Minor League ST Notes: Video, DePaula, Adams


We had the big league notes earlier today, now let’s round up some of the more interesting minor league news from today…

  • Josh Norris posted a ton of video of yesterday’s workout. We’re talking Gary Sanchez, Ravel Santana, Dante Bichette Jr., Tyler Austin, and more. Make sure you check that out.
  • Rafael DePaula worked out with the Low-A Charleston group today. That doesn’t mean he’ll join the River Dogs when they break camp next week, but it’s an indication that he passed his physical and is officially a Yankee. Hooray for that. [Norris]
  • David Adams has been told that he will start the year with Double-A Trenton. That’s not terribly surprising, but it goes to show how much time he lost due to the ankle injury. He’s basically in the same place he was in March 2010. [Norris]
  • The Dellin Betances Experience was in full effect in his minor league start. He walked in a run before striking out the side. Good times. [Conor Foley]
  • The Joses — Campos and Ramirez — threw in minor league games today. Ramirez ran his fastball as high as 96. [Kiley McDaniel]
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  • JobaWockeeZ

    Jose wants to be a prospect again.

  • STONE COLD Austin Romine

    Man I wish Ramirez gets back on the ‘spect map again this season.

    Santana looked the most impressive out of all those videos posted by Norris in my opinion.

    • blake

      I agree….short little stroke there from Ravel and gets the bat through the zone really nicely.

      • The Scout

        Santana has a LOT of movement in his stance and pre-swing, with a high leg kick. He needs to quiet himself down. With that much movement, timing becomes an issue, especially as he climbs the latter and faces more breaking and off-speed pitches.

  • Paul VuvuZuvella

    Has Seattle Mariners GM ever been given due props for squashing the Cliff Lee for Jesus Montero trade due to the medicals on Adams? I mean, he was right, no?

    Also the one consolation from the Adams injury is we got Pineda.

    • Plank

      Well he was right on Adams if Adams injury hurts him going forward. He was probably wrong about choosing Smoak over Montero, but even that’s too early to tell. He made it clear he was wrong about Josh Leuke even firing people for letting him include him in the trade.

      I’d say it’s still too early to tell on all fronts.

      • Paul VuvuZuvella

        Agree. I’m not saying he was right to choose Smoak, just that he was right to ask for Nunez instead of Adams after reviewing the Medsicals.

        • Plank

          If the difference in value between Smoak and Montero is more than the value of Nunez, he clearly made the wrong choice.

          That can’t be determined yet.

          He could have then traded Pineda for another hotshot hitter or just kept him.

          • Ted Nelson

            Did you read Paul’s response at all? He clearly stated that Jack Z deserves credit for seeing Adams’ injury as very serious, not for making the trade.

            • Plank

              No, I purposely didn’t read it in the hopes you would write an ass-holey response. Mission accomplished.

              No one knows if Adams will be better or worse than Nunez. No one knows if Adams will be much of anything. It’s too early to tell whether Jack Z was right-as I said both times.

              • Ted Nelson

                Yeah, that’s pretty much how it came across, because what you actually did say in the 2nd response had nothing to do with Adams’ injury and thereby missed Paul’s point entirely. “If the difference in value between Smoak and Montero is more than the value of Nunez, he clearly made the wrong choice.” Again… Paul was talking specifically about being right on Adams’ injury, not the trade. He made that crystal clear. You should change your name to Eeyore. I mean Plank works pretty well because of how dense and impliable you are… Eeyore would be better, though, because your stubbornness knows no bounds.

                Could Adams come back healthy and have a good MLB career? Sure. I hope he does. You can’t expect an MLB GM to predict the future, though. Just to assign probabilities to future outcomes. Paul is right that Jack deserves credit for this.

                You giving me crap for “moving the goalposts” is so ridiculously hilarious. You’re ignoring Paul’s point and just pounding home your own somewhat related points.

                • Ned Telson

                  And a good morning to you, sir.

                • Plank

                  It’s too early to assign credit or blame regarding Adams since he’s still a minor leaguer and a prospect. It may have been the right decision, it may not. This is now the 4th time I’ve reiterated that.

                  The bigger picture though is whether Smoak or Montero will be better. If Montero ends up having a much better career, holding up the trade for Adams even if he amounts to nothing will have been a huge mistake by Jack Z. Which is what I wrote to begin with.

                • Plank

                  Also, would you fucking chill? I can only imagine your home life and profession life are incredibly miserable. Why else would you take out such aggression a stranger? For that I am sorry, but leave me out of your misery, please.

  • pistol pete

    ESPN reports via the Daily News that Phil Hughes has won a starting spot and the final two spots after CC Koroda and Hughes is a competition between Pineda, Nova, and Garcia. Just great, Hughes stinks last year while Nova wins 16 and at year end is the No 2 starter. Now it looks like he’s a real possibility to head back to triple A. Hughes has always been the golden one and except for half of a year two years ago has been very ordinary. Tough for young pitchers to gain confidence when guys like Nova get jerked around. I know he’s got options and the others don’t but I just don’t know what Nova needs to do to be one of the best five Yankee starters. I’d put Hughes in the pen, he did well there a few years ago and has done nothing to push Nova, Garcia, or Pineda out of their positions.

    • Mike Axisa

      Don’t believe that nonsense, there’s no competition. Pineda and Nova are in the rotation unless they get hurt. Freddy’s the odd man out.

      • Plank

        What would you do re: Freddy and Hughes?

        • Mike Axisa

          Freddy to the pen. Hughes has thrown the ball to well this spring to not see what he can do as a starter.

    • Robinson Tilapia

      All that from an announcement that Phil Hughes officially got the rotation spot he was always going to get in the first place.

      I hate to see when something actually bad happens.

    • Ted Nelson

      It’s not last season. I hope Nova gets a spot and think he will. If the Yankees had given Nova a spot out of ST last year over Hughes, though, you could have made a similar argument and would have been wrong.

  • Plank
  • Ted Nelson

    I like Ramirez as a relief prospect

  • Plank

    What’s with the homepage updating oddly recently? The mobile version is currently unusable. Is it being worked on? Has it been noticed?

  • pistol pete

    Freddy has pitched well in ST and if that’s the barometer then Nova will go to triple A. It’s unfortunate that 19 innings in ST override a 16 win season but that’s how competitive the Yankee rotation is. And don’t even think Pineda won’t be there, they didn’t trade Montero for a Triple A pitcher. I think Nova not Freddy will be the odd man out based on ST because he has options. I think Nova’s ceiling is higher than Hughes’s. He has a great slider and throws plenty hard enough. Phil has had trouble fininshing an entire year. Even his All Star year he stunk in the second half and couldn’t get anyone out in the playoffs. Hughes has pitched 13 innings well in ST and for me that’s not just enough.

    • Mike E

      I don’t think Garcia will even be ready to start in the regular season after his injury. Theres no way Nova goes back to AAA after last year.

  • Plank

    Dodgers sell for $2B. I would say the Yankees are likely worth more than the 1.85B Forbes says.

    • Plank
    • Ted Nelson

      The clear impression I get is that Forbes is talking about intrinsic value, not market value.

      “Since baseball teams are valued on multiples of revenue, we needed to find out the details of current and future television deals so we could estimate their net present value.”