guy is 30 and has no ability to leave the Yankees if he wants to play elsewhere. He can either retire or hope someone selects him in the rule 5 draft (which if it hasn’t been done at this point is likely never going to happen).

    It’s not like he gets paid a lot in AAA and if he wants to try to play in Japan or somewhere else where he possibly could make some more money in the few years he has left playing professional baseball, why not let him go?

    • Yankz1fan

      After this year Jorge will finally be eligible for the Rule5 draft. He has been stuck. And the Yankees will probably bring him up at the end of the year so he cant be drafted, and he will still be stuck for yet a nother year. What a shame that a team can have so much control over an older player.

      • Needed Pitching

        if they don’t think he’s good enough to play for them now (and it seems pretty clear they don’t), there is no way they waste a roster spot on him after this season

      • Tom

        Thanks for the correction on rule 5…for some reason I thought he had been in the Yankees system longer (probably because he’s so old for a minor leaguer) and didn’t realize he had signed with the Yankees recently enough where he was not yet eligible.

        That said I’m not sure I see anyone taking him in a Rule 5 draft, and I doubt the Yankees would create space on the 40 man roster for a Sept callup just to prevent it. It seems like he’s more than 2 injuries away from being called up; which seems like a guy you are not going out of your way to protect at his age and skill level.

        • thenamestsam

          If anyone else thought he could play he would have been out of this system a long time ago. The Yankees clearly have no intentions of giving him a shot. They would almost definitely accept basically anything in a trade for him. The only logical conclusion is that noone else thinks he’s worth even a fringey prospect. No one wants the guy.

  • Red Stag

    off topic – But just heard Raphael DePaula got his visa.

    • Troll Killer

      Stop it with the offtopicness.

      • Red Stag


  • Robinson Tilapia

    I’m fine with the guy advocating for himself. I also think that, after….three (?) years sitting in AAA, if he sees himself as more than an org guy, it’s no skin off the team’s back to let him go see if that’s true somewhere else.

  • Yankz1fan

    Why are you ripping Chato. He wasnt quoted as saying it, his former teams President said it. And I dont blame Chato if he is upset. He needs his shot. Everyone else gets one. His former team is really speaking for all of Mexico. He is like a superstar there. Like Matsui was to Japan. Chato was a superstar in the Mex lg…33hr in 71 games in 2005, 31hr in 75gm in 2006… the Carribbean World Series MVP, played in the World Baseball Classic, hitting a 500fr Grand Slam, crushed ML pitching last year in ST. Has hit a home run off the scoreboard off of Jake Pevy, home runs off of Lannan and Lidge, hit two in one game against Vance Worley, hit a 9th inning walk off bomb out of the stadium against Kimbrell, a rocket off the wall off of Chapman, a bomb off of Arrieta, broke the Yankees AAA home run record, and led the IL with 32. Was awarded AAA MVP, the organizations ‘Hitter of the Year’ and made mid and post season All-Star. And that wasnt even good enough for the Yanks, to earn him a simple call up in September. He will crush in the Bigs too. They bought his rights from Mexico for him to have a shot at first for the 2009 or 2010 season for $500,000. No ML team would spend that much for a filler. But then a couple of weeks later, Tex fell in their lap. And there went Chato’s chances. Now Ibanez. I would take Chato any day of the week!!!! And he is not bad defensively. .993% last year at first and some third.

    • Yankz1fan


    • Needed Pitching

      “.993% last year at first and some third.”


      can’t make many errors if you don’t get to much

      • Yankz1fan

        He had over 800 chances. And ZiPS has him as Average major leaguer at first. They also have Tex as Average also.

        • Needed Pitching

          and they project him as poor at third.

          and they project an 87 OPS+

          So basically they project not nearly enough bat to play 1st or DH and not nearly enough defense to play anywhere else.

          Can’t believe he hasn’t gotten a chance yet.

          • YANKZ1FAN

            Zips has him at 405ab with 23hr and 77rbi. If you give Jorge the same amount of ab as Tex they would both have 32hr and Chato 3 more rbi. The Zips power performance is usually right on. Averages sway because of a lot of factors so it is not as exact. And this will affect OBP,SLG. I will take 32hr 109rbi and 160k’s from my DH/1b!!!!

            • Needed Pitching

              lol, making up expected performances is fun.
              Focus on things that make a player look passable and ignore the mountain of evidence against him being any good.

              • Sayid J.

                Ummm… he isn’t “making up expected performances”… Zips is a projection system, using his minor leaguer numbers to project his MLB production…

                • Needed Pitching

                  he’s not using Zips though. He’s cherry picking the favorable projection categories, then projecting them to be even better and ignoring the others.
                  I really don’t put that much stock in projection systems for minor leaguers anyways, I would trust scouting much more, but if he’s going to base his entire argument on Zips, he should use all of zips and not cherry pick.
                  He’s saying 32 HR and 109 RBI. Zips doesn’t project that. He’s said Vazquez will not hit .235. Zips project he will.

          • YANKZ1FAN

            Zips also has him at 23hr and 77rbi in 405ab. If you give him as many ab as Tex they both would have 32hr. Power Zips are usually right on. Averages are not due to different surcumstances. Chato will not bat .235, and that effects OBP, and SLG with effects OPS. I will take 32hr and 109rbi with 160k from my DH any day.

            • Needed Pitching

              “Chato will not bat .235”

              because you wish it so does not make it so. He also won’t get as many AB’s as Tex. With any major league team. He has a skill set that will be easily exploited by ML pitching.

              • YANKZ1FAN

                Wow, you know so much about Jorge’s swing and skill set. Have you scouted him long?….. How many games have you seen him actually play. You dont make any sence. I am not guessing, or wishing his production I am going by Zips. I never said he would have as many ab’s as Tex. I said with his projected power numbers calculated by computer analysis which every ML team uses, IF he had as many ab’s it would be similar. I dont know about anyone else, but I will trust the Zips over you…. a nobody!!!!

                • Needed Pitching

                  I’m not saying I know anything. I don’t. The Yankees had a hole at DH after the Montero trade. They were trying to save money. They still decided Vazquez wasn’t worth a shot. I would trust the organization the player plays for evaluation of a player more than a projection system.

                  Also, even if you put your entire trust in the Zips projection system, you would come to the conclusion that Vazquez would not be a good MLB player. Zips projects him as having not enough bat to play 1b or DH and not enough glove to play anywhere else.

                  So whether you place your trust in the professional talent evaluators in the Yankee organization or in the Zips projection system, it appears both have reached the same conclusion about Vazquez’ abilities as a major leaguer. (I suppose it’s possible both are wrong, though)

                  • DM

                    Didnt KLong dismiss this guy as a viable big league hitter?

                    • Chrisis

                      You guys should really stop feeding the troll. Admirable job though, should give him credit for that.

                    • DM

                      “Chato” gave it away.

  • Platano Man

    Wohoooo Rafael De Paula is coming to America. Finally!!!

  • Jimmy McNulty

    Yeah they should really let him go…

  • Murderers’ Row Boat

    The Yankees should bill him as the “Hispanic Adam Dunn” and see if the White Sox trade the world for him.

    • TheEvilUmpire

      Nah, he’s really this generation’s Steve Balboni. The Yanks might as well say “bye bye” to him and ship him to Japan.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      Paging Ozzie in Miami…..

      He’d hit them off the giant ugly flamingo in CF, Ozzie. Chato for Josh Johnson.

  • A.D.

    Can respect that the guy would want a chance to play, and that the Yanks aren’t the best place for that