Mark Teixeira hires agent Casey Close


Via Jon Heyman, Mark Teixeira has hired Casey Close to be his new agent after dropping Scott Boras almost one year ago to the day. Close — who the Yankees selected in the seventh round of the 1986 draft — also represents Derek Jeter and former Yankees Tyler Clippard, Jerry Hairston Jr., and Marcus Thames. Teixeira still has five years and $112.5M left on the eight-year, $180M contract Boras got him prior to 2009, so the switch to Close has no impact as far as we’re concerned. He’s probably just handling behind the scenes stuff we couldn’t care less about.

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  • Plank

    He’s probably just handling behind the scenes stuff we couldn’t care less about.

    Is that the royal ‘we’ or are you severely overestimating RAB readers?

  • Paul VuvuZuvella

    Hahah. I had no idea he was a drafted player. Looks like from Michigan. Is it safe to assume DJ was his first “big” client? Wonder if the Michigan connection is another story?

  • Mike R.

    So refreshing to see “couldn’t care less.”

    I mean, even Jeter said it the wrong way in that article about Valentine.

    • Jesse

      “So refreshing to see ‘couldn’t care less.’”

      Same. Drives me nuts when people say “I could care less” when they obviously mean that they don’t care at all. I always respond to that by, “Well, how much less could you care?”

  • pistol pete

    Tex changes agents, who cares. Nice to see he has no loyalty to Boras who got him about twice what he’s worth. If he hit the open market today he’d be a 4 yr $40m player but we get him for five more at an absurd $23m per. In addition to his poor performance for a $23m player he has been even worse in the post season and has additionally occupied the three hole when he absolutely didn’t deserve it slowing Cano’s progress and production numbers and probably costing the Yankee’s games. And I know all you Tex lovers will tell me how great a fielder he is. That’s great but for $23m you better get more than a great fielder. For God’s sake Doug Meink could field and he made peanuts.

    • thenamestsam

      “he’d be a 4 yr $40m player”

      I laughed.

  • noseeum

    AFAIK Boras still gets his full cut of the deal he got for Teix. “Firing” Boras was probably Boras’ idea. “Look, Teix. I get deals done and you’re either retiring on this one or signing some crappy deal for a year or two. You need someone to help you build a post baseball income/career and that ain’t me. Give me a call when your son’s a señor in high school!”

    • Midland TX

      For real. He probably realized that flogging a juicing diet wasn’t going to get it done.

      “Teixeira’s got an Edge.”

      And let’s acknowledge Close’s track record getting multi-year above-market deals for an infielder’s decline years.